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- House/Joan of Arcadia - Hallowed Be Thy Greg by Suz - I don't even remember where I got the link for this fic anymore and I was really hesitant because 1) I've never seen Joan of Arcadia (though, I'm familiar with the concept, which I think you at least need to read this fic) and 2) crossover? With House? But, being desperate for House fic, I gave it a shot and... holy hell, this was a brilliantly written crossover. House's dialogue was pitch-perfect, Joan's inner dialogue sparklingly clever, the writing fantastic, and it was just... the whole thing was seamless and natural. Not only that, it's rereadable because it's just so damn funny and... hell, I don't want to give anything away, not even in a quote, so just go read it. It's hysterical and perfect. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Happy Diversions by Aurelia - I probably shouldn't be reading House fic. I mean, it's enough to enjoy the show on its own, right? But, I was tempted by the promise of gen House-fic interaction and then the fic went and had cute Christmas antics that had me giggling madly and then it had beautiful, pitch-perfect dialogue between House and Wilson (whose friendship I love madly) and House being just so... House, right down to the odd fascinations with random things people say, complete with the usual cynicism that manages to somehow be something almost like endearing. Both characters were just perfect and I could very easily see this story slipping somewhere into the "Damned if You Don't" episode. Worth reading for the dialogue alone, it really does justice to the series. Plus, the plastic Santa's fate still cracks me up. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Fides by Athenae - I don't know why I'm shooting myself in the foot by reading more House fic, because I don't really want to do the fandom thing for the show, but there hasn't been a new episode in awhile and I'd rather not go into withdrawal. Plus, this fic so perfectly captured the friendship (if you could call it that) between House and Cameron, that I could just see and hear it in my head, crystal clear. It was beautifully insightful and fantastically written, that quiet impact of "....ow." that the show itself has shone through amazingly here. It says so much without having to really say that much at all and it was a wonderful read for that. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- House - Fides by Athenae - I'll grant that I was a little worried about a story labelled as "House/Cameron friendship" because I worry that focusing on one Duckling over the other would be awkward, but... this story is so perfectly, painfully in tune with the series that I couldn't help falling in love. The insights into both House and Cameron's characters are fantastic, the follow-up perfect for just after the episode "Fidelity" and hit all the exact notes that their interaction should hit. Right down to the imagery used (especially the description of Cameron's furniture), I think this may be one of the absolute best House fics out there. (No warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- House - Match by Athenae - This was a really nice example of why the House - Wilson friendship works, even in their less upbeat moments. Even when they're down and prickly and would drive most people away, somehow these two still manage to be remain friends and this story does a very nice job of showing why. When Wilson's latest marraige is ending and he goes out to get very, very drunk, and there's some gorgeous House-style snarking to be had. Woven together with meaningful comments (but still in that House sort of way, so I could hear the actors saying their lines) but never going too far with them, this was a nice fic to read., that's a terrible rec. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Medicinal Purposes by Jayne Leitch - Now, I think any story by this author is worth reading (as you'll soon see >__>a), but I think this one wound up being my favorite. Only half because it was fun House/Cuddy interaction, but half because it was upbeat and snarky in that great way the show has. House and Cuddy's dynamic fascinates me for the very reasons you see in this fic--she can actually regularily fire back and score some great hits on him. Plus, this was just so utterly House. Both the character and the show. ♥ ....dammit. (Some slight House/Cuddy, but it's totally gen.)

- House - Let No Man Put Asunder by Jayne Leitch - I had no idea what to expect when I clicked onto this story, just that I knew I rather liked the author's previous fic and hoped for something good here, too. And, wow, it was. It's one of those stories that has insights about Wilson (and House's friendship with Wilson) that... I don't know if I would have thought of myself, but make so much sense when revealed in a conversation between House and Julie. The voices are perfect, even the body language of the story is fantastic, such that this is one of those stories I could see fitting together so easily with canon to flesh out the characters. Lovely fic again. (No warnings/pairings, really.)

