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- Inu-Yasha - The White Dog - by Becky Tailweaver - I don't usually read much Inu-yasha fiction, for a myriad of reasons (most being that while I utterly adore Inu-Yasha himself, Inu-YashaxKagome hasn't caught my attention the way RanmaxAkane did), but every so often, I get a craving for it. And this series fit my appetites nicely. The writing captures the feeling of the manga/anime itself, is very well-written, and does the Inu-Yasha/Kagome relationship justice. (Not necessarily and easy thing to do.) The plot is intriguing and well-paced, and it's very much like reading a chapter of the manga or watching an episode of the anime. And I just have to say that I really, really love Inu-Yasha. Really. My only problem is that so far (not that I'm all that far into the series) is that I'm really disliking this Sesshou-maru, which is sad because I like Sesshou-maru. *sulks* (Also check out the author's profile for other works by her, some of which also take place in the White Dog universe.)

- Inu-Yasha - Dandelion (or Love of a Child) by roku kyu - ..... *sniffles* This story made me hurt for the IY characters because we all know how things are going to turn out in the future. I've never been able to bring myself to dislike Sesshou-maru and this story is a gorgeous example of why. Because I want so very badly for Inu-Yasha and Sesshoumaru to have been brothers, and to see them that way back before the bitterness and fighting started... it hurts me because I want it so badly for them. The writing itself is gorgeous as well, very smooth and captures this sort of sense I associate with IY. I found Sesshoumaru to be wonderfully in character, which kind of surprised me. I would have thought that he would have had to have been more OOC than he was for this story to work, but... *sigh* this is exactly what I crave with Inu-Yasha fic. Part of "The White Dog" universe, btw. (No warnings.)

- Inu-Yasha - The Value of Empathy and Philosophy By Starlight by Seifergrrl - There are a lot of wonderful, wonderful romance fics out there in the Inu-Yasha fandom. I adore those stories deeply, but, you know, sometimes the friendships between these characters can be even sweeter. In the first story, Sango and Inuyasha share a quiet moment of empathy (as the title implies) and in the second one, Miroku, in his usual way, cheers Inuyasha up. The writing is gorgeous, the characters so wonderfully in character, and the moments subtle and beautiful. I wish for more fics like these. Oh! And one quote! Miroku trying to convince Inuyasha to get out of the tree and come celebrate a festival with him: A piece of bark narrowly missed his head. How he wished, just for a moment, that he could simply 'osuwari' the damn bastard out of the tree. Just once! It'd be cathartic! Everyone should be able to do it, just once, to make themselves feel better about dealing with the idiot. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Inu-Yasha - Echo by Ookami - After reading this fic, I just fell in love with the idea, because I'd started to fall prey to the (seemingly?) fanon idea that Sesshoumaru's mother and Inuyasha's mother were completely different types of people and their father was with each of them for different reasons... but this story takes a different track, presenting an idea that makes so much more sense to me, and wrapping it up with Sesshoumaru's thoughts about that and the current situation. I also love the light hints of Sesshoumaru's softer emotions towards Inuyasha, yet blending wonderfully with the way he treats his brother in the series. Just... wonderful story. (No warnings.)

- Inu-Yasha - Goodbye, Hello by Seifergrrl - You know, it takes a very talented author to write a het lemon and have it still be really hot. But Seifergrrl does that here and makes it not be a total PWP--there are some really neat characterization bits in this story. The writing is lovely, the little bits of humor the series shows now and then peeking through, and the sex really, really good. Mm. (Inuyasha/Kagoma, graphic content.)

- Inu-Yasha - Keeping Company by Katalyst - My only complaint about this story is that it was shorter than I would have liked. Though, a lot of that is due to how there is almost no MirokuxInuyasha fic out there, so it has to cover enough ground to make up for that lack, so to speak. ^_~ But I can't really fault the story for that, it was a light little fic that didn't stretch the premise farther than it should have been and had some wonderful little character insights on how Miroku and Inuyasha are similar in more ways that one might think looking at them for the first time. Oh, well, and my other complaint is that there wasn't nearly enough lime content. ^_~ (Li'l bit Miroku/Inuyasha.)

- Inu-Yasha - Seven Day Revelation by Pareathe - Okay, I'll admit up front that the fangirl Japanese in this fic bothered me, that it kept this fic from being truly great for me, but if it doesn't bother you (and you're not an anal retentive bitch about it like me ^_~), then you'll most likely love this fic. Pareathe's writing is really smooth and readable, the plot is interesting and clever, one that genuinely intrigues me, the execution of it is living up to the plot potential so far (Inuyasha and Kagome are stuck on Kagome's side of the well for a week and they must attempt to deal with that and all the problems that are bound to spring up from that.), and it's really fun to watch Inuyasha interact more fully with the people on Kagome's side of the well, that doesn't happen nearly often enough. I'm also really, really liking the interaction between Kagome and Inuyasha and am very much looking forward to them spending time in new situations (ie, not fighting demons, but dealing with modern day situations) and seeing how they react to each other as they grow closer. Okay, another crappy rec, but just go read the fic. It's really good, clever, and well-written. Nyah. :P And the author promises lemon! Yay! (Inuyasha/Kagome.)

