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- Harry Potter - Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband by Lady K. d'Azrael - I cannot take credit for finding this one, it's all Robin's fault. I haven't laughed this hard at a story in a long time, it was just hysterically brilliant. So incredibly wrong, but wildly hilarious at the same time. I cannot even begin to summarize, you simply must just read it for the pure cackling hilarious insanity. (Harry/Voldemort.)

- Harry Potter - If He Tries Anything by Pocket Witch - ....why am I reading HP fic? And if I'm reading HP fic, why is it Snape/Lupin? ....I suppose it's because the premise sounded intriguing and it was short and the beginning was well-written enough to hook me in. Plus... I kinda like the concept: Snape decides to search for a suitable partner. He does so very systematically and unemotionally. Then, with similar cold logic, he sets out to win his man. That struck me as something that could potentially be really funny in the right author's hands... and it was. XD Done humorously, but never stretching the premise too far or packing too much in, it was just... hahahahaha, Snape WOULD think it was all Remus' fault that they were friends, that he forced it on him. That alone TOTALLY made this fic worth reading., I kinda don't hate the Snape/Remus pairing. >_> Good, good, funny fic that's a light read. ♥ (Snape/Lupin.)

- Harry Potter - Definitions of Romance by Elizabeth Culmer - I have this weakness for the idea of Harry/Hermione and I'm not really sure why, it's just there somehow. I rarely read fic for it, but because I'd been enjoying the author's Naruto fic so much, I decided to give this one a shot and, wow, it was beautifully written and exactly how I pictured them. Harry and Hermione here work not because they're grand and epic, but because they're sensible and this is right for both of them. Because they're not quite like other people, they already know where they are and what they want from a partner, they don't need those silly gestures that most people do, because they already know they care and they're not going anywhere. It was the kind of writing that I desperately craved for these characters because it makes them come alive in my mind, because it's so wonderfully believable. There's no point of this story that wasn't just a breath of fresh, crisp air, that didn't just completely nail the characters and their relationship. I wish I could do better for rec'ing this fic, really, it deserves it. (Harry/Hermione.)

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