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Junjou Romantica: Junjou Christmas by Ai-chan - I admit. When I go looking for Junjou Romantica fic, I'm usually looking for Usami/Misaki fic, which is the shortest part of this fic, but... what the fic immediately snagged me with was the interaction between Miyagi, Hiroki, and Usami in the beginning. I was seriously just about crying at Usami because the author wrote him so pitch-perfect and, well, by then I could hardly put the fic down, now could I? It's a lovely piece on the three different couples of the series all at Christmas time and I loved all the little touches. The characters were all spot on, right down to Shinobu and Nowaki as well, their Christmas gifts were perfect. I adored pretty much everything about this. (Miyagi/Shinobu, Nowaki/Hiroki, Usami/Misaki.)

Junjou Romantica: By the Book by Shayheyred - You know what I love about this fandom? The way they use Usami's BL novels in such hilarious ways! I love the snippets from his novels at the beginning of several scenes and the way Misaki gets so pissy about it but then... well, it goes pretty much how you'd expect it to go. This is a short piece, but it's utterly delightful, with Misaki being annoyed and Usami being a charming bastard and then snippets of the other couples worked in as well, making it even more fun. P.S. The ending was beautiful. (Mostly Usami/Misaki, but with some Nowaki/Hiroki and Miyagi/Shinobu as well.)

Junjou Romantica: Closer by crsg - After having gotten caught up on the anime (and ready to jump into the manga as well), I've found myself with a strong affection for Nowaki/Hiroki all over again. So, this fic came along for me at the perfect time, because it just made me fall in love with Nowaki all over again. I adore how much he pretty much thinks the sun rises and sets on Hiroki, which you can feel in every little thing he does or every little smile he has, right down to the way he nearly fusses over Hiroki when he gets sick. Plus, grumpy Hiroki when he wants Nowaki to quit fussing is perfect. The whole thing is perfect, really. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Anger management by Mizu-Tenshi - One of the best things about Hiroki's character is that he's Demon Kamijou at school and having Nowaki see that and get worried about all the stress Hiroki is putting on himself only makes it better. I love that the summary for this fic is basically, "Nowaki tries to get Hiro-san to manage his anger better. Things go pear-shaped from where." because, lolling forever, it's so true. The ending is pitch perfect and every time I think about it, I pretty much burst into giggles all over again. This is one of those must reads in the fandom for me. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Common Ground by Fletset - One of the best things (for me) about Junjou Romantica (aside from how hard I ship all the OTPs) is the way the various characters all interact with each other, the way friendships connect all of the stories together. So, a fic that's about Misaki and Nowaki both feeling a little jealous of their loved ones having other friends in their lives is a delight to read, all the more so because they never really know their connection to each other. I really liked the parallels drawn between the two characters' stories here, the way they both pull themselves out of their funk and trust in their partner and their own feelings. Plus, the writing is solid and made the whole thing so easy to picture, which made for a really satisfying read today. (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Indiscretions, or: Hiroki, the Town Bicycle by Eike - Ahhh, another fic that uses all three of the Junjou couples and has their lives all intersect with each other's. It starts as a story about Hiroki getting drunk and maybe saying a few things that don't sound so great when they're not in your head and Nowaki kind of goes off the deep end and then it snowballs from there. I love that it was hilarious (and, boy, was it ever) but that it was also really sweet and made me coo over Nowaki being kind of totally stupid for Hiroki (one of my favorite tropes pretty much ever, when one character is so in love with someone they're a moron about it) and that it was... it was Junjou style "angst". You knew it would be resolved, that's what made the characters running around so much fun! I love Nowaki ridiculously. And al;sdkjfal;sjk Hiroki, god, I love him, too. And the interactions with Usagi and Misaki! Gold. (Nowaki/Hiroki, some Usagi/Misaki and Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: White Wall by yhibiki - This is a bit of a simple premise--Nowaki has a new apartment, Hiroki tries to find excuses to himself for why he can't stay, but they all get blown away, one by one, without Nowaki even realizing, really--but it's in the little touches that make it so fantastic. Hiroki is a character that I've grown to love ridiculously, because he's so cranky and has such a hard time being honest without being embarrassed, yet he's still trying to be open and mature. Also, I love Nowaki and how much he adores Hiroki just shines through everything he says and does and the ending is just... asl;dkfjal;skj that's why I love Hiroki so much. (Nowaki/Hiroki, slight content warning.)

