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- JE - Accidentally on Purpose by wintersjuly - So, I've started reading Pin fic, right? Which is largely because this one was posted together with two Arashi ficlets and it was easy to just keep reading, especially with how much I liked the author's style. It's very clean and sharp and gets the people across so clearly, even with my lack of familiarity with them. (So far. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.) And, okay. The bit about MatsuJun had me practically stuffing a fist in my mouth to keep from howling with laughter, but mostly it's the way Pin is... it's half two utter idiots and half cuteness that will destroy your soul. And, god, asdfljadfls, Jin's lines, that's just... *wipes tear* that's beautiful. (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - Scenic Route by whyjennifer - OMG. Idiocy and porn? Goddammit, I am weak to the idiocy. (Thankfully, I already have idiocy in a different boyband to keep me from being eaten alive entirely.) I just. The writing is so fabulous, it's clean and sharp, the dialogue is crisp and genuinely funny and clever and then then carporn is completely and utterly hot. All of this is balanced together to make a fantastic fic, all the things a Pin fic should be. Also, any time Yamapi jumps Jin in a car and Jin says, "Wait, wait, wait, are you nuts? We're on the side of a road where anyone or, like, I don't know, Bigfoot can just come by and see!" there is no way the fic can fail to be full of awesome. (Jin/Yamapi, NC-17.)

- JE - untitled? by darkeyedwolf - adfljaslfdjaldsjf, THIS IS WHY I WANT HER TO WRITE MORE. Because even if I didn't already love these two, I would have rolled around on the floor in hysterical laughing fits until I caved after reading this. I mean, you don't even have to know who these guys are to appreciate how insanely awesome this fic is. I mean. They're complete idiots and the way the friendship underneath their idiocy is so solid and it's just so beautiful. And, god, every time I read the opening bit with the postcards, I laugh so hard I choke. EVERY TIME. Or the bit with the phones. God, the phones. Every line of this fic is complete and utter awesome, I can't even talk about it without incoherency and capslock abuse. Just. This is what Pin fic should be. Forever and ever. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - Up Against the Ropes by acchikocchi - Oh, goddammit. I just meant to skim the beginning of this one. Then I started reading. Then I got to "IíM TOO GOOD-LOOKING TO DIE!" Yamapi shrieked at the top of his lungs. and promptly started shrieking with laughter so hard that I don't think I stopped for the entire fic. The humor of the fic is definitely one of its strongest points (the entire bit with Jin's first scene in the fic had me so deliriously in love that I cannot even speak of it without keyboard mashing), but it's also that Jin and Yamapi are just so... so... there really aren't words, you know? It's partly snark, it's partly that they're both idiots, it's partly that they're both incredibly hot, it's partly that they have this great back and forth between them where they're always trying to shove the other idiot down, but somehow still more than the sum of their parts. This fic is awesome for getting that across, awesome for the thoughts that run through Yamapi's head, awesome for Jin's reaction to Yamapi tied to a chair with no one else around, and, asdf;ljkasdfljkadsf;, YAMAPI WET AND TIED TO A CHAIR. I keep rereading bits and pieces of this, all of which DO NOT GET LESS AWESOME EACH TIME I REREAD. Just. al;sdfjalsfdjaljfsd, holy crap, as if one JE band wasn't enough, now I have to like Pin, too? (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - Kinks by Honooko - ....asdf;lkjasld;fjasdf, Pin fic with Yamapi tied up and even when they're having sex that's really hot, they're still such loveable idiots. I mean, any Pin fic that contains this line/image: Instead, Jin was writing kanji with his tongue all the way down Piís chest. In the wrong stroke order. has to be awesome. And it totally was, a nice little treat to read (and further drag me down into the depths of jpop hell, you h00rs) and asdlfjalkfjdaslk the ending, hee. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi, NC-17.)

