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[Recently, I decided to start doing very short recs for LJ posts that I found particularily amusing or thought-provoking, because I like that kind of stuff. It's still highly fandom-related (ie, probably not much meta unless it's fandom-specific), tending to be geared toward silly skits or humorous theories or discussion that I really vibed with. Because I like when other people point these things out, I decided to go ahead as well.]

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - Best review/recap of AC ever. There must have been a good ten individual times where I was full-on giggling with laughter and then, during the SephirothxCloud fight recap, I actually had to stop reading for a bit and turn away just to laugh hysterically. I keep rereading this, too, because it just does not stop being funny. I ♥ FF7 crack, I do.

Also, also! Check out the comments for all the AC commentary from Nomura and crew, there's some really fascinating stuff there. And there are some great threads going on in there, too. One of my favorites was this, because HAHAHAHA, YES. [Link originally ganked from toxictattoo.]

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - More FF7 hilarity that had me in absolute stitches. More Zack and Reno antics and Zack being such a guy and, oh, god, I think I hurt something at Sephiroth's apartment. Zack in Sephiroth's apartment. There is so much genius here that I have trouble comprehending it all.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - Very, very interesting discussion of Sephiroth's words/actions/motivations in that fight with Cloud and trying to put it all together. It's fanfic-esque speculation, but I found it was very insightful and intelligent, so it's got my interest piqued.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - And getting back to the sporfling laughter, Meia's take on AC and, god, I just cracked up the whole way through. For some reason the comments about Cait Sith sent me into fits of laughter especially. BECAUSE, YES. WTF, SQUEENIX? Also, I, too, am vaguely sad there were no chocobos. D:

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - I died of laughter while reading this. Silly AIM convo while watching FFVII:AC and, god, the DRIVING THE PLANET bit sent me into hysterics. The books Sephiroth should write? Zack + Reno antics? Sephiroth going all stabby? The alternate ending? Sephiroth's real reason for coming back? SO MUCH SPORFLING LAUGHTER HERE.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link] - Talking about weekend!Zack and weekend!Sephiroth and something about the ending, something about poor Cloud, just had me rolling around on the floor and clutching my sides painfully.

* - [link] - I suspect that, eventually, yes, I will have linked every one of these. But, goddammit, they're funny. And this one contains the line The line of people Sephiroth would need to beat the everliving shit out for hitting on Cloud is just… whoa. No wonder he wanted to destroy the planet. and I laughed so hard I had to take a break. Also, Nerd Tourette's Syndrome = HAHAHAHA *wheeze*.

* - Black Cat - [link] - If you're at all familiar with the Black Cat manga, I dare you not to laugh hysterically at this.

* - xxxHOLiC - [link] - You have to scroll down for a bit, but! Soel & Larg translation! They are SO FREAKING CUTE, the way they're just so sweetly enthusiastic about the first presents they've ever gotten or when they get petted and it feels so good and THEY TAKE NAPS WITH YUE. Let me repeat that. With the caps again. And italics. THEY TAKE NAPS WITH YUE. Ahahahaha, PRICELESS. And, oh, god, Clow/Yuuko/booze OTP, seriously.

* - xxxHOLiC - [link] - No, seriously. Clow/Yuuko OTP. Arguing over everything and then teaching Soel and Larg to communicate with each other and Clow starts the teasing by using Soel to tell Larg to tell Yuuko that she drinks too much and then she said, no, Clow drinks too much and I about passed out from the laughing. And then the smiling from both of them. Oh, god, the smiling and the veins in Yuuko's forehead and Clow's confused/happy smile and, seriously. O. T. P.

