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- Gundam Wing/Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Other - Blankpapers [ Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I would love this site just for the DuoxRelena fanart (such a very, very rare pairing), but the artist is very talented and very prolific, which is a great combination. ^_^v The illustrations have a very soft, almost romantic look to them, which I like a lot, aaaaaa~nd lots of G-girls fanart in the GW section! *hearts* There's also HP, Saiyuki, HxH, and even some X and Yamimatsu fanart, all with the same lovely soft colors and gorgeous eyes. (GW, traditional het pairings.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fruits Basket, Hunter x Hunter, AND Peace Maker fan art! *hearts* The proportions can occasionally be a little bit off, but it's barely noticeable and the artist can do fabulous details! And frequently, they're spot on and it makes me squeak happily again... ....I'm such a dork. -_- (*coos* I love you Ayame....) Anyway, enough with the links, this entire site is very much worth going through for the pretty art. *fweeee* (And I believe I've rec'd this site for the Furuba stuff before, but not the Hunter x Hunter. So....) (No real warnings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Nuntoon x Hunter [ Thai Fan Art Site ] - Awww! Adorable Hunter x Hunter fanart, with nice, solid colors, lots of details, and just friggin' cute. Which really fits with the HxH feel... and, damn there's a lot of it. And they have links.... *swirly eyes* Anyway, lots and lots of really cute art to keep you clicking for quite some time... I love that. ^_^v

- Chobits/Hunter x Hunter/Saiyuki/Hikaru no Go/Harry Potter/Original - Quality Season [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - I wasn't entirely sure what catagory to put this site under, since there weren't a whole lot of any one particular series, but I wanted to rec it because the art here is very cute. It's more of a sketchy quality than a lot of fanart I see, but the colors are soft and pretty enough to make it one of those styles that really works. There's only one or two for any given series I've mentioned (plus a lot I haven't), but since I like the majority of them, this site is great fun for me. *SQUEAK!* And +Anima fanart!!!! XD (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Inu-Yasha/Trigun - Honey Hachi [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - Wheee! Lots of different series that I like here! ^_^v The art is very nice, and while I don't care as much for the Harry Potter color art (the doujinshi look great, however), the artist's style works very well for the anime fanart. I adore the Inu-Yasha and Hikago fanart. ^_^v And the doujinshi were a lot of fun to go through (the Trigun one is especially pretty!) as well. (Yaoi-friendly, no single pairing theme.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter/Peace Maker - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *squeaks happily* Fruits Basket, Hunter x Hunter, AND Peace Maker fan art! *hearts* The proportions can occasionally be a little bit off, but it's barely noticeable and the artist can do fabulous details! And frequently, they're spot on and it makes me squeak happily again... ....I'm such a dork. -_- (*coos* I love you Ayame....) Anyway, enough with the cooing, this entire site is very much worth going through for the pretty art. *fweeee* (And I believe I've rec'd this site for the Furuba stuff before, but not the Hunter x Hunter. So....) (No real warnings.)

- Weiss Kreuz/Hunter x Hunter/Fruits Basket - Fake Vision [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *coos* Oh, you beautiful, beautiful site! Not only do you have Weiss Kreuz fanart, but you have a pretty Aya/Ken fanart! *hearts* And, wow, those Schwarz illustrations are some of the best I've ever seen! +_+ Okay, obviously, I'm in complete lust with this site, because the illustrations are just... cute! *happyhappyfangirl* For the other series... there're a couple of cute Gon (HxH) illustrations and while there's only the one Furuba illustration, Kyou is so pretty that I had to include it. ^_^; (Yaoi-friendly, but not exclusively.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter/Weiss Kreuz - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Mmmm, nice YYH art. +_+ Kurama especially looks beautiful and the HieixKurama illustrations are hot. I absolutely adore this site's Hiei as well... he looks like he can be such a mean, nasty little bastard. *hearts* .........and I'll just ignore Kurama in the Bridesmaid's Dress from Hell illustration. -_- And, eee! If it's possible, the HxH art is even cuter~! And pardon me while I gush over the WK art... so very, very pretty. There're a couple of lovely Omi and Yohji (together and seperate) that I just adored. *hearts* Lots of gorgeous art~! (Some yaoi/shounen ai.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There is an illustration of Hisoka (from HxH) in there that just cracks me up. I'm not entirely sure why, but something about it is utterly surreal and just makes me laugh. That aside, it takes a little bit to get used to the tone of the colors (it's very... reddish-pink....), but I came to really like it. I don't see a lot of illustrations that look like they were done using traditional paints, much less to see them done so well and so many. I had a lot of fun going through this site and I honestly couldn't say which series I liked the best. Usually there's one series that sticks out above all the others for me, but I enjoyed each section pretty much equally. (No real warnings.)

