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- Hunter x Hunter - Setting Sun by Cherrie - I admit, "Setting Sun" had a few things that were a little bit off for me (Leorio's going on and on about Kurapika's beauty, the scene at the inn was a little too madcap, etc.), but I'm being overly picky, I think. Cherrie has this way of really getting down the atmosphere of the series and writes the characters very well. The writing is smooth and readable and there are scenes in here (especially the one where they arrive at the village) that I could just see happening. I loved the sweetness of the last scene of the second chapter, I loved that not much really happened, but it was so signifigant. And, really, that's what I love about Cherrie's writing... despite this crappy rec. -_- (Leorio/Kurapika, a little bit Hisoka+Illumi.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Curse by Cherrie - You know, it's stories like this that start to divert me from my path of HisokaxGon and start to kind of like the idea of HisokaxIllumi. My favorite thing is the way that not much happens, yet at the same time, you can see the relationship between these two changing. One of the biggest obsticals to this pairing is that Illumi is a Zoaldyck, an assasin with no real feelings--not hatred, not passion, not happiness, nothing, but Cherrie does a really good job showing how this relationship would get started. And I loved Hisoka as well--yes, he's creepy, yes, he's insane, but he's not a psychopath (more of a sociopath, I'd say), not a mindless ecchi berserker. He can be very polite and he isn't pathetic in going after what he wants, just... sure of himself. Very, very nice fic. (Hisoka+Illumi.)

