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Junjou Romantica: Forever the Uke by PurificationArrow - Another time where I never quite know what I'm going to get is when you have a title like this one has, which... honestly, could have gone either way. But what I liked about this fic was that it wasn't precisely about sex (though, there is sex as well) so much as it was about Hiroki being the recipient of feelings being sent his way. It's a rather simple premise--a girl confesses to the teacher she likes (Kamijou) and Nowaki happens to walk in on it, they have their usual communication problems, they work it out in the usual way, and then there's sex--but the mood of it works with the Egoist couple, they're both nicely in character (I especially liked Hiroki and his stupid pride at all times), making it a nice little read. (Nowaki/Hiroki, somewhat NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: The Monster that is Green by deecherrywolf - I have this list of things in the Junjou Romantica fandom that I pretty much never get tired of and it's constantly growing longer. Another thing to add to that list? Hiroki being jealous when someone else pays attention to Nowaki! Not that he's actually jealous, not at all, he's not! And Nowaki can just quit smiling right now! And, ahhhh, I love a clearly jealous Hiroki who will never admit it, but he and Nowaki understand each other well enough anyway. This was just really cute and fun with jealous!Hiroki being the main attraction of it. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Compromise by Nefariously - It's hard to describe what I liked about this fic, aside from that I'm easy for slice of life stuff when it comes to Nowaki and Hiroki. The writing is a little rough, but the character insight from Nowaki re: Hiroki (especially how he sees Hiroki as a slightly snobby child at times) really worked for me here, the combination of the tone and the characterization making it this really cute, sweet little piece. I like that Hiroki is probably hard to deal with even on the good days like this, that Nowaki silently bears it and wouldn't change anything for the world, that felt very on to me. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Old Men Never Lie by Faye-Naruse - I have to admit, there's something about Miyagi musing on Hiroki's type--and how Nowaki doesn't quite seem like Hiroki's type to him, but after his author friend visits, that's more like Hiroki's type--and Hiroki's reaction to this speculation that will always, always amuse me. This was just a fun little piece to read and, man, I'd read Miyagi and Hiroki antics all day long if I could. ♥ (Background Nowaki/Hiroki, implied Akihiko/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: The Day After by Eike - You know, I don't recall having read this one before? Eh, if it's a re-rec, that happens sometimes. But I read it again this afternoon and it just.... Granted, I've been really obsessive about Nowaki/Hiroki for the past few weeks so I'm a little more invested than a lot of people, but. This is a short piece set the day after the scene in the library and it's perfect. It's hesitant and a little unsure, but also so much better and they understand a lot more now and I love this Hiroki who still struggles, but paid attention to the lessons he learned. I loved this fic because I could feel the depth of their emotions so clearly in it, without it being over the top or melodramatic, it did a fantastic job of conveying just how much they love each other and desperately want each other and how much it means to both of them to be together like this. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Of Secret Admirers by Eike - Is this another one I somehow managed to skip? Shame on me. (Or else shame on me for the re-rec, whatever.) But it was nice to have this morning when I was running low on JR fic to read and really just wanted something fun. Which this fic totally was! Oh, I love Hiroki so much, especially when he's oblivious to the secret admirer he has and Miyagi has fun at his expense because Miyagi is just that kind of hilarious bastard. I honestly can't decide whom I loved more here, Hiroki or Miyagi or even the poor woman who had a crush on Hiroki. This is why the Miyagi/Hiroki relationship is something I wish were touched on more in fandom because it's full of potential for screamingly funny scenes like these. (Background Nowaki/Hiroki and Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: Eye of the Storm by deecherrywolf - Oh, man. Don't get me wrong, I'm a canon timeline girl at heart, but... an AU where Nowaki gets lost as a kid, runs into Kamijou-san, gets adopted by the family, and meets his new little brother, who is completely adorable in his crankiness and egoism at that age? I ate that up with a spoon like the delicious, delicious treat it was. It's not terribly a long fic and it's only one chapter and it's been well over a year, so it doesn't look like it's going to be continued, but what there is of it is still worth reading! Seeing little Nowaki and little Hiroki interact is completely adorable and really fits them both well, they're obviously younger, but still recognizable and it's hard to win Hiroki over, but Nowaki being Nowaki, you know he'll eventually manage it. Plus, the scenes with Kamijou-mama are completely adorable and Nowaki at school is completely adorable and just-- I was a little flaily about this, I know. Shut up. (This is sort of gen, but it's in the Nowaki/Hiroki vein.)