- Fruits Basket/Hunter x Hunter/Naruto - NET de MOLE [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was really surprised to see so many different series I liked here--I mainly came for the Furuba art, but I was more than happy to see Naruto and HxH here. I really liked the Naruto art, it had a very shounen manga-type feel to it, not necessarily the style that's my favorite (I'm still a shoujo fangirl, even if I adore these shounen series), but very, very professional looking in that illustration of Naruto and Iruka-sensei. The Hunter x Hunter stuff could use a little polishing, but I'm going to assume those were much older, so you can really see the progression of the art--not that that third illustration of Gon and the fishing rod isn't cool and very well-drawn.

As for the Furuba art... so cute. The very first one just kills my soul with its cuteness. I just can't get over it; every time I look at it, I'm sucked back into its hypnotic adorableness. Beyond that, the character sketches are nice and there's this series of illustrations of the majority of the cast that's just... gorgeous. Kyou and Yuki look amazing and Hatori... *swoons* Hatori is HOT. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter/Scryed - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Goodness, are these illustrations adorable. Very clean, cute, warm, and smooth, and some of them are even just... love. Gon and Killua are adorable, make me want to huggle them and squeeze them and never let them go. XD XD XD There's an illustration of Killua with wings that's lovely, and I really quite like the way the artist draws Kuroro. With Scryed the art is even cleaner, very nice, smooth lines and lots of solid colors that sort of blends together for a style that really works for Scryed, I thought. So... yeah, a good site, definitely some of the better HxH art that I've seen, and nicely enjoyable. (Some Killua/Gon and Kuroro/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Ice Age [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, another site with beautiful HxH fanart. I know I've been using this description a lot today, but it fits this artist's style, too--these illustrations are like halfway between regular CG work and an actual painting, creating this really cool, interesting style. The colors are really well-chosen, the poses really cool, and a lot of them have this... almost shining quality to them that impresses me. I love all of the illustrations on this site, but I was extra fond of the Hisoka and the Genei Ryodan illustrations--especially the stationery. Very cool. The Kuroro/Kurapika ones were done better, but I still have my biases. Still. Love the whole site. *_* (Some Kuroro/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are some nice illustrations of the Genei Ryodan on this site, my favorites being the group ones. There are some really nice ones of Machi here, too, and a couple of neat ones from the Greed Island arc. The art is on the sketchy side, but I actually kind of like that, it lends a sort of charm to the art, making this a fun little site to go through. (Some Kuroro/Machi if you want to look at it that way.)

- Hunter x Hunter - VITAL * SONGS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, such beautiful HxH fanart--I knew right from the top illustration (of an unconscious Kurapika draped over Kuroro's arms) that I would like this site and the art inside doesn't disappoint. Focusing in on the events that took place on the first set of HxH OAVs--and I want to say around volumes 14 and 15...?--there are some KuroroxKurapika vibes to the site, but only occasionally crossing over into quite shounen ai. Anyway, the art is just beautiful, combining strong, clean lines with gorgeous colors and fantastic shading and wonderful details and fully-realized backgrounds and just... wow. Make sure to go through the HxH section itself, there are some wonderful excerpts from (I think) doujinshi that the artist has done. Despite the pairing not being a favorite of mine, I think I'd have to put this site down as one of my favorites, it's just that pretty. *_* Pretty much all that I said about the HxH art applies to the YYH art as well. *happy sigh* I love this site. (Some Kuroro/Kurapika and Karasu/Kurama.)