Junjou Romantica: Dinner with the Demon by Kurachic - This is one of those stories that I'll warn ahead of time for being a WIP and that I'm not sure it's going to be continued, since it's been a few months. (Not that I should talk, but.) And I note this mostly because asdl;kfjaslkjs I really wanted the next chapter, because it's a dinner with Usagi/Misaki and Nowaki/Hiroki and Aikawa/a special guest! Each of the three currently available chapters focuses on a different pairing, starting with Usagi/Misaki cuteness, with Misaki being kind of freaked that DEMON KAMIJOU is coming over for dinner and it's no big deal to Usagi. Then Hiroki trying to tell Nowaki about dinner plans and trying not to make a big deal out of how it's his childhood friend/first love while Nowaki is so... Nowaki about it. And then Aikawa is kind of nuts in the best way ever. And as;ldkfjalks I want all of them together in a room for dinner already! XD That's how I know the fic hit me just right--when I'm kind of clawing at it for more. (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Hot and Cold by Penguin - Another thing that a fandom isn't complete until you finally get it! Ice cream fic! Especially if it's fic where Hiroki hates ice cream, so Nowaki gets him sorbet instead while Nowaki gets normal ice cream and it's clearly the best tasting thing ever and, naturally, this does not go unnoticed by Hiroki. Who is his usual adorable, cranky self about it. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Nurse Hiro-san by The Chichi Slaughter House - Do you know who my favorite Junjou Romantica character is? Hiroki is usually near the top of the list, if not my actual favorite. (It wavers between him and Usagi and occasionally Misaki.) I love him such ridiculous amounts, especially when he's so... I love him, but god help his common sense about being "challenged" sometimes, especially when a ~*mysterious package*~ arrives with a nurse's outfit that just happens to fit him perfectly. Also, the ending makes me laugh every time, too. (Nowaki/Hiroki, R.)

Junjou Romantica: untitled by Anon - [ crack continuation + crack continuation 2 ] - I don't normally rec things from anonmemes, but I was browsing the Junjou Romantica one and stopped to read the first response (Nowaki and Hiroki couchsex, bonus points for getting caught by Akihiko and Misaki) and it was just so... it was so... it was so beautiful and perfect and then there were continuations with Hiroki shooting up to be my favorite character because of how he reacts to getting caught by Misaki (HIS STUDENT) and Akihiko, who then HE becomes my favorite because Akihiko is just... he has no shame! No embarrassment! No fucking tact and I DARE ANYONE READING to not pretty much just about cry over these three pieces. I can't say much more without ruining it, but... oh, man, this may be one of my favorite things in the fandom yet. I dearly wish I could read more of this set foreverrrr. (Nowaki/Hiroki, Usagi/Misaki, maybe not quite SFW.)

