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- House - Endings by Butterbuns - Okay, granted, the writing of this story is a little stiff, but it was really short (only 2k) and it was labelled House/Cuddy and I know, I know that I shouldn't get involved in 'shipping this fandom in any sort of way, but... the story was cute and the ending hit me exactly right. Somehow I could just picture this story. ....dammit. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Medicinal Purposes by Jayne Leitch - Now, I think any story by this author is worth reading (as you'll soon see >__>a), but I think this one wound up being my favorite. Only half because it was fun House/Cuddy interaction, but half because it was upbeat and snarky in that great way the show has. House and Cuddy's dynamic fascinates me for the very reasons you see in this fic--she can actually regularily fire back and score some great hits on him. Plus, this was just so utterly House. Both the character and the show. ♥ ....dammit. (Some slight House/Cuddy, but it's totally gen.)

- House - Guess It's Just You And Me by moofoot - The beginning of this story starts out a little weird (especially with the unncessary swearing), but you get about 3/4ths of a page in and it starts being exactly what I would want from a fic with House and Cuddy stuck in an elevator for four hours. I appreciate that the author didn't try to stretch the fic out too far, but didn't skimp on the little details and funny moments, either. The interaction was perfect, both House and Cuddy got in their hits and snark, but without being too mean about it. Plus, the idea of Cuddy having a chihauhua inside that giant bag of hers? Shouldn't have worked, but ended up being brilliant. There were a ton of moments I loved in this story and I wish I could do a better rec of it because it was so entertaining. (Some House/Cuddy, but it could have easily been gen.)

- House - Letting Go by Len - I've been meaning to read this fic for ages and ages. I mean, it was written in January, I've been putting it off for about that long. But I'm glad I saved it for today, for when I could have really used a lovely little House/Cuddy fic. What I liked about this fic was all the little details that made it come alive, the way House remembers little things or the way he thinks about what other people have said and the sort of melancholy way the House/Cuddy relationship is portrayed and the way the theme of "letting go" is woven throughout the whole fic. Very nice. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Coupling by B. Cavis - Amanda pointed me towards this story earlier tonight and I'm glad she did. I admit upfront that the author's House-voice is off, especially early on in the fic. There are moments when I want to take a red pen to the characterization, but they're the kind that I desperately hope the writer keeps writing because they smooth out towards the end and they're the kind that show the author is simply new and still feeling her way around, that she has the potential to become an awesome writer for this fandom. That out of the way, by the time this fic ended, I was left with about ten different lines that I'd spammed Amanda with (right after she'd just finished reading and I knew that and I c&p'd anyway) because I laughed or because, damn, they summed up the relationship between House and Cuddy so well. The author gets that sense of how Cuddy is the one that bites House back, she doesn't take his shit, but she doesn't berate him, either. They work because she's not going to run away to lick her wounds or make wobbly eyes at him, because he actually does respect her and loses ground to her sometimes, because he's not going to just endlessly complain to her, she wouldn't put up with it. Plus, how can you not like a line like She glances up at him, eyebrow raised, and it occurs to him that she could probably beat him up. where it WORKS? Definitely, definitely worth the read. (House/Cuddy implied.)

- House - Survivor Guilt by Morgan72uk - I picked the link up for this author from Zau and read the first one tonight and I just... there's this terrible urge to flap my hands incoherently and make breathy noises that aren't quite purrs. Because, yeah, this is what I remember of live action fic, of writing so exquisite that it's like reading professional writing, the kind that make me feel all knotted up inside because the impact hits so hard. But it's more than that. Or more of that, I'm not sure. The characterization of House and Cuddy both is so profoundly brilliant and right, it's so utterly in tune with the harsh tone of the series without being over the top, that this could have been canon. The reasons for Cuddy's drive, the way guilt and House are inextricably associated in her mind, the way he can see her so clearly sometimes, the way it's about comfort and yet comfort is so hard to find, the way she moves through her life and the guilt she places on her own shoulders... it's breathtakingly good. And I fall still further in love with this show and these characters. (House/Cuddy, some heavy themes, but not much more than you would find in the show itself.)