- House - Patient, Impatient by Jayne Leitch - Another story that does justice to the House - Wilson friendship that I really do adore. Not long after House first gets sick, Wilson visits him in the hospital and it's a story that manages to find that balance between snark and something more painful that so often comes up in the show itself. It's the little moments in this story, the little touches of meaningful moments that you very nearly miss because they're not made a big deal of, that impressed me the most. Plus, the snark about how bad a patient Dr. House makes was much fun. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Lesser Expectations by Jayne Leitch - Wilson and Cameron interaction... not something I would have thought of myself, but while reading this story... it became one of those things where the image in my head was so vividly clear that it's almost impossible not to imagine that the show must be going there at some point. The entire interaction between the two characters was so natural and so pitch-perfect (swinging from snarky dialogue to that same something a bit more painful that the show does so very well, how everyone is damaged, but they don't always wear the details of it on their sleeves) that... just... I could see it. I believed it and it's one of those things that I could almost have confused for something that happened in the series itself. I adore authors who can do that. (Maybe a little Wilson/Cameron UST if you want to see it that way. I still call it gen.)

- House - Guess It's Just You And Me by moofoot - The beginning of this story starts out a little weird (especially with the unncessary swearing), but you get about 3/4ths of a page in and it starts being exactly what I would want from a fic with House and Cuddy stuck in an elevator for four hours. I appreciate that the author didn't try to stretch the fic out too far, but didn't skimp on the little details and funny moments, either. The interaction was perfect, both House and Cuddy got in their hits and snark, but without being too mean about it. Plus, the idea of Cuddy having a chihauhua inside that giant bag of hers? Shouldn't have worked, but ended up being brilliant. There were a ton of moments I loved in this story and I wish I could do a better rec of it because it was so entertaining. (Some House/Cuddy, but it could have easily been gen.)

