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- Initial D - Kyuuhyaku Kyuujuu Kokonotsu Bara by keipi - *sparkle*sparkle* This is what I wanted to find when I set out looking for Initial D fic, because, really, as cool and kick ass as Natsuki is, I'm head over heels for RyousukexTakumi and I needed fic for them. Okay, so, what I liked about this story is that it's cute, well-written, in-character, had kissing (and really, really nice kissing at that *melts*), and was funny as hell. The omake had me giggling like crazy the entire way through them and the fic itself... I completely and utterly adore the author's Ryousuke, so smooth, elegant, and calculating. *hearts* (Ryousuke+Takumi.)

- Initial D - Soap by keipi - I dare you not to laugh at this fic. There were two points (which I will not spoil, but you'll know them when you get there, especially the second one at the very end of the fic) where I literally burst into giggles it was so funny. And, really, I'm totally crushing on Ryousuke even in this fic, where he's so... hot, smooth, and controlled. Except for, well, you know. Even he is only human. ^_~ *giggles more* (Some light Keisuke + Takeshi.)

- Initial D - Compensation Factor (Size Counts) by keipi - The more I think about it, the more this fic (poking gentle fun of how obsessed all these boys are with their cars XD) makes a brilliant sort of sense for this fandom, the more I think it was really quite necessary. XD XD XD And this was funny as hell, the timing for it wonderful (which is always a wonderful thing to find in fic XD), and Kenta amused the high, holy hell out of me. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Initial D - My Idol by kei-pi - I admit, I read this one for the Ryousuke/Takumi (*obnoxiously doodles little hearts all over her new OTP*), but I'm glad I read it, because it was funny. *giggles* Poor, poor Kenta, no one deserves his fate in this fic, especially not with those rat bastard Takahashi brothers running out on him. ^_~ So, yeah, this one was funny, well-written, actually has Itsuki in it as well as Kenta, and was just fun. Much adoration for that. XD (And I quote: Ryousuke + Takumi (mentioned), Itsuki + Kenta ??? XDDD)

- Initial D - Doctor Doctor by kei-pi - There are a few lines in this story describing Takumi's accident that had me bursting into giggles and just knowing that I had to rec this story even before I got to the kissing stuff, but... yeah, that didn't hurt, either. >_> What I liked about this story was that it was cute and fun, very much with the sense of light flirting between Takumi and Ryousuke, the way Takumi was so damned cute, and the way Ryousuke clearly found it both endearing and amusing. And I really like the idea, it made sense to me, what with the Takahashi family medical history and Takumi daydreaming while getting into an accident... eeeeee! SO FREAKING CUTE. I wibble and gush with the rabu. (RyousukexTakumi.)

- Initial D - The Race for Takumi by DrMM - So, this fic starts out with the various racers demanding Takumi choose between them. And not for racing. Ryousuke, Keisuke, Takeshi, and Shingo have shown up, all telling Takumi to choose who he wants when... Suddenly, Mogi appeared pedaling furiously on a bicycle. "Noooooo!" she screamed. "Takumi is mine. Hes not gay!" and I knew I had to rec this fic. It was just silly and funny and I laughed merrily the entire way. Then replotted the ending in my head to have Ryousuke toss Takumi over his shoulder and fairly skip off to have his way with him. Multiple times. And the ending cracked me the hell up, especially the two different "winners". *sporfles* (Yaoi, yaoi, yaoi.)

- Initial D - Excuses, Excuses by MonteLukast - This was just disarmingly cute--MonteLukast is one of the better authors I've found in the Initial D fandom (at least for my pairings ^_~) and so I was happy to read one of her stories. This was just... well, cute and funny, a simple little concept of various badly written Engrish excuses to pull their kids out of school and weaving little stories around them. I was impressed with both the characterizations, the smooth, lovely writing, and the sense of fun the whole thing had. I was especially enamored with the Ryousuke/Takumi section, which just sparkled in my eyes. Just a light, fun story that I enjoyed very much. (Some Ryousuke/Takumi, some other shounen ai pairings.)