Junjou Romantica: Overworked by Ozzie Eggs - This fic has some extraneous Japanese in it that I found a little jarring and I'll admit upfront that I felt like it sort of ended abruptly/I wish there'd been a scene where Hiroki and Nowaki actually saw each other to give the fic a stronger point, but I'm crabbing about those things because the fic was a really good piece otherwise. The writing was smooth and the characterization was solid and I really wanted more from the author! Plus, okay, I always enjoy a good scene with Hiroki and Miyagi and this fic totally had that. Also also, I'm a sucker for Nowaki and Hiroki kind of pining for each other in their own way and this piece accomplished that nicely. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Love Letter to Japan by Ozzie Eggs - This is another short one, where Hiroki reads the letters that Nowaki never sent because they really mean the world to him, even if he'll never tell Nowaki that, but then... well, there's bound to be a letter or two that Nowaki knew he wasn't going to send, so he might have been a little more direct than he would be to Hiroki's face, yes? So, I laughed kinda hard at the second letter Hiroki read here and his reaction to it and just. asd;lfkjaslkjfffff I love the Egoist pair forever. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Are You Awake? by fudeki - This is another short piece, but it's one of those that I stumbled over on a whim and I... this is the kind of fic that makes me kind of envious in fandom, because this is the kind of ficlet I want to write sometimes, where Nowaki is trying to wake Hiroki up and it goes about as well as usual so Nowaki... is Nowaki, and yet the author clearly beat me to it. But it's so adorable and the ending is perfect, so I can't really complain. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: 4:03 by Sorryll - My only real complaint about this fic is, fffffffffffffff, I really wanted another scene to it! The author does a really nice job of Nowaki and Hiroki having one of their usual arguements just before Nowaki has to leave for several days, getting Hiroki all worked up about it, and then the resolution of it that's just so... Egoist. It can sometimes be a difficult line to walk, getting Hiroki to stew about events like this, to not go too far, but to not make him callous either, but the author does a really fantastic job of it and the final scene at the end is a nice emotional payoff, very nicely done. Even if I totally wanted the author to write another scene. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Keep Warm by hitzusin - This might have been a very short piece, less than 300 words, but it's wintery weather and clothes and Hiroki wrapping Nowaki up in his scarf because Nowaki wasn't properly dressed for the weather and trying to be nonchalant about it and just. I am totally weak to stuff like that, it makes me feel all warm and fluffy and happy, too. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Beautiful by yunakitty - I will admit that I was a little wary of this fic when I first started reading it--there was a little too much emphasis on Nowaki seeing Hiroki as an "angel" or a "beautiful creature" and I can buy a certain amount of loopy thinking from Nowaki, especially after he first met Hiroki, but the beginning of this fic was rough for me. But I liked what the author was doing, the way Nowaki was instantly taken with this guy he saw, the way he had all these feelings about the guy, but also clearly really, really wanted to fuck him, the mix of fluffier feelings and physical attraction to him clicked well with me. So I kept reading. And the author found the characters' voices pretty quickly after that, setting the Egoist storyline through Nowaki's eyes here, showing the early stages of the first meeting and tutoring and how they fell into a relationship with each other and--despite that I've read the manga and watched the anime a ridiculous number of times--still made these events really interesting to me! She didn't just rely on the events we already saw, she wove in other moments, original ones, that felt very organic to the timeline and gave depth to the relationship.

But it wasn't just that that appealed to me. Oh, sure, the frequent sex was very, very nice (very nice) but it was also nicely done to show the attraction between the characters, Nowaki's very direct attraction and Hiroki's attempts to keep a distance yet failing to hide how much he wants this, too, and revealed little insights into the characters. I think what really made this fic work for me, what made it come together for me, is that the author had a great Hiroki voice. He was insulting but you could clearly read beneath it every time he bitched at Nowaki or ordered him around, every time he called him stupid or annoying, you got how Nowaki could read underneath it even in the beginning. Little moments (oh, my god, the thing with Hiroki slowly stealing Nowaki's clothes hit me right in my wheelhouse, that was a serious kink of mine) of adorableness or even rather awkward sex because Nowaki is new to this, all worked together to make this one of my new favorites in the fandom. Honestly, I was pretty much clapping my hands together in glee by the end because she just nailed the dynamic and the voices for the characters by the end, because she didn't skimp on the sex, but didn't make it all about that, either. This one hit me absolutely perfectly. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: five exercises in aggravation by glass_icarus - I have a great fondness for Akihiko and Hiroki friendship pieces, they're so cheerfully awful to each other sometimes (well, Akihiko is because Akihiko's kind of a dick) and yet it's a great friendship, I couldn't help laughing my way through the entire first scene. It's also interesting the way the author had the various moments in their friendship going backwards through the timeline, which makes each one a little more bittersweet than the previous one, which sort of drives home how their friendship has changed over time. They're all interesting on their own, but the combination of all the scenes together makes an even more interesting piece, I'm glad to have stumbled over this one today. (Background Nowaki/Hiroki and Akihiko/Misaki, one-sided Akihiko/Takahiro and Akihiko/Hiroki, but the focus is on the friendship.)

