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- Harry Potter/Hunter x Hunter/Inu-Yasha/Trigun - Honey Hachi [ Thai? Fan Art Site ] - Wheee! Lots of different series that I like here! ^_^v The art is very nice, and while I don't care as much for the Harry Potter color art (the doujinshi look great, however), the artist's style works very well for the anime fanart. I adore the Inu-Yasha and Hikago fanart. ^_^v And the doujinshi were a lot of fun to go through (the Trigun one is especially pretty!) as well. (Yaoi-friendly, no single pairing theme.)

- Inu-Yasha/Gundam Wing - INE-NET [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to rec this site for what they've done to Heero. *giggles* (I suppose it wasn't so bad for me because I've seen that doujinshi before.) That aside, the art can sometimes be mediocre, and then sometimes it can be really damned good. There were a couple of Inu-Yasha illustrations that I really liked, and a bunch of GW illustrations that kept me happy. ^_^v (And the little chibi Inu-Yasha and Miroku icons/sprites/whatever at the top of the Inu-Yasha section were TOO CUTE!) (Some Inu-YashaxKagome, HeeroxDuo... possibly DuoxHeero. Not sure.)

- Inu-Yasha - Shiino-ya [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Damn. If I didn't know better, I would think these were official art images. *_* Just... wow. They look really good. Not a whole lot here, but there are also a couple of really nice Houshin Engi images. So... yeah. Incredible art. Go see. (No warnings.)

- Hikaru no Go/Houshin Engi/Saiyuki/Rurouni Kenshin/Inu-Yasha - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site looks kinda familiar, so if I'm rec'ing it twice, my bad. ^_^;; Anyway, the Houshin Engi fan art is stunning, really beautiful. I don't see a lot of it, since I don't go looking for it, but I'm not averse to drooling over it when I see it. Sooo pretty. The Hikago stuff is just as gorgeous, lovely drawings and beautiful colors. *hyuuu* (It's the second link in the gallery if you want to go directly to it.)

Normally, I don't go surfing for Saiyuki fan art, because if I did, I just know I'd get sucked in and never make it back out again. -_- But if I come across a nice gallery, I'll click through it. And this one had some nice art, just as pretty as the other sections. Goku (who's the main character of this gallery) is freaking adorable. Again, I don't do much Kenshin fan art surfing and I was just going to quickly skim the gallery, but this image got me to slow down. Very pretty. I'm running out of things to say, because all the fan art is as good as the last, but I wanted to mention this one of Fluffy-sama! *starry eyes* So gorgeous. Be sure to go through the hits gallery for more lovely art as well. (No real warnings, I wouldn't even put a shounen ai warning on this one.)

- Fruits Basket/Inu-Yasha/Miscellaneous - Oasis Time [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Waiwai! Such cute art! There are so many from this gallery that I wanted to specifically point out, but I'd wind up with half of the gallery. However, just a few... a pretty trio illustration, lovely Shigure, gorgeous Kyou, and beautiful Ayame. The art is a little bit cutesy, but it actually adds to the style rather than detracting from it. And the Inu-Yasha stuff is freaking adorable! I love the illustration currently on the main page (also found here) and one of the kiriban illustrations with Kyou and Inu-Yash! *hearts* (A few HatorixTohru and ShigurexTohru and Inu-Yasha/Kagome illustrations.)

- Fruits Basket/Inu-Yasha - Power Moon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I recommend this site for two reasons only. One. This stunning illustration of Inu-Yasha. Holy shit that's fantastic! Two. This beautiful KyouxTohru illustration. *_* Preeeeetty. Well, okay, two and a half. There's some fairly cute art in the kiriban gallery. ^_^; (KyouxTohru-centric.)

