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- Hikaru no Go - Ghost by Michelle Thatcher - I haven't read too many Hikago fics, because... I dunno, Hikago hasn't quite hit that stage where I crave fic yet. (Or at least the non-batshit kind. But no one is going to write me that. ^_~) But I randomly gave this one a shot and... I really liked it. It was a sort of alternate road taken before the author got her hands on the manga for that part--Akira still turning over the puzzle of Shindou Hikaru in his head and comes to an interesting solution. The story really captured the feel of the series and one of my favorite things was that you could see Hikaru's characterization so wonderfully well even just through Akira's eyes, you knew what he was thinking, even though Akira had no idea. Lovely writing. (No warning, not even shounen ai, really.)

- Hikaru no Go - How About Go? by Erin Ellis - Seemed that nowadays he ended up more afternoons being pinned to walls by the high-level pro. It was starting not to seem so much like coincidence. and "I'll be looking forward to it." Ogata's thin smile was decidedly... weird. But so was Ogata, so it probably worked out. *giggling madly* Fuck, do I love Ogata-sensei. XD XD XD This fic... is crazy. But the good kind. It's like those little skits people do with the Hikago characters only actually written out and making me laugh my ass off. *huggles the fic* Oh, how I love this crazy, batshit fic. In exactly the way I'm supposed to, even. XD XD XD (Impending yaoi, I assume, hentai-ish mindset, crack-addledness, etc. Ie, don't read if you take the show too seriously.)

- Hikaru no Go - Concerto by Ju - There are some stories that really live up to the PWP definition, and this is definitely one of them, but at the same time, it's more than that. In a way, it really couldn't have been any two other people, because Ogata's personality is still there, even as drunk and out of it as he was. I just... I swoon over this Ogata-sensei, elegant, polite, graceful, determined, forceful when he needs to be, and every bit the alpha male that I love. And the sex was good. Really, really good. Mmm. (OgataxAshiwara, graphic content.)

- Hikaru no Go - That Which Watches from the Shadows by Michelle Thatcher - "Ghost."

He was terrified and angry, but somehow relieved too. One of them had finally said it. Now he could argue to his heart's content. "There's no such thing." Oh, this was... perfect. Akira puzzles over the mystery of Hikaru and Sai and, after becoming friends with Hikaru, can't help but continue to puzzle over it. This is the kind of story that... makes me feel warm and happy after watching the series, I absolutely love the concept of Akira trying to pull the puzzle apart, I am so impressed by the characterizations, and the writing is beautiful. This is the kind of story that captures the serious, non-crack-addled side of the Hikago series and I think it's my favorite Hikago fic for that. It's just so... perfect.

There are so many little details in there, from referencing moments in the series (Hikaru fainting at the beginning, the thousand yen bet with Hikaru's grandfather) to Akira putting the pieces of what he knows together to the interaction with Hikaru's mother who still doesn't grasp how talented Hikaru is with Go to the cultural references to the Heian period (which impressed me so much *_*) to the references to the particulars of the Go game and the Go world to just the feel of the Japanese culture, everything blending into a smooth, seamless fic to the absolutely heart-warming ending. And, yes, I'll be another one of those people clammoring for more of this storyline. ^_^v (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Weakness by Ju - Okay, I admit that when I read this fic, I couldn't put a face to the Ashiwara name, but I went ahead and read anyway 'cause, y'know, Ogata-sensei and my total ho-ness for him. And even reading it with that mindset, I adore this fic, because it captures Ogata's personality so well, he's not evil, he's not a scumbag, he's just... Ogata-sensei. Serious Ogata-sensei, too, not the crack-addled one that we all love, too. XD I couldn't even begin to sum up the little bits of how wonderful his personality was in this fic, so... just go read. *hearts* (Ogata/Ashiwara.)

- Hikaru no Go - Fun and Games by Ju - You know, when I started with Hikago, I was all onboard with the crack-headedness, especially with Ogata-sensei. I stayed that way for a long time, not daring to take him too seriously, because I knew there wouldn't be much to sustain a serious, non-crack-headed interest in him... and then Ju comes along and starts writing these wonderful stories, with this gorgeous, smooth writing style... and I'm just completely in love. *_* I utterly adore her Ogata-sensei, he's still a little bit... mm, not evil, but he's got an edge to him, he's very much an alpha male (....*___*), just a tiny bit caustic in certain, trying, moments, but he's not really a bastard or even a jerk. His interaction with all the other characters in this fic (Ashiwara, Hikaru, and Akira) is wonderful as well, and just... this fic makes me smile to picture Ogata-sensei being dragged to an amusement park. ....geh, crappy rec for a great fic. *fangirls some more* (Ogata/Ashiwara, Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hikaru no Go - Universal Truths by Ju - Ahh, I really like Ju's take on Ogata-sensei, because I don't really think he's evil or a bad person, he's just a bit gruff and dominant, which can come across as mean sometimes. So she writes the best true Ogata-sensei I've ever seen and it's wonderful to see more fic from her. I giggled at just the right places in this little ficlet, smiled in the other right places, and just enjoyed the little story, surprisingly packed full of great lines for such a short little thing. I *heart* the opening line and the very last line, and... awww. Fluffy-sweet-warm-cute-happy-but-not-saccharine! you can see, I'm incoherent with fluffy feelings tonight. ^_~ (Some Ogata/Ashiwara.)

