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Junjou Romantica Doujinshi (scanslated): Chika*Chika - God, I love this series and these characters. I love that half of this book is doujinshi, but the other half is a novel from Usagi that the scanslators translated! And, yeah, it was hot as well, but also it was kind of super awesome for Misaki feeling neglected and then getting drunk and yelling at Usagi and then porn! I also love what an evil fucker Usagi is at Misaki's antics in the drawn half of the story, just totally amused at Misaki's threats and is an evil bastard about it. Plus! There's Nowaki/Hiroki cuteness about the time when they were just walking home together! And Nowaki is so open and cheerful, to Hiroki's crankiness! And Nowaki and Misaki meeting on the train! I love stuff like that. But mostly I actually enjoyed the novel the most because asdl;kjfa;sljkslj lolololol I love Usagi's novels forever. Even if I could never quite figure out if it was one of Usagi's novels or an actual part of the storyline (I think novel, though?), but it didn't really matter. Either way, it was awesome. (Usagi/Misaki, some Nowaki/Hiroki. Content warning for the novel part at least.)

Junjou Romantica Doujinshi (raw): Romantic Egoist - [Note: This post is locked but the comm is freely joinable.] I totally picked this one up for the promise of more Nowaki/Hiroki porn and the doujinshi is more of a light NC-17, but it was still really satisfying. And also several of the panels were really pretty! I like how the lines are a lot cleaner and more smoothly inked than the manga usually is, making it interesting to see the characters in another style, while the artist still captured the occasional big headed chibi panels or the sudden widening of the eyes of either character. Plus, man, Nowaki is the best boyfriend ever and I kind of love Hiroki with a passion that's ridiculous, both feelings that this doujinshi brought out in me like crazy. (Nowaki/Hiroki, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

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