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Junjou Romantica: The Talk by Mizu-Tenshi - So, I marathoned the first season of the Junjou Romantica anime the other day. I pretty much immediately started looking for fic and this is one of the first ones I stumbled over and oh god it's going to ruin me for the rest of the fandom. Usagi sits Takahiro down to talk to him about certain things (like his sexuality and his relationship with Misaki) and he's pretty much himself about it and... Takahiro is Takahiro. I was pretty much shrieking with laughter throughout the fic and it was just... it was perfect and I cannot possibly write a rec for it, because it's too beautiful and I could not do it justice. (Usami/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Why? by shizuke - This fic is kind of a lot of what I love about Junjou Romantica as a series--that Misaki, despite his protests, is often drawn towards Usami's BL novels (well, more like they're drawn to him, really) he does get awfully worked up over them. And, of course, Usami usually happens by at about exactly the right time to make it both hilarious and kind of hot. I love that Misaki's life is really difficult here, but in the sort of way that fits with the series itself and that the fic gave me sex on the couch, which I appreciated even more. :D<3 (Usami/Misaki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Reading is Pleasure by vampkiss - You know, I actually didn't set out to look for porn for Usagi/Misaki, it just... sort of found me? Not that I'm complaining, mind. Because I don't necessarily need porn in the original canon, but eventually I start seeking it out in fic if the lack of resolution takes too long. This is another fic that involves Usagi's BL novels and Misaki not being able to get away from them and Usagi coming along at just the right time. Well, it's not all that coincidental, but it's still hilarious. And hot. And super, super hilarious at the end. I still laugh every time I reread it. (Usami/Misaki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Junjou Christmas by Ai-chan - I admit. When I go looking for Junjou Romantica fic, I'm usually looking for Usami/Misaki fic, which is the shortest part of this fic, but... what the fic immediately snagged me with was the interaction between Miyagi, Hiroki, and Usami in the beginning. I was seriously just about crying at Usami because the author wrote him so pitch-perfect and, well, by then I could hardly put the fic down, now could I? It's a lovely piece on the three different couples of the series all at Christmas time and I loved all the little touches. The characters were all spot on, right down to Shinobu and Nowaki as well, their Christmas gifts were perfect. I adored pretty much everything about this. (Miyagi/Shinobu, Nowaki/Hiroki, Usami/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: By the Book by Shayheyred - You know what I love about this fandom? The way they use Usami's BL novels in such hilarious ways! I love the snippets from his novels at the beginning of several scenes and the way Misaki gets so pissy about it but then... well, it goes pretty much how you'd expect it to go. This is a short piece, but it's utterly delightful, with Misaki being annoyed and Usami being a charming bastard and then snippets of the other couples worked in as well, making it even more fun. P.S. The ending was beautiful. (Mostly Usami/Misaki, but with some Nowaki/Hiroki and Miyagi/Shinobu as well.)

