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- Ouran Koukou Host Club - The Reason Why by Silver Wind - I've been a little wary of poking at the Ouran fandom, despite that I desperately crave fic. But! Then I saw that Silver Wind had written fic about Kyouya and Haruhi (not really as a couple, precisely) and I had to read. And I'm really, really glad I did because it hit exactly the right buttons for me, especially considering I find these three characters (Kyouya, Haruhi, and a hint of Tamaki) to be the most interesting characters for me. There's a lovely subtle quality to the writing even under the antics of the series, the way Haruhi sees the little things with Kyouya, the way she wonders why he's in this club and quietly puts it together without the author beating the readers over the head with it. It's a lovely take on Kyouya, showing a bit of niceness without sacrificing how... well, Kyouya he is. I adored this so much. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Reflection by Icka! M. Chif - I really liked this short little Host Club fic because it was... as Tammaiya says, it shows how great they are by themselves, but how much greater they are around Haruhi. And I loved that it wasn't really about pushing one character over another, it was about all of them and what they see themselves as when they look into Haruhi's eyes (or maybe what they want to be and the twins hit me the hardest because yes). It doesn't go too far with the Haruhi love, it's got that pragmatic quality to her that I love so much and it just... hit me in all the right ways. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Identity Crisis by Sophia Prester - Sophia P is one of those authors that I'll follow into a lot of different places, so when she writes Host Club fic? That deals with Kaoru/Hikaru, a favorite subject of mine after volume five? Well, of course I'm going to be there. And this was beautiful, a really sharp, incredibly written fic that made my fangirl heart ache for both of them. It's filled with little touches that make everything, including their parents and the events that happened when they were younger, feel so fully realized and it gets that sense of connection and emotional need/ache that's between them because they both need each other so much. Even the little moments of humor (I especially love her take on the twins' father) are wonderful and put into the fic much like they are with the regular series. But it's the introduction of Haruhi into their lives, the way it's not quite like anyone else, the way they're slowly starting to be a little bit different and people are noticing that... it's both a good thing and a painful thing and this fic does a beautiful job of showing that. ('s not really Kaoru/Hikaru or Kaoru/Hikaru/Haruhi, it's gen, but.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - sense, memory, loss by Sophia Prester - There is something so very sharp and nearly haunting about this set of five scenes from Sophia. It's more than just that they're readable Host Club fic, it's that they're clever, filled with details that add real texture to the background, and so... heavy. Not in a dense way, not like you feel like you're wading through water to get anywhere, but like there's real weight to the writing because it's just so good. The pieces have just a hint of bittersweetness to them, especially Kaoru/Hikaru, Kyouya, and Tamaki's scenes, but in that way that meshes with the series itself. They're so lovely and well-written, with perfect details added in (I can't get over the attention to them, especially with Kyouya's tea or Hunny's cake) that I can absolutely believe these fit neatly together with the characters. ....this is kind of a terrible rec. Just go read the fic anyway. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/Ouran Koukou Host Club - one-line request meme by Sophia - Okay. This is actually a bunch of tiny fics, some Bleach, some Host Club, even a couple of Bleach/Host Club ones, which I normally wouldn't have read or even recommended, but I adore the author's work so much and there are several here, so I'm going to make an exception. I think the one that finally won me over (into recommending, I was enjoying from the very first one) was in the second batch of this comment thread, the twins + Haruhi one, which was just... awesome. The brilliance in such short little fics, the lovely quality of writing and impact managed to get across even in such short little things is beautiful. It's just that much sweeter when she so often wrote pairings I liked (Mori/Haruhi, Kyouya/Haruhi, Twins/Haruhi, even a brilliant Kyouya/Tamaki), but mostly it's the dazzling insights and gorgeous prose. (And, okay. The CCS/Yue one left me quietly melted into a puddle in the corner. What I wouldn't give for more Yuefic from her. *__*) (Several pairings, the only possibly recurring one is Mori/Haruhi.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - one-line fic request meme by Sophia - Like the one I recommended above, this is a collection of short little one-line ficlets that I'm making an exception for because there were several written and they positively sparkle with vibrancy and love for this series. Sophia is brilliant at making me smile or making me laugh or making my fangirl heart turn over because she gets at these brilliant little insights or touching moments between characters that I love so dearly. I just quietly enjoy these. (Several pairings, but no real themes.