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- JE - Four Fourths of a Twelve Step Program by whyjennifer - I think it was around the time that Ryo showed up and he and Kame were fighting and then it turned into a brawl and then it turned into grinding and Ryo paused and looked up and said, "Oh fuck. Now I want you, too? Motherfucker." that I officially descended into jpop hell. Goddammit, I'm not even supposed to like Pin, much less tossing Kame AND SOMEONE ELSE IN THERE, TOO. But. But. adflsjalsdfj, holy crap, this fic was so completely hilarious (....if Kame were written like this all of the time, I would have trouble not falling a little in love with the bastard) and brilliantly written and the dialogue so incredibly sharp and then it was one of the few foursomes I actually liked and then I just sort of have to give up because I am completely jpop's bitch now. Completely. Ahem. But, seriously. This fic is all kinds of amazing writing, both for the content and on a technical level, and I highly recommend it to anyone. (Jin/Ryo/Yamapi/Kame, some NC-17 content.)

- JE - My Silhouette Lover by annnimeee - I don't know if I would have read this fic (since I'm barely even qualified to be on the fringes of KAT-TUN or NEWS fandoms), but the author wrote one of my favorite Nobuta fics, so I figured I'd give it a shot. And, naturally, wound up shrieking with laughter the entire way through the fic, because there are so many moments of beautiful hilarity that I think I may have actually almost cried a little at one point. It's even better that there are slight hints of Pikame (omg, do you know how badly I need good Pikame fic??), but that it doesn't ignore the retarded beautiful relationships between the other people--I was especially fond of Jin and Yamapi being morons-maybe-geniuses-no-wait-just-morons a lot of the time. But everyone gets their turn in the spotlight, which is sort of amazing, given how many boyband members there are, yet it never feels like the flow of the story was interrupted. And, okay, how can you resist a fic with this line: but KATTTUNNYSTK followed the new recording order that NEWS and KAT-TUN did: record the video first and the song second in the event of an unexpected member change. *cries with laughter* (A little Kame/Pi, but it's mostly a gen fic.)

- JE - Ryo's Parents Never Hugged Him as a Child by Pero - Dammit, it's not fair trying to drag me into NEWS, because I can name, like, three members of the band, yet... the concept of this fic (Tegoshi trying to prove that Ryo really is nice underneath it all, really!) pulled me in, especially because the author is great at humor and balancing large casts. And I love Ryo, I love him dearly already, but I love his sharp tongue and I love the adorably cute reactions of everyone around him when he's kinda evil. Plus, he's not psycho!Ryo or too over the top (it is humor, so it's slightly exaggerated, but... it's also JE, so it fits, too XD) but still hilariously mean. And this was great fun. ....dammit. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JE - Five Times Ryo Found Out He Was Pregnant by helicoptersky - I almost didn't want to read this one because... wtf? Ryo pregnant? But I really love the author's other work so much and, hey, at least the pairing indicator at the beginning said it was Ryo and Uchi and I really like them, so what the hell I said. And ads;lfjkasdflkjadsflij oh my god I seriously cannot pick a favorite of these five scenes because they're all too beautiful. The writing and pacing are amazing and asdlfasdlfjkadf;ljks pregnant Ryo and I'm just going to go over here and die some more. (Some Ryo/Uchi, it's not really the point much at all.)

- JE - untitled by guiltyschu - This is why I have a catch-all JE section, I have no idea whether to label this ABC, Arashi, or, hell, even T&T because of Takki in the second one. But it's two Kawai-centric fics and, asdf;lkjafsdlkjasdlfj, oh my god I hope the monomane segements continue until the END OF TIME if it's going to produce fic like this. The first one is ABC doing backup dancing for Arashi during a SC performance and the way the author writes Matsujun is so great when he's just sort of looming around the edges. The second is just. a sflkjasdf;lkjaldfj HAHAHAHA, oh, god, the ending line is so hilarious. So much awesome in these two short commentfics. ♥ (....I don't know if you'd count Jun/Kawai in the first one? Takki/Kawai in the second definitely.)

