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  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It did not take me long to fall in love with this site at all. Usually, I'm not that fond of sites that are almost pure comic strips/mini-doujinshi, but this was one of the first Junjou Romantica fanart sites I've come across, so I decided to give it a shot anyway. It helps that the artist frequently draws rather porny scenes and that she does really well with getting Nakamura's style down (if rougher and less polished) and that, holy crap, there is a lot of art here. It took me hours to go through the hundreds of pages here, all of them so cute and adorable and fun! It's one of those sites that... I mean, I'm still never going to be a comics person over more traditional art, but I'm glad this was my first site in the j-fandom because it gave me a satisfying amount of art and the artist clearly loves the Egoist pairing a lot (though, it's actually pretty balanced between Egoist and Terrorist) and I love her for that. And, seriously. There is A LOT OF ART here and it'll take you awhile to get through and that just makes it all the more fun and cute. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu, Usagi/Misaki, a little other.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I managed to stumble over the link to this site today and because of my raging Egoist obsession (seriously, it's terrible right now) I immediately pounced on it and inhaled all the art here as fast as I could. I'll grant that the earlier stuff is a little rough, but the artist puts in a decent amount of detail to the pieces and you can see the potential and see her grow over time, to become a really fantastic little site for the Nowaki/Hiroki pairing. Plus, there's Halloween art and kidlet versions art and winter coats and chilly winds art and yukata and undone shirts and rain and umbrellas and sharing scarves and... well, everything that I totally go ridiculous over. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not that I wasn't pretty much going to love this site just for being an Egoist-centric site and having a really decent amount of art here. But. There was one of kidlet!Nowaki and kidlet!Hiroki (IN HIS SCHOOL UNIFORM) and I think I may have broken something squeeing. It was one of those sites that hit me super hard because I'm in the middle of a raging Egoist obsession and the art was sketch-like and light and airy and used soft lines and colors, which I am all weak to. There's also Hiroki in his reading glasses and Hiroki with a champagne glass in his hand and Nowaki/Hiroki in winter coats and more than one image of Nowaki suckering onto Hiroki in various situations and just. I am not even going to try to be unridiculous, okay. The image of Nowaki's desktop wallpaper is alone worth visiting the site for--! ....but, yes. This was totally adorable, there was a lot of art, and the sketches were right in my wheelhouse. I was all over this site. ♥ P.S. THERE WERE KITTY EARS. The noises I made were embarrassing. P.P.S. HOMOZUKA was amazing, I laughed so hard. (Nowaki/Hiroki, occasionally a tiny smidgen of NSFW.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site isn't going to be for everyone and I freely admit that I skimmed some of the earlier stuff. However! The artist does some really cute chibis and there's a really decent amount of art here and it's one of those sites that... I'm in the middle of a raging Egoist obsession, okay? So I needed my fix! And I liked some of the pieces here and would like to see the artist continue to draw! There's one of Nowaki, Tsumori, and Hiroki all together that kind of cracked me up and any time kidlet!Hiroki is in his school uniform, I'm totally weak. And her facial expressions are totally adorable. :D (Nowaki/Hiroki, a little NSFW in a chibi smooches and pulling Hiroki's shirt off sort of way.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site where I have to admit that I'm probably softer on it because I'm in the middle of an Egoist obsession and I did end up skimming a lot of the main gallery, but... there were a few pieces that I was charmed by and then I hit the log section, with all the black & white sketches... where, suddenly, the artist's style started really clicking for me. Her sketches really show off the potential she has, not to mention her Nowaki gets a lot hotter when he's sketched rather than drawn with firmer/inked lines. Plus, there is A LOT of art here--not just of Egoist, but also Romantica and a smidge of Terrorist--which always puts me in a good mood when it comes to fanart sites and I'm glad I stumbled over this site; I wound up enjoying it genuinely. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, a little Akihiko/Misaki, and other.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It really did not take me long to fall in love with this site at all. The artist starts out a very smidgen rough and then proceeds to get better and better until she's drawing really fantastically polished stuff. Her style is a little different from Nakamura's, but I find I rather like the artist's style of her own, especially with as strong and detailed as it is. But it's not just that. It's also that she does comic strips (with great Hiroki expressions and Nowaki wrapping his arms around Hiroki with a frequent ^__^ expression) and adorable chibis and really pretty colors and there's even another illustration with cat ears! The site isn't very big, I definitely wish there had been more here, but it's one of the prettier Junjou Romantica sites I've been to and it very nicely gave my my fix for today. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, some Shinoda/Hiroki.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist's account might not be for everyone, but... as I was browsing through tegaki's JR tag, I stumbled over several of the artist's pieces and... the more I saw, the more I become won over little by little. It helps, of course, that there's a strong Egoist presence with the artist's work, but there's also some super cute Romantica art here, too! I like the artist's soft, manga-like colors and her type of scenes--leaning on shoulders, pressing close to peer over a shoulder, pulling the other back to lean against them, cute confectionaries and baked goods, Hiroki occasionally in glasses, etc.--are totally my type of thing. It is a tegaki site, so of course the art is a little rough, but I wound up really liking the artist's stuff and wanting to see more from her! ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, Akihiko/Misaki.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It did not take me long to fall in love with this site, either! I wish there were a little more art here, especially since the artist is capable of really nicely done images, but I'm also pleased with what is here--the artist has a lot of potential, but also has a strong sense of her lines and does some really great poses--there's one of Nowaki and Hiroki in a forest-like area, smiling at each other, and it was just beautiful to see, half for the visual part of it and half for how much I wanted to squee. I think that's what this artist did for me--sure, the art is traditionally quite pretty, but it's also that sense of how fluttery I get over the characters that she brings out. There's even the occasional chibis and bedtime makeouts! Her cg colors are smooth and fantastic, looking really polished! It's like this artist knew exactly what I wanted to find today and hit me just right. ♥ Definitely one of my favorite sites in the fandom, I think. (Nowaki/Hiroki, occasionally NSFW.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another one of those sites where I wish the artist had done more work, because I can see how smooth and polished the lineart is, I can see how much potential there is in this artist! I liked her work enough to check out her other gallery--which is full of really beautiful stuff and makes me pine for her to do more Junjou art--and I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one. There might not be a ton here, but it was a fun little site and the artist has some great cg-style colors and even one really excellent Akihiko/Misaki image! (Mostly Nowaki/Hiroki, with a little Tsumori thrown in there, and a hint of Akihiko/Misaki.)

  - Junjou Romantica - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist is definitely not going to be for everyone and I know that ahead of time, but... I'm weak to chibi art and the pastel colors that the artist uses and the sheer amount of art here and the adorable situations and the little extra doodles in the comments that come along with pretty much every image on the artist's account! She often draws Nowaki snuggling up with Hiroki, who has a grumpy look on his face! She has cute Halloween art! There's puppy ears! There's doctor!Nowaki! There's Christmas art with reindeer ears and costume and Santa outfit! There's New Years animal art! And a lot of it is so fucking cute that I can hardly stand it. ♥ So, it's one of those sites that took me, like, an hour to get all the way through and made me super happy this morning and I am all about the fanart making me happy. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

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