- - Inuyasha - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - - .....okay, this is definitely one of my favorite Inuyasha fansites--for one, the art is incredible and some of them could damn well pass for official images. +_+ The colors are fantastic, the lines are amazing, the poses/concepts are great, AND the site focuses on Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, my two favorite Inu-Yasha characters! *hearts* There are some hysterical illustrations in a Christmas series that you have to see, and then there are some beautiful, beautiful Fluffy-sama (and Inuyasha) illustrations that left me drooling afterwards. Just... damn good site, and it helps that there are a ton of images here, too. +_+ I... cannot praise this site highly enough. There's probably nearly a good, solid hour of entertainment on this site, just going through and drooling at all of the illustrations. (No warnings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Inuyasha - Ostrich Policy [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, I was just so impressed with this artist's work, the semi-delicate lines (not so delicate that they're girly, but just delicate enough that they're lovely), the fantastic colors, and the just... wonderful poses. I really can't say enough good about the artist, they're one of those fanartists that I'm just so glad draw for the series I love because they're really good enough to be professional and the characters wind up looking just gorgeous. Plus! Preeeeetty Hyotei boys. *sparkles* And some of my very favorite Hyotei pairings, too. =^_^= And then I hit the Inuyasha/Rumiko Takahashi section and just... *____* Beautiful artwork for these characters--everything about the illustrations is stunning. Colors, lines, poses, just... wow. *_* Incredible. Kagome is lovely, Sesshoumaru is beautiful, and Inuyasha is... guh, gorgeous. *fangirls* (Some OshitariGakuto, OshitariJiroh, and OshitariKeigo.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Inuyasha/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Vitamin X [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I tend to see a lot of Vitamin X's work whenever I run across doujinshi scans and a lot of times they stick out in my mind because they're so lovely--and I was especially impressed by the Harukanaru illustrations, they're really professional looking! The CG work is really used well here and the colors are outstanding! I also really especially adored the Inuyasha illustrations, the artist does such a wonderful job with them, getting a lot of those wonderful little details into them. Plus! Plus! Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration that made me SO HAPPY. *sparkles madly* Anyway, beautiful, beautiful art here, it's no wonder the artist is a doujinshika, you can tell there's a tremendous level of skill here. (No single pairing theme.)

- Gundam SEED/Inuyasha/Full Metal Alchemist - SEED [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oddly enough, I stumbled over the Gundam SEED fanart on this site first and was just... impressed as all hell, because the art is fantastic. The artist's lines are incredibly professional looking, her shading fantastic and detail amazing; if the colors were a bit more CG-ish, I think I could almost have mistaken her lineart for official work, that's how good it is. I may not come across/seek out much G-SEED art, but this is one of the best ones I've seen, I think. There isn't much FMA art here just yet, but what there is is nice--I especially giggled over the Roy vs Ed!Snowman and cooed over Edward looking so very pretty in some of the other illustrations. The Inuyasha art is also gorgeous, there's an absolutely stunning one of Sesshoumaru that just looks damn near professional. I love. (Some shounen ai, some het.)

- Inuyasha - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....holy shit, this artist's Sesshoumaru is gorgeous. Just... WOW. Her colors are these incredibly vibrant shades to them and her lines are really solidly done and LOOK like the Inuyasha characters. She has this one oekaki of Inutaisa (....I think?) from the back that... I just LOVE IT to tiny, tiny little pieces because it really captures this whole... beautiful dog-warrior feel to the character that I just LOVE. But child!Sesshoumaru? In kimono? Or full grown and walking through a moonlight shoreline with his hair and tail (or whatever the fluffy thing is) blowing in the breeze? Gorgeous. Anything with water in it (especially a lake) with Sesshoumaru and/or Inuyasha is just... stunning. Like a painting that's just perfectly done with this incredible amount of detail to it. I really am practically incoherent with the love for some of the images on this site. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Some implied het, some implied shounen-ai, very Sesshoumaru-centric, but the others appear, too.)

- Inuyasha - [ English Fanart Site ] - There aren't that many Inuyasha illustrations here, but I wound up being impressed enough by those that were that I had to add it to my list. Some of the earlier work almost borders on cute, but the artist's latest one is just flat-out awesome in that way that it could probably pass for official art, because the lines and coloring and inking are all just SO PERFECT. Inuyasha looks great, I get wibbly at the Inuyasha/Kagome snuggly one under the three, and there's an incredible Yuu Yuu Hakusho group illustration further back in the gallery that I am tempted to shove this rec into the YYH section just for that one alone. The earlier pages are also very much worth going through because the artist does great Inuyasha close-ups, just enough details without going overboard that I really like the art. (Maybe a little Inuyasha/Kagome, but a lot of gen, too.)

- Inuyasha - [ Brazillian Fanart Site ] - You know, it took me a minute or two to figure out where the fanart was tucked away (since I came from the artist's DeviantArt page), but I TOTALLY DID NOT MIND because the artist's site has the CUTEST FLASH ANIMATION EVER. Seriously, I would have totally gone to the site just for the Flash stuff alone because OMG SO CUTE AND I LOVE THOSE LITTLE FOXES AND PLAYING WITH THE ART SUPPLIES IS SO MUCH FUN. *coughs* That said, holy shit, this artist is FANTASTIC. Her coloring is just... she nails the coloring right out of the gate, completely professional looking CG-style that I'm just amazed by. Her proportions are a little off early on (but this is pretty much only in comparison to her newest stuff, mind--I am being extremely nitpicky here), but her current stuff? Just... damn, this artist could really pass for professional/official art with some of the illustrations, that's how gorgeously colored and richly detailed and perfectly CG'd they are.