- House - Downpour by morgan72uk - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 ] - I don't think this one was as strongly written as the previous fic I recommended, there are a lot of little things of details or formatting that are off, but it's still an incredibly solid story with clever, sharp characterizations. It's a story that I stayed glued to the screen for the entire time (maybe I am getting my attention span back? I suppose stranger things have happened), it's one that I thought did beautifully with the complicated relationship between House and Cuddy, the way it could never be perfect, the way it couldn't be a normal love story or anything remotely like it, but it wasn't hurtful or destructive. The author does a lovely job of making Cuddy vulnerable without taking away the strength of her character, she and House are both human in this story, the way they react to each other, the give and take and all the little complications and unsaid frustration in between. This story hit all the right buttons for me, the way it worked together with canon and the nature of their characters, the way it's not just tripping into love, instead they're adults about it even while there's this gorgeous connection between them. I continue to fall further in love with the pairing because of stories like this one. Also? The sex scenes were just lovely, like flashes of exposed, smooth skin or carefully draped fabric to be sensual without being graphic, something that worked so very well for this story. (House/Cuddy, at least one R-going-on-NC-17 scene.)

- House - I Only Have Thighs for You by Laura Smith - And I'm apparently all over the map today, this time with a House/Cuddy fic because they actually are my favorite pairing from the show, even if I'm oddly fascinated by certain other ones. This fic... I'm not sure it 100% meshes with my views of the characters, but I really don't have any arguments with it, either. There are moments in the fic where I can hear their snarking at each other and I fully believe they would do so even while having sex. But the great thing about this fic--other than the incredibly sharp writing and genuinely clever, sharp dialogue and the very, very hot sex--is that there is that give and take with the characters, for every line Cuddy gets in, House gets one, too. For every point House scores, Cuddy scores one, too. I loved that. Also, I mentioned the hotness thing, right? (House/Cuddy, NC-17.)

- House - That Old College Try by kHo - Oh, god. This was so unbelievably gorgeous and hot. After the recent episode with Cuddy being hotter than a hot hot thing with her skirt up like that, I knew I was going to have to read at least some fic and, oh, this was brilliant. A gorgeous way to tie it together with canon, to make it a coda to "Who's Your Daddy", while keeping it something that could stay between episodes... and, okay. The porn was hot. Hot, hot, hot. But it was also a lot more than that. The snark, the fabulous dialogue of it that nailed the characters' voices, the gorgeous way I could actually believe they'd have sex because, yes, I want to to be exactly like this, the back and forth, the sexual attraction, the witty, clever come-backs from them both, the intensity of it, the way it's so... House in that it's jaded without being depressing., I can't write a better rec than that, shut up. (House/Cuddy, NC-17.)

- House - I Don't Have To Like Him by Sam Vimes - I actually stopped by for fic completely unrelated to this, saw the author was writing Housefic, saw that this one was summarized as: House is Cuddy's donor. That doesn't mean...well, you know. and promptly decided I had to read. Which I'm so glad I did, because this one fairly sparkled with wit and charm and that give/take that House and Cuddy have. I normally get wary around fics that deal with potential pregnancy storylines, especially when I like the couple but am not sure I want them to get together, but... this was balanced perfectly. They're not a couple, but there's something there and the dialogue reflects that beautifully without having to hit the reader over the head with the obvioustick. If nothing else, this fic should be read simply for the razor-sharp dialogue and brilliant characterization, though. Not just 'cause it's a fantastic piece on House/Cuddy even if they did get Cuddy pregnant. (House/Cuddy, but not really.)

- House - Eight Simple Rules for Dating Greg House by ijemanja - The other night, Amanda gave me a few House/Cuddy links to follow (including this batch) and I started poking at them. This is one of the first that jumped out at me and sucked me in, because there were so many great lines that I wanted to quote. The give-take relationship between House and Cuddy, the way the storyline was one coherent story, but still wound its way around to each of the "rules", using his behavior as an example of why dating him was such a pain sometimes. ....I'm explaining that badly. What I mean is that it isn't eight seperate little snippets, it's one longer piece, filled with biting language and brilliant characterization as they get ready for and then go out on their date, actually making me believe that the characters could date this way, and somehow working brilliantly for that. Okay, this is a bad rec, I'm out of practice with Housefic, okay? Just go read it! There are a couple dozen lines I wanted to quote because they made me laugh out loud, which is totally another reason to read it. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Not a Jury in the Land by ijemanja - This is a short little fic, less than a thousand words this time, but it doesn't really need to be any longer. It's more House and Cuddy snark with underlying UST as House tries to use a physical injury to get out of clinic duty and they're both such... strong characters and all the things they realize about each other and see right through each other's crap. Also, it's nice when Cuddy gets to 'win' sometimes. :D (House/Cuddy, but it's gen more than anything.)

