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- Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII - Meddling by laylah - I was just supposed to be looking for Axel/Roxas fic! But... but... I've always been a little fond of Kingdom Hearts when it comes to the FF characters and when the author said that knowing the FFVII world would help, I figured, oh, what the hell. Maybe it'll be cute. I didn't expect a novel little thing about Sora "meddling" in the earlier time of the FFVII world and for it to be such a perfect fit, the atmosphere of it is just absolutely lovely and fits both characters and, oh, god, who he finds in that world and how he reacts to them and the sheer potential of it have me wanting to chew at the furniture while I wait for more of it. I'm not really a KH fan (mostly because I refuse to let it eat me like the rest of you), but when something like this comes along? It's so worth reading if you're even just familiar with the concept of the game. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Even Kings by Luc Court - [Note: I assume that anyone reading KH fics knows to play the game first if they're avoiding spoilers, but... this one has a few more than usual.] I don't really know what I want out of KH fic yet, aside from a little Roxas/Axel or Riku/Sora, but this fic... gave me something I didn't really know that I wanted. Genfic after the events of the ending, when Kairi is back on the island and waiting with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, when she's not really sure how to react to having a king around (considering her usual experience with kings) and it's just... a really lovely piece. It has the same sense of emotion and hope and friendship that the game did, a really fantastic voice for both Kairi and Mickey. They're characters that could be dismissed easily or written off, but they're important here, the voices serious without being depressing. It's one of those fics that I could just absolutely picture without trouble, one of those that I could easily see happening while Riku and Sora are elsewhere. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Initiation by Pengie - [Note: Won't make much sense if you're not familiar with KHII, but there's no spoilers per se.] You know how I say over and over that Pengie is pretty much the only person who can consistently pull off the random humor sort of style? Well, it applies here again, too. In another author's hands, these jokes would probably have fallen flat, but with her... god, I was giggling like a maniac at the Dusks playing keepaway with Demyx's sitar. That was just pure awesome right there, I totally laughed out loud. Plus, all the other little touches, Axel's pranks and Roxas' attitude and, god she writes the best dork!Demyx EVER EVER EVER. I'm so glad she's writing KH fic. ♥ (An implication so light, I'm not going to count it.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Beyond by Jaelle - I think I found this fic by tromping through Meg's memories? Probably, anyway. And, okay, admittedly, I skipped KHI and went straight for KHII, but this is still a really cool little fic about Riku and Sora on the island a year before Kairi came along. It's just... adorable and cute and feels like KH, one of those things where the characters aren't sure what they're doing, Riku isn't sure why he's swimming out further and further into the ocean, but somehow they're sure of what they're doing, somehow there's a voice or something there, somehow Sora just knows, too. The cuteness doesn't overwhelm, instead it gets that vibe of the series down wonderfully and I just absolutely cooed over the ending because... well, yes. (Some Riku/Sora implied if you want to see it that way.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Winnie the Pooh and Riku, Too by Pengie - asdf;ljasdlfjadsflj, OH GOD THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL. Riku in the land of Pooh and the way I could HEAR Pooh's voice say every single one of these lines and Pengie is a genius at writing dialogue and situations for characters that have this gorgeous natural flow to them even as she's making you roll around and laugh yourself sick because of the parody/humor/whatever. Riku. Pooh. Pooh driving Riku insane. (I DON'T BLAME RIKU ONE BIT, EITHER. I'd totally have gone insane, too.) A million clever lines and details and a beautiful ending. I love fic like this. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - If At First You Don't Succeed... by Pengie - [Note: There are spoilers for KHII in this fic.] You know. It's not so much that I'm surprised that I love Pengie's humorfic with Ansem and Xehanort and Mickey and Sora and Riku and the rest. Because that's sort of par for the course. It's that she made me perk up in interest at a batshit pairing THAT I DO NOT WANT TO LIKE. I DON'T. Especially because no one else would write it. But, yes. Humorfic again and it, too, made me laugh like a maniac and roll around in helpless merriment at the poor, poor suffering of the characters. I just. I don't blame Xehanort in this fic, EITHER. And! The ending scenes! asdl;fjasdlfkjasdflj, I want more fic with the Gullwings attacking people and dragging them off for amusement! Especially if it's Cloud. Or Leon! Or--!! (Implied Ansem/Xehanort.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Bonkies by Pengie - [Note: There aren't a lot of direct spoilers for KHII in this fic, but you'll be rather confused if you haven't played to the end.] I've mentioned that I love Pengie's fics before, yes. And that I love how she is one of the few people that can make this sort of style work. So that the password joke was actually really funny, so that Riku carrying Roxas around and constantly bumping his head was hilarious. Especially because that pretty much means Sora's... special-ness... is all Riku's fault and now I have to go off and giggle some more. I ♥ her for always cheering me up with her fic. (No real warnings/pairings, not really.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Believe in the Kingdom Come by Tenshi no Korin - [Note: There are vague spoilers for KHII in this fic. If you've played at least through the first Hollow Bastion world, you'll be fine, though.] I've long liked Tenshi no Korin's work, she was one of the few authors I really loved in the YST/RW fandom. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to reading her game-based fic (though, this is one of the slight upsides to my computer being in the shop for a week or two), because this fic just utterly made me happy. I mean, it's got it's moments where I almost want to cry for Sora because of all the crap he goes through, the way fighting Heartless isn't easy, the way he's so alone and away from his home and he's lost so much and Tenshi no Korin does a beautiful job of cutting right into the heart of those matters, of making Sora's reactions so heart-tugging, but without overdoing it. The scenes between him and Leon were things of absolute beauty, perfectly filled with KH-style details/background world/architecture descriptions, alternately heart-wrenching and delightfully fun. And then there was the ending. I cannot imagine a more perfect, KH-style ending that this. This was a gorgeous fic. (Implications of pairings, but nothing concrete enough to really count.)

