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- Yukan Club - The Case of the Tea Set by tinyangl - Of all things that I wound up reading this morning, I did not expect Yukan Club to be on that list. But I've had a soft spot for the idea of Seishirou/Noriko right from the beginning, despite knowing that this is Yukan Club and I never expected to take it seriously enough to want fic for it. (I'm still not sure I do, to be honest.) But this was utterly fabulous, the author just totally nails the Yukan Club goofy adorableness and the little touches that make all of their friendships so fantastic. It's genuinely clever and funny, the friendships between all of them are darling and spot-on, the humorous parts are wonderfully funny, and there are all these little moments. It was so, so easy to picture everything in my head, even the dorky (and full of adorable fail) antics of the Yukan Club or when Miroku couldn't help crying a little or when Yuri poked Seishirou annoyingly in the cheek or when Bidou and Karen couldn't understand why normal people recognized them perfectly well even with new wigs on, all those little things were perfect. I can't believe the fic was almost 7,000 words long, it felt like it just flew right by, the author paced this fic fantastically well. If there were more fics like this, I would totally read Yukan Club fic more often. (Some Seishirou/Noriko, but it's a group piece.)

MAOU/Yoiko no Mikata: untitled? by Aki - I-- I didn't know how badly this fic needed to exist until Aki wrote it and it was brilliant. She nails each and every character, she does brilliantly with both series' atmosphere and style, yet winds them together so easily that I can perfectly see it. Sora-chan at Himawari Daycare, which means getting Taiyou-sensei and Naruse-san in the same room and it's. It's exactly how it would go, right down to the brilliant pov from Taiyou-sensei and his sunny outlook on everything, even when Naruse is being creepy. The use of Sora-chan being bullied and how Naruse deals with that, how Taiyou-sensei reacts to all of it, to the little details from the rest of the teachers and parents, I-- I can't even-- Just-- asldkfjaslkj such a good fic, omg. (Maybe a slight bit of Naruse/Shiori, it's not really the point.)

Ryuusei no Kizuna: Axel by Rinny - [Note: There will be spoilers for the series in this fic and this rec.] I was kind of wary of reading RnK fic, I wasn't sure it was a series that really needed much else said about it, but... I was curious, at the same time. And this fic was kind of perfect for what I wanted! Kouichi's character was the one that was ultimately the most fascinating to me, all the surprising amount of complications that came from his character and he was the one I wanted happiness for the most. This fic is really lovely for that, it's bittersweet in places, but in a good sort of way, the kind that shows all of them growing up and moving on, even if that means leaving Kouichi behind. Then, enter Sagi, who is delightful here and I-- I could really like this pairing if it were like this. (Kouichi/Sagi.)

VOICE: A Threesome in Four Acts by Circe - Oh, jesus christ, Circe is going to ruin me for this fandom or pretty much any other fandom ever. I'm not sure I can really even talk about why this fic got me so hard, other than to say it is everything that engrossed me with these characters, everything that made me laugh about them and everything that made me love them. It's a brilliantly balanced threesome fic with Hanei, Ryousuke, and Teppei, where each scene is deftly crafted to show a different side of the relationship or to connect to the events that shaped them in the series or just to be so funny that my face literally hurt from the giggle fit I found myself in. The insights into the characters are amazing and it's so damn entertaining and everything about it is just-- it's perfect. This is everything I ever wanted out of the fandom, so much so that I can't really even talk about it because I just start making vague flaily hand motions and squeaking noises. I can't pick a favorite scene or a favorite character or anything because each one of them was perfect. Just... asl;dkfja;lskjdalkjsl;kj!!! ♥♥♥ (Hanei/Ryousuke/Teppei.)

VOICE: untitled by Circe - You know what? Every time I think I can't love Circe more, she comes back with something like this. Because this is both insightful to the characters/awesome for the characters and also TOTAL FUCKING LOL. It helps to understand the context of the conversation re: the episode discussion, but really all you need to know is that Hanei's mom is awesome and you know she and Hanei's dad are totally like teenagers. And I just. She nails the OT5 dynamic, she nails Hanei's relationship with his mom, she nails Daiki's weirdness, she nails Hanei's mom's awesomeness, and wraps all of that up in the best comedic timing in the final scene that I've seen in a long while. Seriously, it flourished into my mind's eye and every time I read it, I shriek with laughter all over again. God, I love her so much I can hardly stand it. (No real warnings/pairings.)

VOICE: Five by Circe - This fic. Teppei was a character that I had a difficult time connecting with in the same way that I did the other characters, simply because I'm not used to his type and because the others were such loud characters. But then Circe goes and writes this fic and it does kind of amazing things for helping me to understand Teppei's character, but also just being a really damn good fic. The little insights into the Hanei/Teppei relationship that are woven into this are especially grand, how Teppei slowly realizes that he really is safe around Hanei and she just nails Hanei's way of handling Teppei--rough and growling, but gentle in his own way. It's half a Hanei/Teppei fic and half just a Teppei view on the OT5 fic and that makes it perfect. Plus, there's a Kamen Rider joke in it and I still LOL every time. o/ Also, MY LOVE FOR RYOUSUKE. MY LOVE FOR CIRCE'S RYOUSUKE. It is endless. (Somewhat Hanei/Teppei, but it's on the same level as the show.)

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