- Inu-Yasha - Accident Waiting to Happen by Ookami - You know, I couldn't decide if I felt bad for Shippou-chan or if I was cheering Inuyasha on when the hanyou was chasing the little youkai around and around in this fic... so I settled for giggling merrily the whole time they were fighting. I liked this fic because, well, it was written very nicely, Ookami's stories have this way to them that just make them sail right along, it had some wonderfully funny moments, and it worked in some interesting bits of character insight, all in one little oneshot. I love. (Mild Inuyasha/Kagome insinuations.)

- Inu-Yasha - Turnabout is Fair Play by Ookami - Okay, so I'm only six chapters into this story that's sixty-two chapters (and still going, if I'm not mistaken), but I just have to rec it because I am having so much fun with it! The writing quickly becomes one of those stories that you just can't put down because it's so goddamned much fun and doesn't let you go while you're reading. I love the characterizations in the story, they're not overly sappy, but they're not bastardized, either, they're just right. *happy sigh~* I'm also impressed at the pacing of the story, it feels very much like the anime/manga so far--taking its time to tell the story, to really get the reader involved in what's going on and devolping things gradually rather than just throwing everything at the characters in one 60k fic. (Even if the first chapter did seem rushed.) I love when a fic can do that. *hearts* Better rec when I've read more. (Inuyasha/Kagome.)

- Inu-Yasha - Turnabout is Fair Play by Ookami - (Full Version read/rec'd) - Okay, so. When I'd first rec'd this story, I'd only read under ten chapters, so the tone of the story was still rather light-hearted and fun. What I find to be really kinda cool about this story is that the tone of the story matches the anime so well--starts out light, but slowly develops into something much more dramatic, yet can still have its lighter moments without seeming to be schizophrenic about it. It encompasses so much, just like the anime, but doesn't feel glossed over or disjointed for it. You can see the characters, especially Inuyasha and Kagome, changing as these events affect their lives as their relationships with each other change, over the course of the story.

And, really, that's the best part of this story. I admit, I tend to get a little sleepy during the information dump scenes, the spell on Kagome being a bit dry and vague to follow, but, then, I get that way with the series, too, so... erm... it's a compliment? ^_~ The characterizations, on the other hand... wonderful. Sparkling is the best way to describe them, and while I've been a steadily growing fan of InuyashaxKagome in canon, this fic really sealed that love for me. I *heart* this couple so much.

Okay, right. This fic pretty much has it all. Length, an interesting storyline that follows the tone of the source material--yet doesn't feel derivative--good, solid, readable writing, sharp, clever sense of humor, touching drama, nice lime/lemon scenes, and fantastic characterization. Easily one of the best IY fics out there and definitely a must-read. (InuyashaxKagome, occasional graphic content, language.)

- Inuyasha - A New Kimono for Rin by Evil Asian Genius - I admit, I almost didn't read this one, because I am very, very leery of accidentally stumbling into a SesshoumaruxRin fic. I just... *twitch* I don't like the idea of them as a pairing. But I don't think this story was really aiming for that--it wasn't necessarily against the idea, but it wasn't the point, either. Anyway, the writing is gorgeous, capturing the tragedy and hope of the Inuyasha characters, just a little bit of humor tucked into all the right places, Rin being her adorable, sweet self, and Sesshoumaru... beautifully in character. *_* Fluffy-sama is one of my favorite characters in the series and it's so wonderful to see him being treated like this, really in character. ....crappy rec for good fic. *shoos* Now go read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru's Little Secret by Evil Asian Genius - *giggles* This was just an adorable little fic that made me laugh to read it. I'm not sure how to describe it (so as not to give away the story XD) other than to say I love this kind of story. Funny as all heck, but still beautifully in character so you can see the characters doing these things. And 'cause I haven't mentioned it yet--I love the little author's notes and chat excerpts at the end! They're actually funny and relevant. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Inuyasha - Spider Games by Sholio - You know how there are some fandoms and some times where you don't want anything too heavy or complicated or long? You don't want a tiny little 8k fic, but you don't want the 100K+ thing, either? (And don't get me wrong, I adore longer Inuyasha epics, too.) That was me the night I read this fic and it was perfect just for that. Sholio's writing and characterization were wonderful, absolute treasures to read, and the plot was just the right length to encompass everything it wanted to achieve. It was touching, it was sweet, it was interesting, it had just a little bit of humor, and was... just right. (No warnings.)

