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- Harry Potter - Need by Ailei - I admit, I wasn't really expecting to find good twincest fic to squick Robin, but that ability to sort by pairings on was very helpful. I'm not sure how much I agree with the characterizations of the characters, but that's because I haven't settled into my views of them yet (not fully, anyway), but this story presents a very strong case for the way Ailei writes them--and the writing is actually lovely. For a story that's not supposed to be much more than a PWP, it packs a lot of interesting characterization into it--and the sex is quite nice. ^_^v (Fred/George twincest.)

- Harry Potter - Reason by SQ - ....all right, yes, yes, I swore no more HP fic after the last hissyfit, but... Fred/George! My weakness for twincest does me in! I'll admit upfront that I blinked oddly at Harry's characterization in the story, but I could easily set that aside (or have it rationalized, given how the poor kid must be changing over the years) for the lovely take on the twins' dynamic here, the way they're different, that not everything is perfect or OMGTRULOVE, but there's also a certain sense of... connection, I guess? The two halves of the same whole thing, only not nearly so cliche as when I try to put it. Lovely details of their attempts to get the shop off the ground, woven together perfectly with that sense of gravitation between the characters, all wrapped up in very nice writing. I adored the take on the twins here, despite the terrible rec. (Fred/George, a little Harry/Fred.)

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