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- House - Dysgeusia by Smitty - I admit, I was rather wary of reading this story, as I have some pretty big issues with the whole House/Cameron relationship as it played out in the series, but I've been reading a lot of Smitty's reaction posts and I find her to be very intelligent and thoughtful when she discusses the series. So, I gave the fic a shot. It was brilliant, quite possibly the strongest Housefic I've read yet, given the hard, cold edge it had that was so reminscent of the series itself. The way Smitty tackles the character here is as complex, messy, and painful as she is in the series, she still makes all the same bad choices, she's still as fallible and frustrating as she is in the series, but she's also very human and empathizable. She's not just her bad traits here, she's a person and reading this story made my fangirl heart hurt in all the ways the show did. But the other aspect that impressed me so much was the use of Cameron's loss of taste, the way it affects her life (without being a Very Special Episode Of, I mean, it's not something that becomes an Issue, it's something that's just quietly underneath everything else for so long), the way she reacts, the way it's used to tell the story, the way she deals with all of the stress and trauma in her life, even the lighter moments with the other Ducklings, all of it was brilliantly done. (House/Cameron, but. No, really. Read it!)

- House - No Regrets by angua9 - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - After recent events with the show, I've been rather wanting a Chase/Cameron fic because I liked the way it played out, especially against my expectations that it would be horribly done (in the series, that is). This fic takes their night together and fleshes it out, the interesting thing is that it's from both their perspectives, showing Cameron's spiral off into acting strange, showing why Chase would go down that path with her, making them both flawed, imperfect people, but neither of them are entirely good or entirely bad. The flow of it was excellent, the whole thing just sailed right along and the ending was very strong, the way they each saw the little gesture afterwards and illustrated so much about each of the characters. A really fascinating look at the Chase/Cameron moment in the series. (Chase/Cameron, a little NC-17 content.)

- House - Shark by Adrian Tullberg - Okay, I picked up this fic because Adrian Tullberg is one of my favorite DCU authors and I went, "Oh, he writes House? I'll give that a shot then!" and I was reading along and sort of, ", okay." about it because it was a little strange and then. Then there was this line. You know how there can be that one line that's so perfect you suddenly burst out laughing in the middle of the night and hope like hell the neighbors don't hear you? Yeah, that line. It hit me dead-on in exactly the right way when I was in exactly the right mood for it. Such a great little almost-meta/fourth-wall-breaking fic. ♥ (....uh. Pairings, but. Uh. I don't know how to catagorize it. *scrunches up face*)

- House - Bad Catholics by falseeeyelashes - I've been reading the author's Studio60 fic and noticed that she wrote Chase/Cameron, which is another of those Trainwreck Pairings I have when it comes to Cameron, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's this really lovely, bleak picture of Cameron, that's a mixture of apathy and hurt all wrapped up together, dysfunction and knowing she's making mistakes and can't seem to stop herself, and it's just gorgeous. There's almost this delicate edge to her non-relationship with Chase, the way they keep having sex with each other, even without planning it, something that struck me as so very Cameron. There's a lot of insight into her character here and how she cares too much sometimes, but finds it easier not to care at other times, and it all tangles up into this beautiful, painful ball of contradictions and issues for her character. The insights into Chase's character from her perspective are also wonderfully done, it's all just... the trainwreck I was hoping it would be. (Chase/Cameron, R-ish content.)

- House - in mutual disagreement by Zau - I continue to fail at describing what makes Zau's writing work when so few other authors can make a style like hers work half so well. It's almost philosophical, except that's not it, that's not the word I want and this happens to me every single time I read her fic. I'm always a little wary of Chase/Cameron, I think I won't like it if it's not done exactly right and then Zau goes and does it exactly right, the whole I don't think we like each other very much that's just... so damn perfect for them. It brings to mind all the pain and beautiful tragedy of these two characters, the attraction that's still there even when it hurts them, all without her having to say this. Yes, I'm quite in love. (Chase/Cameron.)

- House - Corollary by Poison Ivory - There's not much I can say about this fic that wasn't already said in the comments or the rec I picked this fic up from. The Cameron pov on this piece is fantastic, how she tries so very hard to be snarky and can keep up with that for a time, but the strain of it is hard on her and she'll still be needy and looking for something from other people. This actually makes her a more fascinating character here, I came away from the story liking her for all her faults, and adoring that this piece wasn't yet another Chase/Cameron fic set around the time they slept together. Instead it's a quiet conversation before that, one that slips so easily between the frames of canon, the way there is so much unsaid in the conversation that you hear perfectly well, so very much like the series itself. Even the speech patterns of the characters are nailed in this fic, I didn't even have to try to hear their voices in my imagination. Fabulous. (Chase/Cameron.)

- House - and The Rhythm of the Saints and Heaven's Only Daughter by sabinelagrande - I didn't intend to read these. But I was browsing Housefic somewhere and saw the author's Tritter icon, laughed, and said, oh, what the hell, might as well, since I've enjoyed the author's work before. For every time I say I don't like threesomes as an answer to resolve two conflicting pairings (one of which isn't my pairing preference), along will come a story or two that'll be so sharp, funny, and poignant that I fall in love anyway. These fics alternate being making me laugh and making me feel like I've been sucker-punched (#8 in the second fic is one of the most brilliant things I've ever read), wound together with brilliant characterization and a knack for babyfic that's actually not embarassing to like. So very worth reading. (House/Cuddy/Wilson.)