Junjou Romantica: house a pump in four chambers by glass_icarus - When I first clicked onto this fic, I rather expected that I would quickly read it and then move on, since just under 400 words is hard to rec. (Not that I don't do it often, but I'm at least trying not to so much. orz) But then this author went and had this really sharp little piece, with a great Misaki narrative, on his relationship with Usagi and how it's hard to find the words with him sometimes, weaving in why Misaki does some of the things he does. I really, really liked this one a lot! (Usami/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Storytelling by Unified Miracle - This is a really short piece, but I couldn't help it. I love the image of Misaki being unable to sleep and so he seeks out Usagi who never makes fun of him for it, but finds a way to ruin it (except not really) in his own way. It's sweet and really says so much about them both right there. <3 (Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Heat by crsg - Ahhh, I love showerfics like this. It's one of those things you have on a half-formed mental list in the back of your head that eventually a fandom/pairing has to have before it'll truly be complete and this one was very nicely done. It strode that balance between Misaki denying his feelings and not entirely denying them that works really well for me, right down to how Usagi wants more, but can wait for now and can see the truth well enough. Plus, showerfic! And Misaki being too hot, so he takes a cold shower! It was a lot of fun. <3 (Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Kimi=Hana by crsg - So seeing Misaki come to him for a change, already blushing before Usami had had the chance to even think about jumping himů well. An interesting development indeed. This one is even shorter, just a simple piece about Misaki wanting to say something to Usami, but it's one of those sweet, darling moments that I love with this ship. So much. <3 (Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Never Alone by crsg - I might not have bought this fic from a lot of characters. Just being by himself causes Misaki to get into a tailspin, bad enough that it bubbles up to the surface? But it's Misaki. And the author captured that feeling of him denying what he was feeling until he was good and worked up, so that I could see this of the character, especially given his past and how much he really does sort of get comfort from being around people, especially Usagi. Plus, hell, I'm hardly going to turn down the way you know the fic had to end. I... yeah, I pretty much wound up loving the characters even more after this fic, which is what all fic should do for a person. (Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Common Ground by Fletset - One of the best things (for me) about Junjou Romantica (aside from how hard I ship all the OTPs) is the way the various characters all interact with each other, the way friendships connect all of the stories together. So, a fic that's about Misaki and Nowaki both feeling a little jealous of their loved ones having other friends in their lives is a delight to read, all the more so because they never really know their connection to each other. I really liked the parallels drawn between the two characters' stories here, the way they both pull themselves out of their funk and trust in their partner and their own feelings. Plus, the writing is solid and made the whole thing so easy to picture, which made for a really satisfying read today. (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Indiscretions, or: Hiroki, the Town Bicycle by Eike - Ahhh, another fic that uses all three of the Junjou couples and has their lives all intersect with each other's. It starts as a story about Hiroki getting drunk and maybe saying a few things that don't sound so great when they're not in your head and Nowaki kind of goes off the deep end and then it snowballs from there. I love that it was hilarious (and, boy, was it ever) but that it was also really sweet and made me coo over Nowaki being kind of totally stupid for Hiroki (one of my favorite tropes pretty much ever, when one character is so in love with someone they're a moron about it) and that it was... it was Junjou style "angst". You knew it would be resolved, that's what made the characters running around so much fun! I love Nowaki ridiculously. And al;sdkjfal;sjk Hiroki, god, I love him, too. And the interactions with Usagi and Misaki! Gold. (Nowaki/Hiroki, some Usagi/Misaki and Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: If You Love Something by Eike - I have to admit that I almost skipped over this fic because of the summary/possible content--that Misaki is moving out into his own place, Akihiko isn't happy about it--but I liked the author's other work enough to give it a shot. I was wary that it was about them growing distant or breaking up, but it's actually not that at all, it's about Misaki needing to establish himself a little more so that they can become stronger together. I love that it's about Misaki including Usagi in his life and his family, that it takes Usagi awhile to realize that himself. The ending is lovely and totally made this a wonderful read. (Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Dinner with the Demon by Kurachic - This is one of those stories that I'll warn ahead of time for being a WIP and that I'm not sure it's going to be continued, since it's been a few months. (Not that I should talk, but.) And I note this mostly because asdl;kfjaslkjs I really wanted the next chapter, because it's a dinner with Usagi/Misaki and Nowaki/Hiroki and Aikawa/a special guest! Each of the three currently available chapters focuses on a different pairing, starting with Usagi/Misaki cuteness, with Misaki being kind of freaked that DEMON KAMIJOU is coming over for dinner and it's no big deal to Usagi. Then Hiroki trying to tell Nowaki about dinner plans and trying not to make a big deal out of how it's his childhood friend/first love while Nowaki is so... Nowaki about it. And then Aikawa is kind of nuts in the best way ever. And as;ldkfjalks I want all of them together in a room for dinner already! XD That's how I know the fic hit me just right--when I'm kind of clawing at it for more. (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Irresistible by F.Valconbridge - The way this fic is structured is interesting--I'm not precisely sure how the first chapter relates to the following chapters, if it's skipping around the timeline or if they're just vaguely connected oneshots, but it actually kind of made the whole thing more intriguing. Don't ask me why. And, okay, I pretty much picked this one up for the porn and, boy, did it deliver. All four chapters are pretty much dedicated to a really long sex scene, making it a lot more fleshed out and satisfying than a lot of sex scenes are. But it's not just sex, it's porn with characterization, as Misaki tries to reach for the phone to get Usagi off him but never quite makes it or Usagi slowly wears Misaki down until he's not so embarrassed and can admit how much he likes the sex. And I really do enjoy how much they both clearly love each other and how they both enjoy the sex a lot. Plus, the ending with Takahiro? You can see it coming from a mile away, but it's still so very great. I have been kind of pining for stuff just like that in fandom lately. (Usagi/Misaki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Lights by Annabel N - As soon as you read that the premise of this fic is that Usagi gets those lights you can turn on by clapping, you know exactly where this fic is going. But it's so much fun in getting there, such light-hearted and adorable fun that it's totally worth the ride there. The image of Usagi carting Misaki around to every room in the apartment, mid-sex, is super hilarious and the ending is darling! (Usagi/Misaki, slight content warning.)