Plus? She plays into the things I like with Inuyasha fanart--those looking-out-over-the-mountains poses that I love so much or the mid-transformation with Inuyasha's human and demon forms or adorable chibis that make me squee from the cute or an incredible to look at Sesshoumaru (who is stunningly beautiful in her hands) or chibi brothers fanging at each other or what are possibly my two favorite Inuyasha fanart illustrations ever--one of Inu-taishou with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru seated on either side of him (OMG SO PRETTY I LOVE AND I TOTALLY SPAZ OVER IT WHEEEEEE) and Inu-taishou holding baby!Inuyasha that just... is FANTASTIC. Oh! Oh! And chibi!Inuyasha chewing on chibi!Sesshoumaru's tail who has the BEST pissed off expression EVER. I laugh every time I see it. XD XD XD I mean, this artist is one of those I'm spazzing incoherently over, but is really, really worth the time to check out her site because she's one of the best out there, I think. Plus, she's got this one totally heart-melting Inuyasha/Kagome kiss that I loved.) (A little Inuyasha/Kagome, but mostly gen, really.)

- Chobits/Inuyasha/Fushigi Yuugi - [ English Fanart Site ] - I came to this account for the Inuyasha fanart, but then stayed for the OMGLOOKATTHOSEDETAILSTHAT'SGORGEOUS Chobits fanart. Seriously. I mean, LOOK at this! (I normally hate to deep link to any art, but I figure dA people are probably more okay with it and this was the image that knocked me over the head and made me say, "Okay, I'm looking at ALL YOUR FANART NOW. +__+") Just... the colors are terrific, the level of detail with the clothing on the Chobits characters is fantastic, the proportions are great, just... wow. I'm in love. With Chobits fanart. It's the same with her Inuyasha fanart--her Sesshoumaru is beautiful, the details with his clothes and hair are terrific and I love, love, LOVE the ones of him and Inuyasha. ESPECIALLY THE CHIBIS! XD XD XD Seriously, though, the artist just... I can't even pick too many out, because there's the one of Inuyasha in Sesshoumaru's lap that shouldn't work but is so damned gorgeous that I'm all *_____* over it or there's a gorgeous one of Tasuki surrounded by flames or there's the one of Chii in this amazing pink dress or there's that one of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fighting or... well, yes. You get the idea. Beautiful artwork here. (No real pairings/warnings, I don't think.)

- Naruto/Slayers/Inuyasha - [ German/English Fanart Site ] - [ artist's deviantART account ] - This is one of those sites that I just sorta had fun with; the art was cute and adorable (especially the Slayers stuff) or it had this really nice, light, airy sketchy feel to it that really worked (like with the Inuyasha stuff--I'm especially enamored with her Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha illustrations. Little!Inuyasha hanging onto Sesshoumaru's sleeve as they approached a post-battle site? Totally sent me into fits of Teh Kyuute. But the one one of Inuyasha leaning back against Sesshoumaru also just... dammit, why do I like them so much? Whatever it is, this artist tapped into that affection a little with her art.) With the Slayers stuff, I especially liked her group stuff--there's one of the main cast flying in the sky that's just GREAT and there's a REALLY COOL one of Zelas-Metallium and Xellos and the artist seems a little fond of Xellos/Zelgadiss, so I'll forgive the Xellos/Filia bias. *hisses and spits* (*RUNS* Kidding, kidding, nobody hit me! >___>) And her newest Naruto stuff is really good--the one with baby!Sasuke pulling on Itachi's hair? Genius. The chibi Kimimaro is also lovely and I adore the Lina/Zel illustration on the dA account (make sure to browse both, since I think some art is on one site and a lot is on another) and the "Fireflies" Naruto one is beautifully colored. Just... fun, all in all. <3 (Uchiha-friendly, slightly Sasuke/Sakura, some Xellos/Filia, some Xellos/Zelgadiss, I don't know how to classify the Inuyasha stuff.)