- Hunter x Hunter - The Game's the Thing by Sosiqui - Awwww, yay! More cute Killua - Gon fic that's just... right in line with the series itself, just two boys being boys. Moments like these are why I fell in love with Hunter x Hunter in the first place, because these are such wonderful characters and I just... smiled the entire time I was reading this fic. There were some very cute moments in it, especially during the last scene where they were playing the video game and the ending was great. Gehhh, bad rec, cute fic. Go read. (No pairings/warnings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Chocolate by Imbrium - Eeeeeeee! YAY! Good Hunter x Hunter fic! I generally avoid the HxH section at FFNET because I've not found a lot of authors I like, but this was a gem of a little story. While you could read some yaoi into it if you wanted to, I don't think that's necessarily where it was going, and I liked it for that. Gon and Killua just... being best friends, this is quite possibly the single most canon-esque story I've seen for HxH. I could just see the fight for the chocolate between Gon and Killua, I could just see them both acting like this, and the ending line cracked me up. Oh, I love. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Belling the Cat by Talya Firedancer - I'm not entirely sure I believed this characterization of Gon, but it was hardly like he was ragingly OOC, and I totally loved Killua's characterization here. Talya definitely has a knack for stories and series that are serious but have a more humorous edge and that comes through wonderfully here and I really, really loved Killua's hesitance, yet his state of peace around Gon. This relationship is one of the most important things in the series for me, so I'm always happy to see it treated right, and I loved that, at the end of they day, they were still just Killua and Gon, nothing had changed too much between them. Plus, the phone call at the end totally cracked me up and I loved the tussling the two of them did pretty much throughout the entire fic. XD (Killua/Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Topic of Conversation by Mek - I admit, I worry about Killua x Gon fics when I find them on FFNET because... well, to go off on a bit of a tangent, Killua x Gon has to be done just right for me. I totally support the idea of them as a pairing, but as they are right now they're just not ready to start thinking about sex, their relationship is truly about friendship not about UST. So when an author moves it from that to Something More, it has to be done just right for my taste and read this fic... this is what I want from Killua x Gon. Subtle and that it doesn't really make a difference in who they are and it's just a pure, sweet, wonderful thing. Gon wasn't stupid, but he was still naive and Killua adores Gon just the way he is. I just absolutely melted at the scene where Killua questioned who Gon wanted to be with, it was such a perfectly done scene. And OMG I loved the way the fic ended with the way it didn't go too far. I'm babbling incoherently in my adoration of this fic's characterizations, so I shall shut up now. *coughs* ^_~ (Killua x Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Black Widow by Mina Lightstar - My favorite thing about this story is the way the dream felt like a dream, yet you could believe Kurapika's reactions to it, why he didn't really realize it was a dream. The random events, the heightened emotions/reactions, the ethereal quality were all woven into the feel of the story, combined with heart-touching hurt for Kurapika and beautiful writing. Kurapika's story is a fascinating one and it's touched upon beautifully here, you really see how painful it is for him and how badly you just want to make him okay again. Just... ow. In all the right ways. ;_; (Some very light Lerio/Kurapika, but so not the point of the story.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Red x White x Blue by Mina Lightstar - HxH isn't a series I spent a lot of time on, but that's only because the fandom tends to be very, very quiet. There have been some good fics being written lately, so I've finally given this one it's own page, which makes me happy, because this was my first real shounen fascination. (YYH doesn't count 'cause I was all about the anime there and, really, all about the characters, not the storyline.) This fic was wonderful to read because it was good, because it was Leorio and Kurapika written in a believable way, yet not heartbreaking. This fic just completely put me back in the mood for them (Greed Island definitely left me on a Killua/Gon high) and... just... the kiss in this fic... god, that was a good kiss. I adore kissing in fic, but rarely does one hit me as much as this one did--it was described in gorgeous detail. I loved the light bickering between the two, I loved that Leorio could be serious, and I loved the way one mood shifted to another here. Just... happiness over this fic, yes. *goes to reread certain parts* (Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Simple and Clean by Mina Lightstar - HxH is not a series I revisit often, largely because the fandom is so quiet and there's not much fic for it. However, whenever I come across a new story by an author I like, I'm always happy to pounce on and read it and stories like this are the reason why. This is absolutely, positively perfect for characterization, something I could honestly see slipping right into the pages of the manga itself. Killua's characterization is especially perfect, the way he's attracted to the simpleness and warmth of Gon's life and it makes me so very happy that Killua has someone like Gon in his life. Wonderful, wonderful fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Beyond by Vikki - I was talking with Vikki as she was writing this story and I liked this one a lot for the themes we discussed in the conversation--namely about what Kurapika would do when his revenge was over and how screwed up the character was because of... well, what this line says: He had known, despite that, that he would probably die in the process, and if he did not, he would be cut adrift, lost, and without purpose to his existence. I like this story because I can see it happening to Kurapika when he's done, because the story is subtle and... well, quiet. The moment between Kurapika and Leorio is one that I could just see for them, the author really capturing the feel of their dynamics straight out of the series itself. It's more about friendship than it is about romance and that's why I can see this. I love authors with a subtle touch. *sparkles* (Some light LeoPika hints.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Days and Minutes by Mina Lightstar - It's been so long since I've read HxH fic because so few people write it and I just know that once I go through all of Mina Lightstar's fic, there won't be any more. ;__; (You know. Until she writes more herself. >_>) And it was nice to go back to Kurapika and Leorio after the Greed Island arc (and now the Chimera Ant arc), which didn't have them in it almost at all, because I miss them. And this was... what I loved so, so, so much about this story is that it wasn't easy, they didn't just fling themselves into bed together, but they didn't angst themselves to pieces over it, either. It was a very refreshing blend of taking it at their own pace, but not dragging it out infinitely because the author has to angst them to death. Plus, the writing just sparkles and it had a heavy focus on Leorio who seems like he would be one of those characters who would be shafted by the fandom, but he shines here. Just a touch goofy, but still a lot of heart and he's a good guy and he gets credit for that. Plus? The attraction between Kurapika and Leorio? Beautifully written here. Much luff. (Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - mint by rondaview - *sparkle*sparkle* Good HxH fanfic does not come along often enough, especially not authors who can write Leorio as being the... dumb, obnoxious jerk he kind of is, but without making him an actual dumb, obnoxious jerk, y'know? Plus, this was just... light and fun! I adore the LeoPika relationship so much and stories like this are why because they're just... I suppose I don't have the words for them, but they're here and this story just made me smile to read about them. Plus, poor, poor Kurapika. XD (Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Growing Up by Celeste - This was a lovely little story about, as the author says, Killua and what it means to grow up. The way Killua looks at Gon, the way things are changing for him a little, while Gon is just still so... Gon was perfectly on target with the characterizations. But what pushed me over the edge for this fic were the little details of Gon's activities while Killua was idly watching him. And the way that the fic ended. But then again, Gon was right in his own way. He was right here, with Killua. Very much in line with how I see the characters as well. ♥ (Some light Killua/Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Excitement by Harukami - *shimmers* Hunter x Hunter fic from Haru! Eeeeee! It was meant to be crack, I think, but actually works better as something closer to the series itself--which, granted, has no little amount of crack itself. She does a lovely job with Kurapika's character, balancing between being so young and inexperienced, but also being knowledgable, mature, and sure of himself. Her Leorio is great fun to watch, his reaction to Kurapika's, ahhh, change was GREAT. And, yes, I think I can safely say this is the best use of Kurapika's eyechange I've yet to read. ♥ (Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Always by Mina Lightstar - Oh, now this was just lovely. Killua and Gon's relationship is just so... them here, it's so solid and present and obvious, but without being too hard on the hammer to our heads with it. Mina does a lovely job with Killua's uncertainty about his friendship with Gon, but still wanting to stay and Gon's being so sure... it just hit all the right notes that I love about this pairing and I LOVED the ending. ♥ (Some faint Killua/Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter/Naruto - The Distance Between You and Me by Celeste - ....oh. I was expecting a cute, fun little crossover when I began to read this and for the most part it was... until somewhere around the middle, the author climbed inside both Killua and Sasuke's heads and drew absolutely beautiful parallels, the kind that took my breath away with the shocking rightness of them. The narrative of the story is just so utterly Killua, how much he understands, how he looks at the world and other people, the way his past is still a part of him, even right down to the way he and Sasuke fought. This crossover did justice to the depth of both series' characters and gave some absolutely brilliant insight into them and, oh, god, the end was adorable and this was just... genius. Beautiful, perfect, seamless, natural melding of the two stories and had me spinning in glee. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - My Hero! by sub_divided - Oh, dear lord, Killua/Gon-friendly jobfic that is just so wonderfully in tune with the series itself--Killua's characterization is just spot-on, that way he has of being such a kid sometimes, but also being something more than that, and! And! The way Nen was used here! So perfect! Also? Gon? So perfect here. Right from the beginning, the story was just fun, a great use of the kiss from the 30_kisses project and just... yeah, go read. It's darling. (Could have been Killua/Gon, but reads more like gen.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Silk and Cedar by glitchandgremlin - A nice little story about the point where Killua and Gon's relationship has started to change, the way Killua of course notices it first and isn't sure how to deal with it, especially given the way he looks at Gon. But it's also lovely for showing the way Gon feels, the way each of them associate the other with a type of material that could have been awkward comparisons, but it wound up working for me here. Just... a nice HxH fic to stumble over. (Killua/Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Distracted by glitchandgremlin - More adorable Killua/Gon fic, with adorable interaction between the two, the two of them just being boys and fighting and then Killua just can't help how cute he finds Gon and... it's all really very adorable. I think my favorite part was the chase scene, Killua running around after Gon after he pulled a prank and just... the way they're still so themselves even with those slowly growing feelings. ...that's a terrible rec, go read the fic anyway. (Some light Killua/Gon.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Rules Lawyer by Harukami - I ♥ that Harukami is getting into Hunter x Hunter fanfic, because the fandom needs more authors like her and because she's really good at it and this story is one of the reasons why--it's one of those concepts (Hunter x Hunter meets tabletop RPG) that takes a strong hand to pull of and she's got that. Halfway through this fic I started giggling--and the ending is great--even when I don't really know that much about the meta of role-playing games. You don't need to, it comes through just fine. "I'm NOT a rules lawyer," Kurapica's player snapped. He wheeled to stare at Leorio's player, conspicuously silent. "Tell them I'm not a rules lawyer!" XD XD XD *loves* (A little bit Leorio/Kurapika, but faint.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Expletive by Mina Lightstar - Aww! Mina does such great HxH fic, turning something as simple as a challenge for everyone's reactions to hearing Kurapika curse for the first time into such an adorable little fic that's just so... fun. <3 I liked that she made it make sense for the character, despite his usual control and grace, but also for Leorio's reaction at the end. Hee. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Quixotic by Mina Lightstar - Man, Mina does the best conversations between Leorio and Kurapika, in so many ways, she defines fic for these two in my head. When I think of fic for them, I think of her, because she just... she nails that quality they have, that's somewhere between regular friendship, hinting at far, far more, a little bit of flirting, no little amount of teasing, and snarking that's not negative at all. The way her Kurapika's thoughts roll around as he's talking with Leorio are just lovely, because you can get a sense of how much he cares, yet it's not sappy or over the line, it's just sort of... there. Oh! And her Leorio is utterly wonderful--suggesting that they run away to Whale Island was so like him. *fangirls* (Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Height of Fashion by Mina Lightstar - "I like my suits," Leorio defended himself. "They're always fashionable and let me make use of my tie collection -- I have a collection, you know -- and besides... no, I shouldn't have to defend my clothes against a guy who wears skirts every day." I know I've said this before, but it's still true--Mina does the best LeoPika dialogue and this story is just excellent for the snappy, witty dialogue between them that... I mean, they tease each other, but you can still sense the beautiful friendship underneath it. And Leorio is just so... Leorio, there must have been at least five or six lines that were totally quotable--I just picked this one because it had to be my favorite. But the semi-colon line was also great. And Kurapika was just so... Kurapika when dealing with Leorio and... really, a fic about the two of them shopping shouldn't have been so much fun, but I loved this. (Not actually LeoPika, it's gen, but if I start sorting by pairing, it'll go in that section.)

