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Fanart section notes: Since people may be coming here through the books section, rather than the anime section (where I explain this better), I want to make a note: As time goes on, many of these art sites will either have moved or be taken down, because that's how the J-fen work many times. When they suffer through burnout on a series, they take their sites down very often, which results in broken links. I rarely remove recs from my site because many times I don't know if they've simply moved (and the new URL can be found via Google or another fanart site) or if they're down permanently.

So, I simply suggest that either you could start at the bottom and work your way backwards (since those will be the more current recs) or just to not get discouraged and keep clicking, eventually you'll find some of the sites to be working. :D

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

- Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Pretty Harry Potter fanart! ^_____^ I love Japanese fan art sites, they have some of the most gorgeous art, and this one is no exception. I think this one is my favorite, the colors are just so soft and lovely. There are also beautiful images of Remus and Sirius scattered throughout the site. *_*

- Harry Potter - Autumn Breeze [ English Fanart Site ] - Autumn Breeze - Ooh, more HP fan art. ^_^ (Go to the main page, then fan art, then the Misc. section.) Very cute stuff, I especially like the use of colors. I didn't see any Sirius or Remus (though the artist says she's a big fan, so there's hope for the future *grin*), but there's also Gundam Wing (HeeroxDuo! *cheers*), DNAngel, and Saiyuki fan art. Also, check out the comics and hit galleries for more pretty art. This and this are two of my favorites of the GW ones. Oh, and the "A Warm Christmas" comic.... *happy sigh* Sometimes I forget just how much I love Heero/Duo and it's something like this that reminds me why they were my first really obsessive OTP.

- Harry Potter - Notebooks, Pencils... and Sometimes Rulers - [ English Fanart Site ] - *cheers* Yay! mbp did a Sirius/Remus comic. ^_^v And check out the gallery for some niftynifty stuff. I loved the PoA: Deleted Scene mini-comic. *snarf*

- Harry Potter - Red Hair League [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Aww, these are adorable! Which I don't normally like so much, but for Harry Potter it really fits. Some of my favorites are: The Weasleys, this gorgeous one of Sirius, pretty Remus, Tom Riddle, and Remus again. Check out the gifts gallery, too. Lotsa cute stuff with pretty colors. ^_^ (Hints of yaoi/slash, but nothing too explicit.)

- Harry Potter - Pale Moon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Btw, there are two galleries, so make sure to check them both out. The second one is my favorite, of course, since it's purely Sirius/Remus stuff. ^_________^ There is some adorable art on these pages; the style really works for Harry Potter fan art. It's a little bright for my tastes, I generally prefer more earthy tones for HP fan art, but it's still adorable. And the Remus and Sirius ones are cuuuuuuute! I think this one is my favorite. *hyuuuu* And a cute Snape one, too! ^_^ (Some Sirius/Remus, but nothing too graphic or anything.)

- Harry Potter - The Marauder's Map Union [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - My original rec for this site was probably most a lot of deep-linking, so let me try to fix that by doing a proper rec. I have much fondness for this site because it has some of my favorite artist's work in it, but also because there's just a ton of art to go through, all based on the Murauders and it's a great way to find other art sites with the links section. Much, much love. *__*

- Miscellaneous/Original/Ogiwara Noriko/Harry Potter - Fish Garden [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (I believe I've rec'd the HP section of this site before, but I'm concentrating on the other art gallery this time.) There's just something about this art style that I really like. Like with the illustration of Fred and George Weasley and the illustration of James. It's... pretty. And I kinda like the almost sketch-like quality; it's a good style but without being sloppy. Lots of details and pretty colors and having that certain feel to it that I associate with the best HP J-fanart that I love so much. I probably love the Azkaban-era art the most, because this is another one of those sites that helped set the tone for how I see the characters in my head and they're just beautiful illustrations. I'm especially entranced by both her Sirius and her Remus. *___* (And how can you resist the MWPP-era illustration where Remus and James have managed to wrangle a collar onto an utterly thrilled-no-really!Sirius, who has the best, "I'm going to kill you two." look?) There's also some really beautiful Ogiwara Noriko art, like the adorable illustration that really looked like James and Lily Potter to me ^_^;; ) And, wheee! Inu-Yasha! Just... one of those sites that set the tone for me and for good reason. *__*

- Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This isn't my favorite-favorite style of HP fan art, but I do like it because it's very much in the same "style" as the original books themselves. I can't put it into words, but you'll see what I mean. Very cute illustrations of the various HP characters--mostly Harry and his friends, but I utterly adore this one of Sirius in Azkaban. And this one cracks me up. ^_^

- Harry Potter - Stripe Zone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Nice, clean, lovely designs, which is nice to see every once in awhile. There's a good amount of detail in the art, but it's all very smooth, which gives the illustrations a good look... like this one of Remus. While I'm not crazy about Sirius' face, his hair is gorgeous. *_* And, as always, Harry is cute as a button. ^_~ (A little bit Sirius+Harry, but nothing anywhere near graphic.)

- Harry Potter - Kaika Apartment [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, that group picture is fantastic, though, I think the one of Sirius, James, and Remus in the lamplight is my favorite. This is one of those sites where I don't necessarily care for the pairing (it seems to be primarily SiriusxHarry and RemusxHarry), but I thoroughly enjoyed clicking through every last image because the art is so pretty. +_+ I don't know how to describe it better than that. ^_^;; (Some SiriusxHarry, RemusxHarry.)

- Gundam Wing/Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Other - Blankpapers [ Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I would love this site just for the DuoxRelena fanart (such a very, very rare pairing), but the artist is very talented and very prolific, which is a great combination. ^_^v The illustrations have a very soft, almost romantic look to them, which I like a lot, aaaaaa~nd lots of G-girls fanart in the GW section! *hearts* There's also HP, Saiyuki, HxH, and even some X and Yamimatsu fanart, all with the same lovely soft colors and gorgeous eyes. (GW, traditional het pairings.)

- Chobits/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go/Harry Potter/Original - Quality Season [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't entirely sure what catagory to put this site under, since there weren't a whole lot of any one particular series, but I wanted to rec it because the art here is very cute. It's more of a sketchy quality than a lot of fanart I see, but the colors are soft and pretty enough to make it one of those styles that really works. There's only one or two for any given series I've mentioned (plus a lot I haven't), but since I like the majority of them, this site is great fun for me. *SQUEAK!* And +Anima fanart!!!! XD (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Harry Potter - Lover's Heaven [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to link this site despite the cavity-incuding cuteness of the art. ^_~ It's both a depature from the usual type of HP fanart I like and the designs aren't all that similar to the actual characters (at least how they look in my head... ^_~), but it's damned good CG work, there's a lot here and it is damned cute art. And I've grown really fond of the way the artist does the eyes and the clothes. *_* (No real warnings.)

- Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Inu-Yasha/Trigun - Honey Hachi [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - Wheee! Lots of different series that I like here! ^_^v The art is very nice, and while I don't care as much for the Harry Potter color art (the doujinshi look great, however), the artist's style works very well for the anime fanart. I adore the Inu-Yasha and Hikago fanart. ^_^v And the doujinshi were a lot of fun to go through (the Trigun one is especially pretty!) as well. (Yaoi-friendly, no single pairing theme.)

- Harry Potter/Yami no Matsuei - Tasha Wizard World [ Thai Fan Art Site ] - Goodness, the eyes in these illustrations are beautiful. +_+ Occasionally, a few things can be off (especially facial structures and proportions), but the details of the clothes and backgrounds and the gorgeous quality of the eyes (they often seem to glow... I love that) and hair made this a wonderful site for me to browse through. (TsuzukixHisoka, some SiriusxHarry, nothing too terribly graphic.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Fujimi no Orchestra - mondschein [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fujimi no Orchestra fanart!!! XD XD XD And gorgeous fanart at that! *hyuuu* Becky is a happy, happy fangirl. (I don't know why I was so taken with Fujimi no Orchestra, but I just adored it.) *ahem* Okay, calming down, I utterly adore this artist's style, it's more of that gorgeous, lush, very nearly glowing fanart that, were I an artist, would make me want to cut off my own hands. (A little bit SiriusxHarry/SiriusxJames, AragornxFrodo, and KeixYuki.)