Junjou Romantica: untitled by Anon - [ crack continuation + crack continuation 2 ] - I don't normally rec things from anonmemes, but I was browsing the Junjou Romantica one and stopped to read the first response (Nowaki and Hiroki couchsex, bonus points for getting caught by Akihiko and Misaki) and it was just so... it was so... it was so beautiful and perfect and then there were continuations with Hiroki shooting up to be my favorite character because of how he reacts to getting caught by Misaki (HIS STUDENT) and Akihiko, who then HE becomes my favorite because Akihiko is just... he has no shame! No embarrassment! No fucking tact and I DARE ANYONE READING to not pretty much just about cry over these three pieces. I can't say much more without ruining it, but... oh, man, this may be one of my favorite things in the fandom yet. I dearly wish I could read more of this set foreverrrr. (Nowaki/Hiroki, Usagi/Misaki, maybe not quite SFW.)

Junjou Romantica: A New Year's Incident by Eike - Oh, this one was just wonderful. It's a series of revolving narratives (each one in a different scene) about the chaos that is the Junjou Romantica characters all being invited to the Kamijou household for New Year's because they really don't have a lot of family to spend it with, but this works out really well. I love the connections between the characters, I love that it's hilarious and it had me laughing outright more than once, and I love that the characterizations are all spot-on. I love that even when they're trying to make each other's lives hellish, it's done out of love and it only makes you love everyone more. I'm also impressed as hell at how the author crammed so many characters into a single room and didn't make it feel crowded or confusing to figure out what was happening where. I cannot say enough about how much I adored everyone meeting each other (my favorite was Misaki and Hiroki, of course) and how all these little characterization touches were put into the fic, how the author nailed every single character, and gave it a warm-hearted, happy-making ending. ♥ (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: Because They Don't Like Hiroki... by Eike - This is just a short little piece, but it's still really fun! Because, yes, a surprise birthday party for Hiroki would be so great, especially when he really doesn't want to be there but all of his, ah, friends do because they're a bunch of bastards. So cute! <3 (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: Ineffably F able by MythNLynx - I've gotten away from Akihiko/Misaki stories lately (given how hard I've fallen for the Egoist characters) but since I liked the author's other fic, I thought, well, why not, I'll give this Romantica one a shot. I'm really glad I did because it's a darling, well-written piece that just... reminds me how much I really do adore these characters, too. I love that it's set from Usagi's point of view, because it's often times easier just to write from Misaki's and yet I like to see Usagi's thoughts explored as well. Especially when he comes home after a late night and finds Misaki asleep in a very interesting place and you can just feel how much Usagi really adores Misaki, even beyond how he's always saying that he loves him. It was really charming. ♥ (Usagi/Misaki, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Three Days by Kumorastar - I'll admit that this fic really needs a third part at least, because it's all build-up right now, but. The first chapter has this great moment with MIyagi, Hiroki, and Akihiko that I loved so much I couldn't resist recommending it right away. (Though, be warned that it doesn't look like it's going to be finished any time soon.) And the second chapter had Hiroki and Misaki in the same room! I... I am apparently really easy for anything that makes Hiroki's life difficult and/or super awesome, especially when the author is clearly having a ball with it, too. (Nowaki/Hiroki, Usagi/Misaki, both implied.)

Junjou Romantica: To Write a Tragic Love Story by Qatari - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 ][Note: These posts are locked, but the comm is freely joinable. You can find the fic on FFNET as well, but chapter 5 is not posted there.] I stayed up far too late reading this story because I just could not put it down until I'd devoured all of the available chapters and then had to force myself to just go to bed already. I'll warn ahead of time that it's an unfinished fic and, having been half a year since the last one was posted, it may very well not be finished. I'm clawing the walls a little over that, because I want the resolution so badly, but what's available of the story so far is just so... asd;lfkjasl;jkfffffffff I have been pining for this idea for awhile and I was even discussing the situation surrounding it a few days before I stumbled over this fic--whether or not Akihiko knew how Hiroki felt about him for all those years. This fic deals with that and all the fallout that would happen if Akihiko were planning to use the events of the year Nowaki went to America in a novel and Hiroki exploded all over him, revealing his previous feelings and the mess that Akihiko never even noticed.

As cliche as the idea could have been, this fic hit all the right notes for me! The reveal was incredibly satisfying, making me feel for both characters--my fangirl heart belongs to Hiroki in this fandom, but I don't blame Akihiko because it's not like he did it on purpose. The fic reflects that beautifully, that it's not really anyone's fault, all while making it rather painful to read at points because both of them have their "fault" in this situation and you hurt for both of them. But the best part is that this Hiroki characterization is fantastic. Well, all of the characters are, but especially Hiroki and Misaki, as the friendship between Hiroki and Akihiko is strained and their lovers try to encourage them to mend fences. There are so many scenes where I just about started giggling aloud at the humor, there were so many scenes where I just wanted to hug both Hiroki and Akihiko both, there were so many scenes where I was a little breathless at the sheer depth of emotion, there were so many scenes where I was impressed by how well the author just nailed the characters' voices and the insights into their characters. It's an idea I've been dying to have played with, all executed in a way that I think really does justice to everything that would unravel because of this, all while not making it pointlessly angsty. It's a good story, in the vein of the manga itself. (Nowaki/Hiroki, Usagi/Misaki, references to Usagi/Hiroki and Usagi/Takahiro.)