- House - Five Ways by phineyj - Continuing my bizarre relationship with the 'five things' style of writing, this fic is just... five ways House and Cuddy might have had sex, but probably didn't. Even aside from the fabulously, solidly good writing, what I really liked taking away from this fic was the way both characters were presented. This is not soppy, dippy love, this is two realistic adults who are attracted to each other, who are both incredibly strong in personality and know what they want out of their lives. Yet it's not cold or bitter either, some of them ache tremendously, others of them are almost happy, and all of them are facets of a complicated dynamic that I'm fascinated with. This fic hit the right notes for me, one of those that further convinces me what great chemistry they have. (House/Cuddy, R rating for sex and adult themes.)

- House - Five times Lisa Cuddy thought about doctor House and then realized it was a totally non profesional thought and WHERE had that came from? by Zau - You know what I love? It might not be the most popular pairing in the fandom, but it seems like House/Cuddy attracts a good number of fans to it or simply people who are tolerant toward it and it just... it's a little difficult to explain why a non-fluffy pairing makes me so happy. A lot of it comes from fic like this, where the author creates these lovely little possibilities that could happen, ones that I can believe because they're not fluffy, they're full of details that hurt and ache, but it's not depressing overall. Zau does a terrific job with those details, the little touches that make the fic come alive, and she doesn't back away from the kind of characters these two people are, paints this really clear picture right inside my head. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy with House/Cuddy. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Maybe it Means Nothing by A.j. - Oh, I really liked this. It's a great take on House's view of Cuddy, how he can't remember if they ever met in college, how he doesn't really regret that. Because it takes the idea of House liking her as she is now, finding her attractive or admirable or whatever, but still wrapped up in that frank cynicism that House has and Cuddy is so... Cuddy even in House's thoughts. There's an edge to this writing that I can't quite pin down with words, something that's messed up or almost mean or something that makes it feel so very House to me. I just. This is a brilliant paragraph: He thinks about it from time to time. He bores easily - always has - so he's gotten rather good at living in his own headspace. Exploring possibilities and worlds and he knows that if he had any talent at all for writing out fiction, he'd be a fucking millionaire with just the short and dirty contents of his spank bank. Porn gets you money, even when you're writing it. I enjoyed the hell out of this. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Touching in Inappropriate Places by ijemanja - I picked the link for this fic up in the comments of the previous fic because I recognized the author as being someone I remember liking. The fic is apparently in a vague sort of series where House gets to enjoy some pain-free time, but I haven't read the previous ones and I still followed along just fine. This is. Mmmn, it's not something I'd have thought I'd like (the concept), it would almost be a little too idyllic for the characters... except the author is fantastic at keeping the characters recognizable and flat-out awesome dialogue. Not to mention hotter than a hot, hot thing. The sex isn't too graphic that it's nothing more than porn (not that there's anything wrong with that ♥), but instead it's this really great blend of hotness with just as hot dialogue. The five places they they never had sex are nicely thought out and just... man, it's not that the fic works, it's that it's hot and fabulous. (House/Cuddy, probably hovering around an R rating.)

