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My own pages/blogs/journals, often dealing with reccomending stuff:

*Special Campers / LiveJournal mirror - My blog/journal where I post all the recs as I write them and before I get a chance to organize them properly.

*/self-promotion geek*

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Some of the blogs/journals/websites I often go to for new recs:

* - Suzume's huge Gundam Wing fanfic/fanart recs page. I love this site.

*Born to Crash and Burn - I am terribly pleased by this site because it offers a good selection of anime recommendations and we anime fans don't have nearly enough recommenders. ....and I'm not just saying that because her tastes seem to mesh fairly well with my own. :D (You can also find them posted to her journal every few days.)

* - Mostly Smallville and HP recs right now (with room for Buffyverse and other TV serise to grow), but I'm so insanely jealous of the beautifully navigable/content-rich layout that I had to include it.

*Everlasting - Another anime-centric rec site with several series I like and a really pretty design. *jealous*jealous* Plus! Gravitation, Yamimatsu, FMA, GetBackers, HikaGo, GundamW, Prince of Tennis (And a TezukaxFuji fan at that! XD), so many of the series I like, too. ^_^v

*journey - Lots of different series, a really good range from a lot of major series (FMA, Naruto, Gundam Wing, even a little Prince of Tennis and Yami no Matsuei) and I know I've agreed with the rec'er on several stories already.

*COLLIDE If you ever need SasuNaru recs, this is a great place to start. Organized by author, genre, and rating, there's a nice selection of them here.

*Bookscraps and Scrolls - Half personal fic archive and half recommendations archive, it's split between Harry Potter and various anime fandoms (especially Gundam Wing) and it's a really good place to start if you're just getting into the fandoms.

*Tanoshii na Mono - You have no idea how much I adore this site, because she recommends fic/art in similar veins to what I want to see out of fandom and has some really amazing diversity. Anime/manga, books, cartoons, comics, tv shows, and more! LOVE. ♥

*Glaring Dream - There's a really nice balance between anime/manga fandoms and various other types of fandoms, including game sections! I love multi-genre sites, especially when they're so neatly organized. ♥

~ * ~ *~ * ~

There are tons of places on LJ to find recs, I've taken to bookmarking individual entries, but it's only a small selection. Here you can find more variety from a lot more people:

*Livejournal - animefics - A community of several users, devoted to rec'ing anime fanfiction--a rarity to find. (So few anime fic recs places to go to~ ;_; )

*Livejournal - ari_recs - Pretty much whatever she feels like rec'ing, very often Harry Potter stuff, but occasionally some anime or other book fandoms get in there, too.

*Livejournal - justthefics - YasminM's recs journal, seeming to cover just about anything that strikes her fancy--from anime to live action to books to games to a lot of other stuff.

*Livejournal - recsrainbow - An index of a ton of other recs pages/journals that can be a little overwhelming to go through at first, but godsends for those who need a regular fix. Focused on just about everything it can, but the primary focus always comes back to HP and LotR like everything else, doesn't it? (Kidding, kidding!)

*Livejournal - obakesan - tin does some of the absolute best recommending (and finding of fics in the first place!) that I've seen in fandom. I seem to always drop everything and go running whenever she posts new ones.

*Livejournal - animehonesty - A community for anime reviews and fanfic recommendations for a variety of series and has pointed me towards several fics that I want to read, several good finds are here. <3 (Added bonus: Anyone can join and rec things.)

*Livejournal - fanworksrecs - Another community that covers a wide range of animanga series and is free to join, if you'd like to make some recs of your own. Perhaps a bit smaller and cozier, but I like it just as much.

*Livejournal - naruto_recs - Not updated all that often (sadly), but not dead either, naruto_recs is a good place to get fic recs from lots of different people, so there'll be a greater variety than usual.

*LiveJournal - ff_recs - Same as the above, a place to find recommendations for a variety of FF stuff (pretty much all series) by various authors.

*Livejournal - tanomono - The LJ for Tanoshii na Mono, her recs are posted here first, then later compiled for the website. Handy if you want them asap like me.