- Hikaru no Go - Nose Tesuji by Whitney - You know, sometimes I wonder if I should rec fics that are only about a page long, since... I don't know, I guess I feel like anyone could read twenty short little fics and rec them, but it's a better recs archive if you're rec'ing twenty longer, more extensive fics. Then I think, meh, who cares, the short ones are good, too, it hasn't stopped me yet, and sometimes that's all a person wants some days. And, just... the more I reread this fic, the funnier it gets. *snort*giggles more* It's one of those little fics where the imagery was so effing perfect that I couldn't stop snorfling over it for a good five minutes, no matter how I tried to move on. I love that. XD *laughing* And I could just see it happening, too. (No warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Brightly Burning by Aishuu Shadowweaver - There is something driving me nuts about this story and it's... it's basically that I really, really, really want to know wtf is going on. This is one of those stories that winds me up so tightly because it's written very, very well and I have a few inklings about where the story may be going and if I'm right this could be an amazing story and I wanna know if I'm right or not!!! *stomps foot* Ahem. Okay, getting that out of my system.... ^_~ As always, Aishuu's writing is lovely and a real treat to read and I always dislike coming to the end of the latest chapter she's posted because it means that I won't have any more of the story to read until she posts the next part. But it's also more than just that she's a good writer on a technical level, it's that the ideas she writes about are genuinely interesting and... refreshing. Though, reading this story... a part of me feels exactly like I did watching the episodes after Hikago episode 64, there's a sort of dull ache because I wish things could still be the way they were. And I think that was intended, just like every other reaction I had to this story. So while this is a horribly written rec (I'm all over the place today =_=), I wasn't sure how else to convey what reading this story brought to mind. Just... go read. >_> (Some AkiHika, but it's way off in the future.)

- Hikaru no Go - The Greatest Gift by Ritz - This story... had a sense to it that was much like the original series, though, it's one I can't quite put into words. It's something... that's almost simple, but not quite it, something that's almost charming, but that's not quite it, either. It was just this quality the series had that made me like it so much and was present in this fic, too. The author writes a wonderful Akira, little details woven into the fic beautifully, showing little character insights along the way, but without bashing the author over the head with it. And I really liked the last scene between Akira and Hikaru... though, WAHHHH!!! I wanted that following conversation! *stomps foot*huffs* (No real warnings, though, some light Akira+Hikaru if you want to see it that way.)

- Hikaru no Go - Building Towards by osmalic - This story got off to a slightly rocky start, though, I'm not sure how to put it into words, just that... the prose was a little vague and hard to follow. The only reason I mention this is because it's hardly bad writing, it's very good writing, actually, and I want people to stick with the story because it gets really good about a page in. The bickering between Akira and Hikaru is just so very reminscent of the series itself and I adore this as a little additive to show how they started playing together in the Go Salon again, I just adore the writing--it has that deceptively simplistic style that somehow manages to be just lovely and wonderful to read, just like that quality I associate with the manga itself. The touches of Hikaru's sadness after Sai disappears are bittersweet as well, just... done perfectly, this was a wonderful little story that made me hurt just a little bit, but also made me smile happily for the characters, too. Just like the series itself. ....eugh, crappy rec. =_= (No real warnings/pairings, slight AkiHika if you want to interpret it that way, but it's not really going for that.)

