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- JE - Bigger Than One (Smart Idea) by whyjennifer - Goddammit, JE fandom is this horrible, horrible soul-devouring thing and I was reading fic here and there around LJ, reading commentary, talking to Honooko (who managed to make me feel sympathetic towards Kame for, like, five whole seconds, which is some sort of record, honestly), and somewhere in all of this, I decided that I wanted just one Kame/Jin/Yamapi threesome. Especially if it meant Kame dealing with not one but TWO idiots. And this fic delivers that spectacularly. Between drunken Akamepi except for Kame not being stupid so he's not actually drunk and Jin/Yamapi being idiots and Kame having to deal with them and the hilarious antics and the beautiful, beautiful writing (both with dialogue and prose and adfljkasdfljkas god the timing of the hilarious lines) and gorgeous characterization (...can I use that word for RPF?) and ASDLJKALKJADSLAKJ THE THREESOME PART. NOT THAT IT WAS PORNY ENOUGH, BUT STILL TOTALLY HOT. ....I swear, nothing makes me keyboard mash like JE fandom and this fic is a really stellar example of why that is. (Jin/Kame/Yamapi, slight content warning.)

- JE - Livejournal by konliza - This is one of the first handful of Akamepi fics I read just because I was curious, trying to see if I really did like the dynamic between all three of them or if I couldn't stand Kame and wanted to go back to Pin fic. But. But. It had Jin in America and reading fanfic on-line and calling Kame and Pi to laugh hysterically and decide he was going to write the most perfect JE fic and he's just so. So. So. Dumb about it. And then Kame and Pi are having sex while he's trying to take notes over the phone and I was dying of laughter and hot. The comedic timing is utterly fabulous, the kind where I mean to just skim the fic to bring pertient details to mind while I write the rec and then I wind up getting sucked back into the fic from the beginning and rereading the whole thing. Just. Just. LOL, omg. ♥ (Jin/Kame/Yamapi, somewhere a little above PG-13.)

- JE - Polaroid Pictures III by konliza - I originally started reading these for the Akamepi scattered throughout the various ficlets. All of which were very nice and had idiot!Jin and I'm quite, quite fond of that. They're clever little ideas, sharp writing and very funny and just greatly enjoyable. And then. Then I got to the final one. With Jin and Ryo "holding hands". And I think I laughed out loud for a solid three minutes during/while reading this. That is quite possibly the greatest KAT-TUN fic that has ever and will ever exist. EVER. (Several pairings, I'm mostly reading for the Akamepi.)

- JE - untitled by soucieux - After all the teasing of either off-screen or merely implied sex in the last few Akamepi fics I'd read, it was about time to finally find some actual smut. And damn fine smut it is, managing to be both hot and write three people having sex while not losing track of what's going where. There's still that edge of harshness to the three of them, just a little bit of hate there, but a whole lot more lust, and really that's what Akamepi smut should be about. (Jin/Yamapi/Kame, NC-17.)

- JE - Go-Between by wintersjuly - I was journalhopping and wandered back through Anita's again and went, "....wait, I don't remember reading Akamepi fic by Anita...." and, to my utter shame, I'd somehow managed to miss this one. AND MAYBE NOW I SEE WHY. This is not a happy fic, not at all, but it's subtle and brilliantly written and painful and hurts so much in exactly the way the author intended it to. It's told in sparse little bursts of scenes, just short little snippets set across the timeline of their relationship just before Jin leaves for America to just after he comes back, and it's-- It's really painful, especially if you like Yamapi (or, you know, you have a heart), but the way she gets across so much between Yamapi and Kame and Jin without having to say it, it's beautifully done. (Akamepi.)

- JE - Inertia by wintersjuly - [Note: This is the second part of a series started with Go Between, it would help to have read that fic first.] This fic isn't quite as heartbreaking as the previous fic in the series, but I wouldn't exactly call it happy, either. It's told in the same short, sparse scenes over the course of several months style and this time it's from Kame's point of view of everything, focusing largely on the Pikame part of the triangle. And while it's not happy, it's a brilliant look at how these two would interact, how of course it's about Jin and how she moves them away from that and yet how nothing has changed at the same time. It's just. It's a really brilliant story. (Akamepi, with a focus on Pikame here.)

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