- Harry Potter - Dramatic Escape [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me a few images to warm up to this artist's style, but once I did, some of these illustrations just blew me away. The artist draws amazing animals, and once you get past the style (which reminds me a lot of Sanami Matoh's work, actually), just... wow. +_+ The details of the backgrounds, objects, and the characters' hair (and, again, the animals!) are fantastic, like in this one of Remus and this one of Sirius and Moony. *hearts* And this one of Harry just warms my heart. This has become one of my favorite HP sites. ^_^v (No real warnings.)

- Harry Potter - Love Wolf [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I adore this site's art because it has that feeling I associate with the Harry Potter books... that charming, warm sort of feeling. The frequent use of Earth tones and simple style (which is not a bad thing in this case, it gets the point of the pictures across so much more clearly, too much detail would overburden the images, I think) are very... 'in tune' with the original series. Plus, I just adore Mauraders-era art. ^_^v (No real warnings, but is a tiny bit slashy.)

- Harry Potter - Magic Syndrone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to recommend this site for the second set of illustrations in the gallery... they're beautiful! +_+ The colors are soft and lovely and just... pretty. It contains one of my favorite Snape fanarts ever done as well. ^_^v Okay, despite the sucky blurb, it's a good site. (No warnings that I can think of off the top of my head.)

- Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is just something about this art style (that was used for several illustrations) that appeals to me... at least when it comes to HP and LotR. I couldn't tell you why, and normally I'm not crazy about it, I thought it really worked here. And the colored painting-esque illustrations were lovely, really capturing the darker feel to certain moments of both series. There's a Marauders illustration, where they're making the map, that I just adore on the site, too. (No warnings.)

- Hellsing/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings - M1A1 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn, there's some kick-ass Hellsing fanart out there--and this site is definitely one of them. This is top-notch use of CG work, I just love it to pieces--the colors are those gorgeous dark shades that fit Hellsing so well, and the coloring/shading/skill is amazing! There's an incredible one of Alucard and that dog here, as well as some fantastic group images that, well, I also adore to pieces. Just... cool. +_+ I'm not as crazy about the HP stuff, but there are some fantastic group illustrations and holy crap is that a gorgeous Legolas. +____+

- Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, when a site makes me go, "Oooh, wow, that's such a pretty Draco!" it has to be pretty darn... erm... pretty. There's some very cute art here, including an adorable Remus, but Draco is really the highlight of the site. The illustrations with him are not only lovely, they really capture the atmosphere of the character. (Some het, some slash, very Draco-centric.)

- Harry Potter - Chiro Room [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is a hysterical illustration on this site of Sirius and Remus flying on a broom, where apparently Sirius is going a little too fast for Remus' comfort level that I just adored. Normally, I'm not crazy about the lighter colors this site uses on HP art, but I thought the artist really made them work. Plus, the 4400 hits illustration is a lovely Sirius/Remus art, they both look so pretty~! And I find the 3400 to be just adorable. Plus, the one of Harry in booty shorts is just too cute for words. ....I'll stop now. ^_~ (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - trompe l'oeil [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This was a fun little site. While I wasn't crazy about some of the CG work here, some of it was really pretty, and they had some very cool Sirius/Remus illustrations and I even liked their Snape. I don't ask for more than that. ^_~ (Some Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Art Dungeon [ Fan Art Site ] - Wow, I absolutely adore these illustrations--especially the Weasley family ones. I'm not sure how to describe the style, other than sort of a combination between typical HP art and a more realistic take... and there's some really nice diversity. Definitely one of the better sites out there. ^_^v (Some yaoi, a lot of different pairings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Hikaru no Go/Naruto - Spring Villa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, no, no, nononononoooo! Not Yu-Gi-Oh! But... but... but.... *sigh* They're so freaking pretty. I still don't get the show, but, damn, this art is pretty. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous details and great poses and fantastic drawings and *cries* I can't believe I caved on a Yu-Gi-Oh site! (No offense to the show, I haven't watched enough to scorn, but I don't even watch it, and yet I'm finding fanart. >_<) The Lord of the Rings was much easier to take, even if it was Aragorn/Boromir. ^_~ There was a beautiful Legolas to distract me, though. ^_~

