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- LOVELESS - Russian Roulette [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Being more of an anime baby than a manga one, I don't really know the Zero teams all that well (I think they're the Zero teams, anyway...?), but I do know pretty and cute art when I see it. That and there's just enough really, really good Ritsuka/Soubi art or Soubi illustrations (who looks fantastic, the author just nails the beautiful golden coloring for his hair *__*) or even that one of Kio that I was still very entertained. Her lines are fantastic, I love the coloring the artist pulls off, and she puts a lot of detail into her illustrations. The colored stuff is just absolutely lovely to behold. :D :D :D (Zero-focused, but with a little of the other canon stuff.)

- LOVELESS - Rough [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wound up really liking this site, especially, especially that beautifully colored one of Soubi leaning over a sleeping Ritsuka that was just perfect. The artist does really fantastic basic lines, but it's the gorgeous, subtle shadings of colors that she uses with the characters that made me go *__* over the art. There's also a lot of detail in the illustrations, but not so much that it overwhelms, it's just enough to make everything look clean, but textured. Oh, and the comic where Kio watched as Soubi met up with (and kissed) Ritsuka was really nicely drawn, too. I want moooooore from this artist! ♥ (A little Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - BOEBOE KINGDOM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The more I saw of this artist's work, the more I grew to appreciate her style, the more I saw that her lines were really good and really well-inked, I thought. The details are nice and clean and when you focus further in on the image, it still holds up nicely, meaning that... the more I stare at that pretty Ritsuka/Soubi illustration, the more I really sort of like it. The colors do seem a little pale at first, the more I look at them, the more I start to appreciate all the really nice highlights and shading the arist used. And, really, at the end of the site, the feeling I walked away with was a happy, warm feeling, which is usually all I ask for from a site. ♥ (A little Ritsuka/Soubi maybe.)

- LOVELESS - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't necessarily go nuts over everything on this site, I sat on the fence about whether or not I wanted to rec it, but... well, two things, as always, one me over. First, the artist focused on my beloved pairing, so I was a lot more friendly to the art than I might have otherwise been. Second, while I'm less sure about the color art, the black&white lineart is actually surprisingly well-done. There are couple of really quite pretty Ritsuka/Soubi illustrations, a couple of rather nice Soubi-only illustrations, and by the time I was done, I wanted to see more and was actually rather frustrated that several illustrations didn't seem to be uploaded correctly, so I couldn't see them. *pout* (A little Ritsuka/Soubi maybe.)

- LOVELESS - DX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Really, sometimes all it takes is a little Ritsuka/Soubi to win me over with a site, but it helps when the artist has some good, clean lines and really gets a sense of the characters and the style of the series across in her art. I didn't care for everything, but there was just enough art on the site that I was slowly won over, especially if the artist seems to be getting a little better as she goes along. There's definitely potential here, I like her Soubi, her Ritsuka is really cute, and there was enough art to satisfy my need for a fix this morning. There's also some cute gift art and I'd like to see more from the artist. (Mostly Soubi-centric, a few hints at pairings, but no themes.)

- LOVELESS - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I hesitated a little on this site at first, but I kept wandering through it and... the further I got into the galleries, the more I started to see the artist's style starting to get really detailed and using these really pretty blends of pastels and other soft colors that kind of reminded me of the original coloring from the manga. Plus, any site that has both Soubi/Ritsuka and Seimei/Ritsuka and the occasional Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, I'm going to bounce on over to. ♥ And then I hit the comics section and, ooh, pretty, you can see the artist's strength in drawing lines and the layouts in the black and white comics more and there's also the start of one of those theme lists. :DDDD But, really, you're going here for the gallery proper that has these gorgeous images in it occasionally--the blue-purple one of Seimei and Ritsuka in kimono (I think?) with the pretty leaf patterns for the coloring of the cloth and their hair is just beautiful. And I totally melt at the Ritsuka/Soubi ones. ♥ All in all, very nice. (Some Ritsuka/Soubi, some Seimei/Ritsuka, maybe a little Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi, maybe a little other.)

- Final Fantasy VII/LOVELESS - Parasitism [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where I was won over by the whole of the site rather than by each individual illustration... well, that and there was a really pretty Zack/Aerith illustration and god knows I go, "....!!!" over those. ♥ But it's also that there's a nice variety of art and different concepts/styles from the artist, while maintaining a certain softness to the colors throughout everything. And any site that has Sephiroth and Cloud almost leaning against each other out in the snow will almost have to get a thumbs up from me, of course. The artist does really well with Sephiroth's character, though, there are several pieces where he's in mid-pose with his sword or half lying in a pool of water or sprouting the one wing on his back and the artist makes them all look really cool or, omg, the gorgeous one of DC!Vincent with all those amazing blacks and reds or the beautiful Cloud illustrations or what feels like a million others. Sadly, there's not as much LOVELESS fanart here, but what is on the site is just lovely (there's one of Ritsuka with green hair that's utterly gorgeous) and some of the best stuff I've seen in that fandom. I really, really do like this site. (Mostly gen, maybe a little Sephiroth/Cloud.)

- LOVELESS/Sukisyo - ROKKA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those defining sites for both Sukisyo and LOVELESS, where the artist does these gorgeous images and manages to... I mean, Sukisyo and LOVELESS don't have the exact same style between them, but the artist's style resides somewhere in between, so that when I go through the Sukisyo art, I'm reminded of the feel of the original art. When I go through the LOVELESS art, I'm reminded of the original art there, too. I'm also just... deliriously in love with the artist's style, the CG style, the slim, delicate lines with colors that almost might be messy, but are actually shiny and bright and it just works for the series. I suspect I may have rec'd this site before, but I don't know if I rec'd it for the Sukisyo stuff and I can't rec it and not gibber on about the gorgeous LOVELESS fanart (rather incoherently, judging by the length of my run-on sentences here), not with the beautiful patterns and colors here. Whether it's polka dots or flower patterns or those gorgeous white highlights/lines in their hair... just so, so pretty. ♥ (Kai/Gaku, other canon. Pretty much all LOVELESS canon pairings.)

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