Junjou Romantica: In Which Hiroki Learns Not to Tutor People by Eike - I had a strong suspicion before I read this fic, but afterwards it was pretty much cemented. I will read anyone/Hiroki, up to and including Shinobu. Which isn't to say that this fic wasn't fantastic, because it was and it sold me on the ship ( the sense that it's not really a ship per se, more that... well... it's complicated?) and Shinobu's characterization was perfect. But, oh, Hiroki. Poor, poor Hiroki, who has to tutor Shinobu and his life is so fucking difficult and Nowaki is not helping and there's this moment where. If you don't laugh, I don't want to know you. I would read Hiroki being terrorized (and Nowaki saying, no, I don't think so :| ) pretty much forever. (Sort of Shinobu/Hiroki? With Nowaki/Hiroki and Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: I Wish by Eike - Any fic that starts out with "Akihiko, I wish I were still in love with you." is bound to be a heartbreaker. It's not entirely depressing because it's set after Hiroki has fallen for Nowaki, after Nowaki has left for America, seemingly without word, and we all know how that ends up eventually. But it's still kind of heartbreaking to see a drunken Hiroki so lost after Nowaki's depature and being so open (for once) with Akihiko about how he used to feel, especially when Akihiko clearly doesn't know how to respond. It's a short piece and it made me smile from the humor of it, but it also made me ache for the characters all over again, a little bit, too. (Nowaki/Hiroki, mentioned Akihiko/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Bound by Gryvon - I was a little wary about this fic at first, because Hiroki was protesting being tied up during sex and... I mean, I know. It's BL manga, these things happen. Especially with a character like Hiroki, who usually objects to anything new no matter how he actually feels about it. But it still kind of made me "...." for awhile--which isn't to say that it wasn't well-written! Because it is! And it's in line with the characters and the series and the genre! So, this is a personal thing that I wanted to mention as a caveat for those like me. But if you get past that? This is kind of a hot as hell fic. Hiroki tied up and having to push past his own embarrassment to tell Nowaki to just fuck him already, Nowaki's patience and clear adoration of Hiroki, the satisfying resolution and how much you want to squish these two together forever because they're so damn sweet, it was all well worth it. (Nowaki/Hiroki, rather dub-con-ish, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Surprise Gifts by Gryvon - Much like the previous fic, I have the same hesitation and caveat attached to this fic--Hiroki protests a lot and I do waver when it comes to that. But, again, it's not out of line with the series/characters and the genre overall, so I can take it in that vein and enjoy it for what it is: Nowaki/Hiroki porn with toys! And it's very nicely written, keeping with Hiroki's crankiness to Nowaki's total and complete adoration of Hiroki in pretty much everything he does, says, or even just breathes. The ending was... it was actually pretty perfect and I love Hiroki with the passion of a thousand suns and I can't deny that the fic was hot; I enjoyed reading this one a lot. (Nowaki/Hiroki, rather dub-con-ish, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Romance Novels Rot Your Brain by Eike - Nowaki reading Usagi's BL novels. Which kind of makes Hiroki explode with rage at just the sight of it. And he does not sound like that trash, not at all! Which, of course, doesn't backfire on him spectacularly, not at all. And I love this, because Hiroki is such a great character and I love Nowaki's reaction to Hiroki's tantrums, that suddenly they aren't having sex because Hiro-san would never say something so cliche as "Noooo... stop that..." when he didn't mean it! And I think I had a grin on my face the entire time I was reading AND the ending was just. Pitch perfect. :Db (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Fireworks by galuxkitty - This was really sweet Nowaki/Hiroki fluffy sex--the scene with the fireworks and the yukata really did happen, which leads pretty much where expected. It's this really warm, light-hearted piece that's a nice counter-balance to all the angst these two go through, while not losing the usual dynamic (Hiroki being cranky, Nowaki being adoring) that make them so much fun. I'm glad to have read this one! (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Tama by galuxkitty - Next on the list of "things a fandom/pairing isn't complete until they have fic of"? Kittyfic! Nowaki adopts a cat and Hiroki doesn't exactly get along with it. I love fic that's about one half of a couple that absolutely hates the stupid pet and swears the pet hates them right back, only to eventually find a way to co-exist together. Hell, I write fic like that, so of course I eat it up like candy when I come across it in fandom! I really do love how Nowaki falls in love with the cat, which clearly makes Hiroki jealous and, no matter how hard he tries, he still hates the damn thing. Plus, the omake is kind of utterly perfect, I still laugh every time. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Off-stage, Away from the Spot-Lights by parsnip_chan - You know what is quickly becoming one of my favorite tropes in this fandom? Hiroki getting so turned on that he has to have Nowaki now, to the point that it pushes him past his usual embarrassment and total crap communication skills. The other thing I really loved about this fic--aside from porn always being very, very welcome--is the slight mishap in communication these two have, when Nowaki gets the wrong idea about why Hiroki is so turned on and I eat Nowaki's jealousy/anger up like it was delicious candy. Which, admittedly, is all the better because of course it doesn't last and they find a way to right themselves quickly, like they do. (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: But Love is Blind and Lovers Cannot See by penguin474 - I'm not sure what prompted me to read this story, other than that I was on the reveals page for the junjou_fest comm and started clicking randomly. What I got was a breathtaking fic, probably the best fic I've yet read on the Akihiko/Hiroki vs Nowaki/Hiroki situation and definitely one of the best on Hiroki's character in and of himself. I've found that, over the last couple of weeks since I got into the series, that Hiroki has quickly become my favorite character and this fic highlights so much of why that is and made me feel so much for him. The entire story has a tension and a hurt from his narration, how there's such a deep welling of feelings that he tries so hard to grapple with constantly, and the writing and characterization here is brilliant. The way his relationship with Akihiko falls apart and Hiroki almost falls apart with it, the way Nowaki makes his way into Hiroki's life little by little, the way there's a grace and natural flow to the writing and characterization. All of it was beautiful. If there's one fic I want to recommend for this triangle (such as it is), I think this would be the fic I'd put at the top of that list. Or, hell, just for Hiroki fans because it's such a tight, well-written look into his character. *__* I honest to god let out a hard breath when I was finished because it had caught me up in the writing and Hiroki's emotions just that much. (Akihiko/Hiroki, Nowaki/Hiroki, R.)

