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- Harry Potter - Boys' Own Camping Adventure by GrimSlasher - I liked this one; it was cute and charming, the angst wasn't too horrible and depressing (as so many S/R stories can be), there were some cute lines, the characters all basically seemed themselves, and it was just a fun read. The only problem I had was that it seemed a bit rushed, like all the little details weren't quite filled in, though, that's probably not the author's fault. I believe that this was one of the first Sirius/Remus stories around, at the very least in the first wave of them, so the fandom probably hadn't gotten all that comfortable with the characters yet.

I loved the way the author wrote Sirius, though. The way he blamed James for everything that happened was perfect. The Marauders go camping, Sirius and Remus are dancing around each other a bit and end up sharing a tent. You can guess where it goes from there.

It had been a wonderful week. The Marauders' last hurrah. Their last chance to be boys before taking on the role of responsible members of society, James had said. Typical of James, that. Now that he and Lily were such an established couple, he was becoming insufferably mature.

In a way, it had all been James' fault.


It was certainly James' fault that Sirius had ended up sharing a tent with Remus. The two ring-leaders usually stuck together, but this summer Sirius just couldn't face all that well-meant advice. Not that it had been an unpopular swap: Peter had grabbed at the chance to room with his hero, and Sirius himself had been quite happy to spend more quality time with Remus. Heh. (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Dog Star Over the Mountains by Evangeline Henri - Looking back once I'd finished reading this fic, it still surprises me how short it is... it feels much longer. Not in the bad way, but in the way that so much was covered and dealt with/brought to light that it feels like it should have been at least twice as long. But at the same time it doesn't really feel rushed, it was just a short story about that moment in Sirius and Remus' lives after books three and four (so spoilers for those books) when they finally have the chance to stop and realize the problems between them and get those problems out and onto the table. I loved that Remus was resentful even though he knew he shouldn't be and Sirius felt bad that Remus was hurting, but his troubles weren't just swept aside, because, really, as crappy and betrayed and lonely as Remus felt, Sirius was in Azkaban for twelve years. And still yet it wasn't a cruel sort of, "My pain is worse than your pain, moron." type of fic. Just good stuff. ^_^ (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Of Linen by Ballyharnon - This story is one of the reasons I haven't been rec'ing much lately--because I've gotten caught up in reading Harry Potter fic. Long HP fic. ^_^; I... am not sure what to think of the Linenverse. On the one hand, it's excellently written, the writing flows very smoothly, the details are wonderful, the characters three-dimensional and full of various little facets, and very, very readable.

On the other hand, I'm not sure how much I agree with the take on the characters. I don't disagree, and maybe it's just that I'm still fairly new to the HP world, but this Remus and Sirius are much darker than most out there, and I think my "dislike" (which isn't really the word I want to use, but it's the closest I can think of) comes from being uncomfortable with the depictions of the characters and their actions/reactions. But I also suspect I'm supposed to be uncomfortable.

Still... the author takes her time with the story, doesn't gloss over it, and really brings her characters to life, so I do recommend it. If you're craving something different than the usual Sirius/Remus fics out there and like darker takes on the characters, this will probably be exactly what you're looking for. (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Divided We Stand by Kouri - Once again, I'm recommending one of Kouri's fics--I find her stories to be so very readable, that I'll read just about anything she writes. And since I've recently gotten into the whole HP craze (well, a Sirius/Remus craze, anyway), her nice, long "Divided We Stand" was just what I wanted. I love Kouri's sense of humor as well, which while this story wasn't meant to be a hilarious romp, it was fun in the places it needed to be. It also provided me with some much-needed post-PoA fic, where Sirius starts to become human again. Just... I liked it. A lot. Good stuff. (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Cour de Loupe by Lady Jaida - Okay, I admit that I haven't gotten through all the chapters posted yet, but what the hell. Not like that's ever stopped me from rec'ing a fic before. ^_~ This story is one of the best HP fics I've read, not only is Lady Jaida's writing terrific, she can do wonderful things with atmosphere and it's infinitely readable and has that 'hook you in and not let you go till you've read everything there is' quality to it, but she's created a wonderful background for Remus. She's crafted one of the most enjoyable backstories for the Marauders' days at Hogwarts that I've yet to find and she takes her time with this story, really building it up and doing it justice. I absolutely love a story I can sink my teeth into and spend hours and hours with it. .....which is a fairly lackluster rec for a great fic, I'll try to redo it when I've read everything. ^_^;; (SiriusxRemus.)

- Harry Potter - A Sleep Like Unto Death by Kicks - I should have hated this story, it's such a... derivative idea. But Kick Flaw makes the story work, telling the story with a charm much like the original series that made it one of my recent favorites. I had a little trouble with some of the circumstances (putting Sirius up in front of the whole school!?), but beyond that, it was nicely written and characterized the Marauders just like I like them. And it was nice to read something that wasn't a gut-wrenching epic for once, something that's a sweet, charming tale with just a little bit of an edge. *hearts* (Remus+Sirius.)