- House - youíre going to lose that girl by luvinaoshi - Non-linear storytelling very rarely works for me, there has to be a certain style or a certain deftness to the style accompanying that type of storytelling and it just doesn't often fit with a lot of authors. But when the right author comes along, there's something very intense and powerful about it. Capturing the what-ifs and what-might-have-beens, yet still keeping everything within the spirit of the show itself--ie, you sort of want to be depressed because everything is bittersweet at best. When the show was first starting, I didn't think I could ever like Chase/Cameron, because it would just be about the two "pretty" ones hooking up, but it's stories like these that not only turn me around on the idea, but make it one of those pairings I'm rapidly falling in love with. I want more, just like this beautiful fic. (Chase/Cameron.)

- House - Flamenco on a Breeze by voleuse - Picking the link up for this fic from a comment from Zau in the previous fic, which I shamelessly steal, yes. And. I think, what gets me about this fic, is that it might not have been things I could see Cameron doing (the drinking at lunch, the encounter in the garage) until I re-evaluated it in terms of what I could see Cameron justifying to herself. Those moments, especially during the encounters with Chase, how she's doing what she feels she should be doing as a grown-up, free young woman. Not that the fic says any of this, which is sort of fabulous because it got me thinking and coming to these conclusions on my own. (Not that I necessarily think it's what the author was going for, but that this is what I got out of the fic... which isn't going to make sense to anyone but me, I imagine.) The writing was fabulous, there was that sense of chemistry between them that I love, and it was just... it was good. (Chase/Cameron.)

- Supernatural/House - we speak in idolatry by fated_addiction - I'm fairly certain it was Zau who mentioned this fic somewhere and the idea of the John/Cameron pairing intrigued me and I follow along like a good little puppy wherever Zau goes ^_~ and this was... I don't think it was precisely what I expected, but I'm not sure what I was expecting either. It's certainly intriguing, the way the two series wind together was perfectly clear in my head, the quiet almost understated characterization here was really fabulous, and I have grown to really love the author's style, the short scenes set over a longer period of time that shows the progression of the non-relationship. This was just... really intriguing and a really cool little piece that said so much about both characters through their (non-)relationship with the other that I enjoyed reading. (John Winchester/Allison Cameron, somewhere around NC-17.)

- House - Follow The Road Until You Lose It by _bmb_ - Oh, my god. You'd think a story with a summary like, "Foreman, Cameron, and Chase are locked in a closet" would be more parodyish or at least crackier, but instead this was just funny. It's actually got a rather great Foreman narrative and, while it's very light-hearted and adorable (the two of them practically snuggling up to Foreman while they're trying not to drift off to sleep), it's just serious enough that it has this great balance. Foreman's thoughts on the other two, the way House is an utter bastard even in the end, the way everything just sails right along in this fic, it's all fantastic. (Maybe some Foreman/Cameron/Chase, but it could be pure gen, too.)

House: little bombs by Zau - This season of House is kind of killing me, because I spent so much time trying to turn myself off caring about the show, the characters, or my favorite ship. But I'm slowly being sucked back in. And fic like this is really not helping, because it's just that perfect balance between the cynicism and jaded qualities of the show against a more hopeful nature that part of me still really wants to believe in. This is a really gorgeous fic set between seasons four and five, after everything that happens there, when Wilson and House aren't friends for awhile and this has House filling up his life with other people. The progression of the characters, the way House interacts with everyone else just a little differently, it's all marvelously done, a slow progression that a character like him needs. Plus, the supporting cast is fantastic here, I'm already in love with Zau's Hadley and her Cuddy is wonderful and even her Cameron and Chase are fantastic. This is the fic I wanted, the one where all the feelings are there and coming to the surface, the one where I don't hate House as a human being quite so much, the one where I respect Cuddy for being strong but also loving House and just. asdlfkjasl;kj yes. (House/Cuddy, some Wilson/Amber and Chase/Cameron that aren't the focus.)

House/Scrubs: Take Two Martinis and Call Me in the Morning by ijemanja - I was a little wary of this crossover, largely because I ship both Jordan and Cuddy with other people and I wasn't sure how the Cox/Jordan relationship would fit into a fic like this, but I'm really, really glad I kept reading because as;dlkfja;lskjdsljk what an awesome Jordan voice. I wasn't sure about Cuddy's characterization at first, but she was seriously pretty rocking once the fic got underway and the author just absolutely, completely nailed Jordan's voice, right down to asking Cox for permission to sleep with the hot doctor lady and it was the perfect resolution to that sticky issue. And just. Oh, man, when the fic pointed out just who Jordan reminded Cuddy of, I was keyboard mashing pretty hard because I hadn't even thought of it myself and then just OMG HAHAHAHAHA YES and-- as;lkdfjl;j okay, I am clearly too much of a spaz this morning to properly rec this. Go read it anyway, it's fabulous. (Jordan/Cuddy.)

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