Junjou Romantica: A New Year's Incident by Eike - Oh, this one was just wonderful. It's a series of revolving narratives (each one in a different scene) about the chaos that is the Junjou Romantica characters all being invited to the Kamijou household for New Year's because they really don't have a lot of family to spend it with, but this works out really well. I love the connections between the characters, I love that it's hilarious and it had me laughing outright more than once, and I love that the characterizations are all spot-on. I love that even when they're trying to make each other's lives hellish, it's done out of love and it only makes you love everyone more. I'm also impressed as hell at how the author crammed so many characters into a single room and didn't make it feel crowded or confusing to figure out what was happening where. I cannot say enough about how much I adored everyone meeting each other (my favorite was Misaki and Hiroki, of course) and how all these little characterization touches were put into the fic, how the author nailed every single character, and gave it a warm-hearted, happy-making ending. ♥ (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: A Birthday to Remember by deecherrywolf - You know what one of my favorite things is about the canon coming up around Hiroki? That he totally slept around before he met Nowaki--because I can really see that for someone like him who enjoys sex and was so in love with Akihiko that he wouldn't allow anyone to mean anything, so it would be a string of one-night stands. It just makes me love him all the more somehow. And then! Nowaki finding out! Which, you know, is going to go over totally well because Nowaki isn't a jealous person at all or anything, certainly not when it comes to Hiroki. And then you add in sex with a slightly rough, not quite angry but certainly posessive edge by the time they're actually fucking, and it's kind of really hot. (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Bibliophiles by Avarice - This fic revisits the library scene where Hiroki and Nowaki get back together (and make a mess of the library that night) and I think... this is a lot sweeter and fluffier than the scene in canon, but that's a good thing for the fic, I felt. Because it's such a painfully raw scene, because it's a tearful, bittersweet scene even as they're coming back together and wounds are healing, it's a little painful. In contrast, this is much more soothing and adorable, their coupling here is such a warm-hearted thing that I really liked. The characterization is fantastic, I love that it's almost a hint of playfulness that's not out of place and, oh, the ending was lovely and made me kind of squee. .....shut up. (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Brat by Avarice - One of the things I love about the Egoist pairing is that it's not just always Hiroki who has issues with his ego, sometimes it's Nowaki, too. Especially when Hiroki treats him like a brat all the time and usually it's okay, but sometimes (especially if Hiroki is on the phone with Akihiko at the time) it bothers Nowaki and as;ldfkjalskj this was delicious fun in the way Nowaki firmly refuses to just take that, because he's not 17 anymore. I admit, I'm kind of ridiculously in love with these two, so of course my fangirl heart just about turns over when they're having one of their painful moments, even knowing that it's for the best and it will clear the air between them and that they'll get their adorable ending (which they do), but I really did like the way the author blended seriousness and sweetness together, since that's what Egoist is all about. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Hiroki's Got It Bad and That Ain't Good by Penguin - I really like fics that deal with Hiroki being kind of needy around Nowaki, but always holding himself back, whether because of his pride or because he's trying to not be annoying and it would probably be better if he just said something. Because Hiroki is truly terrible at communication and it makes him so interesting to read about in fics like this, even when you know things will work out for the best by the end. I really did enjoy the tension of Hiroki trying to hold himself back from Nowaki the entire morning because as;ldfkjas;lk he's such an adorable emotional idiot. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Because They Don't Like Hiroki... by Eike - This is just a short little piece, but it's still really fun! Because, yes, a surprise birthday party for Hiroki would be so great, especially when he really doesn't want to be there but all of his, ah, friends do because they're a bunch of bastards. So cute! <3 (Usagi/Misaki, Nowaki/Hiroki, Miyagi/Shinobu.)