- House - coffee and a kick in the pants by luvinaoshi - More House/Cuddy fic tonight and this was just an intriguing, almost quiet (for them) moment between House and Cuddy and there's something underneath the banter between them that hits the right spot for me. It's a short fic, just a quiet scene, but it's got a nice ending line and the characterization is how I like it and... yeah, it's a nice addition to the fic I've read tonight. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - Dark Corners by severuslovesme - I quietly enjoyed this House/Cuddy fic, there was something about it that was just... solid and well-written and one of those fics that gave me my fix for the day, which is never something to underestimate the loveliness of. Maybe it was the affection underneath the snark, my suspicion that it would only come out while one of them was drunk/tipsy enough not to really be accountable for it, maybe it was the terrifically awful nickname that made me laugh, maybe it was the lovely image of Cuddy running her hand along the piano keys as they leave. Whatever it was, I liked this one. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - an invented romance by Zau - As I mentioned in the Chandler/Monica rec, Zau has this talent for little details that sharpen my focus down to that one thing, but using it as a way to convey a well of emotions that otherwise might have seemed overly dramatic or cliche. So when their hands touch or he kisses her hair or she bumps shoulders with him while they sit on her steps, it says volumes without having to say anything. I love that there's no happy ending for them, that with every scene, it feels like the possibility for such is getting smaller and smaller, like pieces of this thing that's them are being chopped away until there's nothing left and it's all invevitable and brilliantly written. Not the happiest of fics, but it's better for that. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - waking up without you (is like drinking from an empty cup) by Zau - I go back and forth with the House/Cuddy pairing because there are times when I can't stand the idea of it happening only to have it break up. Other times I like that. Other times I'm not sure a happy ending (even remotely) is possible. And then there are times when I read a fic like this that doesn't back down from the complications of their messy lives but still manages to carve a little niche out for them. Which I love. But not quite as much as I loved the astounding amount of sheer insight into the characters this fic showed, right down to even Wilson's character, who is one of the most spot-on Wilsons I've read that I can remember. He's not evil, but he's not really a good guy even if he feels guilty about it. And just. Just. Such a fantastic fic omg. (House/Cuddy.)

- House/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Like Highschool All Over by Tammaiya - Perhaps I am simply easy for my beloved pairing. Perhaps it really is the best of the bunch. Whatever the truth is, this is my hands down favorite of Tammaiya's Christmas fics this year because it's everything--absolutely everything--I could have asked from such a fic. There are so many things I love about it that it's honestly hard to even begin! I suspect this rec will either be two paragraphs long or read like a bullet point list because it's the only way I'll be able to organize my thoughts. The biggest aspect that impressed me was that the crossover element is brilliantly done, blending a manga and a live action TV show shouldn't be this seamless or appear this effortless, but she does it. The reason for House taking on Akiha's case isn't played up too much (lest the fabulous pacing of the fic be ruined; it's impressive how much the author balances in such a relatively short fic, even the Ducklings are well represented), but neither is it glossed over. The way House is so cranky about it, the way the entire situation resolves itself, all brilliant. So much brilliance.

The characterization is also spot-on all the way around, her House and Umeda are both such sharp, caustic characters as they should be, but you couldn't substitute their lines for each other. Each character's voice came through loud and clear as their own, the dialogue and little body language/movements so searingly in character that I flailed my way through the fic. Even the House - Cuddy interaction (which I suspect was for my benefit, since this was my Christmas fic) was beautifully done, the way it mirrored what we might see in canon, the way I could take more away from it or I could read it purely as gen or even a combination of something in between. The Akiha/Umeda relationship is fabulous as always, so much being said underneath the surface of their interaction, the things the reader picks up on because they know the characters, the way House sees right through them and the way he reacts to the whole situation.

Despite that it's a crossover and I'm flailing because it's Akiha and Umeda in the Houseverse, I suspect you could read this story just for the House side of the story. Like her other House crossover (where I had no idea of the original material), it's such strong writing that you could just pick it up and enjoy. And seriously. Best Christmas fic ever. ♥ (Akiha/Umeda, and implications of House/Cuddy on the level of canon if you lean that way. It's more gen than anything.)

- House - warmer than warm by Zau - What can I say about Zau's fic that I haven't already said before? She does these things with sharp, cutting words that hurt, the way the show hurts me. Her House/Cuddy is painful and bittersweet at the very best of times, which is less often than not even, and in a way it was doomed from the start, yet in another way it's not. I'm generally not a fan of the idea that Cuddy is in love with House because it can't end in anything good, because it's too easy to weaken her character, but the way Zau writes it is breathtaking. The way no one can say no to House is brilliantly, brilliantly worked into the storyline, it's done justice here. The imagery is fabulous, from the warmth in a bed on a cold winter's night to House alone in the hospital when he's working late to avoid certain things. The characterization is achingly perfect, the friendship between House and Wilson (and Wilson and Cuddy) is brilliant, this is the kind of thing I want more of. And the ending is so perfect that I could just see it in my mind's eye with a sharp sort of clarity that almost hurt. Beautiful fic. (House/Cuddy.)