- Initial D - Wanna Make A Bet? by Ju - This is one of those stories that just... puts a smile on my face because I'm in absolute, wild love with the interaction between the characters, especially Takumi and Ryousuke. I'm very much in love with the way Ju writes this cast of characters--her Ryousuke is a gorgeous, slightly annoying/obnoxious, charming bastard, the kind you can't help going *______* over. Her Takumi is so cutely clueless most of the time, but shows glimmers of his more determined side. And I utterly *heart* the way she wrote Itsuki and Iketani in the second part and Bunta in the third. <333 Toss in some gorgeous writing and a fantastic sense of humor and you have me ready to tear my hair out over wanting more of this one. ^_~ (I assume Ryousuke/Takumi.)

- Initial D - Next Step by Sabina - There are no words to describe how delighted I was to read these two fic snippets, because... well-written Initial D fic is such a rarity, much less something so wonderfully clever and lovely as these two were. Sabina gets both characters down fantastically, I can just see both Ryousuke and Takumi here, can believe that these are them, especially in the second one. Ryousuke is such an intriguing character--so smooth and polished, yet there are genuine emotions to him. Strings of words like He liked the way Takumi tasted. The thought went unarticulated. It belonged to the part of him that registered things like the scent and taste of other people, a part he kept well away from his daylight self. just make me wibble with love for the writing here. Plus, kissing. I love kissing in fics, it makes me happy. Especially when it's done right. I'll slink away from this crappy rec now.... >_> (RyousukexTakumi.)

- Initial D - bucket of roses by tongari - Oh, IniD fic, how I have missed you. Especially really, genuinely good Initial D fic, the kind that absolutely nails both Takumi and his father, the kind that's genuinely funny, clever, and SO COMPLETELY TAKUMI, because... *sporfles* he so wouldn't know exactly what he should do with that big boquet of roses Ryousuke sent him. Also, Bunta totally steals every scene he's in, the dynamic between him and Takumi is absolutely perfect, and the whole fic is just brilliant. I think I cackled the entire way through, especially at that Takumi KEPT the roses. Oh, and the ending. Man, the ending. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- Initial D - Initial D, 52 flavours: mix I by Shi-Lin - In the comments on this fic, I said something that was terribly fangirling, but I completely meant it--after reading through this set of short fics, I had this feeling like I'd just been through a strong gust of wind, that I felt almost breathless and wind-ruffled because of the sheer impact of these fics. I had to force myself to read them properly, to not skip ahead to the next one because I wanted to drink the whole thing in and then immediately zip back to reread and/or squee at Shi-chan until I broke her eardrums. They're beautiful little pieces for various characters, the way the represent these beautiful, meaningful moments for each of the characters, even if not much at all is happening. The weight of the characters is beautifully present even when Takumi is so much as simply watching Ryousuke drink beer or looking at a postcard Natsuki sent or Keisuke is never doubting that he'll follow his older brother or Takumi waits for Ryousuke's reaction to the race he's just won. It was all just so... marvelous and breathtaking and I'm so very glad Shi-chan is writing for this series. *___* (No real warnings/pairings, unless you're squinting and looking for them.)

- Initial D - precision by Jennifier D. - Oh, do you know how much I squeed to see Jenn-san writing IniD fic? And not just any IniD fic, but Ryousuke/Takumi fic! Because she has this way to her writing, this sort of elegance or, perhaps, delicacy that I try to talk about every time I rec one of her fics, that style I can never quite seem to put into words. So even when she's writing a fic about something as simple as Takumi's view of Ryousuke as they near the end of a practice night... the way Takumi is so Takumi (he's such a girl, but that's perfect, because it's so Takumi) and Ryousuke is... assured and confident and there's this faint hint of hero worship to Takumi's view, a faint hint of attraction, but nothing so concrete that you could put your finger on it entirely, just like the series itself. And the ending totally had me flailing happily. (Ryousuke/Takumi.)

- Initial D - Do You Remember Roses by Seishuku Skuld - It's sadly rare to find RyouTaku fic that I like, much less fic that has smut that's hot and works together with their dynamic. There's this... Takumi is still sort of a space case, except that's not quite it, and he really does want to learn and he's such an amazing talent, and he's still a little bit in awe of Ryousuke, but not to an unhealthy level. There's also a sense of their relationship having progressed into the future, Takumi has found more of his footing with Ryousuke, but not so much that he's unrecognizable anymore. And, of course, I like the mention of the roses and the sex. :9 (Ryousuke/Takumi, some NC-17 content.)

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