Junjou Romantica: I Miss You by Eike - Another one of those bits of fanon (based on canon implications/potential) is that Hiroki kept the letters Nowaki sent him while in America and that he takes them out once in awhile to read them when Nowaki isn't able to be around. I love that idea because it really says so much about Hiroki and how he deels with his feelings for Nowaki--especially when it's such a sweet, lovely piece like this. I really liked the detail on the letter itself, not just the text of it, but Hiroki's reaction to each line. It's all just really sweet. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Ten Reasons why Kamijou can never win against Nowaki, and one reason why he does. by Eike - I love how much Nowaki loves Hiroki, how ridiculously in love he is and how many different ways he could probably come up with to say it. But I also love that Hiroki has his own set of reasons and little things he loves about Nowaki, put into a list of ten reasons why he can never win against Nowaki, all while still being so very Hiroki. It's a short piece, but it's lovely and warm, a happy-making one. <3 (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Proposal by Faye-Naruse - [Note: This fic stands on its own and was written first, but you can also read "Of Vague Notes and Shiny Surprises" before this or as a side story to it.] I love when Hiroki can't help agreeing to something Nowaki has suggested (something that's sweet and adorable and most people wouldn't find embarrassing, but Hiroki totally does) and kind of has a total fit at the way Nowaki gets him all worked up, but you can tell it's because he loves Nowaki so damn much. This was such a charming piece that it put a smile on my face even as I reread it again for the rec. ....shut up, all of you. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures by Faye-Naruse - There are some things I just usually pass up because they're not my thing. This includes embarrassing underwear that, as the title suggests, are worn because desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when it's got an added embarrassment squick factor. But there's something about this author that got me to read it anyway and... she really does have a solid grip on these characters and can make me buy these situations. Plus, the ending made me laugh, just imagining Nowaki's face. XD (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Some Like it Cold by Faye-Naruse - Okay, seriously, Hiroki with cute accessories in his hair shouldn't be this adorable or, hell, believable and yet... somehow I bought it with this fic. Because Hiroki is cranky as ever and Nowaki is just so... adorably Nowaki and I love them both so much it kind of threatens to become a physical thing in moments like this. Plus, sometimes a kiss with a promise of more is just exactly what I want out of these two, rather than full blown porn. ....sometimes. But mostly this was just really kind of darling. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Of Vague Notes and Shiny Surprises by Faye-Naruse - I've mentioned this a few times and it still holds true with this fic--with a lot of authors, I would skip right over certain fics, especially ones with shiny gold surprises on fingers when one wakes up, but... I like this author's work enough to keep trying her fics and I keep getting genuinely adorable stories. I love Nowaki's vague notes that are hard to figure out half of the time, I love Hiroki being so... Hiroki, and I even love how sweet and adorable this piece was. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: We Are Here by Faye-Naruse - The summary for this fic mentioned that it was a story about Nowaki having nightmares that haunted him and so I almost nearly skipped the fic since I'm not much for trauma-angst. But eventually I caved into reading it and I'm glad I did because it wasn't really as angsty as I thought it was going to be, instead it was more one of those dreams that everyone has sometimes and Nowaki talked to Hiroki about it and Hiroki is his usual self about it, which actually helps. It's sweet and adorable and reminded me of why I really adore these two together ridiculously. (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Dynamite Crossing by Faye-Naruse - I love fics where Nowaki is just so... ridiculously in love with Hiroki, that he just sort of watches Hiroki sleep after he slumped over the table while waiting for Nowaki to get home. And then Hiroki wakes up and is his usual combination of grumpy and being stupidly in love right back and it's fluffy, but in that way that Egoist really needs to be. I really do love the comparison between Hiroki and dynamite, because it really kind of fits perfectly. XD (Nowaki/Hiroki.)