- Hunter x Hunter - The Birds and the Bees by Celeste - Okay, this was just cute and adorable. Leorio, after seeing Killua and Gon's interaction, takes it upon himself (with Kurapika's help) to 'educate his younger charges in the ways of the world'. Leorio was just so... Leorio and I adored Kurapika's helping him in that way he has and about halfway through this fic, I just completely burst out laughing because that was SUCH A LEORIO THING TO DO HEEHEEHEE. Also, I loved the ending. <3 (Killua/Gon and Leorio/Kurapika implied, but fluffier than actiony.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Vengeance Like Nectar by Mina Lightstar - Sometimes Kurapika thinks that memories ate at him because he hadn't ever truly spoken of his family and friends to anyone else. It isn't that he hasn't trusted others with the knowledge. It's simply that he's never been certain he could handle sharing it. I think this may be my new favorite of Mina's, because she just... Hunter x Hunter is a series that can be very crackish at times, occasionally light-hearted or actiony, but there are also moments where it's serious and weighty and Mina does a brilliant job of getting Kurapika in those moments. I couldn't help thinking this was just absolutely, completely Kurapika here, dealing with the aftermath of the aftermath, the writing just... beautiful. There are so many lines in here that I wanted to quote because they hit with just the right amount of impact to make it feel real or else they were just beautiful writing, the words coming together to form absolutely lovely sentences. Definitely one of my favorites. <3 (Maybe a little Leorio/Kurapika.)