- Harry Potter - Tattoo You and Tattoo You 2 by Luna - You know, I was not expecting to be reading any Harry Potter fic again any time soon, because I'd kind of burnt myself out on it, but Mura suggested the fic since we were discussing HP a little and I shrugged to myself and gave it a shot. And I'm actually really glad I did, because it was cute and fluffy and sweet and just made me happy to read it. The premise was carried out with just enough humor, just enough fun, and just enough drama to really make it work. The author's writing was smooth and nicely readable so that the fic just sailed right along and I didn't lose my attention span while reading (no matter how good a fic is, I often have trouble with that =_=) and the ending of the first fic? Hysterical. XD (Sirius/Remus.)

- Harry Potter - Memoria Incarnatum by Julie Fortune - Amanda pointed this fic out to me this morning and while I generally don't read too much HP, the prospect of Julie Fortune writing Remus/Sirius fic intrigued me. Because her writing is professional-level quality and I can just sink into a story like this and not come back out until I was done... the story is full of this gorgeous writing that is beautifully detailed and bringing to mind perfect imageries (the amount of detail the author knows about the background world that she simply weaves into the writing, rather than randomly plunking it down here and there, like little tack-on notes was fabulous), but it was the sheer amount of heart in this story that quite literally nearly made me cry. What you see Sirius going through, the heartbreak Remus goes through, and that second-to-last scene in the fic... all of it was like a hammer right to my solar plexus, a dull sort of ache that wouldn't let up the entire time. This is heart-breaking writing without being manipulative, this is gorgeous writing that loves the world and characters, that manages to make things a little better, but doesn't shy away from the sheer amount of hurt to it. God, I was just horrified by some of the things that had happened. And I mentioned the whole 'almost crying' thing, right? Jesus. *needs fluffy-fluffy fic now* (Remus/Sirius, some graphic content.)

- Harry Potter - The Pants by sprky007 - Sometimes I swear my attention span is only long enough with HP for short little stories like this, but when I find them, they're wonderful little bite-sized stories and this one has just... truly sparkling dialogue and perfect characterization. Funny and really fitting with both Sirius and Remus, but not going overboard and into fanon stereotypes, you know? And. You know. Hooray for Remus in leather pants! \o/ (Some light Remus/Sirius.)

- Harry Potter - The Fairytale Way by hackthis - I'm not sure what made me stop to read this fic (probably that I was reading the author's Lost fic and liked it well enough to go check out the Sirius/Remus fic), but I'm glad I did because it was a cute little fic that... managed to combine the sense of the Harry Potter world/the English culture (at least as far as I can tell ^_~) and also got a bit of that sense of a fairy tale/story being told, especially with the theme of Prince Charming and how it does and doesn't apply. The characterization was very nice, the smut was very nice, and it was just a smooth read overall. I liked it. ♥ (Sirius/Remus, NC-17 content.)

- Harry Potter - Beyond the Veil by Helene - (Note: Spoilers, of course, for the Order of the Phoenix book.) I just... I don't even know where to begin with this story. I normally have trouble reading anything that's longer than 35k, but I could not put this 300k+ story down from the moment I started reading it, it left me breathless and on the edge of my seat the entire time. There are so many wonderful little things about the story and I wish I could give this story a proper rec because... this is sort of the defining 'dream fic' that I'd been searching for, the one that fixed what I wanted to be fixed, but did so in a believable and utterly amazingly well-done way. I imagine most people who are looking for a post-OotP story that 'fixes' the even events of said book have already read this story, but it took me awhile to get around to it and I'm kind of sad that it took me this long. I really can't express the sort of... desperate craving that this story fulfilled, that I finally found that one perfect fic I'd been craving so badly. And I harp on this a lot in the review because that's what utterly sent me over the moon--that this is what I wanted.

And what that was? An extremely well-plotted and believable and logical 'fix it' for Sirius' death, a way to get him back in a way that I could buy. Everything felt like it was possible, like the magics used fit with the Harry Potter world, the little details of various artifacts or grains of knowledge that are from the HP background coming into play and being used in a way that made sense, that everything just... came together. It felt natural. I can't sparkle madly about that enough. (Hence why this is quite the long rec. My apologies for the over-fangirling here. ~___~) And, oh, man, the characterization. It wasn't just cut and dry plotting of various bits of magic and 'world building', there was so much emotion packed into the scenes, even little touches of humor, so that I was caught up in the whirlwind of what was happening with the characters, that I felt their ups and downs right along with them.