- JE - The List (Or, My Best Friendís Ideal Girlfriend) by helicoptersky - I was just sort of randomly poking around and stumbled over a few drabbles, then happened to wander over to this fic, just intending a quick, light read. Instead, I was quickly sucked into the sheer awesomeness of this fic, of Jin being dumb in trying to be the "perfect girlfriend" for Yamapi and how beautiful that was. The author has this incredible sense of comedic timing, so these little moments (Jin with the X-Ray had me laughing until it physically kind of hurt) are just brilliant, the kind that totally make a fic, and then she puts in, like, two dozen of them, so the entire thing is one long stringe of complete awesome. It's also the ideas (or the way Jin interprets the items on Yamapi's list), the details in the fic, the things Jin says, the way he's so completely an idiot, yet not a parody of himself. It's also wonderfully lengthy without being too drawn out. And. And, and, and. I cannot tell you how much I loved this fic, how beautiful my love for Pin shall be forever more because of fic exactly like this. Brilliantly funny and awesome and even the smut was hot. Oh, also the ending with Ryo may have sent me into shrieks of laughter because that may have been the funniest thing I've ever read. (Jin/Yamapi, R-to-NC-17-ish content in one scene.)

- JE - I've created a monster by helicoptersky - Oh, my god. Once again, I was nearly shrieking with laughter at the antics of Jin and Yamapi in this author's hands because the way she writes Jin is a thing of beauty and some of the imagery she used (oh my god, Yamapi walking around the room like that had me wheezing with laughter) was nothing short of brilliant. It's just. They're idiots and there's porn and they're best friends and they're such idiots and so completely perfect for each other and all I can do is flail my arms and pinwheel around a whole lot. (Jin/Yamapi, R-to-NC-17 content.)

- JE - Last Minute Plans by wintersjuly - Every time I get to: Jin gives him the finger, but then remembers Ryo canít see it. ďBecause you canít see it, Iíll tell you Ė Iím giving you the finger, Ryo,Ē he shouts and does it again for good measure. I start laughing and then I start swearing because no no no no no I don't want to like NEWS or KAT-TUN or any of those damn bands. But. OMG. Jin. Jin trying (and failing) to figure out what to get Yamapi for Christmas and Jin's house is full of idiots from Japan and I'm so weak to group dynamics that are fun and they're written so brilliantly here and adslfjaslals so much love. Dammit. (Yamapi/Jin.)

- JE - Precautions by helicoptersky - I am honestly sitting here, trying to write a rec for this fic, and I can't do it. Every time I try to think of something to say about the fic, I just starting cracking up all over again, because, oh my god, Pin is the most awesomely dumb thing in the world and this is why. Jin. Yamapi. And condoms. I just want to roll around on the floor and laugh until I cry at how beautifully Pin they are here, how great the writing and comedic timing is. The second to last scene makes me dissolve into giggling fits every single time. (Yamapi/Jin.)

- JE - Four Ways Yamapi Reassures Himself That Jin is Really Home and One Way Jin Reassures Yamapi by wintersjuly - One of the few good things about my jpop flist being taken over my news of Jin's return (shut up, I like Jin, really!) is that some of the Pinfic that's come out has been fabulous. And I have a great love of "five things" stories in the right author's hands and wintersjuly does them so well, each story idea is clever and interesting and can stand on its own, I feel satisfied after reading them. And I love how much emotion she can convey between Jin and Yamapi, how they're still such idiotic boys even when they missed each other a lot and they're finding geniously clever dumb ways to show they're both glad Jin is back. Just. Oh, I love these two and Jin's beautiful, beautiful retardation. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - The Adventures of Boob and Boobs, or: Six Dramas Johnny Will Give Us If He Really Loves Us by darkeyedwolf - Every once in awhile I stop to reread this fic because it's an example of the "five things" type of fic that actually works. Plus, it's a great example of how Wolfie's brain is some sort of magical place where everything is make of gay and rainbows and sparkles and somehow she manages to get that craziness down into text form. Also, every time I read that first one, with the idea of Jin and Yamapi as ninjas, I kind of die because I would both fear for the world and watch that in a heartbeat and this fic conveys that reaction perfectly. (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - untitled by acchikocchi - Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. *rubs hands together with glee* After that rumor of Yamapi and Jin moving into the same apartment together surfaced, I have been waiting for there to be Pin antics fic. That there is also Ryo in this fic only makes things that much more fantastic and her Yamapi voice is fantastic and the timing/pace of the short fic here is just so perfect that I'd chain her to her keyboard if I could. ♥ (Implications of Jin/Yamapi, but it could be gen, too.)