- JE/Arashi - Three People Who Weren't in Kanjani8 by travelingpsycho - Okay, technically, this is only a little bit Arashi, but it's so damn fantastic that there's no way I couldn't include it in the Arashi section proper. This started with Wolfie and I talking about a Jun/Ryo friendship after that Duet interview with the two of them, which spiralled off into Ryo meeting Arashi and then Aiba joining K8 and then there was this fic prompted by it and it's fantastic and so perfect and so many little details or bits of characterization that are fantastic. I don't even know the rest of them that well, yet I still avidly read the other two sections to this fic because it's just such a fantastic execution of the idea of K8 getting other members. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- JE - Dear Ryo (Or, If I Help You With Your Problems, You Owe Me) by papercandy - Pero linked this fic to me and I was curious enough to click on it and read just the first few lines at least. And OMG PIKAME FIC. GOOD PIKAME FIC. Ryo being bitchy and arrogant to his friends but not psycho! Yamapi being dumb and loveable, but in the best possible way. Actually funny dialogue and terrific pacing. At least three points where I burst into giggles. Just. I want to flail over this fic, because it's Yamapi annoying the crap out of Ryo about how he (Yamapi) likes Kame and trying to figure out how to tell Kame this and Ryo's reactions are fabulous and it has so many insanely quotable lines. Ryo's line to Koyama is possibly the funniest thing I've read all week, srsly. ♥ (Some Yamapi/Kame, it's only half the point.)

- JE - Tegoshi Yuya: Super Love Doctor Man by wintersjuly - I love Anita's writing when she's writing Ryopin, because she has this gift for little bits of comedic timing and killer lines and moments of hilarity. She has such affection for these people that it shows and she loves to torture Ryo with the dumbness of Pin, yet still so clearly shows why they're all friends. And I love that Jin's not even actually in this, but his influence is still there (and so hilarious because as;flkjsdfljkasdjla AHAHAHAH OF COURSE HE WOULD) and it's just so perfect. And Yamapi needling Ryo from across the room and Ryo's reactions and the eventual dumbing down of even Ryo... all of this, Anita is a master of. (Ryo/Yamapi/Jin.)

- JE - Chance by travelingpsycho - I am not as familiar with K8 and NEWS and the other people in this fic, but I knew enough of them to read this and I've liked the author's work a lot, so I wanted to read this one anyway. I am extremely glad I did because this is the kind of story that I want out of JE fandom. It's not necessarily a happy story, not after how long Uchi and Kusano have been gone from their groups, it couldn't be entirely happy and the author doesn't flinch away from that. Instead, it's explored in an actual story with a real plot that features an amazing emphasis on the way the Jimusho/industry works. But it's not a depressing story, either. It's set from Uchi's perspective (Uchi fic! Good Uchi fic! I would love this fic just for that, never mind that it's amazing for a hundred other things as well!) and the range of emotion he goes through, the way I went on that rollercoaster of frustration and hurt and slowly beginning to be okay and then more hurt all over again with him was tremendous. I felt so much while reading this fic and it was incredibly engrossing and brilliantly paced. The details woven into the story, the friendships between everyone and their previous groups/friends, the way the Ryo/Uchi friendship was just so brilliantly done here... this is easily one of my favorite fics in the fandom now. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JE - WHACK! KA-POW! ZING! by konliza - I tend to skim over most JE fic these days (I am becoming increasingly disllusioned with the rest of the ficcing fandom, alas and woe) but Pero mentioned this fic specifically, so I figured I'd go give it a shot and I'm glad I did. Jin being delusional and crazy in the head is almost never not funny, especially when he's inflicting it on the rest of his group and NEWS and even K8. I love that the fic starts out with Yamapi laughing hysterically at him, then has Yamapi and Ryo laughing hysterically at him, because Ryopin interaction is one of my favorite things in the world. Especially when they're laughing at each other. ♥ But it just gets more fun from there, when Jin's crazy spreads around to everyone else and some encourage him and some want to hit him for the roles he casts them in his crazy--because Jin has decided to be a superhero, which means he has allies and enemies, right? There's also some more fun snippets in the comments (here's the thread I wandered through) and I enjoyed this a lot. (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- JE - The One Where There Are Carrots by acchikocchi - a;sdlfkjaskjdalkjs oh god I love her so much that I swear I'm going to burst with it. I love her Yamapi and I love her Ryo and I love her NEWS and a;dsflkjaslkjalsk goddammit shut up coherence (and punctuation apparently) are overrated. Because her Yamapi is so weird in certain ways, but in the kind of way that's so delightfully retarded that I just want to swoop in and scoop him up and never let go because she is genius at writing him. And her Ryo! So confused by his dumb bandmates! And there are Christmas things in this fic! A Christmas photo shoot and carrots and Santa and--asdflkjalsk I love JE fic again. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- JE - Inertia by wintersjuly - [Note: This is the second part of a series started with Go Between, it would help to have read that fic first.] This fic isn't quite as heartbreaking as the previous fic in the series, but I wouldn't exactly call it happy, either. It's told in the same short, sparse scenes over the course of several months style and this time it's from Kame's point of view of everything, focusing largely on the Pikame part of the triangle. And while it's not happy, it's a brilliant look at how these two would interact, how of course it's about Jin and how she moves them away from that and yet how nothing has changed at the same time. It's just. It's a really brilliant story. (Akamepi, with a focus on Pikame here.)