- Kingdom Hearts - and they came out of their trance into time by Yati - There is something about this fic that makes me just ache. Oh, obviously it was meant to, but the author is actually effective at what she's going for. It's such a short thing, yet it's almost got this sense of... well, not quite like a memory, but something that has the same immediacy and distance in it, somehow the tone is a little different from usual and it works perfectly for it. It's about a woman and a girl and a not-quite-empty house and a place left behind and memories that have faded over time but aren't gone yet. It just... the atmosphere of the piece fit the series so well and I have this vague urge to curl up in a ball until the faint ache goes away. Despite that it's actually a bit of a happy fic in a way. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Day to Day by Pastel Ink - I don't know what made me stop to read this fic out of all the KH fic I have sitting in my stock pile, but I'm kind of glad I did. While I'm not so much with the OT3 (though, I hardly mind, it's perfectly fine with me) I do love the series and characters in general, I have a soft spot for Kairi, so I was curious and the opening was really strong. This was a surprisingly powerful fic, the way Kairi moves through her day, the little touches and routines she goes through during her days, the pull of the emotion behind it and the fantastic ending line for the first part. The second chapter of the fic is a lovely way to end it as well, the simple happiness of it, the light-hearted and carefree tone, the way KH fic should ultimately end, especially for these characters. It was just an interesting read, one that sort of snuck up on me with how good it was. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - No Such Thing by fyre_byrd - You know, even in a fic where it's just Sora and Riku hanging out and talking, it's exactly what I want. Sure, I ship them like crazy but it's mostly just that I love watching them interact and how much they care, even when Riku is teasing him about Santa not existing. Which was also totally awesome because of that one moment in KHII during the Halloween Town world (which isn't really a spoiler). ♥ Cute, fun with sharp dialogue and sparkling interaction... that's all I really want out of the KH fandom, why can't more authors be like this? *pout* (This is gen, but RikuSora fans might find it interesting.)

