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- Kingdom Hearts - Everything We Lack by immoral - [Note: This will, of course, have spoilers for KHII.] See, I was looking for fanart for Di-chan and I kind of shot myself in the foot with the whole thing because I'm not really a fan of KH (except to squee in OTP happiness over the Sephiroth/Cloud moments in the games), but... Axel/Roxas has managed to somehow eat me anyway. And this fic just further fed into that, the way it really gets at just how much Axel cared about Roxas, how much you want to hurt for the character. There's such a depth to his character here, such a weight to the emotions he has and the relationship with Roxas and... *sigh* yes, OTP and all that. Shut up. (Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Jericho by surestsmile - [Note: Seeing as KHII just came out in English, there will probably be some spoilers in this fic.] I wouldn't have thought that Christian mythology would go so well with a Kingdom Hearts fic, but the author uses it to fantastic effect here and it makes a tremendous amount of sense with the parallels she draws and the way it's woven into the narration. But the other thing that's beautiful about this story is the absolutely heartbreaking way Axel slowly begins to care about Roxas, the way he shouldn't have a heart, but you can see him start to feel like he does. There's not quite a sense of confusion about it, it's almost not even quite wonder or surprise at it, the author is so much more subtle than that. It's just... beautiful writing, beautiful depth for the characters, heartbreaking because it's not trying too hard, it's so... perfectly built up. I'm glad this is one of the fics already out there for this pairing and that I got to read it in the middle of my fascination with this pair. (Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Be Somebody by laylah - [Note: Seeing as KHII just came out in English, there will probably be some spoilers in this fic.] Whoa, I didn't really expect to find Axel/Roxas porn when I went looking for it, not when there's only a tiny handful of fic for the pairing available yet. (Even I'm not touching FFNET for this one.) It especially helps to ease what you know is going to be the most tragic ending just about ever and Square needs to stop doing that to it's fans, but... um. Right. Anyway. The fic is lovely on a technical level, the way the author weaves both the smut and the dialogue/interaction/characterization together is very nice, and there are some absolutely lovely turns of phrase. The sense of being Heartless and not really knowing what it's like to feel, yet there's something there... the author does that very well. (Roxas/Axel.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Cold and Guilty By Implication by Tammaiya - So, months and months ago, Tammaiya was trying to tell me about how gay these two characters from KHII were for each other and I was all yeah, yeah, whatever. Then the game hits in English and asdlfkjasldfjals, okay, FINE. I SEE THE LIGHT, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? So now she's writing Axel/Roxas fic which makes me happy because, omg, yay, good fic for the two of them! The first one is this really neat little ficlet that manages to get across the sense of cold, more than just the ice cream in Roxas' hand, without being too over the top about it. And the second is just pure love, because Axel and Roxas are hiding in a closet and it's Organization hijinks and who doesn't love that? Especially when they're funny. ♥ (Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - untitled by Vikki - Okay, see. I made this comment on my journal after playing a few hours worth of KHII. Axel. SUCH A GIRL. I think I love him. ♥ [....] Axel is such a girl, I'm surprise he hasn't written 'Roxas + Axel' with a little heart around it all over his notebook. This is AFTER my flist has berated me into playing the game through peer pressure. Then Vikki has the nerve to blame ME for this fic which is totally her own fault. But the fic is fabulous, I don't normally read high school AUs, but somehow this one fit just so well in the author's hands. The dialogue is especially sharp, the characterization is lovely, it totally captures that sense of dorky fun that I wanted from OrgXIII if they weren't bent on such evil plottings, and I HEE HEE HEE'd my way through the entire piece. It also nicely feeds my Roxas <-- Axel itch, especially after playing the first few hours of the game. ♥ (Some Roxas/Axel implied.)