- House - Coffee by Aurelia Priscus - Oh, god, this was just too, too hysterical. House routinely stealing coffee out of the oncology department's cabinents because it's the only decent stuff in the whole place, Wilson's moral dillemma about having a cup for himself or not, the Wiston Churchill/Beach Boys references, domestic!Wilson, the utter perfection of the conversation between Wilson and House that was just SPOT ON, Chase's scheme (oh, god, how I laughed and laughed at that), even Cuddy's attempt to reign them in at the end... all of it was so much better than I can get across in a single rec. Something that could have so easily just been lifted directly out of or into the series itself. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Safe from Harm by Panthea - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 02 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 - part 10 - part 11 ] - (I can't shake the feeling that I've rec'd this already. And, yet, I can't find it on my list. So if it's done twice, eh, it's worth reading twice? ....yeah. e__e) Amanda pointed this fic out to me awhile back and I've been watching the author's journal for updates every so often, because I think this may be the strongest House fic out there yet. The dialogue is so sharp and utterly nails the series' style to the point that I could have confused this story for canon. The author also says she doesn't have much medical knowledge, but it's not reflected in the fic, which feels incredibly natural in that aspect as well. The characterizations are also brilliant, House is his usual arrogant, bastard self, but that's the charm of the character. The Hot Young Doctors are also fantastically themselves, Wilson and Cuddy are fantastically themselves, and did I mention that the dialogue is as sharp as the show itself? I'm genuinely curious about the plot that's developing here, because it's unfolding in that way that the show itself has. I suspect that, by the time this fic is finished, it may well be the best fic in the fandom. Love it so far. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Six Ways of Looking at Chase by !Super Cat - So, Amanda points this fic out to me and, of course, that means I have to go read. Yes, it's labelled House/Chase, but if you're not a fan of House slash or the pairing, don't let that stop you, because it's not really very obvious, I would have read it as gen if not for the label. (And I kind of read it as gen anyway. >__>) I. Loved. This. The dialogue is spot-on for the characters and, man, Chase was just so absolutely, vividly clear here, the dynamic with House, even the brilliant insight into the other Hot Young Doctors (the observations about Foreman cracked me up), not just getting the mannerisms of the character down, but really getting the sharp damage they have without being obvious about it. This is another one of those stories that could have come from straight out of an episode if I hadn't known better, the interaction is just that pitch-perfect. Plus! OMG, good Chase fic! Six different ways of looking at Chase and they're all fabulous. And House was brilliant. Just... that brilliant edge to him was so very there. I am incoherent with love. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Reconciliation of the Gods by Smitty - Oh, this was a lovely fic on House and Wilson's friendship, one that had sharp, clever dialogue just like in thie series, one that had these little ways of describing Wilson or House's body language/reactions so that I could just PICTURE both of them, one that had layers underneath what each of them were saying that said so much without having to say it. And the last entire page, as that dynamic between them hits their stride again, the way you can feel things clicking back into place, all of that was just grand to read. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- House - The Secrets We Share by Smitty - Oh, oh! You have no idea how much House/Cuddy interaction makes me beam with delight, especially when there's this connection there that doesn't need to be remarked on, you just feel it. It's a gen piece, so I don't mean that in the romantic sense (though, if you're like me, you could probably tilt your head and squint, much like one does with the series itself ^_~), just that these are two people who have had things happen in the past. And, oh, my, does Smitty do a fabulous Cuddy, she's strong and tough, she looks House in the eye even when something is hard to say, and you can tell that's one of the reasons why this works. Also? Totally in love with the snark as well. Gorgeous fic. *__* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- House - Game, Set by Basingstoke - Ooh, House and Cuddy genfic with fabulous dialogue and writing! In whatever fashion or interpretation, I enjoy this relationship so much and the author really does a bang-up job of it here, I can so easily hear both of them and each of them is just... the story does justice to both characters, in the way that they're both strong and give and take as much as the other. But even beyond that, it was clever and I don't know how ANYONE could not enjoy a fic where House irritates Cuddy with paper airplanes. Because you know he would. He absolutely would. But it's also because there's a lack of pity in the relationship, because Cuddy doesn't think less of him after his injury and understands that other people do and why it's so intolerable. Neither pulls their punches with the other, yet it's not an entirely hard friendship. It's good. And so is this fic. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Absolution by Ilana - Ooh, this was an excellent little Chase fic that... well, somewhere around 3/4ths of the way through it, there were these lines that just hit me where I live. I love Chase and I love the daddy issues stuff and this fic... it didn't go overboard with them, half of the fic was about Chase's views on the people that he works with and the way he approaches his own issues, and the Chase-voice was just perfect. It both caught me right dead-center in the chest and absolutely, absolutely made me hear him in this. It was an excellent addition to episode 13, the kind that I actually found very illuminating about his character. Loved this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Penumbra by Karabana - Ooh! More Chasefic! Plus! It presents a really interesting take on Chase's motivations/reasons/whatever during the whole thing with Vogler, one that I hadn't really thought of before and wouldn't have been sure could have been worked into the series (given that the writers seemed to be making Chase a weasel when the show was renewed after the initial 13 episodes), but this fic presented it in such a way that I really climbed onboard. That the idea presented (why Chase worked so hard not to be the one to be fired) and the issues it played on... that's my thing right there. The other thing that impressed me was that Karabana is an author that I associate with a very Eastern, elegant, image-rich style of narration, which wouldn't have fit with a TV show like House, but she did a fantastic job of keeping up the sharp-edged characters and that almost-painful style of harsh insight. Hell, she even took that talent for imagery and dropped in a few lovely little bits of description to make the scene just flare straight into clarity in my head. And, oh, my, the issues. Such lovely issues. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Not a Jury in the Land by ijemanja - This is a short little fic, less than a thousand words this time, but it doesn't really need to be any longer. It's more House and Cuddy snark with underlying UST as House tries to use a physical injury to get out of clinic duty and they're both such... strong characters and all the things they realize about each other and see right through each other's crap. Also, it's nice when Cuddy gets to 'win' sometimes. :D (House/Cuddy, but it's gen more than anything.)

- House - Douglas by Sam Vimes - I did figure out the punchline about halfway through the fic, but that honestly made this fic no less awesome to read. The whole way through it's wonderfully characterized, every last one of them hits the right notes, the dialogue and descriptions for them genuinely clever. House is that perfect blend of genuinely angry that he gets sometimes and still snarky as hell. And, yes, the reveal of this is beautifully done. Just. Brilliant! ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- House/Weiss Kreuz - Night Operation by toscas_kiss - Okay, seriously. Weiss Kreuz and House should not blend this seamlessly. If it'd been just about any other author, I may not have given it a shot, but I've always really liked the author's WK fic, especially her take on Crawford/Schuldich, so what the hell, I thought. This story was awesome pretty much from the word go, the brilliant characterization of both House and Crawford as seen through House's eyes. The way it doesn't spell out the canon for you, you have to know what's going on. Right down to the fabulous ending. Just. Wow. It's hard to express in words how much I loved this. (Nothing I'm going to count for pairings.)