- JE - river in egypt by Mer - I love it when people write fic based on interviews in the various magazines or stories the guys tell in interviews, because I love building off of "canon", and this story is delightful for that and for the fabulous characterization. Jin and Yamapi constantly tease and poke at each other, lightly tormenting each other and enjoying the embarassment as Yamapi presses Jin on a particular point, but also obviously attracted to each other and super hot together. This was just. Fun and adorable, Mer's fic just. Makes me happy. Especially since PIN FOREVER, yes. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

- JE - Can't Go Home Again by acchikocchi - Well. This fic certainly crushed my will to live for awhile. Not that it didn't do so in an absolutely beautiful and brilliant way, I love the way it's actually really quite subtle in a lot of ways, the way it took a light, fluffy Jin/Tego fic and made something more serious out of it. Generally, I'm into JE fandoms for the light-hearted fun of things, but sometimes a more realistic/heartbreaking fic comes along by the right author and I'm just enthralled. Jin's interaction with different people and how different each of the dynamics with them are, then followed up with his friendship with Yamapi, that says so much without having to state it... it's brilliantly done. There's a lot of insight here, worked into the fic without being too obvious, you just feel it and her characterization of Jin is so damn good. And every time I read that last scene... just... *bursts into tears* (Jin/various, some Jin/Yamapi, sort of.)

JE: Lights/Camera/Action, or Jin and Maki Make a Porno by agirlcalledkil - Siobhan linked me to this Pinfic the other night, so I read it curiously and just. *rolls around with glee* PIN FIC. IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG. I've not read much outside of my flist in awhile, so I don't really know the authors to go to, but I enjoyed the hell out of this so much. I love, love, love the friendship between Yamapi and Jin, yet there's a little something more there (no actual smoochings or anything, just implied feelings, so more like pre-slash) and it was just. The Pin dynamic is clever, sharp, and fun here, I cannot count how many times I laughed out loud during this or how many times I had the stupidest grin on my face because the author hit all the right notes with this. I even loved Yamapi's total denial that he wanted Jin because nobody else was buying it and asl;dkfjalksj this is the kind of fic that reminds me that I will ship Pin forever. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

JE: Starbucks by pinkpapyrus - *shrieks* PINFIC, EEEEE. God, I love these two and this fic just. It's a moment in time, Yamapi and Jin being idiots with each other out of love and being stupid boys and just. It's a simple thing, Yamapi in the bathroom of Starbucks and needs Jin's help, which goes about as you'd expect it, but it just captures the magic of their friendship and I love it dearly. ♥ (Jin/Yamapi.)

JE: The Way We Get By by nkiseki - This was an interesting fic to read, starting out with Jin having been gone for awhile and obviously bad things had gone down, then flashing back to the past and how things unfolded, while interspersing it with scenes from the present, and that can be a tricky style to pull off well, but I really liked what the author did with it here. And I love the confusing tangle of emotions between Jin and Yamapi here, the way it's all complicated and yet they're still so themselves. I probably only gave this one a shot because it was part of je_holiday, but I'm really delighted that I did, it was an intriguing read, emotional in all the ways it was striving for. (Jin/Yamapi.)

JE: Last First Kiss by crystallekil - It can be really difficult to balance out Pin stories, to make them serious without losing the 'dumb and dumber' aspect that is a beautiful part of the Jin and Yamapi relationship. But I liked the approach this fic took, it was set from Yamapi's point of view--another thing that's not always easy to do, to get across that quiet attitude he has that does kind of cover so much of what's going on with him, which this fic also did a good job of--and is all about realizations and missed chances and growing up in this industry and maybe it's not too late. I adored the whole fic and the ending was just. Really sweet and just what I wanted. <3 (Jin/Yamapi.)

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