- Kingdom Hearts - ill-advised by memlu - Mmm, Axel and Roxas in a closet and there's touching and Axel being a little snarky, except that's not precisely it, it's something more... Axel-ish. And Roxas is so... well, Roxas... in return. And there are zippers that don't seem to want to work and hands touching everywhere and tight, enclosed spaces that press them in close and I could feel that and fire-based imagery that's too much and an absolutely beautiful name for that closet. This strides the line between serious and light-hearted, that space that makes me happy for the characters because they get so little of that in their lives. Plus, you know. Writing that doesn't suck, ALWAYS A PLUS. ♥ (Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - weapon and K-I-S-S-I-N-G by Tammaiya - Oh, Roxas. C'mere, sweetie, mummy loves you and doesn't think you're nothing but a weapon, okay? I loved this story because you could just see/feel how Roxas needs something more than just being a part of Organization XIII, that he isn't satisfied with being a nobody, that he wants to meet his Other, the way Axel cares without being too obvious about it or pushing the character too far. A lovely piece that shows how/why Roxas would have left the Organization and the beginnings of Axel's reactions. As for K-I-S-S-I-N-G, OH MY GOD, THE CUTE! *squees* Tidus and Selphie teasing Sora (and Riku and Kairi) about his crush and all of them are being adorable little retards that makes me smile every time I read it. It's just so... happy!KH that I love it. (Axel/Roxas in the first one, implications of Sora/Kairi and Riku/Sora in the second.)

- Kingdom Hearts - untitled by Chevira Lowe - It's kinda short, I know. I've been meaning to look for longer fic. But, Christ, I was practically rolling around on the floor in sheer wibbling delight at how good this fic is. The imagery, of storybooks and setting suns and friends holding hands, is used beautifully for both Roxas and Axel, the way Axel is just so... Axel and I could absolutely see this for him. And there's Roxas as well, who's aloof in that way he has, but without pressing it too far, without making it over the top, instead there's a real... depth to the characters here. Or maybe it's magnititude or weight. Something that affects me. (Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Medorthophobia by loser_no_jutsu - Did someone rec this fic to me? Did I just stumble over the link? I honestly don't remember now. But with a tag line like: Medorthophobia: The irrational fear of penises.... alkdfjalsdkfja;lsd, I had to read. Now, normally I don't read fic like this, AUs for this series tend to send me running for the hills, but this one had such fun, light-hearted dialogue, just this side of a crack fic, that I got sucked in anyway. And then the conversation between Axel and Riku was beautiful. Really beautiful. And then Sora was adorable and then the ending with Roxas and Axel was just fun and I wanted to believe that they could have had a life like this if they weren't Nobodies and I could totally imagine Axel acting just like this. I had fun. ♥ (Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas.)

- Kingdom Hearts - imaginary friends by Luc Court - [Note: There will be some spoilers for CoM and KHII. You'll probably know them by now, but if you haven't even started, you might want to skip this for now.] I've sort of fallen away from reading KH fic because so much of it is either so bad or so mediocre that my eyes just glaze right over. But I've loved this author's work, his writing is so often some of my favorite in any fandom of his, and this story is brilliant and so deftly told and the writing is gorgeous, clean and smooth and you just slide right into it, and the characterization isn't just spot-on, it's actually clever. I can believe this is how the friendship between Axel and Roxas started, how they could go from CoM to KHII and have it feel real, not over the top or pushing too hard. I love the razor-sharp take on Axel and his slow interest in Roxas, the way everything feels so KH-ish here, every little mention of the Organization or the Worlds That Aren't and Nobodies and people not having hearts. The way the author balances Axel's reactions in KHII and how he's supposed to not have any emotions/feelings, it's deft and clever and beautifully written. And, god, there are a million clever little references and turns of phrase that are just utterly ♥-inducing. (No warnings/pairings. But if you like Roxas and Axel, this might interest you.)

- Kingdom Hearts - The Job Memo That Never Was by Pengie - Again. Again and again Pengie writes these fics that should be weird and random, but are brilliant. This time around, we have OrgXIII trying to raise money and it's chaos as to be expected. Wacky hijinks and Axel being a retard and the rest of the Organization... Pengie has this great way of either playing into stereotypes or contrasting against them so that she gets these great funny results. The various ways she balances the large cast, the details from the rest of the Kingdom Hearts-verse (there were several times with Demyx's situation that I just laughed and laughed and laughed, but Saiyx and Xemnas also had me giggling behind my hand while darting looks to see if I'd woken anyone else up) so that it's an enjoyable, fun read. There's actually a lot of talent to this kind of fic. ....which is a long-winded way of saying, "Hee hee, this was funny! You go read now." (Some implications of pairings, especially Axel/Roxas, but the focus is only half there.)

