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- House - Lesser Expectations by Jayne Leitch - Wilson and Cameron interaction... not something I would have thought of myself, but while reading this story... it became one of those things where the image in my head was so vividly clear that it's almost impossible not to imagine that the show must be going there at some point. The entire interaction between the two characters was so natural and so pitch-perfect (swinging from snarky dialogue to that same something a bit more painful that the show does so very well, how everyone is damaged, but they don't always wear the details of it on their sleeves) that... just... I could see it. I believed it and it's one of those things that I could almost have confused for something that happened in the series itself. I adore authors who can do that. (Maybe a little Wilson/Cameron UST if you want to see it that way. I still call it gen.)

- House - How Much Salt by voleuse - I have this thing for Wilson/Cameron because it would play into so many of their bad habits and screwed up issues. This fic... while I would have preferred something more about the building of the relationship than the sex (which is more that I haven't read enough Wilson/Cameron yet, not the fault of the fic's), the sex is gorgeous and tinged with all those things they do wrong even as it feels right. The language of the writing is lovely, the author is so very talented at building up an atmosphere and making something so fucked up look so pretty. Right down to the way they have sex with each other. Sigh. And, of course, it makes me want more Wilson/Cameron fic. Woe. (Wilson/Cameron, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

- House - Past Tense by tangleofthorns - The other pairing I've been pining for (and this has been something I've pined for for quite some time now) is Wilson/Cameron because it would be a horrible mistake for both of them and I can just see how it would happen. This fic does a spectacular job of being both sharply written, insightful about both characters and crisp dialogue, and showing what a mistake it would be, the way Wilson even knows it as it's happening, but he can't slow down enough to stop it. The way the author hit that very delicate line, even as they're simply having dinner and talking about House and maybe other things, the way everything was unfolding beneath all the dialogue and I could just see it. The writing is fantastic on a technical level, but what really got me going with the fic was that she nailed the Wilson/Cameron relationship and what a beautiful mess it would be, even when you're only seeing it just beginning here. (Wilson/Cameron.)

- House - All The Wrong Reasons by Lady Paperclip - I feel as though I may have read this fic before, something about the title seems familiar. And I know I've always kept an eye out for good Wilson/Cameron. But actually reading it, it wasn't familiar to me, so maybe I've just seen it around and only now reading it. Whatever the case is, this is a brilliant, brilliant fic that was everything I was hoping for from these two characters. They're both such dysfunctional people who would try to fix each other and it would only end in an absolute TRAINWRECK and the author is absolutely brilliant at showing the progression of something almost sweet to something that's messy, nasty, and ugly. The way it's written around the set of themes, just a few paragraphs between each scene change works gorgeously, each scene has this impact to it, each scene moves them further along and twists the knife a little more. There are so many moments in this fic that are just beautiful in that horrible, tragic way that these two would be. The epitome of what Wilson/Cameron should be, imo. Two people who are supposed to be the nice ones, but they're not. This is a brilliant way of showing that. (Wilson/Cameron, PG-15 content.)

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