~ * ~ *~ * ~

Some of the C2 comms on FFNET that I keep an eye on and use as starting places/hunting grounds to find new fic:

*Saiyuki - Saiyuki NonShonenAi Fiction - Because I like gen Saiyuki fic, I'm really happy to see this comm and will probably haunt it more than any other one in the Saiyuki section. ♥

*Saiyuki - Undercurrent - [ Sanzo x Hakkai ] - ....but I still love my 38, so when I saw there was a comm for them as well, I was terribly delighted. <3!

*One Piece - CP9 One Piece Abridged - A very nice list of a lot of the better One Piece fic out there--all inclusive, including het, yaoi, and gen.

*One Piece - LN: The official community - A nicely growing collection of Luffy/Nami stories on FFNET, which hits most of the ones I know I've liked, I believe.

*One Piece - Pirate King, Pirate Queen - Another Luffy/Nami comm. Sure, I know I'm linking two of them, but this is a slightly bigger archive and I'm totally happy to link both, that's how much I love the pairng. :D

*One Piece - Aren't they cute? - Zoro/Nami this time, with a nicely organize collection of just about every ZoNa fic on FFNET I think. *Gravitation - Shuichi & Yuki Love! - Now, I regularily comb the archives on my own, but it's nice to know that there's a Gravi comm for Yuki/Shuuichi because... well, yes, OTP and all that.

*Gravitation - The Best of the Best - I think there's a slightly higher incidence of fics I've liked in this catagory--not to mention the occasional non-YukixShuuichi fic--so I thought I'd add this one to the pile.

*Naruto - Recommended Kakashi x Iruka Stories - Sure, sure, there'll probably be a ton of SasuNaru or whatever else comms, but this one is the one I'm really interested in. (Well, this and a LeeSaku one, but no one's mad that yet. *pout*) A lot of the better KakaIru fics out there.

*Prince of Tennis - Prince of Tennis: FujiRyo Fiction Archive - Pretty much what it says--a comm for the better FujiRyo fics out there, so that you don't have to comb through the mess of the Tenipuri section at FFNET quite so much. ^_~

*Prince of Tennis - InuKai Fanfiction - An InuKai comm is nice because I know I don't have the time to sort through to find the good InuKai fic, so having them neatly organized here is a nice bonus for me. <3

*Prince of Tennis - TezuFuji Fanfiction Dossier - And finally a TezuFuji comm! \o/ I've been hoping someone would start one of these because, well, yes, I wanted a list of TezuFuji fic to attempt reading. ♥

*Fruits Basket - Love for KyouTohru - I dearly wish I had more time and patience for the Furuba section at FFNET, because I'd like to be able to read more good Kyouru fic. So, to see that they have a comm for them is really great! <3

*Fruits Basket - Trio Tales - And my other main Furuba focus, whether it be the trio together or seperately, with a nicely growing little archive here.

*Yami no Matsuei - Yami No Matsuei TsuzukiHisoka focus - Yaaaaay! Tsuzuki/Hisoka! ♥! Now, if I could just con someone into a Tatari one.... >_____>

*Yami no Matsuei - Luz y Sombras - A Spanish (?) Tatari C2 comm, but most of the fics listed are in English, so finally there's a Tatari C2 comm! \o/

*Yami no Matsuei - Flip Side of the Coin - Another Tatsumi and/or Watari C2 comm, this one focusing on them individually and together. ♥

*Gundam SEED - The Lady and the Lord - Ashuran and Cagalli fics over at FFNET, may be useful for actually finding some that don't suck! *shiny hopeful eyes* ^_~

*Gundam SEED - Dearka and Miriallia! Love is All - Dearka and Millie! ♥ Plus, holy hell, there are over a hundred stories listed already! *___*

*Gundam SEED - Match Made in Heaven - Rounding out my favorite trio of pairings is an active Kira/Lux comm as well! Eeeee!

*House - HouseCuddy FicClinic - House/Cuddy C2 comm over on FFNET. Shut up! I know I shouldn't be 'shipping the series, but I can't help liking it at least a little! XP

*Multiple/Miscellaneous - Epic Proportions - A comm for readable stories over 20,000 words from all over fandom. I really like this concept and I know several of my favorite stories have already been listed.

~ * ~ *~ * ~

Some of the other fic archives in my major fandoms that you can browse through to find stuff to read:

*Full Metal Alchemist - Touka Koukan - Quite possibly the most extensive FMA archive out there, dedicated to the yaoi pairings of the series. Sorted by author/title and pairing/rating, which always makes me happy. <3

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