- Naruto/Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I don't know much of anything about the 4th Hokage, but who cares when the art is this amazingly gorgeous? Just... wow. *_* Their Kakashi is absolutely gorgeous, too, and there's a beautiful Haku. The colors and lines blend together so well to create a style that really almost looks like a painting rather than regular fanart--and the HxH ones of Kurapika seem to almost glow in certain places. This is one of those sites where I just stare at the art and sulk in envy. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I'm not quite sure how to put into words why I liked this artist's work so much, it's just... partly, it's that it evokes an almost romantic feeling without being that OOC mushy sap that doesn't really apply to these characters. Partly it's also because, y'know, my favorite pairings. ^_^v But I think what I really like is a combination of the way the artist uses various effects/styles (like pastels in some illustrations, light/white/airy in others, darker colors in others) and the way my attention so often seems to be drawn towards the characters' intense eyes and some nice shading and... just... they're good. I think it's really that they make me just a little bit *flutter*-y when looking at them--*happy sigh* I love TezukaFuji so much. I really do. And LeorioxKurapika! *heart* It makes it extra nice because HxH fanart is so rare these days. And there's a damned gorgeous one of Kurapika in the Junk section. *_* (Some LeorioxKurapika, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I always appreciate when a site has those little "next" links so that I can go through the gallery without having to go back to the index each and every time, so this site got a lot of points from me just for that. ^_^ The other thing I liked was that the artist drew these... nice illustrations, the kind that looked a little more like paintings again rather than just typical CG work and did a wonderful selection of characters. *huggles the Oishi fanart* Plus? Kabaji as the Iron Giant? I loved that! So, so much. XD The HxH fanart was also done in the same style, so it was really nice to see such high-quality art for the series, because I have a tough time finding it. The artist draws the Genei Ryodan beautifully. *_* (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Harukanaru Toki no Nakade/Hunter x Hunter - Rain Shrine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing to catch my atttention with this site is the almost pastel colors that I would have thought I wouldn't like, but really work for Haruka--I suppose that's because the series itself was very pastel. But, I'm always happy when someone can draw a cute Akane, because I really like her and the artist draws all the characters to be just wonderfully cute. The lines are very nice, the colors are wonderful and the poses are heartwarming and uplifting, the kind that just make you want to smile. Plus, I got vibes off the artist's Yasuaki and Eisen and that always makes me happy. XD So, very, very cute, very pretty art, I liked the site a lot, and it was nice to get back to Haruka for a little while. XD Plus? That illustration of Akuram? Lovely. *_* And then the Hunter x Hunter art is much the same, with the colors maybe a little more... golden, I guess. Which is really appropriate since the artist focuses a lot on Kurapika. Anyway, I loved the HxH art as well, it was just so cute and pretty and made me smile to see it. And such cute comics! *happy sigh* (Akane/Hachiyou, maybe a little Yasuaki/Eisen.)

- Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, yay~! HxH fanart sites are rare for me to find (whether because there's not a lot out there or because I don't look often enough, either way, I rarely find stuff that I like enough to rec), so to find a site like this, especially one that draws such cute LeoPika (there is an absolutely adorable Christmas one on the top page as I write this rec--just fantastic CG work, the lines and colors are fantastic and Kurapika is SO CUTE in his little reindeer-like outfit XD) and such a lovely Kurapika in general. I think my favorite thing about this artist's work is the professional quality lines to much of the art, you can tell she's very talented. Well, that and the little Leorio-like dog that was kissing Kurapika made me melt into a puddle of fangirl goo. (Some light LeorioxKurapika.)

- Prince of Tennis/Hunter x Hunter - Little Portion [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ........oh, my god, this artist is amazing. Just... I was floored by the incredible use of CG art here and am wildly in love. The site is very Eiji-centric, very FujiEiji-friendly, but also with some absolutely stunning Golden Pair art. Just... I'm speechless, I suspect. The coloring is flat-out amazing, just vivid and bright and incredible. The proportions are perfect and it really reminds me of a professionally done CG game, that's how GOOD this artist is. Okay, and I admit the ZukaKiku illustration did make me go *ufufufufu*, but it's PRETTY. My favorite, though, is still the absolutely incredible one of Oishi and Eiji in the leaves. Just... WOW. I'm incoherent with how good the art is. And there's not much Hunter x Hunter art here, but what there is is just... DAMN. Some of the best art I've seen for ANYTHING much less for a series. *FAWNS* (Some FujiEiji, some OishiEiji, other Eiji pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - A friend found this site first and showed to it me and the HxH art was so cuuuuuuuuute that I had to rec it. There's not much HxH art here (only about seven illustrations), but because HxH is such a rare series.... The artist does really, really cute chibi-esque b&w images, but they're really lovely and her shading is wonderful. She does such an adorable Gon especially, but her Kurapika is wonderful as well. Very cute site. ^_^v (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter - Vital Songs [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Someone pointed this out on the FMA comm and I clicked onto the site out of idle curiosity (since I love fanart so much and all ^_~) and immediately went *____* over the gorgeous art here. It's just... wow, the details are amazing, the lines are amazing, the colors are amazing, the poses are amazing, everything. This site isn't going to be for everyone--as it largely hints at Al/Ed, though, they never actually do much more than stand around together or lean on each other--and it's not my favorite pairing, but the art is so gorgeous here that I don't really care. There was one of Ed in the middle of an alchemy performance that was just... holy fuck, it was COOL. *___* (And this utterly gorgeous one of Ed looking over his shoulder at the 'camera'. *__*) The Harry Potter fanart was adorable, using the same solid poses and lovely colors/lines that the FMA fanart had. And then there's the Hunter x Hunter fanart... now, Kuroro/Kurapika isn't my favorite pairing, but, holy mother of god, the more recent art here is stunning. The b&w comic panels are just amazingly detailed and the shading so soft as to look almost 3-D; and the color art? Just amazing, really. The lines are gorgeous, delicate, and perfectly in proportion--I am one happy fangirl tonight. ♥ (Some Al/Ed and Kuroro/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter/Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Togashi Room [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that not all of the illustrations on this site were to my taste... but there were enough here (and YYH and HxH fanart are rare enough) that I thought I'd rec the site anyways. The artist is a little shakey a lot of the time, but occasionally the art really tightens up and it's quite pretty art--there's this one of Kurapika that's just lovely, looking like it was done with all CG, yet still so smooth. Plus, the YYH fanart was very fun--there's one of Hiei in action that was just effing COOL and there was a really nice one of Kurama in the gallery as well. So... fun site, I liked it. ^_^v (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - MtT [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came to this site when I was on a Naruto fanart hunt and was pleasantly surprised by the Hunter x Hunter fanart. Now, the style might not have worked with me for a different series, but... well, maybe it's because there's not a lot of HxH fanart to compare it to, but the further you get into the artist's work with each character, the stronger she gets with them and somehow... the very CG-ish style kinda started to work for me. I think part of that is Togashi-sensei's art style in the more recent chapters might have prepared me for it a little. But I also knew I had to rec it because there's this one of Killua with this gorgeous hair and blood on his hands that's just... it looks REALLY good. The one of Kuroro is nice, too, the Kurapika illustrations get better and better, and the Killua/Gon ones are ADORABLE. I totally had to rec for those alone. ^_~ (Maybe a little Killua/Gon, but lots of gen, too.)