- JE - untitled by lazulisong - No, seriously, one of the best things I have ever done in my fannish life is to get Meg into JE because she writes fic exactly like this. Not that I don't love her other fics just as much, but-- There is something truly and deeply beautiful about Ryo looking at fanfic and calling up Yamapi to torture him with it. And she does it brilliantly, so that I was laughing the entire time, pretty much shrieking with laughter, because the descriptions and reactions are so clever and brilliant and perfect. Also, the ending is beautiful. I love their dumb, dumb friendships. ;__;♥ (No real warnings/pairings, other than whatever fandom likes to put out.)

- JE - Deluxe Driveway Derby by pinkpapyrus - Okay, see. I learned pretty early on in JE fandom that it was a really big mistake to look outside the list of authors I trusted (or that were directly recommended to me by people I trusted) because my sanity threatened to divorce me. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes I missed out on fics like this. I, like much of the fandom, have an unholy love of inter-JE antics (despite them being a bitch and a half to write) and this was a beautiful example of it. JE on go karts, with all the beautiful, beautiful, epic retardery that you would expect of a bunch of bitches being forced together in silly activities. And if that weren't enough there's some truly glorious Nino/Jun bitchery that makes me love them all over again, truly deep down to my very soul. And Ryo bitchery. And K8 retardation that's beautiful. It's all balanced out in this fic wonderfully, I love it all. And this is a terrible rec for what's a really fantastic fic. (Nino/Yamapi, but that's not really the main point.)

- JE - Uchi is a Bitch by iwritebadporn - So, every once in awhile, I get the masochistic urge to go look and see if anything worthwhile has been posted to jent_fanfics. (Which means I end up missing a lot of good stuff, but I also save my sanity and I figure that's the more important thing.) And sometimes I find adorable little stories like this that are delightful with the Ryo/Uchi dynamic. Not only does it have readable writing, Uchi is actually kind of a bitch and Ryo is kinda cranky but kind of fond at the same time! And Uchi whining about other girls that Ryo's dated was kind of lolarious. I ♥. (Ryo/Uchi.)

- JE - 5 Times Uchi and Kusano Return to NewS by annnimeee - One of the things I love to read about the most is the connections between the various JE groups, especially when the super-busy idol lifestyles are worked into the story, so that there's actually plot happening, too. And this series of five ways that Uchi and Kusano came back to NewS and Kanjani8 was fantastic from start to finish, it has an amazing amount of background details of their lives and the Jimusho worked into it, yet without overwhelming the actual story and the emotions of these people. The writing is smooth, clean, and engrossing, I sat down to read for a little bit and, before I knew it, I was finishing up the fic because I couldn't look away. The emotions, both with Uchi and Kusano, aren't overdone, so instead they come across beautifully here, you can tell how hard the past year had been for them, how some things haven't changed, how some have, and what all of this means to them, all of it told with an incredibly deft hand. And there are a million little things worked into the story as well, the way Jin and Yamapi's friendship pops up occasionally, the way Ryo and Uchi just fit back together perfectly and are great friends, the way Jin is a real person in these scenes, especially the final scenario. I love that it's a fully-formed story, rather than just a sketch or a moment with characters yanked out of their backgrounds, it's a brilliantly written tapestry of JE's crazy world, never forgetting the humor or the emotion and just... asd;flkjaslkjaslkj so much love that I'm incoherent about it. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JE/Arashi - Scenes from an Office Party by Meg - You know. There are some authors who write scenes that I can reread endlessly. There are some authors who take all that awesome Jun and Ryo interaction lately and write them as the bitchy BFF of terrorizing Akanishi the rest of JE like you know they would. It's not just that this fic is hilarious (though, it very much is), but also delightful for the inter-JE bands antics. It's mostly an Arashi fic, but I think it's enjoyable outside of that, too, especially for the hilarious NEWS stuff. This was a delightful little Christmas present! (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JE - Amigo wo Produce by yamapea - So, Anita and I were crabbing about the lack of Pikame fics that resonated with us (well, okay, I was crabbing to Anita about it) and she mentioned this one and I said I didn't think I'd heard of it before. Which is a shame because it's a brilliant Pikame fic and does an amazing job of making both of them such flawed people. She's really kind of vicious about the tension between them and how they really didn't get along at first and how it's not just any one person's fault really, but it's the kind of dynamic that I imagine happened exactly like this. And I like that Yamapi isn't a saint here, but he's a real human being. I love how smooth and clean the writing is. I love how it fits so perfectly with both of them. I love all the tension here, both positive and negative, and I love how much it affected me while reading it. Some parts were really painful and other parts were just so damn cute. Beautifully written. (Pikame, except it's totally gen.)