* - xxxHOLiC - [link] - Clow and Yuuko looking for the missing Mokona and, god, those marshmellow puffs are so freaking cute. Interacting with the dogs and, holy shit, SO FREAKING CUTE. I ♥ these things.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link] - I... think I came across this link from the myprettypuppet comm? Or maybe it was from journal hopping again. Either way, this started off even more journal hopping that led me to re-remember why I went all spazzy over SxC in the first place. Because, seriously, the OP uses her figures brilliantly in these shots--Cloud sitting on Sephiroth's lap on the bike? The next to last shot with Sephiroth's hand on Cloud's face? Awesome.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link] - Then I found this link after the one above. More of the Advent Pieces dolls and posing them and, omg, the one with the brilliant use of shadows and then the one with Sephiroth's hand on Cloud's hair and, and, and--!! The last three pictures on this one are just brilliant. Totally made me fall in love with SxC all over again and are genuinely good posings with those dolls. Hell, better than just good, they're really fantastic.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link] - So then I was amusing myself with the comments, right? Which led me to this one, a link to the commentor's Ehrgeiz screenshots, which are just... just... I HAVE NOT THE WORDS. Well. Except for the usually, "HAHAHAHAHA *rolls around in spastic laughter*", but. Total SxC mood again now, yes. ♥

* - Final Fantasy VII - [ link ] - Have I ever mentioned how much I love the FFVII fandom and its toys? Yet another reason the Sephiroth/Cloud action figures win so incredibly hard; this was HILARIOUS. I love that they're so poseable (hahahahaha XD) and that they actually look like they're having that conversation.

* - Kingdom Hearts II - [link] - ....jasldfjlaskjf;lkafkjasdhfkf, holy shit, I want this game like burning now. I mean, I was all shippy about it before, but, man, I want it now. In all seriousness, I was sort of apathetic about the new KH game. It looked shiny and all, but I'd sort of gotten my fill of the universe and wanted to go back to the regular game. I had some interest when I learned Tifa was going to be in the game. Then this came along and I was a gibbering mess of pure wanting for the game. I sought out the video clips (so pretty *_*) and now I'm back to obsessing. This post was just fabulously awesome about it, too.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link] - Doll porn! More dollpr0n! The images are beautiful and it just makes me happy that the dolls are being used for exactly what they should be. Also, it continue to amaze me how great the pictures actually look, they're not just random photos of them, they're actually composed and angled really well.

* - Final Fantasy VII - [link1 - link2 - link3 - link4 - link5] - Noel pointed me towards the these, I clicked happily because I've always enjoyed the OP's amusing entertainment-type things she posts (you can tell I had a hard time figuring out what to call these, can't you?) and I just... I mean, I... I never expected to laugh this hard. I did not expect to laugh until I cried, because it's one of those things that doesn't sound nearly as funny as it is (funny, but not that funny) until you see the actual screenshots of particular moments and it's just... it's beautiful. There are probably about ten different ones where I had to stop reading for a bit because I literally put my head down onto the desk to laugh and I don't think I've been so damned entertained in quite awhile. At the same time, it just reaffirms my love for the fandom and the characters and puts me right back into an obsessive mood for the series and characters. ♥

* - FFVII - [ link ] - OMG! FFVII ponies! And they look awesome and Cloud has clouds on his butt and Sephiroth is gorgeous and Reno is awesome and alsdkjfalsdjfasdl;k Cid and Vincent are made of awesome, too. I have long had a weakness for this kind of thing and the only way this could have possibly been better is if they were real ponies. 'Cause they actually look like they could be real ponies and the art is lovely and wheeeheeeheee. ♥

* - FFVII - [ link ] - I'd never seen this until recently and maybe others haven't seen it either? Since FFVII still has a lot of relatively new fans after AC. This was. This was a retelling of FFVII's game in a world where things made sense. Or maybe not. But whatever. It's hilarious and there may have been a few moments where I had to nearly stuff a fist in my mouth to keep from howling with laughter and having people look at me strange. But mostly. Mostly I just lost it at: Lyn says, "See, my problem with ff7 graphics-wise is that this is complicated, adult plot enacted by /little bobble-headed big-eyed puppets/."

This may actually clear up a bit of confusion for some people (it does do a good job of retelling the game from the perspective of a sensible person), but mostly you want to read it for the funny.

* - Kingdom Hearts [link] - Oh, my god. Di-chan's Heartless mood theme is seriously the cutest thing in the world and I love her for actually doing this. It's a cute idea to start with, but all the little details she puts into the image? The clean quality of the art, the little details in their expressions to perfectly get across the mood? I'm practically flailing at the cuteness and seriously considering ganking the set for a journal somewhere because it's just so damn great. "Scared" and "silly" just... get me every single time. I giggle and have to restrain myself from rolling around with glee.

