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- House - The Waters of March by loki013 - I only meant to read a little bit of this, just to see if it was any good. Somehow, it pulled me in without me quite realizing it until I was halfway through and couldn't stop. It's Foreman/Cameron and it's beautifully written and I worried that post-Euphoria fic might be weird or awkward with them, that a fic might push it too fast or it would fall apart somehow, but this... the pacing of it was just lovely. It showed, through lovely flashes of scenes here and there, a slow, steady progression that isn't quite there yet, but there's certainly a something there pulling at both of them. The Cameron perspective is wonderful as well, does a lovely job with keeping up how much I liked her in Euphoria. Also, you have no idea how happy I am to have Foreman/Cameron fic, as I've been pining for it from the first season, I think. ♥ (Foreman/Cameron.)

- House - The Waters of March by Imry - I had read the author's Avatar fic and really liked it, so I wanted to poke at her journal for more. I didn't expect to find House fic and certainly not Foreman/Cameron (which has been in far too short supply lately), but I was delighted nonetheless. And this is a gorgeous piece for both Cameron's character and the potential beginnings of a relationship with Foreman--time after time in this scene, the short scenes that packed these intense punches, there were moments when I was nearly breathless for how perfect Cameron was here. It springboards off "Euphoria" really well, but it's just... the author gets what makes the character tick, makes them interesting, and doesn't shy away from the painful parts of their characters, doesn't shy away from the messy, complicated sides of them, but still comes up with something that left me feeling hopeful. Gorgeous writing. (Foreman/Cameron.)

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