- Kingdom Hearts - untitled by Meg - [Note: There may or may not be spoilers for KHII in here. I'm not even sure anymore.] There are shortfics for series other than KH in here, but the majority of them come from that set of games, so I'm going to just put it under this heading. What's really neat about these, other than, y'know, the whole good writing thing, is that they're interesting ideas put down in a neat little array. There are lots of different aspects covered, some humorous, some that'll threaten to tear your heart out a little, and they show all different aspects of the KH series. Also, Meg totally wrote post-KHII speculative fic about Riku, Sora, and Kairi travelling worlds together and there was lovely, lovely Riku characterization in it. ♥ (You could read some RikuSora into the fic if you wanted and there's definitely some Axel/Roxas, but there's a lot of gen, too.)

- Kingdom Hearts - The 6th Hour (chapter 1) by refracting - Eeeeee! Axel and Roxas fic that fixes things, dammit and I didn't know how long I'd been waiting for this fic until it showed up on my friendsfriends list and intrigued me enough just to read the first few paragraphs. I have a lot of Divergent Timelines more than I do the vaguer AUs, where things might have gone a little differently if the characters had done a few things different. Especially when it's comined with Fix It Fic. The writing is solid, the details are really quite nice, and I adore the characterization. You can tell how much the author enjoys writing these characters, all the little touches (of friendly violence ♥) that make the pairing shine, that this could turn into one of those fics that makes me less hungry for decent KH fic. Also, Roxas and Axel in Agrabah? Kind of awesome. (Some Axel/Roxas implied.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Christmas: X-TREME! by Tammaiya - Most of this fic is cute and adorable retardation with Axel being... well. Special. And Roxas being very "....." because that's about the only reaction you can have to Axel sometimes. And I love the details--the tree is just fabulous because that's totally the kind of tree a KH Christmas should have!--but it's also... it's also the ending and Santa and Roxas' perfect, perfect reaction, especially considering who his Somebody is. A fabulous feel-good, warm and fuzzy Christmas fic. (Roxas/Axel.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Left Behind by Tammaiya - Perhaps it would be better to read this fic before reading the previous one, because this one is much more about angst and the more painful aspects of the KHII characters' fates. It can get tiring to read about Nobodies and their endless lamentation of how they don't have hearts or can't feel anything, but when Tammaiya writes it, when she touches on so many scenes leading up to the events of the game, it's fresh and new again, it's captivating and insightful and hard to read again because they're alone and always left behind. I really like the way the themes of this fic tie together and that's a really ouchy final ending line. (Roxas/Axel.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Completion by Tammaiya - [Note: There are SPOILERS for the ending of KHII in this fic.] There is something that's completely, utterly adorable about Riku, Sora, and Kairi playing Trivial Pursuit with Roxas still loitering around in the back of Sora's head. It's just. It so clearly should happen! There's a tone somewhere between angsty/sad and happy/bittersweet to the game, but mostly upbeat and full of love, just the way post-KHII fic should be. And Tammaiya is one of the few authors who can get me to like the trio in practice, in actual fic, not just in an intellectual way and the ending of this was just... awww, sweet and perfect. ♥ (Implications of Roxas/Axel and Riku/Sora and/or Riku/Sora/Kairi if you want to see them that way.)

- Kingdom Hearts - Pack Mentality by libekory - I'm not sure what I liked more about this fic, the speculation into the nature of the Assasin type of Heartless or the way the fic presented Axel and Roxas' friendship. There's a lot of really lovely language here and the personalities of both of them felt very right. Roxas was that fine line between interested and disinterested, blunt and uncaring about anything, sort of faintly disturbed by the effect Axel had on him. And I really liked this Axel, sly and dangerous, all implied violence that fits with his character pre-CoM. Very nice. (This isn't anything but gen, but Roxas/Axel fans may enjoy it.)

- Kingdom Hearts - It by libekory - ....well, all right. Apparently I am going through all of the author's fic, because it's been so long since I've read Roxas/Axel that I've genuinely loved. (Not that I look much anymore, mind you.) This is a gorgeous piece that plays with Axel and his lack of feelings and yet obviously not a lack of feelings when it came to Roxas. It's lovely because I can see how he went from CoM!Axel to KHII!Axel here, I could feel how much he cared about Roxas, how much of a woobie he clearly was, all without it being over the top. I love the take on Roxas through Axel's eyes as well, how Axel obviously wants something from him (yet the fic deftly never really quantifies what it is, it walks that line beautifully) and how dangerous Roxas can actually be. It was lovely. (This fic was gen, but if you want to read Roxas/Axel into it, you could.)

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