Junjou Romantica: Christmas Delights by Penguin - There are two things I love about this fic. The first was the almost gentle, sort of peaceful feeling of Nowaki and Hiroki at Christmas, as Hiroki thinks of how bright and happy Nowaki is, how he's so different from the Akihiko they've just spotted coming out of a store at Christmas. The whole piece is just this moment in time that's perfect, it says so much about the characters and where they are. The second thing I love about this fic is the imagery at the end--when Hiroki reaches out to Nowaki because he can't do it with words and Nowaki understands what he means. So he promptly describes just exactly what he's going to do Hiroki when they get home and, ngl, I'd do a lot for that particular fic because those are totally my kinks. (Nowaki/Hiroki, brief mention of Usagi/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: Junjou Fluff by Qatari - I'll warn for a few things ahead of time with this fic--I think it could have withstood a lot of tightening up, but most of it is in the variety where the author would simply get better with a little experience. There are times when the speaker is unclear in a group scene, there are times when the writing falls into cliche or lampshades itself a bit too much (all the talk of "uke day" or "seme day" is something I cannot imagine flying with Hiroki), the situations often get rather over the top, there's a lot of elipses in the formatting, etc. To a degree, some of these things are almost inevitable when you have a fic that's almost 200,000 words and I don't mean to seem unduly harsh. This is not meant to be a backhanded rec; more that I feel I should mention that it reads like one of the author's older stories and I took it in that vein. Because I read this fic almost exclusively over the last week or so, putting everything else on hold (fic-wise) because I could not put it down. The author has this incredible comedic timing and sense for dialogue with the Junjou Romantica characters that was amazing and downright addicting. I would constantly read just one more chapter--despite that each chapter is long enough to have been a signifigant fic on its own! And, despite their length, one chapter would turn into two, would turn into three, and I eventually just had to force myself to go to bed.

One of the best things about the fic is the length of story, that it covers a lot of ground and yet never feels like you're left unsatisfied; the pacing is just right for each storyline, whether it's Hiroki being an angsty moron and getting himself sick enough to land in the hospital or any of the given couples needing to work out their issues or the group trip abroad and the antics they get into there. It's half about the craziness that results from everything and half about having these characters connect with each other, both in the romantic couples and in forming bonds of friendship. I admit, I am mostly in the fandom for Hiroki and that's definitely what I took away most from this fic, but I think you'll enjoy it if you like any of the couples, because the author is very good about balancing all three couples and building on the friendships. I think pretty much every character interacted with every other character at some point!

Still more beyond that, the author managed to keep things fresh, while still staying true to the spirt of the characters--it's hard to not just neatly resolve everything after a couple of chapters, yet without feeling like the reset button was always being hit. That's one of the things I crave most in fanfic--I like progress, but maybe not everything all at once, which this fic did wonderfully! I got the feeling that Nowaki and Hiroki, for example, were a lot further along than they were at the beginning of the story, but they were still going to have problems because they weren't perfect at actually TALKING TO EACH OTHER, no matter how far they'd come. And as;ldkfjalskj Hiroki and Akihiko's friendship! And Misaki finding out that Usagi-san's friend was Demon Kamijou! And the friendship blooming between Misaki and Shinobu! All things that I love to see in an epic length fic. But also, like the author's other work, you can feel her strong grip on the characters and how they all work, by themselves or with the other characters, making them all so much fun to read about. And now... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself now that I've finish my epic-length Junjou Romantica fic. :< (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu, references to other potential ships like Akihiko/Hiroki, but this is firmly rooted in canon.)

Junjou Romantica: Lessons in Cooking and Love by penguin474 - You know, for all that Egoist is my usual pairing (especially since Hiroki is the character that kind of connects all the different couples in the series), I find that stories like this one--where Akihiko/Misaki and Miyagi/Shinobu interact together--are really interesting, for the potential they have and because they're simply just fun. They're not precisely the same dynamic, but there's enough similiarities and points of connection that it makes sense to put them in the same room and the author captures that beautifully. I actually really like seeing Misaki and Shinobu interacting, I could definitely see them as being friends--and Akihiko and Miyagi are just as interesting, both being so deeply involved in the literature world. The emotion of the piece is also nicely done and, throw in a reference to Misaki finding out about Demon Kamijou = Akihiko's childhood friend, and we're all set for something that I enjoyed immensely. (Akihiko/Misaki, Miyagi/Shinobu.)

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