- House - Residency Evil by akire - I believe I was skimming recs posts and wandered through here (♥) and picked up the link for this fic. And then. House plus zombies. This shouldn't work as well as it does. Yet somehow I find it to be absolutely awesome in its own way. If you were going to meld the House cast with a zombie movie, it would go pretty much exactly like this, right down to the dialogue and Cuddy with a shotgun. Cuddy with a shotgun. That was way hotter than it had any right to be. And yet. But neither does the fic ever lose its sense of humor, so you wind up with this crazy little story that's not parody but not drama, instead it's just this bit of awesome that's a great read right about Halloween. The dialogue alone is worth the read, omg. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Like Highschool All Over by Tammaiya - Perhaps I am simply easy for my beloved pairing. Perhaps it really is the best of the bunch. Whatever the truth is, this is my hands down favorite of Tammaiya's Christmas fics this year because it's everything--absolutely everything--I could have asked from such a fic. There are so many things I love about it that it's honestly hard to even begin! I suspect this rec will either be two paragraphs long or read like a bullet point list because it's the only way I'll be able to organize my thoughts. The biggest aspect that impressed me was that the crossover element is brilliantly done, blending a manga and a live action TV show shouldn't be this seamless or appear this effortless, but she does it. The reason for House taking on Akiha's case isn't played up too much (lest the fabulous pacing of the fic be ruined; it's impressive how much the author balances in such a relatively short fic, even the Ducklings are well represented), but neither is it glossed over. The way House is so cranky about it, the way the entire situation resolves itself, all brilliant. So much brilliance.

The characterization is also spot-on all the way around, her House and Umeda are both such sharp, caustic characters as they should be, but you couldn't substitute their lines for each other. Each character's voice came through loud and clear as their own, the dialogue and little body language/movements so searingly in character that I flailed my way through the fic. Even the House - Cuddy interaction (which I suspect was for my benefit, since this was my Christmas fic) was beautifully done, the way it mirrored what we might see in canon, the way I could take more away from it or I could read it purely as gen or even a combination of something in between. The Akiha/Umeda relationship is fabulous as always, so much being said underneath the surface of their interaction, the things the reader picks up on because they know the characters, the way House sees right through them and the way he reacts to the whole situation.

Despite that it's a crossover and I'm flailing because it's Akiha and Umeda in the Houseverse, I suspect you could read this story just for the House side of the story. Like her other House crossover (where I had no idea of the original material), it's such strong writing that you could just pick it up and enjoy. And seriously. Best Christmas fic ever. ♥ (Akiha/Umeda, and implications of House/Cuddy on the level of canon if you lean that way. It's more gen than anything.)

- House/Song of the Lioness - Magical Malodies and Other Mysteries by Tammaiya - As I mentioned in a previous rec, I don't actually know the book that this story is crossed over with, but the author had shown me several scenes from the story as she was writing it, and I noticed that it read quite well without any knowledge on my part. So, when she posted her Christmas fics, I read it all the way through properly and... I still say that the writing is strong enough that you don't really need to know the book. The dialogue and prose are sharp, the interaction is fabulous, the way the author draws subtle comparisons and contrasts against various characters, the way she weaves little details in, the way sometimes even the smallest scenes can flare to such vivid life. (I'm thinking of Chase doing the crossword, it's something so perfect that it's like a half-remembered scene I saw on the show itself.) I love that the Ducklings are never forgotten, and the ending is fantastic. I've always liked Tammaiya's House fics, but with these two, I think she's shooting up to be one of my absolute favorites in the fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Metaphorically Speaking by Tammaiya - I mentioned just last time that Tammaiya was growing to be one of my favorite House authors and this was one of the fics that helped push that further along. I can't decide what aspect I love the most, if it's the incredibly sharp dialogue or the use of medical jargon that doesn't overwhelm but isn't skimped on either or the way it's all combined to be something so very... House. Randomly throwing skin diseases at Cameron, asking what she knows about them, and it seems so random and weird at first, until you get to the end of the fic and realize what it all means and I'm just... floored at how well the author captures House's character, the way his brain thinks, the way he does things, the way the people around him do/don't know him. It's just. It's clever and it's good and along with FMA and Hanakimi, I wish to kidnap her and make her write this series for as long as I'm in the fandom. ♥ ....this is a crappy rec, but the fic was really good, seriously. (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- Death Note/House - Isn't it Ironic? by allira_dream - I was sort of "...." over the idea of a crossover between House and Death Note, I wasn't quite sure where the point of contact would be with two such different worlds. But then I read the fic, House and L on the same plane, both such smart and observant characters, both real bastards in their own way, with entirely different surface personalities and it was this great little moment between the two of them. The author really did a great job of showing how they would play off each other, even just in a very short chance meating. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - Sonic Ex Machina by Adrian Tullberg - Okay, this is actually a Doctor Who crossover, but I don't think it's of interest to soley Who fans enough to mark it as such. Anyway, it's a funny little fic about House finding the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and having a little fun with it, just a light-hearted little humorfic that made me laugh. It's nice to see House actually having some fun and it was creative enough to keep my attention during the whole thing. ....House and Doctor Who, that's not something I would have immediately gone for, but now I kind of want more of these two crossed together. Hmm. (No warnings/pairings.)