The Harry Potter fanart is adorable and gorgeously detailed; Harry and Ron look so cute! There are also two beautiful ones of Draco and Snape that impressed the heck out of even me. And then the real reason I love this site.... ^_~ Hikaru no Go and Naruto art! Okay, I admit, the Hikago fanart kinda freaks me out, but I doubt anyone could see Ogata in a pink female nurse's uniform, standing over Touya and not be at least a little twigged. ^_~ The Akira illustrations are adorable, though. ^_^v And, of course, the Naruto illustrations are wonderful--there is a gorgeous Kakashi-sensei illustration that is offcially my favorite Naruto fanart. *heartheartheart* (Lots of yaoi, mostly Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Ron, Touya-sense/Ogata, and Akira/Hikaru.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter - Cotton Cross [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that I wasn't sure about at first, but the more I went through the gallery, the more I was steadily won over by the artist's skilled usage of color. She uses these golden, glowing tones to her art that are just warm and that make everything look so lovely that I wibble with love. There's one of Ed, Al, and the chimera that's just... it's stunning how beautiful it is. Her shading is just fantastic, giving everything such a rich feeling to the art, not to mention her lines are just fantastic. As you can see, I'm quite, quite in love with this site. *fangirls* And the Harry Potter art is much the same; all these warm colors, richly detailed illustrations, and so much feeling put into the art. Sooooo much love. *hanyan~* (No real warnings/pairings themes.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter - Vital Songs [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Someone pointed this out on the FMA comm and I clicked onto the site out of idle curiosity (since I love fanart so much and all ^_~) and immediately went *____* over the gorgeous art here. It's just... wow, the details are amazing, the lines are amazing, the colors are amazing, the poses are amazing, everything. This site isn't going to be for everyone--as it largely hints at Al/Ed, though, they never actually do much more than stand around together or lean on each other--and it's not my favorite pairing, but the art is so gorgeous here that I don't really care. There was one of Ed in the middle of an alchemy performance that was just... holy fuck, it was COOL. *___* (And this utterly gorgeous one of Ed looking over his shoulder at the 'camera'. *__*) The Harry Potter fanart was adorable, using the same solid poses and lovely colors/lines that the FMA fanart had. And then there's the Hunter x Hunter fanart... now, Kuroro/Kurapika isn't my favorite pairing, but, holy mother of god, the more recent art here is stunning. The b&w comic panels are just amazingly detailed and the shading so soft as to look almost 3-D; and the color art? Just amazing, really. The lines are gorgeous, delicate, and perfectly in proportion--I am one happy fangirl tonight. ♥ (Some Al/Ed and Kuroro/Kurapika.)

- Harry Potter - CHECKMATE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Who knows how I get onto particular sites anymore? I have no idea these days, I just click, click, click and suddenly I'm on a Harry Potter art site. Not that I'm complaning, mind, because this art is absolutely lovely, very, very nice use of a CG sort of style--sharp colors but without being guady or tacky, instead more of a... vibrant tone to a lot of them. Part of it is that the artist draws an incredible Tom Riddle and part of it is that the artist draws such lovely Sirius/Remus that OF COURSE I fell for her art. XD But she also has this one really pretty illustration of Hermione and a gorgeous one of the Weasley twins and this gorgeous one of James, Sirius, and Remus and just... lots of really lovely art that were really fun to look at. (Some gen, some light POSSIBLE shounen ai, a little Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist - [ English Fanart Site ] - I probably came across this artist by looking for her FMA fanart, which is cute and adorable and I love the colors and that kinda-bloody!Roy with his shirt open in the middle of a battle? HOT and it looks damn near official, that's how solidly drawn it is. But the real treat is the artist's Harry Potter Mauraders-era art, which is just... beautiful. Her lines are incredible, her colors are incredible, and her feel for the characters... yeah, yeah, I know what they're probably supposed to look like, but screw JKR, this is my Sirius and Remus. Because... wow, her Sirius is just breath-taking, drop-dead gorgeous and his hair is amazing and his eyes are amazing and the level of skill is professional here, I really think. The one of Sirius and Remus in the middle of a magical battle? The Maruaders group where Sirius' hair has been turned pink by a prank? The "Final Hour" one of James? Just... I have no words for how much they hit home for me and knock me on my ass. I've recommended this artist before for her Gungrave stuff, but I'd never poked too much at her HP stuff before and now that I have... easily, easily one of my favorite HP artists and I'd love to see more FMA from her. (I... don't know that I'd label it with any pairings?)