- House - the ladies who lunch by ellixian - I don't read a lot of Housefic these days, but I stopped by this one because the promise of Cuddy - Stacy friendship (along with a House/Cuddy relationship) intrigued me. And I am so very glad I did because this is a fantastic piece, it does a brilliant job of getting into Cuddy's character and showing all these little insights and personal moments from her as she can't quite say no to a friendship with Stacy and when it becomes something more real. I've always liked Stacy, so seeing this friendship with Cuddy, especially because they both know what it's like to deal with all the guilt and pain and anger that comes from loving someone like House, was fascinating. And the author did a rather breathtaking job of dealing with all those painful emotions that come along with a story like this, I felt like my fangirl heart had trouble not freezing up while I was reading, honestly. (Some House/Cuddy, it's only half the point.)

House: little bombs by Zau - This season of House is kind of killing me, because I spent so much time trying to turn myself off caring about the show, the characters, or my favorite ship. But I'm slowly being sucked back in. And fic like this is really not helping, because it's just that perfect balance between the cynicism and jaded qualities of the show against a more hopeful nature that part of me still really wants to believe in. This is a really gorgeous fic set between seasons four and five, after everything that happens there, when Wilson and House aren't friends for awhile and this has House filling up his life with other people. The progression of the characters, the way House interacts with everyone else just a little differently, it's all marvelously done, a slow progression that a character like him needs. Plus, the supporting cast is fantastic here, I'm already in love with Zau's Hadley and her Cuddy is wonderful and even her Cameron and Chase are fantastic. This is the fic I wanted, the one where all the feelings are there and coming to the surface, the one where I don't hate House as a human being quite so much, the one where I respect Cuddy for being strong but also loving House and just. asdlfkjasl;kj yes. (House/Cuddy, some Wilson/Amber and Chase/Cameron that aren't the focus.)

House: Four Times Cuddy Thought (Very Very Briefly) About Kissing House by Mara - ....I guess I'm in the mood for House fic again this morning. But, well, it's hard to complain when I have a couple of fics I really like by authors I really like. I have grown to really adore the "four things" format (well, usually five things, but these were long enough to not make much of a difference) and these four scenes were really fun and lovely, especially #3 where House interrupts Cuddy's "date". I love that they're set through Cuddy's eyes, the various situations where she thinks about kissing House, but it's never really in a pining sort of way, I love that House can still be caustic without being horrible and I love Cuddy a whole lot. #4 was also really heartbreaking and beautiful in all the ways it was meant to be, really worth a read. ♥ (House/Cuddy.)

House: Sweet the Sting by ijemanja - .... *cries* this is the third House fic I've read today and no no no no I don't want to be sucked back into this fandom! But it's hard to resist when there's lovely fics like this one that do a great job of keeping the jagged edges of both of these characters, yet still showing how they can fit together in certain circumstances. I really like this Cuddy and I really like the story of their first meeting, I love what it both says and doesn't say about the two of them. I really like the dynamic here and it's just a really good, really solid fic. ....dammit. (House/Cuddy, R-rating or so.)

House: In Over My Head (She's On Your Mind) by leiascully - I'm always torn about whether or not I want House/Cuddy in the series itself, because I enjoy the pairing, but I have problems with it. And I have trouble with them in fic as well, trying to reconcile what I believe they're capable of with what I really want. So, when I read a fic with a summary like House knew she wasn't real. that's about another hallucination he has of Cuddy, I was instantly curious. And this is a really great look at his character and his relationship with her inside his own head and some really good dialogue and some very nice sex. All things I was looking for. (House/Cuddy, R-rated.)

House: Coupling by B. Cavis - I was link hopping earlier and somehow found myself on a fic from 2005, so the dynamic is slightly different from what I'm used to now, but... it still fits so well with their dynamic and it's kind of a really great look into House's head and doesn't really pull a lot of punches about how he thinks of people. ....which really isn't that different from his outside voice, actually, just... a bit more verbose about it. I really like how snarky he is, yet you can feel how much affection and care he has for Cuddy, even when he won't admit it to himself. But also I really like this Cuddy. I miss this Cuddy and really liked the author's strong take on her. (Sort of House/Cuddy, but on the level of early canon.)

House: Cutting The Curves by voleuse - I was browsing the author's fic this morning for her Glee fic, then paged back to see there was House/Cuddy and... okay, I'm weak. But this short fic is kind of why I'm weak, because House messing with Cuddy really says so much about him and his feelings for her and the fic just... it doesn't have to try too hard and instead just nails what it's like on an average day between them. It's really kind of a great House POV piece, too. (Implied House/Cuddy.)

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