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- Initial D - Sweetmeat [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I didn't have to get far into this site at all to know I would be rec'ing it. There are a lot of pairings in Initial D that I can go for (Heck, I even could go for Takumi/Natsuki, since she was so cool.), but RyousukexTakumi stole my heart away and this site... is exactly what I was looking for. Tall, dark, and gorgeous Ryousuke being sensual, but in command with the sweeter, not quite innocent, but quieter, smaller Takumi... yesssss, this is exactly what I was looking for. The lines are solid and I like the colors, but it's really the feel of the art that makes me happiest, even if they never show that much, the atsmosphere between the two characters is lovely and hot. And nothing makes me wibble more than fanart of Ryousuke pulling Takumi close, who curls into him... because this has become my favorite pairing, I think. And I'm always a sucker for the occasional illustration of pretty boys with wings. XD This site isn't going to be for everyone, it's probably not going to be one of those sites that could convince you of a pairing (especially since the art can be a little off at times), but if you already like them a lot, this site will be pleasing, I think. (RyousukexTakumi.)

- Initial D - Kuze & Anaheim [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *hums happily~* This is another RyouTaku site that makes me happy to see, just because I'm getting all dippy for this pairing. The art... in this odd way, really captures the feel of Initial D for me, really emulates the whole atmosphere of the series, the sense of style, at least sort of... that's the best way I can think to put it, anyway. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it's addicting and I like it and that's what counts in the end. ^_~ The thing I really like about the art is that the lines are lovely, very clean and clear and professional. The colors are nicely complimentary and the shading lovely. But the real thing that won me over? Gorgeous, hot Ryousuke and sweetly clueless Takumi; the very things that won me over with this pairing in the first place. *happy sigh* There's also a LOT of art here, which always makes me happy, and I think my favorite illustration is the very first gifts hit, the Christmas one. *giggles* (RyousukexTakumi.)

- Initial D - WORSHIP [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I've noticed a vague sort of trend in the Initial D sites I like so far, a lot of them have this very... manga-like quality to the artist's style. Perhaps it's because Initial D is a bit of an older series (I think?) and thus a lot of the fans weren't yet using CG or something, but whatever the reason, I'm really starting to like the feel of it. This artist does some fabulous details in her art, the colors and shading being absolutely wonderful. There's this one of Ryousuke and Takumi on a black background with red leaves swirling around them that's just gorgeous (and incredibly hot) and there's also one of Ryousuke and Keisuke in tuxedos that's fantastic and just... the whole site makes me hanyan happily over it. I really am completely gone on this series, this couple in particular, and it's this kind of site that just feeds me further. (Some RyousukexTakumi.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Initial D - suger factory [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I wavered back and forth on this site, because the art was really kinda pretty, but since Tatsumi/Tsuzuki isn't my favorite pairing, I wasn't quite sold. But I was caving... and then I hit the Watari illustration that just completely knocked my socks off. Guh. Pretty. +____+ And the rest of the Yamimatsu art really is very lovely, Tatsumi is just... gah, he's hot and Tsuzuki is lovely; there's one of them outdoors with their jackets off, Tsuzuki sleeping half-in Tatsumi's lap that really is beautiful. If nothing else, this site totally gave me my Tatsumi-san fix. XD The Initial D art is lovely, very, very detailed and the colors are soft and pretty. The very first one of Ryousuke still makes me go +____+ happily and there are a couple of doujinshi covers that make me hanyan happily, too. All in all, a nice site. (A little KeisukexTakumi, RyousukexTakumi.)

- Initial D - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit that RyouKei/KeiRyou isn't really my thing, but there are two things that made me fall in love with this site--one, if I didn't know the artist liked the pairing, I might not have guessed that it was a pairing at all, just that she liked the Takahashi brothers. And, two, she draws one of the most gorgeous Ryousukes I've ever seen. He's just... WOW. Beautiful. The art has this lovely... almost colored pencil feel to it, very soft, muted colors that adds a certain something to the art that, when done just right, as it is here, makes me swoon. But mostly it's the incredibly, incredibly hot Ryousuke. *loves* (Some light potential KeiRyou/RyouKei.)

- Juuni Kokki/Full Metal Alchemist/Initial D - mk [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will admit that the art can be a little off in a lot of ways, especially the lines, but what won me over with this site was the amount of details in it, they're gorgeous for that and the colors are nicely soft and fitting for such a traditional/old-fairy-tale-like, almost water-color like.. The artist also does a very nice variety of characters--there're a couple of Rakushin that are just fantastic and there's also one of Tai-ou and Taiki that just made me wibble with love--and some fantastic poses. There's also one of younger Taiki outside with his arms spread out and wind swirling around him that's just beautiful. *___* (Oh! Oh! And Tai-ou and En-ou! *_____* Gorgeous.) And then came the Full Metal Alchemist art. *_____* The art strengthens up from the Juuni Kokki art and becomes just stunning, the colors, the lines, the shading, the poses... it's all gorgeous. There are a couple of Roy illustrations that took my breath away (especially the one of him fully-clothed in the bath *fawns*) and a couple of illustrations of Roy and Hughes that were just amazingly drawn. But it was the RoyxEd on this site that sent me into FLAILING fangirl mode that I loved best. This is what I look for on a site. Plus, the Havoc/Hawkeye illustrations were great! *happy swoons* I'm also adding this into the Initial D section, because there are three fanart illustrations--one of Keisuke, one of Ryousuke, and one of Takumi--that are just STUNNING. Especially Ryousuke. *pants, lusts after* The level of details is fantastic, the colors beautiful, and the lines superb. I need more from this artist. *___* (Random hints at JK pairings, some RoyxEd.)

- Initial D - WEB T-T [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, Keisuke/Ryousuke really isn't my thing, but given that it's one of the most popular pairings in the fandom and given what a Ryousuke fangirl I am, I venture into the sites a lot to find pretty art. If nothing else, I like the individual illustrations. ^_^v Anyway, this artist is very, very, very talented--her ability to emulate the original manga's style is incredible, if she were a little more sketchy with the images (the artists' images are a lot cleaner and tighter, her lineart is very crisp and clean, very, very well-done) I could almost have mistaken these for official art. The coloring is subtle and did I mention the lineart was really, really great? Because, wow, fantastic capturing of the original style. (Some Keisuke/Ryousuke.)

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