- Bleach/Cardcaptor Sakura/Harry Potter - Edamane Sircus [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ohhh, I love the three top illustrations on this site (they're random, so you have to keep refreshing/re-clicking onto the main page), they're just... beautifully colored and nicely detailed and I knew I would love this site after seeing them. The CCS/CLAMP art is really pretty, the colors are just excellent and, c'mon, you know you want to see Yukito with bunny ears and holding chibi-bunny!Yue, Sakura, and Syaoran in his arms while talking to cat!Eriol. XD But there's also a nice one of Eriol with Ruby Moon and the best comic with Clow and Syaoran. The Bleach art is even better, just beautifully colored and there are a couple that utterly steal my breath away. And, finally, the Harry Potter art is just as adorable, it uses the same sense of lovely colors and nice details to create a really... warm feeling, I guess. And that's what I like about these illustrations, they're all that pretty, warm sort of style, even if they're not particularily nice illustrations? Plus. You know. ADORABLE Remus. ♥ Good, good site. (Errr... maybe some vague shounen-ai? But seems more gag/silly than anything.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter - C-WAIN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, I am in love with this site, the art is just gorgeous. The artist has a very, very strong sense for subdued colors, fabulous lines, amazing shading, and a ton of details in a lot of the illustrations. These things are all well and good and make me swoon, but more than that, it's the feel of the art that entrances me so. Her characters are gorgeous and she has a sense for being able to put them into poses that are very... powerful and impactful, somehow. Just... seriously, wow. One of the best sites out there. Not to mention her comics are incredible, just gorgeous (oh, my god, the lineart of the comics is stunning)--I'd love to comment on some of my favorites, but, really, they're ALL flat-out amazing. And then there's the Harry Potter fanart. Which is just stunning. I have not the words. Well. Okay. Yes, I do. I was talking with a friend while crawling all over the site, and there was this one illustration of James, and I said: "Oh, my god, JAMES. I WOULD BEAR HIS PRONGY BABIES EVEN IF THEY WERE TARGETED BY HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED." But it wasn't just that one, each of the HP illustrations was incredible. The level of detail and the almost gothic, but so incredibly not pretentious about it... fuck, I'm in love. Quite possible one of the most beautiful sites I've seen EVER. (Some RoyxEd.)