- JE/ARASHI - Gackt-chan Bakes Cookies by Anita - The arrangement Anita has going on with Mer is delightful because, despite that it might be difficult on the two of them, it means LOTS OF FIC FOR THE REST OF US. And it means Anita wrote Arashi again. This time with Yamapi! And Gackt-chan! And there is baking and Jun being delightfully evil and you know what I love? That lately there is a lot of Nino/Jun bitchery in fandom (as well as a lot of traumatizing Sho ♥) and Jun kicking people. I love Anita and I love this fic. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings worth mentioning.)

- JE - Homecoming by Anita - ....!! K8 (and Ryo/Uchi at that!) from Anita! *heartmarks violently* Since Uchi has a drama coming up at the end of February (one that Ryo's going to be in even!), it's given fandom a bit of hope again that maybe Uchi might return soon. This fic plays on that possibility, what Uchi might go through when each of the other members of K8 find out, and it's silly and funny and touching and wonderful and all the things the author wanted it to be. I love how-- How much K8 clearly loves Uchi and was waiting for him to come back just as much as Uchi was waiting, too. I just-- Oh, if I'm going to fall for another JE band, it's going to be this one right here. ♥ (This is gen, but you could probably read some Ryo/Uchi into it.)

- JE/Arashi - A Day in Our Lives by Meg - alasl;dfalskj YES. I've been waiting for the je_holiday reveals because it was obvious Meg wrote this one and it was so much fun to see her KRAP antics (Kame, Ryo, Jin, and Yamapi, that is) and all the various guest stars from around the rest of the building. There is also mocking of Jin's SUPER MANLY I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT THAT IS THE MANLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN dog Pin and that always makes me happy. ♥ Though, really, there is mocking of everyone (Ryo coming dangerously close to a whine, Yamapi being kind of spacey, Jin being Jin, Kame being a far too skinny bitch, etc.) and that's the kind of attitude we need more of in fandom. Also, did I mention it was funny? Because it takes a certain author to put this many jokes into a fic and not have it overdone, but Meg does it brilliantly. ♥ (Implications of a lot of things, but you could almost squint and pretend its gen.)

- JE/ARASHI - Idol Worship by aatash - You know, I kind of wanted to run screaming from the idea of Chinen/Ohno... but then the author said that porn of the two of them breaks her brain, so I was comforted by that. (Because porn for them would break my brain, too.) And I was still kind of tempted because Chinen's idol worship of Ohno is so darling and it would be really kind of hilarious when they were older and the author really makes great use of little details in the fic. The TV Pia mention, the fishing, all of that. Plus, there are short ficlets in the comments and this one kind of made my day. XDDDDDDDD (Chinen/Ohno, implied Ohmiya.)

- JE - untitled by acchikocchi - Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. *rubs hands together with glee* After that rumor of Yamapi and Jin moving into the same apartment together surfaced, I have been waiting for there to be Pin antics fic. That there is also Ryo in this fic only makes things that much more fantastic and her Yamapi voice is fantastic and the timing/pace of the short fic here is just so perfect that I'd chain her to her keyboard if I could. ♥ (Implications of Jin/Yamapi, but it could be gen, too.)