Junjou Romantica: Walking Home by deecherrywolf - Okay, I know this is a short one, but... it's so sweet and fluffy and so Egoist that I couldn't help myself. It just put a smile on my face and made the day a little brighter, especially the way Hiroki so easily gets swept up by Nowaki sometimes... at least until his temper reasserts itself, even if it's just out of embarrassment. This was totally adorable. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: And I Will Follow You Home by Scriverane - There was something about this fic that just quietly caught me. Granted, I picked it up for the Egoist cameo (because I'm that far gone, yes) but wound up really enjoying the Romantica part of the storyline as well! It's a simple idea--there's a surprise party for Misaki as thrown by Takahiro, there's a handful of guests and things just sort of... roll along in a JR sort of way--but it was really quite charming in the way the author dealt with the characters all being stuffed into the same room and secrets coming out into the open. It was a happy, upbeat fic and it had some really hilarious little touches from Akihiko's point of view, especially when he eggs Hiroki on deliberately or when noticing that Misaki has a weird look on his face, which really just completely sold me on the fic. ♥ (Akihiko/Misaki, some Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Candid by Serenity Aur - One of the staples of Junjou Romantica fandom is how Nowaki wins Hiroki over through that smile of his and how weak Hiroki is to him, which this fic also deals with, but adds in a few lines that I really liked--about how most of the world sees Nowaki as this almost simple, but good-hearted kid. Which he is, in a lot of ways. But Hiroki also knows that Nowaki isn't all that simple, that he's constantly thinking and the ideas he comes up with! It just put that extra little sparkle on the fic for me, to have that come up, since it gets at the heart of what I like so much about Nowaki. Plus, Hiroki being ridiculously in love is always fun. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Fitting the Bill by faye_naruse - You know who I kind of love, despite that he was only in two chapters? Shinoda! If I hadn't been already conditioned to like Nowaki with Hiroki, I would have absolutely shipped the hell out of Shinoda/Hiroki, because he saw through Hiroki so well and pushed at him when he needed it and it was also super hot. This fic continues that weird sort of feeling--like, I'm kind of shipping this, but not really because, well, Nowaki....--and I really like the author's take on Shinoda and Hiroki a few years later. It's not quite the same spark as it was before, but both are in really good places, so it's a little gentler, even if Shinoda still deliberately pushes Hiroki's buttons and teases him. It's one of those that's kind of a perfect wrap-up to Shinoda's reapparance in the manga, this time with both Hiroki and Nowaki, which makes this a really satisfying piece. (Nowaki/Hiroki, past Shinoda/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Tipsy by faye_naruse - You know what's one of my new favorite things in fandom? Hiroki coming out of a drunken stupor while in the middle of sex with Nowaki. Somehow, it just amused the hell out of me in this fic, a lot of which was because Hiroki's reaction was so... Hiroki and Nowaki was so... Nowaki and it all goes about how you'd expect. But also because it's sex up against the wall and that is one of my favorite things ever. Between a combination of the humor and the sexytimes, this fic was totally a fun read. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, a light NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Crime and Punishment by Avarice - I know I shouldn't enjoy this kind of fic as much as I do--aside from the fic being very nicely written, of course--but Hiroki getting distracted by Nowaki, Hiroki coming up with a plan, the plan backfiring on them both terribly, and poor, poor Nowaki being tormented like that? It amuses me every single time I read it. Plus, the sexytimes are very nicely done as well and it's just. One of those great little Egoist moments that, of course, it all ends up the way it does, both the good and the painful. XD (Nowaki/Hiroki, somewhat NSFW.)

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