- Harry Potter - CHIROROOM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *___* I know I've seen some of this artist's work before, probably when browsing doujinshi on Yahoo!Japan or something and I've always been impressed, but actually seeing her work here... her more recent stuff is gorgeous. There's this one of Remus and Sirius flying on a broom that has the most incredible lines and colors and the details on their clothes are amazing and they look beautiful and I just swoon. But #13 also has some of the most beautiful coloring I've seen on a fanart illustration before, the way Remus' hair is colored it almost looks real and, good god, Sirius is beautiful and I swoon some more. And, yeah, yeah, I know this is the prettification version of them, but I live in a nice, shiny, happy little bubble of Harry Potter fanart and it makes me so very, very happy because this artwork is just flat-out gorgeous in places. This is why I look for HP fanart. Plus, there's a lot of junk-art, which made me happy to see, since I got to revel in the artist's work awhile longer. *happy, swoony sigh* (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Sisters Of Franders [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ooh, this site was much fun, especially the further and further I got into the artist's gallery, because her art tightens up when you get to her later stuff. She has a sort of clean, well-colored CG style that I really like when it's well-done--and that current top illustration of Sirius in chains sitting back to back with Remus surrounded by wanted posters is VERY nice. ♥ But it's also the comics that are really well-drawn, you can see the discipline her lines have in a lot of them, you can really get a feel for how clean the art is, how soft and pretty the colors are, and how much fun it is--because Remus trying to wash a muddy Padfoot is the most adorable thing I've seen in awhile. :D Oh, and I really adore the Marauders-era stuff so much (especially the one of Sirius and Remus out at night with the owl) and, oh! Oh! PoA!Sirius grabbing a bite of chocolate before leaning over to kiss Remus made me squee. This site put me closer back towards my happy place with HP. XD (Some light Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - LOVEWOLF [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site can appear to be deceptively simple at first, but somehow... that works for a series like HP for me. The illustrations sort of wound up being a little like from a storybook or sketches that just bring a whole scenario to life--you look at the Marauders handing over a cake for Remus' birthday and you just know that you could build a whole scene around that image. You look at Padfoot standing outside Remus' door as he's coming home and about to go inside and you could build a whole scene around that image. And they really sort of captured the feel of the series for me, despite the simplicity of the art. Plus. You know. Maruaders-era stuff. That makes me all fluttery. (I don't know that there's really any pairing themes? But I could read into it, if I liked.)

- Harry Potter - Happy Family [ Russian (?) Fanart Site ] - This site was such a surprising treat to find, because the lineart of it and the colors are the kind that are just... really good. Some of the illustrations just have a tremendous amount of detail, especially around the characters' hair and eyes, and then toss in some beautiful shading and these warm, lovely colors and... I squee pretty badly. James especially looks good (there's one of him with his eyes closed and shirt open that's just hot. There's also an adorable Halloween one that makes him look gorgeous. And, oh, when James and Sirius next next to each other.... *fans self* The puppylove ones are just heart-warming, the James/Snape ones are amazingly gorgeous, there're a couple of Remus that are utterly beautiful, and there were so many I would love to shove directly at people that it borders on painful. Really, really good site. ....and don't let the James/Snape thing stop you because they're REALLY beautiful images. Plus, the site is totally worth going for hot!James and hot!Sirius. ♥ (James/Snape and Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, it took a little while for me to warm up to this site, but I eventually did because, hell, like I can resist cute Sirius/Remus art. Though, actually, I think it was the artist's take on James that pushed me over more than anything else, because she really drew him rather nicely. And then I hit the really nice illustration of Peter and then the really cute James/Lily stuff and then the very nice Sirius/Remus kisses and I was completely won over. The style is that usual simple, clean CG style that I can so often be fond of and while it starts out a little shakey, it does get better and the newer stuff is very pretty Mauraders-era stuff that makes me so burblingly happy. I wish I could do a better description of the site because I think it's worth checking out, it certainly helped further me getting back to my happy HP place. ♥ (Some James/Lily, mostly Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not all of the art on this site was to my cup of tea (often the proportions would be off or it just wouldn't be my style of art or whatever), but when the artist hit the kind of stuff I liked? It was cool. Sirius and Remus sharing chocolate, naked Remus with wolf eyes and a predatory expression on his face while crawling forward with the words "Full Moon Night" on it (which, by the way, I think was my favorite illustration on the site because it was so effective and cool), a 'the next morning' illustration where they're late and scrambling to pull on their pants as fast as they can while looking extremely panicky, chibis building a snowman (holy crap, their clothes were SO FREAKING CUTE), Lily with baby Harry, a couple of gorgeous, goreous PoA!Sirius illustrations, really lovely group stuff... all of those were worth going to the site for and I really just enjoyed the site. (Sirius/Remus, a little James/Lily as well.)