- Kingdom Hearts - imaginary friends by Luc Court - [Note: There will be some spoilers for CoM and KHII. You'll probably know them by now, but if you haven't even started, you might want to skip this for now.] I've sort of fallen away from reading KH fic because so much of it is either so bad or so mediocre that my eyes just glaze right over. But I've loved this author's work, his writing is so often some of my favorite in any fandom of his, and this story is brilliant and so deftly told and the writing is gorgeous, clean and smooth and you just slide right into it, and the characterization isn't just spot-on, it's actually clever. I can believe this is how the friendship between Axel and Roxas started, how they could go from CoM to KHII and have it feel real, not over the top or pushing too hard. I love the razor-sharp take on Axel and his slow interest in Roxas, the way everything feels so KH-ish here, every little mention of the Organization or the Worlds That Aren't and Nobodies and people not having hearts. The way the author balances Axel's reactions in KHII and how he's supposed to not have any emotions/feelings, it's deft and clever and beautifully written. And, god, there are a million clever little references and turns of phrase that are just utterly ♥-inducing. (No warnings/pairings. But if you like Roxas and Axel, this might interest you.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Step in Line, Two to Nine by alba_aulbath - [Note: There are SPOILERS for KHII in this fic.] Meg pointed this fic out to me tonigth when I was whining about the lack of goodfic in the fandom and this was... I never know what to make of the Nobodies, their fate, what they are, what was going to happen to them. I never even considered that they might go somewhere after they died. But that's sort of what makes this fic really cool, because Nobodies aren't really that much more sure than anyone else why they're here or how they're walking around and this fic reflects that really, really well. It also makes me fond of the Organization members in that way that they're a bunch of crazy loons, but they're strangely human and they feel things even when they don't have emotions. Demyx and Xigbar in the Underworld after death and I really liked all the details and plausibility of this one. It felt really, really right. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - The Job Memo That Never Was by Pengie - Again. Again and again Pengie writes these fics that should be weird and random, but are brilliant. This time around, we have OrgXIII trying to raise money and it's chaos as to be expected. Wacky hijinks and Axel being a retard and the rest of the Organization... Pengie has this great way of either playing into stereotypes or contrasting against them so that she gets these great funny results. The various ways she balances the large cast, the details from the rest of the Kingdom Hearts-verse (there were several times with Demyx's situation that I just laughed and laughed and laughed, but Saiyx and Xemnas also had me giggling behind my hand while darting looks to see if I'd woken anyone else up) so that it's an enjoyable, fun read. There's actually a lot of talent to this kind of fic. ....which is a long-winded way of saying, "Hee hee, this was funny! You go read now." (Some implications of pairings, especially Axel/Roxas, but the focus is only half there.)

- Kingdom Hearts - untitled by Meg - [Note: There may or may not be spoilers for KHII in here. I'm not even sure anymore.] There are shortfics for series other than KH in here, but the majority of them come from that set of games, so I'm going to just put it under this heading. What's really neat about these, other than, y'know, the whole good writing thing, is that they're interesting ideas put down in a neat little array. There are lots of different aspects covered, some humorous, some that'll threaten to tear your heart out a little, and they show all different aspects of the KH series. Also, Meg totally wrote post-KHII speculative fic about Riku, Sora, and Kairi travelling worlds together and there was lovely, lovely Riku characterization in it. ♥ (You could read some RikuSora into the fic if you wanted and there's definitely some Axel/Roxas, but there's a lot of gen, too.)