- Hikaru no Go - See With Different Eyes by Aishuu - Originally, I was not going to rec this until it had more than the prologue down, because I like to have self-restraint sometimes. Then I read. And prompty said, "Screw this, I WANT MORE and I gotta babble about it!!" There are many things I like about Hikaru no Go, but first in my heart will always be Sai, because I just loved him. His passion for the game, his pure, shining love of it... that was wonderful and I adored it, so when he left... it hurt terribly and episode 63/64 actually made me tear up when Hikaru cried out to God to let Sai come back. So, to see a fic like this, by an author I trust to do it justice... I am all atwitter with anticipation. There are so, so many wonderful opportunities with this concept (Hikaru getting his wish and going back in time to when he first met Sai), such wonderful conflicts will this bring up (Let Sai play all the games this time? What about Hikaru's own well-established love of the game? What about all the people he's going to meet? What about Touya?) and I'm just so eagerly awaiting more of it. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Just Breathe by Ju - I love it when an author can write a story that sparkles with humor but that isn't exactly a parody/joke fic, because as much as I love those, sometimes it's nice to read a fic that just happens to be funny along with the main point of it. And the main point of this story was Teh Kyute and it accomplished that in spades--and not sticky sweet cute, but genuine cute, much like the series itself. But the highlight of the fic were the cleverly worded sentences that just fit with Hikaru's personality and POV, they made this a joy to read. And the end. OMG I loved the end. So much. *dies* (Some slight Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hikaru no Go/Death Note - Driven by Murinae - For some reason, Death Note seems to be lending itself bizarrely well to crossovers, when I wouldn't have thought it would. And this was an interesting mix--Raito and the Hikaru no Go world, but the author made good use of it. Her Ryuuku was particularily just... odd, in that way that he is, right down to the bizarre way he sits in a booth at a diner. But it was also the subtle way the spiritual nature of both series interacted (what with Hikaru's experience with the supernatural) without being overdone, and the way the author used Hikaru's experience with Go to tie into L and Raito's "match" against each other. Granted, the writing was a little stiff in places, but I thought the idea behind the story was incredibly well thought-out and a great fit for both series, definitely making it worth the read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hikaru no Go - Eleventh Hand by Aki - I don't read Hikago fic. Really. I don't. Unless it's about Ogata or the pairing I like that no one ever writes. But... god knows I love Aki's fic like whoa and know she's capable of the sparkling characterization and Akira and Hikaru would need, so I gave it a shot. And she does beautifully with the story, maintaining that careful balance between competition between the characters, how they can get under each other's skin, but how they're also still friends. How they can be such guys together, yet still so much more than that. How they can get tipsy and what could have been cringe-worthy to read about wound up being delightful and sparkling. Plus, I'll never understand how people can work all those Go terms in and understand what they mean. Very, very nice AkiHika fic that was so sharply in character I could HEAR their voices and absolutely picture this in my head without even trying. (AkiHika.)

- Hikaru no Go - The Ashiwara Factor by anonymous_u5er - I shouldn't be reading Hikago fics, really. But it's all Aki's fault for writing that really good AkiHika fic and drawing me back in. And I really shouldn't have enjoyed this fic as much as I did, but... the writing was clean, the pacing smooth, and it made me grin at how adorable Ashiwara was in it. Plus, I totally have a fondness for Ogata/Ashiwara and this fic gave me just enough of that. (Multiple/Ashiwara.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Lunch by Mina Lightstar - I probably shouldn't include all the crossed over series, because some of them are just cameos, but... well, really, you gotta understand that it's a crack crossover when you read it, because... I sort of feel like I shouldn't laugh, but there's just something about Hikaru's clueless "....what?" attitude and Akira's, "WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW." attitude and the Kurapika and Fuji in the same scene (HEY! WHY *NOT* A SEIYUU JOKE?) and Kurogane and Fye running around the background (It was the line that was obviously Kurogane's that got me to crack up so much.) and Fuji practically writhing in Tezuka's lap that all just combined to... I mean, Mina's got this comedic timing thing that makes the whole thing work. I could hear her Akira and Hikaru and the whole thing was just... HEEHEE. (TezuFuji, sort of Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hikaru no Go - Normal by Tammaiya - Admittedly, I don't read Hikago fic as often as I would like, but for Tammaiya, I'll read just about anything. And I'm very glad I did, because this is one of those rare Hikago fic that actually has that sparkle quality that I look for, something more than just solid characterization or solid writing. There's just something to it, even if it's in a fic where nothing so much happens as Hikaru being bizarrely Hikaru and Akira being adorably frustrated Akira. Plus, the idea that what's normal for Hikaru isn't normal for anyone else, but never making too big a deal out of it, having him just be Hikaru? Yeah, that's the magic of Hikago right there. (Akira/Hikaru.)

- Hikaru no Go - Small Talk by The Hoyden - So, what I was saying about Tammaiya's fic above? That indescribable genuine sparkle to a fic? Well, the Hoyden also has it, I swear, I could read just about anything by her. ♥ Especially the way she can make me ache for the characters in just a handful of lines, of what they've both lost and how they carry it around, but then make it better by the end, without feeling like it was schizophrenic, instead that it was a very natural progression. It was just... such a quiet fic, but the waters ran deep. (Hikaru/Akira.)

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