- Harry Potter/Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *happy purr* Oh, this is more of the fun stuff when it comes to HP fanart, this artist's current stuff, what with the lovely shading and soft, glowy colors, and the lovely details--there are several illustrations on the site that make me want to flutter around the room a bit, like Maruaders-era!Sirius and Remus wrapped up in their cloaks and sitting outside or Remus and Padfoot (there are at least three on the site that I adored) or whatever else have you. The earlier stuff is a bit rough, but her current work is lovely and I'd love to see more from the artist. Now, the FMA stuff I am in love with, because the lines and shading and colors are so pretty, because the details are fantastic, the poses fantastic, and it's just... really GOOD art. These ones start out good and just get better and better, I love some of the current stuff--like Ed lying on the roof with Black Hayate on his chest while Roy watches in the background or Roy and Ed under a pile of cats--their faces especially look beautiful. *fangirls* (Maybe a little Sirius/Remus, Roy/Ed.)

- Naruto/Harry Potter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - For all that I came to this site for the KakaIru fanart, I wound up liking the Harry Potter fanart better, because the artist just does a terrific job with the Sirius/Remus illustrations--they're gorgeously detailed, the lines are fantastic, I even really like the way her colors are used. I think, though, that it's because the Naruto fanart may be older and you can see how much the artist has progressed over time? Because the current top illustration of kiddie!Iruka holding an Icha Icha Paradise book on a stick out in front of kiddie!Kakashi to make him run looks really good--and who wouldn't want to see that, btw? Totally worth going to the site for. XD But the best illustration on the site? Even better than Kakashi, Iruka, and Naruto swimming underwater with the dolphin? Even better than the beautifully color Marauders group illustration? There's this stunning one of Sirius and Remus lying back in the grass that utterly wins my heart over. Not a ton of art here, but I happily got my fix just a little bit from the site. :D :D :D (KakaIru, a little Sirius/Remus that could totally be gen.)

- Harry Potter - [ English/French Fanart Site ] - This artist actually leans away from my preferred pairings (which hers are the more canon-friendly ones, I realize I'm a freak about this XD) but I stopped by to see her Sirius+Harry art, then got distracted by her other Sirius art, then by her Marauders-era art, and then I couldn't help going through the rest of her gallery. Even if they're not my pairings, her art is frequently just beautiful that I'm kind of in love with it. Her Ron/Hermione art is stunning, her Tonks fanart is beautiful, and just... everything looks really, really great. This is why I still go back to HP sometimes. <3 (Some pairings, but not enough of any one thing to count.)

- Harry Potter/Shin Seiki Evangelion/Final Fantasy VII - Hinakick Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - How did I miss this site before? I suppose I don't really go looking for Harry Potter fanart that often (and when I do, it's usually of the Sirius/Remus variety), but I was link hopping today and came across this link, with the gorgeous art here. It's really stunning with absolutely everything--gorgeous colors, gorgeous details, gorgeous lines, gorgeous poses/concepts for each image, some of them are the kind you just want to sit and stare at for a full five minutes because you want to catch everything. The Eva art isn't as frequent, but it's some beautiful Kaworu (and Shinji) pieces and I really had to rec it for those. Then there's the FFVII stuff with the beautiful Sephiroth/Cloud and like that didn't totally make my day. ♥ I was already here for the other series and really enjoying them, but then gorgeous SxC art, too? Yes plz. Sephiroth especially looks amazing. *__* This is the kind of site where I had to fight not to rec each series separately because they each deserved it. Amazing stuff here. (Tom Riddle/Harry for HP, some Kaworu/Shinji for Eva, some Sephiroth/Cloud for FFVII. Not entirely SFW.)

- Harry Potter - alCaphrah [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'd already been here for the Tales of the Abyss fanart, but I happened to notice that there was also some Harry Potter art here as well, which made me curious. I feel the same way about the art style here as I did with ToA--usually the stylized thing doesn't work that well for me, but when you put it with pretty, warm watercolor stylings, suddenly it becomes much more interesting. The artist also has a certain way about the art here, there's a sense of something adorable and warm-hearted about the art here, almost like Halloween-themed art, but that's not quite it. Though, the use of golds, oranges, and blacks does lend that certain feel to it. Whatever it is, though, it's an HP fanart site I quietly adored a little. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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