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- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Zoot Suit Riot by idiosyn - The twins/Haruhi fic!! Well, okay, it's pretty much gen more than an actual pairing, but it's much like the level of the series itself and it's just... so FUN and the twins would totally whip up new outfits for the club sometimes and Haruhi wouldn't deliberately set out to squash them, but she would be so... Haruhi about it and just quietly Not Get What's Fun About This and I can totally imagine the club in 1940s zoot suits and then they'd mix it with 1920s flapper dress and asl;dfjkalsdfjkasld, I actually want to see this in the series! Haruhi in a flapper dress would be awesome. This fic was just... well, yes. Fabulous. ♥ (Not Twins/Haruhi, but you could maybe count it anyway.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - game two by Northlight - if Haruhi is a rock, the Hitachiins are a tidal wave. They are a natural disaster to be weathered. As is the same with her previous fic, I liked so many of the lines in this story that it was hard to just quote one to sum up the take on their relationship. This is my favorite, I think, because it does get across so much of their dynamic. And, okay, I liked this one because it was kinda hot and I could maybe see the twins pulling something like this to see if Haruhi really could always tell them apart and I like the way the fic... teases, but pulls back before anything too graphic happens, and... yeah, okay, much as I like Kaoru/Hikaru for their own sake, I do like the twins/Haruhi, too. (Twins/Haruhi.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Identity Crisis by Sophia Prester - Sophia P is one of those authors that I'll follow into a lot of different places, so when she writes Host Club fic? That deals with Kaoru/Hikaru, a favorite subject of mine after volume five? Well, of course I'm going to be there. And this was beautiful, a really sharp, incredibly written fic that made my fangirl heart ache for both of them. It's filled with little touches that make everything, including their parents and the events that happened when they were younger, feel so fully realized and it gets that sense of connection and emotional need/ache that's between them because they both need each other so much. Even the little moments of humor (I especially love her take on the twins' father) are wonderful and put into the fic much like they are with the regular series. But it's the introduction of Haruhi into their lives, the way it's not quite like anyone else, the way they're slowly starting to be a little bit different and people are noticing that... it's both a good thing and a painful thing and this fic does a beautiful job of showing that. ('s not really Kaoru/Hikaru or Kaoru/Hikaru/Haruhi, it's gen, but.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - When Zeus split the human being by Experimental - This morning seems to be by morning for finding Host Club fic that I like and this one was... it's nice when fic can actually work in a lot of references to classical works or notes of culture, especially in a series that's already so steeped with casual references as part of the background. Yet, it doesn't take the focus away from the characters or the story, it sets the stage for the real point of the story, the closeness of the twins and how they're so intertwined that they're as close as they can be without sharing a body. But it's nice to have those details, the references to philosophers and history, to have them in the middle of a new themed week that could actually totally happen. And the characterization is lovely, surprisingly subtle in all the right places, and an ending that resonates with me, it feels right, the way they look at Haruhi and her entrance into their lives. A really, really lovely Kaoru perspective as well, especially since, for half of the fic, I wasn't sure if it was just one twin or set from a first person perspective from both of them. That's kinda cool. (Implications of Kaoru/Hikaru and Kaoru/Hikaru/Haruhi if you want to see them, about on the level of the series itself.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Five Men Fujioka Haruhi Didn't Kiss (And One She Did) by Sophia P and Aishuu - I have a growing fondness for this sort of fic, the different scenes that are seperate from each other, but are connected through a theme; even when the format is frequently abused (or just plain dull), it's stories like this one that come along and make it sparkle again. The different ways Haruhi might kiss (or be kissed) by the different Host Club members and each of them is lovely and shows little insights into her different relationships with each of them. Not to mention the little insights into the characters themselves--I loved the hint of Honey's deeper personality that shone through with the fic. It doesn't really matter to me which one was real and which one wasn't, I enjoyed them for what they were... even if I do admit to the Mori/Haruhi and Kyouya/Haruhi ones being my favorites. (Kyouya/Haruhi, Kaoru/Haruhi, Tamaki/Haruhi, Honey/Haruhi, Hikaru/Haruhi, Mori/Haruhi.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club - Snap by mirax_took_ - *chokes* Omg, this was brilliantly funny. The writing is smooth and clean, the characterization is solid and very much in line with the characters, but it's the painfully sharp dialogue and situations that Haruhi finds herself in because of the club's wackiness yet again that's the greatest thing about this. The twins are fabulous especially, such devilish little shits when they're teasing Haruhi and trying to get a rise out of her. And. And. Tamaki. Omg, Tamaki stole the show. And then there was the ending and-- yeah. Brilliant fic. (Implications of one-sided twins/Haruhi, Tamaki/Haruhi, and Mori/Haruhi, but about on the level of canon.)

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