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Ouran Drabbles by Celeste - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - I will grant that the first one of these started out a little stiff in the writing. But the characterization and the spirit of the series are there. And the Mori fic had this great ending line that totally made me do one of those, "Pfbbtt" noises when you're not expecting to laugh. And then the second one was cute Kyouya/Tamaki interaction and there was a kiss and Celeste was warming up to the characters and the series I think. And the third one was cute and fun... until I got to the ending and it was just the most perfect picture ever and I suspected it right before it happened and then... the last line... I honest to god had to turn away from the computer and howl with laughter for a good thirty seconds. It's just. It hit me so perfectly. I could so perfectly picture it and it would totally happen. And that's what I love about these three drabbles (and look forward to more with), because Celeste has that way of finding the point of these drabbles and making the shortfic format work for her. (Some implications of pairings, especially Kyouya/Tamaki, but not really.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Back to Nature by Celeste - I think Celeste is definitely starting to hit her stride with this series, the way the characters go "camping" is just... it's brilliant and perfect and would totally happen just like that. I could picture it, all of the characters and their batshit antics and Haruhi being all, "....." But what really sold me on this fic was, omg, Mori. Mori was just. asldaolksfl;askj, hahahahahaha, oh, my god, that killed me with laughter. He would. He so would. And it would end up just like that. Just like that. Just. So much fun. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Girls by artemisgirl - This is a different take on Mori's character than the one I usually see, it verges a little too much on something like jaded for my usual taste, but... something about this fic made it kinda work. He's not angry, he's just... quiet and insightful. He notices things. And then he notices Haruhi and the fic has this really pretty, well-written way of getting at what attracts me to the Mori/Haruhi pairing, the way it's quiet but something very real there, some quiet connection (which is badly phrased on my part, it's not an all-consuming love affair right from the beginning and this fic doesn't try to force it into that, it manages that same level of connection the manga has) and it's just... sweet. Nice. (Not necessarily Mori/Haruhi, but you could read it that way if you liked.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Ordinary Day by chaineddove - I've probably mentioned, y'know, a time or two that I have a great fondness for the twins. They're such utter little shits sometimes and it would not have been any different when they were children, so a fic about them getting into antics and driving their nannies mad when they're five years old? Well, I hopped right on over to read. And they're the kind of characters that I can absolutely believe would behave just like this, who would drive their nannies to madness just like this. And, yet, god, they're still so damn cute. The writing for this was just delightful. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Ouran Koukou Host Club - Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Japanese Literature (Sohma Shigure) by Celeste - The entire time I was reading this fic, I was quietly marveling at how amazingly well the two series went together, how Shigure slid right into the Host Club series... until I realized just why that is. Because the Host Club manga is a series that gently mocks other shoujo series and Furuba is very, very shoujo, so Celeste was able to pull out these brilliant little parallels between the two series. She has dozens of little details crammed into the fic that just make the whole thing come alive, little bits of characterization that make the image of the crossover crystal-clear in my head. Shigure's characterization is also wonderful, the atmosphere of both series, that zany, off-the-wall feeling is present loud and clear. But mostly it's that the crossover works and it's not just a crossover, it's a crossover with a purpose. It excells at that. Plus, omg, funny and cute and clever and sparkling and it covers the whole entire club! Fantastic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Tea for Two by Celeste - It's the sense of madcap antics with the entire cast that got me about this fic. Well, and Kyouya being kind of evil. But it was the twins running around and deliberately causing mayhem in that way of theirs that got me to laugh out loud. But I also enjoyed Kyouya being quietly evil and stirring trouble up and Haruhi being so... Haruhi about it. I also love the way, when Kyouya is evil, the twins don't miss a beat to play off it and make Tamaki's day even worse. Which sounds terrible, but I only laugh at his pain because I adore him. The Host Club and bubble tea (I think?) and craziness... yes, that's all you need from fic. ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Haute Couture by starlighter - I haven't been reading much Host Club fic lately, since I think I'm getting snobby. Or lazy. Either one is entirely likely. But I've always enjoyed this author's work and so I settled in to read a cute little fic about the Hitachiin twins, a little surprised but the lovely, rich, almost lush detail to the piece. It feels very right to the characters and the tone of the series in general, a cheerful beginning and a sweet ending, the twins having such a closeness and even incorporating their sense for fashion design into the piece. Very cute and adorable. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Gloves Off by starlighter - This fic has a great blend of interaction between Kyouya and Haruhi as well as the whole thing about Kyouya that makes me like him. As Haruhi watches Kyouya about ready to try out for the boxing team, she can't imagine him losing, but she can't get the image of him falling to his knees out of her mind, either. The way the whole "error, does not compute" aspect of the process is beautifully done here. And the ending is absolutely what I would expect out of the manga, yes. ♥ (Gen, but Kyouya/Haruhi fans might enjoy it anyway.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - once upon a time by measuringlife - One of the greatest accomplishments of my fannish life is having helped even in some small way to drag measuringlife into the Host Club fandom and make her life Mori/Haruhi. She is a brilliant writer and this fic shows why--there's a peaceful quality to her writing, something that's breathtaking for its loveliness and makes me feel warm and glad all over. She absolutely nails Haruhi's character here, the blend of simple and complex, the way she is so utterly herself and doesn't desire to be anything else. The slowly forming connection between her and Mori is brilliantly done, it's not actually that much past gen, it's like the first glimmerings of something, and that makes this story all the better. The details of this piece are also fabulous, it all comes to life in my mind in lovely, delicate detail and... and... I am writing a terrible rec here. The fic is lovely. The tone of it mirrors the series so wonderfully well. Haruhi is just so Haruhi from head to toe. The details are fabulous, I came away from this fic loving Hunny and the rest of the Host Club even more, too. (Very light Mori/Haruhi, but it's more a Haruhi character piece.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Snap by mirax_took_ - *chokes* Omg, this was brilliantly funny. The writing is smooth and clean, the characterization is solid and very much in line with the characters, but it's the painfully sharp dialogue and situations that Haruhi finds herself in because of the club's wackiness yet again that's the greatest thing about this. The twins are fabulous especially, such devilish little shits when they're teasing Haruhi and trying to get a rise out of her. And. And. Tamaki. Omg, Tamaki stole the show. And then there was the ending and-- yeah. Brilliant fic. (Implications of one-sided twins/Haruhi, Tamaki/Haruhi, and Mori/Haruhi, but about on the level of canon.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Andante Grazioso (Portrait of a Pianist #1) by Sabina - Oh, it's been too long since I've read a piece like this, it's one of those that uses a lot of high-culture aspects as is befitting the Host Club (and yet still has a sense of humor about it) and how it captures... one of those moments, something so simple as Tamaki playing the piano and the way the various host club members react all around the room. I can picture it so perfectly and it's just... lovely, elegant, and quietly perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Eyeshield 21/Ouran Koukou Host Club - unfortunately by acesodapop - I had no idea what I was going to do with an Eyeshield 21/Host Club crossover, what the author would do, how that would work in my head while reading. But this was fun and had a couple of really cute lines and I loved the ending line, because that's just pure ES21. Hiruma at Ouran was just... the chaos he'd cause is really great fun and watching the other scramble around is amusing. An enjoyable little read. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - untitled x 2 by Sam Starbuck - [Note: You may have to scroll down for the two Host Club ficlets if the loading pictures move the text down.] These were two delightful little ficlets with the Host Club members, the first one a delightful cosplay bit and the second one just pure Kyouya + the others fabulousness. I really enjoy the author's take on the characters, whether it be purely on a gen level when he's capturing the batshit nature of the series while still being somehow elegant (shut up, that's totally the word I wanted, really) and just... fun. The ending lines of the second one had me grinning for the longest time afterwards as well. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Only More Stupid by mellish - You know, the longer I'm a fan of the Host Club manga, the more I'm not sure I even need pairings so much as I just need interaction between my favorites. Kyouya and Tamaki's relationship, whether platonic or something more, fascinates me because it's so much more complicated than it seems at first glance, the way it starts out as genuine annoyance and somewhere along the way, Tamaki manages to become honestly important to Kyouya, which this fic captures so well. It has a great Tamaki in it, such a vibrant character, someone who acts like an idiot, but isn't actually, the way he comes across in the text just as fantastic as in the series. And slowly, slowly, somehow Kyouya begins to care about Tamaki and you can feel it throughout the piece and just... oh, crap, I might as well just flail and get it over with it, because that's what this fic makes me want to do. It hits that dynamic with them that I love and it's genuinely a good story. *___* (This is intended as gen, but Kyouya/Tamaki fans might find it interesting as well.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - untitled by anenko - This was a really sweet, adorable piece set from the perspective of one of the host club's patrons who happens to oversee Haruhi obviously being a girl. The way she could be just about any one of their customers, yet still somehow manages to have depth to her personality, the way she's hurt by the loss of the daydream she never really expected, the way she still can't stop watching Haruhi, it's all very sweet and very nice to read. The descriptions of Haruhi especially are just wonderful, both of how she looks and how she moves. I really liked this. (A little bit Haruhi/OC, but not really.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Taboo by mirax_took_ - Oh, now, this was just delightful. The writing is lovely and smooth, the opening of the scene with Haruhi and the twins wondering who on earth Tamaki is talking to on the phone... well, the twins wondering and Haruhi blithely going on about her business... and then. The way the author writes Tamaki's speech patterns and flowery words! They're perfect. They're bursting with romance and sparkles and flowers, but not so ridiculously that they're over the top even for a character like Tamaki, instead it actually feels like what he would say. And then the ending with everyone and Kyouya was utterly delightful. I loved it. (Tamaki/?, sort of.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club/Death Note - untitled by Bek - As I've often said, there is something about Death Note that is fantastic for crossovers, though... I would not have thought that Host Club would be one of those series. But this was utterly delightful, Haruhi's reactions to picking up the Death Note and to seeing Ryuk were spot on and the writing was charming and fun and all things this crossover should be. It's amazing how little trouble I had seeing both series come together like this, but it struck the perfect tone in the characters and the little bits of imagery/movement from everyone, the little details just making the fic. And the ending was absolutely, utterly priceless. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club/CLAMP Campus Detectives - How the Hunny Stole Akira by Aishuu - Once again, CLAMP makes for some of the best crossovers, though, it's a little surprising to me how very much I've been enjoying some of the Host Club crossovers available. This is an adorable one, the two series fit together so well, both visually and in tone, the connection between Hunny and Akira cleverly done and just an utter delight to read. It's so easy to see it happening, there's such a natural feel to the crossover, that I love it. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Nimble Fingers by TeaForRevenge - Another rec from disordered_mess and this time it's a Hunny fic, which is a really interesting look at the character and his love of sweet things and how growing up in the family that he did affected him and how he "steals" things and how everything is almost coated in this sugary, happy sort of tone yet has these genuine serious undercurrents to everything. That is the Hunny I read in the manga, especially when he's very aware of what's going on around him and what he's doing with Haruhi, even when most people don't notice or dismiss him because he looks so cute. The use of cookies and stealing them throughout the fic is very well done, I really quite liked this author's take on the character. (Some Hunny/Haruhi, but it's mostly a gen fic.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Trinity by TeaForRevenge - I figured, well, as long as I was going through the rest of the author's fic, I might as well read her Kyouya/Haruhi interaction one as well. Her take on Kyouya's character, the two sides of him, the Ohtori and the Kyouya parts of him, is really interesting, they almost sort of balance each other out into the character the rest of the world sees. There's something very calculated about Kyouya, but also something very real, this is a neat look at how those two things might come to be. His interaction with Haruhi here is why I like the pairing, because Haruhi doesn't really react the way Kyouya expects her to, she's very pragmatic and caring without being overly involved. Simple gestures are something Haruhi simply does and yet they manage to affect Kyouya as well. I love that it's not really even that shippy, just that there's something there with her. <3 (Some Kyouya/Haruhi, but it could be gen, too.