The dialogue and little bits of insight you see whenever a scene was written from a certain character's POV was just wonderful--Remus understanding things that most people don't get and the way Harry is slowly starting to learn to open his eyes as well; the scenes with Snape in the fic were some of the best for that. The way any given character reacted to him was fascinating to watch, because it explained so much about their characters. And they were all three-dimensional here, all working with their own motivations and issues and, gaaaah, this story got to the heart of what I'd been wanting authors to play with, the dynamics between Sirius, Remus, and Harry (with a little bit of Snape thrown in there) and... I flutter. And gush. My apologies if I got your shoes all wet over it. *wry* (Sirius/Remus, post-OotP, but is worth reading even aside from the pairing.)

- Harry Potter - Stealing Harry by Sam Vimes - Wow. I'm not even sure where to start with this story. This was a story I hadn't even realized I was looking for until I'd found it, especially after having read "Beyod the Veil" by Helene; this was a perfect story to read immediately after that one because it sort of... I admit, I kind of fell almost completely away from the HP fandom after OotP, because even the Maruader-era stuff seemed so... pointless when I knew what was waiting for the characters. So, it took one fix it fic and one bloody brilliant AU fic to sort of get me over that and give me back a base from which to fall in love with these characters all over again. Now, this fic is long--the first story, "Stealing Harry", alone is over 700k--but no one should let that deter them, because this story has such fantastic writing that I barely even noticed that the chapters were flying by. I'd read over 500k of the story in practically one sitting before I'd even noticed how far along I actually was. ....well, okay, you may want to make sure you have the time for this fic first.

One of the things that kept me coming back to the HP fandom is that I knew somewhere in the fandom there had to be stories like this, ones that grab onto a concept (What if Sirius had been late that night and instead of getting to Peter first, Lucius Malfoy beat him there? What would happen if Sirius were never framed? Never went to Azkaban? Instead, he watches over little Harry, eventually reaching a breaking point over the abuse he suffers at the hands of the Dursleys and yanks him out there. Cue everything going to hell in a handbasket with an actual plot with Big Happenings and everything!) and just runs with it. The writing is fantastic, the characterization is brilliant, the power of the story being told ringing very genuine, and the story is so complete and so satisfying that it felt damn near flawless.

Despite the length, the story never dragged, it was merely complete, that everything that needed to happen was shown and paced just right. The relationships between the characters were built beautifully--you can see why all the characters are so fond of Harry, why they love him so much, and it all rings true. Even Snape's fondness for the curious little boy was wonderfully done, to say nothing of how beautifully done the relationship between Sirius, Remus, and Harry was. And, oh, I swoon with love over the Sirius/Remus relationship here, because it's not just... tossing them into bed together, but neither does it drag itself down in angst. Things happen, things are hard to deal with, nothing is perfect, but they love each other and they find their way to struggle through everything.

Even the minor characters are fantastic--I have such fun watching the "good" members of Sirius' family, especially Andromeda. And Moody is delightful in this story and everyone feels so... well, yes, that "complete" thing again. It was all touched on and explored as much as it needed to be. The writing is lovely, the dialogue clear and sparkling, just brilliant at showing the characters' personalities. And I gush because this now sits with "Beyond the Veil" as one of my favorite HP fics because I couldn't have asked for anything more and because it made me remember why I love these characters so much. ....hence all the gushing. >_> (Sirius/Remus, but it's half-plot, too.)

- Harry Potter - The Uncle by Sam Vimes - Considering all the angst fic there is for HP out there, sometimes it's nice to have something that's just... silly and makes me giggle and brightens my day a little to read. And that's what this fic is--utterly on crack and working just delightfully for that. Delightful. Yes, that's the word to describe it, I think. Plus, you know. Funny. Hysterical, really. I just... I don't even know if I could describe the concept, it's something that simply must be read and giggled over. Fortunately, the parts are short, so it goes really fast and it's just one of those things that's really low-stress and relaxing. (A little Sirius/Remus, but it's not really the point.)

- Harry Potter/Tsubasa RESERVoir Chronicle - And Then There Were Two by Shi-Lin - Speaking of stories that shouldn't have worked... Harry Potter and Tsubasa. It shouldn't have worked and yet... Shi-Lin took the right track with the story, making it mostly sweet/cute, but with touches of seriouesness here and there. What she got out of it was something that melted together shockingly well, but also was a genuinely GOOD story that left me with just the right feelings. After reading this, I wanted to give all of them hugs (especially Syaoran and Remus), I had the best WAFFy feelings, but without it being too sugary. Plus, all those little details of the culture clash? Of Sirius and Remus' friendship? Of the idea of Syaoran going home to tell Sakura-hime stories about his time at Hogwarts? Eeeeee, SO GOOD. I still can't believe how wonderfully the two series went together. (Faint Sirius/Remus, if you're looking for it.)

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