- JE/Kanjani 8 - Eight Rejected Eito Song Titles by travelingpsycho - There needs to be more fic like this. K8 and eight short scenes of each of the members working on a song that eventually gets rejected (or put aside for later) and they're all funny, sweet, touching, or adorable in all the right moments. The author really has a great way of working in so many little details of their lives and what makes them such a fantastic band and does it with so much love, you can tell. (....nothing I would warn for.)

- JE/Kanjani8 - The Positive/Negative Meme by pinkpapyrus - So, because certain people have been such a positive K8 influence lately, I've been edging more and more towards them. And then I see a fic with the premise of K8 doing the positive/negative meme? Oh, hell yes I had to read that! And this fic was really clever and fun, it totally lived up to the potential of the idea and I loved the format the author used, I love the LJ usernames the author chose for each of them, I love the way that there was so much... fun with all the members, you could tell how much they loved each other by how much they teased each other. Also, the potential Ryo/Uchi hints totally made me happy. ♥ (Some potential pairings, but I'd label it closer to gen.)

- JE/Kanjani 8 - untitled by travelingpsycho - Given all the press that Ryo/Uchi's been getting lately because of their drama, I've been pining for more fic of them, despite that I don't know/trust enough authors to read their fic yet. (Seriously, more people should do recs. *stares at fandom*) But I've always liked travelingpsycho's fic and when I saw she'd posted Ryo/Uchi fic, I was delighted and got exactly what I was expecting--a rather short but still perfect Ryo/Uchi fic that could eventually lead to porn, but doesn't need it to be enjoyable. The easy friendship that's here, even when a (now legally) drunk Uchi shows up on Ryo's doorstep and Ryo should probably be mad at him for that, but... it's Ryo and Uchi and they're just... friends and a lot more than that and the fic reflects that fabulously. *loves* (Ryo/Uchi.)

- JE/Kanjani8 - Promises by Jain - Sometimes I randomly click on Ryo/Uchi fics that come across jent_fanfics (possibly because I like hurting myself a lot ^_~) and sometimes I get really cool stories like this one. It's so... cute and happy without being too over the top with the fluffy, just the kind of dynamic I like for Ryo and Uchi's total fantastic gay. There's just something... not precisely subtle, but something very empathizable or something here that makes it work really well, when Uchi gets Valentine's day chocolate and isn't really sure precisely what to do with it. Very few fics can pull off the crossed wires/mix-up in messages (compared to the number of fics that try, anyway) but this one really did a great job with that--it's really fun to go back and reread once you know the ending. The author set it up just right for that. <3 (Ryo/Uchi.)

- JE - Can't Go Home Again by acchikocchi - Well. This fic certainly crushed my will to live for awhile. Not that it didn't do so in an absolutely beautiful and brilliant way, I love the way it's actually really quite subtle in a lot of ways, the way it took a light, fluffy Jin/Tego fic and made something more serious out of it. Generally, I'm into JE fandoms for the light-hearted fun of things, but sometimes a more realistic/heartbreaking fic comes along by the right author and I'm just enthralled. Jin's interaction with different people and how different each of the dynamics with them are, then followed up with his friendship with Yamapi, that says so much without having to state it... it's brilliantly done. There's a lot of insight here, worked into the fic without being too obvious, you just feel it and her characterization of Jin is so damn good. And every time I read that last scene... just... *bursts into tears* (Jin/various, some Jin/Yamapi, sort of.)

JE/Kanjani 8: Possible Story #23 for Future MC: The Smoothie Incident by pinkpapyrus - a;sdlkfjasl;kj I don't know K8 well enough to read that much fic for them, but I adored this and I don't think you have to be that familiar with them to delight in how adorable this is, how much they like to mess with each other because they like each other. Just asldkfjalskj hee! <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

JE: One Thousand and One Tokyo Nights by acchikocchi - This is the one je_holiday fic I read pre-reveal (because I hate having to go back and do recs later to ammend them with the author name) because it came so highly recommended and asd;lfkjasl;jk color me totally not surprised that it was from Mer. Because this is Pin, this is exactly what they should be and is just so damn clever and wonderful that I about exploded from it. It's a simple idea, Jin and Yamapi on a road trip and being such boys about it, but it's the way Mer writes them that sells it and a;sldfkjaslkj Yamapi telling stories to pass the time while Jin's driving and it's. It's beautiful. It's adorable and hilarious and spot on and the stories are clever and, god, I burst into giggles so many times. I love Mer forever. ♥♥♥♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

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