- House - untitled by Laura Smith - This is a very short piece on Cuddy, but it does a lovely job of tying together the strong woman she is with a lot of the things that have happened in canon, like wanting a baby or wanting something more from life. I really like this Cuddy here, I really like the use of language and the insights into her character. I especially love the last few lines, not because I ship House/Cuddy, but because it's something I could really see and makes sense to me and makes me like her again, because she's so human while not being a total doormat. It might have been a very short fic, but it was nice. (....I'm going to count this as gen, it's nothing more than you'd see in canon.)

- House - the ladies who lunch by ellixian - I don't read a lot of Housefic these days, but I stopped by this one because the promise of Cuddy - Stacy friendship (along with a House/Cuddy relationship) intrigued me. And I am so very glad I did because this is a fantastic piece, it does a brilliant job of getting into Cuddy's character and showing all these little insights and personal moments from her as she can't quite say no to a friendship with Stacy and when it becomes something more real. I've always liked Stacy, so seeing this friendship with Cuddy, especially because they both know what it's like to deal with all the guilt and pain and anger that comes from loving someone like House, was fascinating. And the author did a rather breathtaking job of dealing with all those painful emotions that come along with a story like this, I felt like my fangirl heart had trouble not freezing up while I was reading, honestly. (Some House/Cuddy, it's only half the point.)

- House - Follow The Road Until You Lose It by _bmb_ - Oh, my god. You'd think a story with a summary like, "Foreman, Cameron, and Chase are locked in a closet" would be more parodyish or at least crackier, but instead this was just funny. It's actually got a rather great Foreman narrative and, while it's very light-hearted and adorable (the two of them practically snuggling up to Foreman while they're trying not to drift off to sleep), it's just serious enough that it has this great balance. Foreman's thoughts on the other two, the way House is an utter bastard even in the end, the way everything just sails right along in this fic, it's all fantastic. (Maybe some Foreman/Cameron/Chase, but it could be pure gen, too.)

House/Bones: untitled by thornsmoke - I was journalhopping through this author's FFVIII/KH fic and noticed some of the links she'd put up to her contributions to the fandomsecrets crossover meme, so I settled in to read. I haven't actually watched Bones, but I don't think that really hindered me that much from enjoying this beautifully written, sharply witted crossover. Practically every line out of the characters' mouths felt perfectly done and it's just... it's so sharp and clever. It's fantastic, I loved the whole thing. (No warnings/pairings.)

House: Coupling by B. Cavis - I was link hopping earlier and somehow found myself on a fic from 2005, so the dynamic is slightly different from what I'm used to now, but... it still fits so well with their dynamic and it's kind of a really great look into House's head and doesn't really pull a lot of punches about how he thinks of people. ....which really isn't that different from his outside voice, actually, just... a bit more verbose about it. I really like how snarky he is, yet you can feel how much affection and care he has for Cuddy, even when he won't admit it to himself. But also I really like this Cuddy. I miss this Cuddy and really liked the author's strong take on her. (Sort of House/Cuddy, but on the level of early canon.)

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