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Unspoken by Urei Sachi - You know, for all that I love every one of the Host Club characters, I think Kyouya will always be my favorite, which is probably why I'm so attracted to Kyouya/Haruhi fanfic and delight in Kyouya/Tamaki fics as well. This fic is sort of the best of all worlds for me--it has Kyouya/Tamaki that could be entirely gen, it has Kyouya/Haruhi that could be entirely gen, and it's focused on Kyouya's view of himself and the Host Club and the power he seeks in life. The writing is beautiful and I love that it's just vague enough that it could be totally gen, the longer I'm a fan of anything, it seems like the more I crave that, especially when it has pretty writing like in this fic. (Possibly some Kyouya/Tamaki or Kyouya/Haruhi, but it reads gen to me.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Undoubtedly by mimma - This is a short little fic set pre-series where Tamaki's grandmother visits him and... despite that I'm sure that Tamaki and his grandmother will reach an understanding by the time the manga is done (it would go against the feel of the manga otherwise, I feel), it still hurts to see someone so sweet and wonderful and enthusiastic like Tamaki to be treated so cruelly by his grandmother. I don't think she's a bad person (not even in this fic, not really) but it's still got that bittersweet tone to it, just as the author intended. (No warnings/pairings.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Breaking the News by treeflamingo - as;dlkfja;lsjk god I love Kyouya and Tamaki's friendship. Even if I do ship them, sometimes I just want them being friends as well, which made this fic suit my urge just perfectly. It's a simple concept, Kyouya has some bad news to break to Tamaki, then he has to wait through the reaction process. It's the way the writer showed Tamaki's reaction through Kyouya's much calmer and more sedate view that really made this super hilarious. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Six Days of Worry; or How Laundry Makes Everything Better by treeflamingo - And, as if the other Host Club fics weren't enough, now there's one with Mori and Haruhi? Excellent. And while I normally ship them pretty hard (and was indeed reading that into the fic, despite that the author wasn't intending it so much as leaving it up to the reader, so if you're not a fan of the pairing, this really is pure gen friendship), sometimes it's still nice to read a fic where it's not about romance, where it's just about friendship and companionship. One the neatest things about this fic was the look into Mori's head, how his friendship with Hunny works and how he sees the rest of the world and how thoughts filter through his head and how he sees Haruhi, I really liked the author's voice for him. And I adored the companionable quiet between the two of them here, it fits so well with the kind of moments they get in canon and it's just. The writing is so lovely. (This is gen, but if you like Mori/Haruhi, you should like this.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: That Business of Art by factorielle - I don't even remember how I came across the link for this fic, but I'm really glad I did because it is a gorgeous look at Hikaru and Kaoru that really does seem like it could have come from straight out of the manga. It touches on scenes that happened, the fight between the two of them, but builds around that and does so with so much detail and fine little touches that it's amazing. The characterization is spot-on, too, the way they're slowly becoming a little bit different from each other, the way Hikaru was outwardly the stronger of the two, but when it was just them, it was actually Kaoru who was the stronger one and as;ldfkjasljk yes the author just totally nailed that dynamic between them. The writing was gorgeous as well, one of those fics that makes me want to pick up the manga again. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Of Distances and Those Things Which Influence Them by treeflamingo - You know what I love about this fic? That it gets at the core of why I'm intrigued by Kyouya/Haruhi... not necessarily as a pairing (though, I like that, too) but just as these two people who are both very insightful in their own ways. This was also a really lovely look at the inside of Kyouya's head, I loved the almost busy feel to it, that's not messy so much as it is... a lot of information to take in, no matter how precisely Kyouya thinks. He's aware of so much and puts it into these neat little boxes and then Haruhi comes along and he can't quite pin her down, but she sees so easily into him, that that is why I like the potential of these two. And it's fic like this that keeps me going back to the fandom for these two. XD (Kyouya/Haruhi, though, this is gen more than anything.