- Bleach/Gintama/Hunter x Hunter - Dreamy Diana [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a lot of fondness for the Ichigo/Rukia/Renji OT3-esque illustrations on this site, because the artist is really good at capturing a sort of... whacky dynamic that really works for the characters in combination with her strong sense of detail and colors. A lot of what I liked about the site, though, is that Kon is so very, very put-upon and, really, how could I not love that? Or Renji in pigtails looking like he's ready to die? Or a super-hot Yoruichi illustration? Or Kon!baby!Ichigo looking absolutely adorable? Or the 'playing cards'-style illustrations of Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, and Orihime? After that, the Gintama fanart is really cute and quite well-drawn and the artist has done one of the most beautiful Kurapika illustrations I've ever seen--it's gorgeous, all that long, golden blond hair, the red eyes, the highlights.... *__* (Maybe a little Ichigo/Ruki, maybe a little Ichigo/Rukia/Renji, Gin/Shin, and some HxH shounen-ai vibes?)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Hunter x Hunter - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think I fell in love with this site pretty much from the current top illustration of Hiei, I didn't even need to hit the gallery to know that I was going to be clicking like mad through this gallery. But getting there certainly helped because, man, so much pretty to this site. The artist puts all this tremendous detail into her illustrations, there are all these fine lines and gorgeous colors (I keep associating plums and dark purples with the site, and that just makes me go *__*) and they look almost like paintings. Plus, god, her Hiei is hot and her Kurama is just beautiful and her Youko Kurama is stunningly gorgeous and they go so very well together. You don't see a lot of YYH fanart these days, much less one that's just top notch or has images like Hiei in a loose kimono with the black dragon swirling around him and, god, my hormones are in a nice little tizzy now. I wasn't as hyped about the HxH fanart, but it's still a really solid, cute site with the occasional image that really made me smile. The artist has Bisuke fanart! You totally cannot go wrong with Bisuke fanart. ♥ (Hiei/Kurama, Killua/Gon.)

- Howl's Moving Castle/Hunter x Hunter/Spirited Away - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I just completely and utterly fell in love with this site because it absolutely nails the Miyazaki movies feel to the art, but also manages to make it still fanart-esque by adding these beautiful colors to the images (there's one of Howl catching the falling star and his eyes are just this lovely vivid color) and everything feels... almost sort of Fairy Tale-ish in the HMC section. The Hunter x Hunter section actually has a similar style, but something juuuust different enough about the Chimera Ant Arc characters (I so fail at knowing their names) to give it a slightly different feel (which is such a bad way to describe it, I know ~_~) and the details are just terrific. The artist has some really solid lines going for her and really strong proportions and it adds a lot to the art that the basic lines of it look good, you know? This artist has one of the best Killua/Gon or Killua's sister (the newest one, I forget her name now), though, most of the art is focused on that chimera ant catgirl/catboy/whatever character. Plus, it's probably one of the absolute best sites I've seen for Spirited Away fanart, which is in terribly low supply. It just nails Miyazaki's style and Chihiro looks sooooo cuuuuuute! ♥ (Maybe a little Howl/Sophie or Haku/Chihiro, but.)

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