Junjou Romantica: Good Influences by darknightrain - Do you know what I love? I feel like I shouldn't, because they go through so much of it in the canon, but yet I still love fic where Nowaki and Hiroki have these god-awful communication skills that lead to problems between them, thinking that the distance between them is greater than it actually is. But, then, for all that they're getting better over time, they are still just GOD-AWFUL at communication with each other, so it's not like it's out of character. I just feel like I should want fluff for them more after all the heartache they've been through. And yet. Nowaki feels like Hiroki is still hung up on Akihiko, Hiroki has no idea what's going on, there's distance, but they eventually work it out, and it's all like delicious candy to me! I love it. I love that Hiroki gets all worked up about Nowaki, I love that Nowaki is totally centered on Hiroki, I love that the scene where they finally talk is so damn satisfying here! Hell, the ending line is pretty great, too. ♥ (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

Junjou Romantica: Family Matters by armybro8 - As you can see, I've been inhaling as much Nowaki/Hiroki fic as I can lately and that means I want more and more and more, especially with different sorts of situations that the manga hasn't shown us yet. Like Misaki finding out that Akihiko's old friend is Demon Kamijou! Or Takahiro finding out about Akihiko and Misaki! Or, as this fic gives us, Nowaki meeting Hiroki's family! It's one of those fics that's bound to come up in a series like this--there's a wedding invitation from a cousin of Hiroki's, HELL NO he does NOT want to go, Nowaki keeps asking until Hiroki agrees, and cuteness ensues--but I love it for being that kind of fic. I love that Hiroki was cranky the entire time, yet you could tell how weak he was to Nowaki. And, I think, one of the best things for me is that the fic was almost entirely embarrasment squick free! Everybody loved Nowaki! They thought Nowaki and Hiroki were cute together! It was happy-making! That was pretty much exactly what I wanted. (Nowaki/Hiroki, a light NC-17 in parts.)

Junjou Romantica: Insomnia by WreckedMetal - Okay, I do have a few caveats on this fic, most especially that there are a lot of typos and that it could use a good fine-toothed comb to sort a lot of little things like that out. But I found that they weren't enough to keep me from reading the fic pretty easily and enjoying the solid characterization/storyline otherwise! Granted, I am a total sucker for Hiroki realizing that he's ridiculously attached to Nowaki, that he kind of gets himself worked up into quite the state over just the idea that something might happen to Nowaki because Hiroki is just... he's this storm of emotions all the time and this fic reflected that. I love that, even when Nowaki was slowly melting him or when he was talking things out (finally), he never lost that edge of crankiness that he always has. Also, porn! The author gave me porn and how can I not appreciate that gift? :Db (Nowaki/Hiroki, NC-17.)

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