- Kingdom Hearts/DNAngel - untitled by Meg - The second set of Meg's fic request meme and there are two KH/DNAngel ficlets here, so I figured I'd just recommend it this way. It's just. Kingdom Hearts. DNAngel. I didn't realize how much I wanted them to go together until Meg wrote them, until I saw how well they fit together. The second one is especially great. I just. Oh, god, I love Dark. Love him so much. This should totally be a full-fledged crossover. *beams* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - The Creeps by kunoichi_life - [Note: There will be some spoilers for KHII in this fic.] Dian linked me to this fic tonight, mentioning that the ending had really creeped her out, so I was curious to read it. It's not a very long fic, but somehow the pacing feels exactly right so it's still really satisfying. The fic is... it's something more than just that it's well written, it's also that the tone manages to fit the KHverse. In the beginning it's light-hearted and adorable (the way the three of them sleep in the same bed like that is perfect), in the middle there's some emotional heart-tugging, and then the end... is quietly, subtly creepy even when things are happy again. The fic is an enjoyable read (especially Sora and the cat at night, so cute!) but it's the ending that really makes it worthwhile. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Completion by Tammaiya - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the ending of KHII in this fic.] There is something that's completely, utterly adorable about Riku, Sora, and Kairi playing Trivial Pursuit with Roxas still loitering around in the back of Sora's head. It's just. It so clearly should happen! There's a tone somewhere between angsty/sad and happy/bittersweet to the game, but mostly upbeat and full of love, just the way post-KHII fic should be. And Tammaiya is one of the few authors who can get me to like the trio in practice, in actual fic, not just in an intellectual way and the ending of this was just... awww, sweet and perfect. ♥ (Implications of Roxas/Axel and Riku/Sora and/or Riku/Sora/Kairi if you want to see them that way.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Princess by libekory - It's all too rare for me to find Kairi fic that resonates with me, despite how much I like the character. What I utterly love about this fic is that she's strong and willful, but she's not perfect, she's still afraid, she still had moments of behavior that she later feels guilty about, and yet she still manages to stand up and fight when she needs to. I love how Kairi has a moment of realization, fighting against the Heartless in this horrible fight, where she realizes that being a Knight and getting to fight (as she's always wished to do, instead of being stuck waiting for someone to rescue her) isn't something that was like a bright, shiny toy they were keeping away from her. Fighting is painful and, even if it's necessary, it's difficult. She's such a lovely character here. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Pack Mentality by libekory - I'm not sure what I liked more about this fic, the speculation into the nature of the Assasin type of Heartless or the way the fic presented Axel and Roxas' friendship. There's a lot of really lovely language here and the personalities of both of them felt very right. Roxas was that fine line between interested and disinterested, blunt and uncaring about anything, sort of faintly disturbed by the effect Axel had on him. And I really liked this Axel, sly and dangerous, all implied violence that fits with his character pre-CoM. Very nice. (This isn't anything but gen, but Roxas/Axel fans may enjoy it.)

- Kingdom Hearts - It by libekory - ....well, all right. Apparently I am going through all of the author's fic, because it's been so long since I've read Roxas/Axel that I've genuinely loved. (Not that I look much anymore, mind you.) This is a gorgeous piece that plays with Axel and his lack of feelings and yet obviously not a lack of feelings when it came to Roxas. It's lovely because I can see how he went from CoM!Axel to KHII!Axel here, I could feel how much he cared about Roxas, how much of a woobie he clearly was, all without it being over the top. I love the take on Roxas through Axel's eyes as well, how Axel obviously wants something from him (yet the fic deftly never really quantifies what it is, it walks that line beautifully) and how dangerous Roxas can actually be. It was lovely. (This fic was gen, but if you want to read Roxas/Axel into it, you could.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Pipette by zanisha - I actually clicked on this fic to read because it listed Leon and Yuffie as characters, the theme was "sexuality". I occasionally like Leon/Yuffie when done in the right author's hands! I was reading and it was cute and it was this very short little fic, just an idle day in the lives of the Hollow Bastion characters, and then... then I got to the end and promptly laughed out loud. It was just such a perfectly timed little moment that I loved it. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Lady Friends by kay_willow - I have this sort of craving for KH fic that doesn't necessarily focus on the main characters (because I get tired of trying to find readable fic for the popular pairings, despite how much I love them deeply), so seeing a link to a Cid - Kairi interaction piece? I had to at least give it a shot. And it was a cute little fic, it had that sort of sweetness that KH has, even when there's something a bit more serious going on, the interaction between these two really pretty spot-on. I liked the use of weapons here, both their views on the stored away spears and other weapons were interesting and fun. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts/Gundam Wing - Photo Negative by Tammaiya - *rubs hands together in glee* Every since Tammaiya came up with this idea and mentioned it one time, I've been rather taken by it. The urge for it only got stronger, because it was really sort of clever and felt like it could fit and I really wanted to know her take on Relena. So I demanded it for her Christmas fics and she wrote it and it's brilliant. The contrasts between Relena and Larxene are beautifully done, there's that strength of character in both of them, so many similar starting points, but taken in different directions, and it's still very obvious that this is a Nobody, not just a carbon copy of Relena. The contrasts against the people she used to know, the people she remembers from Relena's world, the utter viciousness of Larxene, the silk over steel characterization of Relena, it's all brilliantly done on each aspect and then even more brilliantly tied together. I have been waiting for this kind of fic for ages and it did not disappoint me at all. It's filled with so many little touches and details and flashes of insight into the characters that I truly love it ridiculous amounts. ♥ (A hint of Roxas/Axel, but it's not really the point.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Siege by tabitha_dornoc - I was browsing through Scribbler's recs when I saw her rec for this fic about the Seven Princesses of the Heart and I was greatly intrigued by how awesome she found the fic. So I read and, wow, was it ever an awesome little fic that brings up everything I loved about the Disney Princesses, that all too often gets overlooked--that they're pretty tough chicks, even as they seem delicate and frail and too pretty to be of much use. It's a short scene, the Heartless are attacking, trying to get at their hearts, and it's set from Kairi's perspective and it just nails all of them. The little details are fantastic and Kairi's characterization is lovely and just. asdlf;kjaslkj yes. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Afterwards by tabitha_dornoc - You are so very used to throwing a bladed key or a slice of magic at the obstacles before you. But Algebra does not respond well to Firaga. After reading the author's previous fic, I had to go seek out some of her other stuff, and this is the first one I stumbled over. It's post-game (though, not really spoilery) and set in their future, during their high school days and one of the things that jumped out at me first was that... so often, I just don't jive with giving the characters normal school lives, something feels off about it, because it was so glossed over in the games. But this fic really worked for me. And aside from that it's a great look at Sora (and Riku and Kairi) returning to normal lives, the way their adventures affected them and the people around them, the way that their friendship (and possibly something more?) is stronger than anything else thrown at them, even the end of high school. A really lovely little fic. (This could be Riku/Sora/Kairi or it could be gen.)