* - CLAMP - [link] - Thanks to Di-chan for pointing this out, because OMG SQUEE more Soel and Larg translations! I love those two little fluffy white Mokona and their connection with Clow and Yuuko and, god, god, part of me wanted to cry at the mentions of Clow because that was just so sweet. Seriously, those fluffy Mokona they made together are totally Mommy and Daddy's children. XDDDD

* - Supernatural - [link] - Post about things ladyjaida loves about Supernatural. I was totally onboard with #2, but then #5 totally hit me and made me laugh like a loon because it's just that true. The family Winchester is so manly. It's plaid-manly. It's roll up your sleeves, get sweaty, dig graves and burninate manly. And they cry all. the. time. But it's a good list of what I love about Supernatural, too, why this show shouldn't be so good because it's kind of bad sometimes but that just makes it that much better.

* - Kingdom Hearts - [link] - The more I tried to stifle my giggling over this, the harder I laughed. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard, just that... it must have hit me at the right time in the right way. Will probably only be funny if you've actually played the game. *still giggling*

* - Kingdom Hearts - [link] - Tammaiya pointed these out to me and ASDLJASLKJDAS, AWESOME. They fill me with delight and glee which you know not the extent of. I mean, there are SPARKLIES. That's beyond awesome. Also, not safe for work!

* - [ link ] - Stolen from memlu, this is just... I really, really can't pick a favorite. I just. I cannot. Even if the newfound RPG fan in me demands that I pick the first one as my favorite. And, god, one simply must go through the comments to see some of the other mixes--there's a Deathstar one and a Butterfingers one and I did this sort of hyena-like wheezing laugh by the time I was done. Srsly.

* - YouTube - Mac vs PC [link] - I, like a lot of people, find those Mac vs PC ads kind of annoying (Especially because, oh, Mac. I'm sure you're hot shit and all, but I could never run JACK SHIT on you, all the fucking programs are for the PC, dipshit.) and after fandom_wank had a post that had several parodies (this one is indeed pretty damn funny), I was enjoying things a lot. But this one is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time as the guy tells his experiences with working on a Mac. It's partly that he has a very natural charm, it's partly the way the clips are spliced together to be absolutely hilarious. I just. I cannot speak of it's hilarity without gibbering. I cried from laughing so hard at this. (And, yes, I'm aware that it's been around for awhile. It's still the funniest thing ever.)

* - Star Trek XI - [ link] - [Usual spoiler warning! + loadtime warning] - asd;lkfjaslkjaslkj okay, so this meme is relatively unknown to me, but. But that certainly does not stop me from lolling like crazy at this. It's the combination of the song and the text and the pictures used and just. Crying with laughter, okay? I love that it makes me love the movie all over again, but that it's also... this is what the internet and memes are for. To make lolarious Star Trek parodies like this. o/ Totally NSFW by the way, including the embedded song.

* - Stark Trek XI RPF - [ link] - [Usual spoiler warning! + loadtime warning] - *stern face* I am not shipping this, you fuckers. Japanese boyband RPF is enough already, I don't need more RPF on my plate, you jerks. >:| And yet. ontd_startrek brings the super hilarious with this post about the totally NOT touchy-feely Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, with pictoral evidence! It's the kind of thing that should come with a soda warning and a "May make you want to ship this." warning. >:|

* - Stark Trek XI - [ link ] - [Usual spoiler warning!] - I was wandering around and happened to stumble over this link and I kind of wanted to keyboard mash over it because it puts for kind of a really interesting theory for all the discrepencies in the timeline before the battle on the Kelvin. I can already sort of see it sliding into my view of the movie as an explanation for the changes, it's easy to picture the theory mentioned being applied here. But there's also some interesting thoughts going on about the parallels in the movie and you sort of start to realize that maybe more thought was put into this than one would first think. It's a lot of food for thought and I found myself nodding at the possibility of a lot of it.

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