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: the nature of affection by readerofasaph - Apparently I'm in a mood for Host Club fic today. And Mori is one of those characters that surprised me by becoming one of my favorites when he wasn't the kind that I usually expected to fall for. But fics like this really sort of help that along, because there's something so... sensible about him here and maybe that's not even the right word. Pragmatic, maybe. The tone of the fic and the look into his head, how he views the people around him (pre-series, I think?) feels very spot-on, the directness and no-nonsense tone that the whole fic has works so well for him. This was a delightful read and I loved it for Mori's character. (This is purely gen, but if you like Hunny/Mori, you'll probably like this.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Love, Haruhi by treeflamingo - Oh, this was so much fun! For the most part, I find myself reading pairing fics in Host Club (which really isn't the only reason to like the series, but it's easiest for when you get into the fandom), so it's really nice to stumble over a fic that's focused on the Host Club as a whole. I adore this idea--Haruhi gets roped into creating a scavenger hunt for the rest of the club and actually sort of starts to get into it when she starts to consider how to make it challenging for each of them. I adore the little details put into each character's notes and challenges, I adore how Haruhi is still very straight-forward and wonderfully IC even as she's kind of getting into this. It's such a. It's such a warm-hearted fic, something that fits the series so very well, I adored it. (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say. Maybe slight Tamaki/Haruhi implied? Idk.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Freedom As You Taste It by treeflamingo - This is a slightly different take on Kyouya than I usually read, but what makes me really love it is that it can fit with a character like him, who is the one that holds the most back from the others and can really kind of vicious inside his own head. So the angry, almost dangerous tone to his thoughts here was kind of delicious and I could really see him thinking this. (This is gen, but there is some Kyouya/Haruhi interaction.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Plastic Pieces by idiosyn - Well. Apparently, somehow I missed this fic until disordered-mess pointed it out recently. orz Which is too bad, because it was a really wonderful, sweet Mori+Haruhi piece where they do nothing but play chess and yet... yet it captures everything that I love about the pairing. They don't need to be flashy (the rest of the host club does that around them) to be interesting, there's a quiet charm about them instead. I loved this one a lot. ♥ (It could be Mori/Haruhi, it could be purely gen.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Gentle Voices by orpheneritus - I've been reading the Host Club manga again, which means I naturally head right for Kyouya fic, seeing as he is the character I find most fascinating. (Even if I perhaps love Tamaki the most.) And this is a simple piece between Kyouya and his older sister Fuyumi and the nature of their family and how their relationships are strained and what it says about Kyouya. He's such an interesting character, so sharp and so iron-willed, but yet not without a soul. This was an interesting look at that. (No warnings/pairings.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Mean Things by Pero - I was all set to just read MaruMa fic today, but I was journal hopping to look for more and came across Pero's Host Club fic and it's about Tamaki and Kyouya and, well, I can hardly resist. I really like the way Tamaki draws comparisons and contrasts between Kyouya and his grandmother, the way they both frighten the crap out of people with their harsh words, yet are so completely different, even if not everyone sees that. The ending of this one especially makes it a good read, it was a great last line. (This is gen, but if you like Kyouya/Tamaki, hopefully you'll like this.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: This Must Be How Commoners Merely Survive Instead of Expanding Their Empires for Greater Glory by Pero - Again, this could be more gen than actual pairing, but... with Tamaki practically snuggling onto Kyouya by the end, I lean more towards shipping with it. And it's just so cute and so easy to see! Tamaki happily snuggled into Kyouya's kotatsu, until the power goes out, and Kyouya's life is so hard after that. I love how casually grumpy Kyouya is and how it just slides right off Tamaki and just. a s;dlfkjaslj they are so cute. (Sort of gen, sort of Kyouya/Tamaki.)

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Ouran Instant Messenger by FranFictionx - There are moments in this fic where it can't decide if it wants to be humorfic or if it wants to be pure crack. There are moments when it pushed too far beyond the boundaries of simple humor fic and was OOC or too silly for me. But I don't mean this to be a back-handed recommendation, more that I want to mention, yeah, there are moments that didn't work for me. However? There were at least twice as many moments as those where I was kind of shrieking with laughter because the author was fantastic with her Tamaki voice. There's a moment at the end of chapter two where... man, I don't even want to know you, if you didn't laugh hysterically at that. Plus, the ending was pretty great as well, making this a really enjoyable fic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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