- Final Fantasy 7/Naruto/Inuyasha - 22 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite that there's not a ton of fanart here, I had to recommend it, because what is here is just so very lovely--the one of Yondaime with a white nine-tailed spirit fox hovering over his shoulder? Just beautiful. Or there's ANBU!Yondaime, which is a weakness of mine when done as beautifully as this site does it, the lines and colors are just... pretty! There are only about four FFVII illustrations or so, but the Tifa one (and the Aerith one of her in the Lifestream) was just so beautiful that I had to rec it for that alone. It's that kind of CG that takes a lot of skill to do well, the kind that looks very professional, especially to make it recognizable as the characters. And then there was the utterly stunning illustration of Kikyou that sent me over the edge with this site--there are actually a lot more in the oekaki section, but I'm most fond of the main gallery art. *__* (Maybe a few hints of pairings, but no real themes.)

- Inuyasha - [ English Fanart Site ] - I originally was just going to pick an image or two out to link to seperately for the bits and pieces section, but the more I went through the artist's gallery, the more I was impressed by every single one of them and wanted to point them all out. The artist has this great style that's sort of a mix between anime/cel-style illustrations and softening them up so they look like fanart again (beautiful, beautiful fanart) and that just absolutely hits my buttons the right way. Plus, oh, god, there's an absolutely stunning one of Sesshoumaru that is... I mean, that is what I am looking for with Inuyasha fanart, you know? Her Bankotsu and Jakotsu fanart images are also gorgeous, she has this lovely, lovely way with colors, sometimes all these warm sunset colors or this beautiful use of white space and... well, the further into the gallery I get, the more I suspect that I may have already rec'd this artist, but I kind of don't care because it's just so completely hitting the right buttons for me. There's a ton of it and it's all so pretty, I totally got into an Inuyasha mood after this. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man/Inuyasha - STAN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really sort of debated on this site for a bit, I wasn't quite sure it was hitting me right since I'm strange about the Noah family art I like. But I kept going through the gallery and, the further I got, the more I was quietly won over to the site, the artist really does a good job of keeping that slightly Halloween-esque/Tim Burton-ish style of the characters, which is something I really like with DGM art. Plus, Tiki and Rhode did look pretty good in a lot of the images, I'm also weak to that sort of thing. It's not really my pairing, but if I squint I could probably pretend it was gen or familial type stuff and that's worth it to me for some good Tiki fanart. And then, when you add in the Inuyasha fanart, it's much in the same style, and maybe it's just that I haven't looked at Inuyasha fanart in ages, but I really had fun with the Shichi'nintai fanart here, especially the Bankotsu/Jakotsu ones. (....possible Tiki/Rhode, possible gen Some Bankotsu/Jakotsu.)

- Inuyasha - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - After the last site had Inuyasha fanart, it's not that I meant to get pulled into looking for more Inuyasha fanart sites, but I was browsing the links page and there just happened to be a couple that looked really interesting... it's been a very long time since I went looking for Inuyasha art, but I remember that the fandom really had some of the most incredible art. And I did always enjoy looking for Bankotsu and/or Jakotsu art, they got some really lovely stuff. And this artist is no exception, there's a very canon-esque feel to the more recent illustrations here, but also some really cute stuff. Jakotsu as a little kid is adorable and the artist draws a damn good Bankotsu. Even the oekaki is really solidly done, very impressive overall! (Some Bankotsu/Jakotsu, but the site is mostly gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/Inuyasha - choeX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wavered a little on this site, it was cute, but I was sort of in the mood for Tsuna/Gokudera more than anything. But the Gokudera solo illustration was pretty and there was a very canon-esque style to the artist's work and then there was this really sweet rooftop Tsuna/Gokudera doujinshi and I was kind of caving. But what really did me in was that there was a Dino/Hibari illustration on the site, too! *flails* And it was kind of super hot, too. ♥ It's the only one (that I saw--well, except they do show up in a later comic) on the site, but it was enough to push me over the edge just enough, and decide that I liked this site. It's primarly a Gokudera fansite, it's got a lot of standalones with him and then a bunch of the usual Gokudera pairings, but what sells it is that the artist's style is very close to canon-esque at times with the character and then just really cute when she does her own thing. Most of the art is also doujinshi-like comics/pages, but they're strong enough and there's enough of them that I liked the site a lot. As for the Inuyasha art, I had planned to just pass by that section, it's been ages since I felt the urge to look at art for the series, but I liked the artist's REBORN! work enough that I got curious. And as;dlfkjaslkj it was so pretty! The artist's Inuyasha and Miroku especially looked really fantastic, so I caved. XD Her wet!Miroku, which is the first illustration that I saw, is especially so pretty. *__* (Some Tsuna/Gokudera, some Yamamoto/Gokudera, a little other, some gen for REBORN!. Some Miroku/Inuyasha, but a lot of gen, too.)

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