- Inuyasha - narcissi by rondaview - You know what I love about this fic? A Sesshoumaru POV that I believed, bought, and liked. The writing was beautiful, just absolutely perfect--not too psycho, not too uncaring, not too passionate, not too arrogant, not too smug, not too any of the other things that I fear authors could make him. Oh, it felt right, especially the way he looked at the world around him, his own mortality (or lack thereof), even his sort-of-kind-of-not-really relationship with Kagura. Which I wouldn't have thought I'd have believed, but the way it was written here makes a beautiful sort of sense. Add in some gorgeous writing and a knack for getting the feel of the IY characters down, and, damn, do I want MORE. (Some Sesshoumaru/Kagura.)

- Inuyasha - The Time Between Dogs and Wolves by Danica - I swear, Danica's just about the only author who can get me to read Inuyasha fic right now because I'm just so burnt out on that whole... *waves hand* I don't even have a term for it, but Danica's fics are... they're just a bit more gruesome, like... Inuyasha's timely swearing, the harsher fighting, the cruelty of the world without it being particularily designed to hurt Inuyasha... I guess that's one of the things that sold me immediately. Inuyasha being wounded by villagers because he's a youkai or covered in dirt, grime, and bugs because he sleeps in trees and the like... it didn't seem like it was particularily set up just to make Inuyasha suffered, it felt more like the world was an awful place for some people. It wasn't personal, like I get with so many other fics. And maybe that's a strange thing to pick up on, but... it somehow made the fic a bit more real for me, made Inuyasha's growing relationship with Kikyou that much more precious and painful for knowing how it would end. Also? The opening paragraph? PERFECT. I was so incredibly amused. Plus, the various chase scenes or the way she could keep up with him or a million other little things. I ♥ her Inuyasha and Kikyou like crazy. (Inuyasha/Kikyou.)

- Inuyasha - Where the Heart Is by tuathafae - I'm not sure when it happened, that I had a niggling feeling that I might like the idea of Sesshoumaru/Kagura, but I never really did much about it because the Inuyasha fandom is fast and difficult to traverse, I didn't think I would find much of anything without spending far too much time looking for it. But this author posted to the 30_kisses comm recently and I thought, well, I'll just skim the first paragraph or two to see if it's worth checking out. I was immediately impressed by the lovely language of the piece and when I sat down to read the entire story, I was even more surprised by the deft, subtle, and lovely touch this writer has with these two characters. The sense of freedom Kagura has as the wind sweeps her across continents, across the world, the joyful freedom she finally has just shines at the beginning of this story, then slowly, smoothly winds into something more, something that doesn't quite hurt, but there's a real pull to the author's writing. And, oh, the quiet characterization of the relationship pull between these two is absolute, utterly, exactly what I'd hoped to find with the pairing. Sometimes it feels like serendipity when you find the perfect fanfic and you realize, yes, I'm going to fall in love with this pairing. That's what this felt like for me. (Sesshoumaru/Kagura implied.)

- Inuyasha - Queen of Hearts by tuathafae - Admittedly, I don't think this work is as strong as some of the others the author has written, both in terms of characterization and on a technical aspect, there were moments when the relationship felt a little too deep too fast, but... at the same time, I read the whole thing in one sitting and it zipped along really well. The writing is still very clean and actually good, the writer has a great sense for pacing and imagery. I find that I really like Kagura in this story, the way she goes a little insane after Sesshoumaru dies, the way her feelings aren't beaten into the reader's head, but you pick up on them anyway. There are many little touches of imagery in the story that are good--Sesshoumaru's heart, the way Kagura dissects people, the ivory-laden jar that's so precious to her, they all made the fic come into focus in my head. I like that the author actually includes a story here, the way the plot keeps rolling along as seen through Kagura's eyes (which is more of the author's really good pacing, nothing dragged too long, but nothing was skipped over too much, either, considering the perspective), making this a really good, solid fic. (Sesshoumaru/Kagura.)

- Inuyasha - Kaleidoscope by tuathafaerie - It's not often that I read Inuyasha fanfic anymore, but I've always enjoyed this author's Sesshoumaru/Kagura fic, more than just because I wasn't the only one who saw something between the two characters while watching/reading the series, but because the fics are so beautifully written. This is a sort of dreamy, almost hazy sort of fic, it's almost written with an obfuscating tone, but that's the sort of thing that fits with Sesshoumaru and Kagura as characters. There's so much potential between the characters, so much of something that's almost something, and then suddenly it's too late and there are no dramatic moments afterwards and it's so... I really love her Sesshoumaru here. *__* (Sesshoumaru/Kagura.)

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