Kingdom Hearts: untitled by thornsmoke - This is an intriguing piece of a larger fic (that I don't think has been written much on yet?), more of a teaser than anything, but it stands alone as a prologue really well and I liked what the author did with it. There's a lovely quality to the writing, something smooth and clean and pretty that fits with KH and FFVIII. I definitely want to know what the author is going to do with this storyline, with this Rinoa (not!Rinoa?) and Leon here. It's one of the mysteries of the KH world that I find most fascinating, what happened to that set of FFVIII characters here. (Implications of Squall/Rinoa, but you could read it as gen, too, I think.)

Kingdom Hearts: Waiting Game by anime_angel_ash - I haven't read Kingdom Hearts fic in ages, I just haven't gone looking for it and not much has popped up on my radar. But I was browsing through the springkink responses and the promise of Riku/Kairi caught my eye. While it's actually more gen than anything, I still enjoyed reading it a lot, I love that side of the trio, especially because it doesn't get much focus and I can easily see how there would be a lot of awkwardness after the games. But I love Kairi's perspective here, how much she cares and tries to be patient, but there's only so long she can wait while Riku's being stupid, I love that the author doesn't try too hard with her, just makes her an empathizable character and makes her so Kairi when she decides she's had enough of Riku avoiding her. It's very cute and the style of the fic fits the KH world really well and I'm glad to have read it. (This fic is gen, but if you enjoy Riku/Kairi interaction, you may enjoy it as well.)

Final Fantasy XII/Kingdom Hearts: Those Who Seek One Moment of Peace by joudama - a;sldkfjasl;kjslkj Fran in Traverse Town. I mean, most of the KH crossovers I've read have been fantastic, but this idea really pulls at me because the idea behind it is so intriguing, but also because, yes, this is exactly how Fran in the KHverse would go. And it would be so great. And, as much as I pine for a KH!Zack in KHIII, I think now I really want KH!FFXII characters even more. The writing and plotting for this are also really intriguing, it works well as a one-shot, a sort of, "What if...?" and it's satisfying for that, but part of me would also love to see this expanded, even if I know it could only cause tears trying to unravel the timelines of the various games. Just. as;ldfkja;lsjk what a great little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

Merlin/Kingdom Hearts: Everyone Who Casts A Shadow by Meg - You know what's amazing? The ability to cross a video game with a live action series like this, yet have it work so seamlessly. I adore this crossover, Arthur and Riku and how similar they are, even when they're so different, too. Meg does a fantastic job of winding everything together--Riku's "magic", his search for Sora, his connection to Arthur, an actual semblance of plot going on here, actual action scenes, and a whole lot of things unsaid. I adore the characterization of both of them and there's just this. This undercurrent of something charged, partly the attraction between them, but even more than that, it's the things they just don't need to say. (No warnings/pairings.)

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