- Hunter x Hunter - An Outing by Mina Lightstar - And then you have stories like this one! Which are adorable and cute and utterly charming for the group dynamic that I love so much with the series. Killua practically pouncing on and stealing Leorio's wallet or the way Kurapika teased him or the way Gon was so adorably cute when he wanted to know everything or the absolutely perfect way Senritsu wanted to know if she should get out of the way. Toss in a great ending line and this was an adorable fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say?)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Lunch by Mina Lightstar - I probably shouldn't include all the crossed over series, because some of them are just cameos, but... well, really, you gotta understand that it's a crack crossover when you read it, because... I sort of feel like I shouldn't laugh, but there's just something about Hikaru's clueless "....what?" attitude and Akira's, "WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW." attitude and the Kurapika and Fuji in the same scene (HEY! WHY *NOT* A SEIYUU JOKE?) and Kurogane and Fye running around the background (It was the line that was obviously Kurogane's that got me to crack up so much.) and Fuji practically writhing in Tezuka's lap that all just combined to... I mean, Mina's got this comedic timing thing that makes the whole thing work. I could hear her Akira and Hikaru and the whole thing was just... HEEHEE. (TezuFuji, sort of Hikaru/Akira.)

- Hunter x Hunter - Counting Song by Katharos - Aww! Killua and Gon cuteness! What I love about a story like this is that it shows why these two are such adorable friends, why they get along so well. With anyone else, Killua singing a silly song would have seemed weird or too uncool for him, but with Gon... it makes perfect sense, they're such boys together. There's a real joy of life in this fic that warmed my heart. (Killua-and-Gon-but-not-really-a-pairing.)

- Hunter x Hunter - untitled by Mina Lightstar - After reading the Gintama fic above this one in the post, I had to keep reading because Leorio, Kurapika, and masturbation? Consider my curiosity roused as to what she was getting at. And, oh, Mina's still queen of the HxH fic, especially with these two because she writes them so wonderfully, she does fantastically with that edge between so incredibly gay for each other and something that's a bit more platonic. But it's also that I just adore her Leorio, as he's way too open about his habits and curiosity about Kurapika's, who's such an intensely private person, and yet... somehow, they manage to have the bestest friendship/whatever ever. ♥ (Leorio/Kurapika, except sort of not, except maybe.)

Hunter x Hunter/Naruto: Only the Names Change by Aishuu - I was intrigued by the label of a Hunter x Hunter/Naruto crossover and I'm glad I clicked onto this because it was a really interesting way to connect the two series! The use of history repeating itself and a little detail that could be used to make a theme for the story were both really neat and I even enjoyed the way a lot of the "history" was dismissed as fantasy. It makes the old saying (those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it) come true in a really cool way. (No warnings/pairings.)

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