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- LOVELESS - Wish by Mei - [Note: This fic was originally public when I rec'd it, however, I'll keep the link up as Mei seems to be friending back anyone who asks.] So, it's Mei's fault that I finally caught up on the three latest episodes of LOVELESS and, naturally, I immediately pounced on her fic and am so very glad that she decided to eventually post it because it does a fantastic job of getting into Ritsuka's character, of portraying him with a real depth of character that makes him so damned likable and fits together so damned well with the series. One of the best things about this story is the attention to those little details of his character, especially how the memories he's making now are for this Ritsuka and the way he views Soubi, all while something so simple as going to get ice cream is taking place. The writing is lovely and just... the whole thing fits the series. I love. ♥ (Slight Soubi+Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - such a rainy day by gabriellemb - This is one of the first few fics I ran across in the fandom, which makes me glad I did so, because I really wanted just... just a few readable fics for the series and this one is just so lovely that it set me off on the right foot. (Along with Mei's "Wish". *__*) The atmosphere of the story is wonderful, it has a certain weight to it, even if not much is really happening, just a few touches here and there and lovely writing and just... yes. It scratched that particular itch I had for this series. (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - The Life Cycle of Butterflies by Trakkun - *___* I loved this fic, so many perfect little details and this fabulous mood to the story that was just so like the series. From Ritsuka wanting to keep Soubi as something that's his, not that other Ritsuka's, even as he still feels exactly the same way about Soubi to the way Ritsuka looks at the park and, god, the butterfly was just so perfectly used here and the pictures, the way Ritsuka takes those pictures of Soubi, the way his camera catches the differences between one moment and the next with Soubi, and the beautiful ending. I flail with incoherent love for this piece. *shimmers* (Maybe a little Soubi+Ritsuka, but not really.)

- LOVELESS - Nietzsche by Katharos - "You know, Ritsuka. Nietzsche also said that anything done for love is beyond good and evil." Ooh, I really liked this fic and it really worked well, working in the Nietzsche quotes and having them actually tie into the issues of the series and the characters, taking on a philosophic edge that's one of my favorite parts of the series. But my favorite part was the ending, the absolutely brilliant way the author seems to get the pairing, that it's not really a romantic or sexual relationship as things stand, despite the elements that might seem like it is. The ending is perfect and the tone of the entire piece really does the series justice. Lovely fic. (Slight Ritsuka and Soubi, but.)

- LOVELESS - Typical by Chu - Shortfic, but amused me oh so much and really was the perfect antidote for the fandom taking itself waaaaaay too seriously. Just... it's one of those that hit me just right this afternoon, made me laugh/put a smile on my face, and was just... really nicely timed/paced. You'll see what I mean. >D (Um. Slight Soubi+Ritsuka, but.)

- LOVELESS - Punish Me by anathema - Don't get me wrong, I adore the lighter fic that I've been reading for LOVELESS, I want more of that kind of fic, may even like it better than the more twisted stuff, but... when I read this fic, it scratched an itch I didn't quite know I had, to read about how twisted and fucked up Soubi is, given all that he's been through. This strikes me as very... LOVELESS in the sense of portraying the darker side of what these characters go through, just what Soubi feels for Ritsuka, that it's not nearly so simple as it might seem at first, beautifully illustrating the hurt of what Soubi wants and what Beloved has been ordered to do. I loved this. *__* (Hints of Seimei+Soubi, Soubi+Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Craving by Karu - I sort of sat on the fence with this story for a little while, but the more I thought about it, the more I was sort of impressed at the line it walks with Soubi's characterization, because we really don't know that much about him yet. Everything felt right to me, I agreed with the way the character was presented, the way you sense how fundamentally screwed up he is, but without delving into too much detail. I adored the little touches with Ritsuka, especially that Ritsuka would have ordered him to stop smoking earlier that day, because... that's just so something Ritsuka would eventually snap at him. >D Even if he's only in this for a short while, Ritsuka's characterization is perfect. The middle of the story, with Soubi lost in his own thoughts, had the exact right uncomfortable feeling from me that it was supposed to elicit, the ending having the exact right LOVELESS sort of tone. The fic isn't perfect, it could have used a little polishing, but the tone and heart of the story were satisfying and on the mark. Plus! Ritsuka and Soubi~~ Oh, how I craved more of those two. *__* (A little Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - Dreaming Into Being by Katharos - Another lovely fic from Katharos, who manages to capture the Ritsuka-and-not-Ritsuka complications so wonderfully here. It's a sort of "What if?" fic, the kind that struck me as being so very similar to the LOVELESS series itself for that way it leaves me a little confused, but feeling like I've been put through the wringer somehow, exactly like I do with the series itself. Ritsuka's thoughts struck me as being so very well done for the character and the ending is just... oh, the ending was perfect and lovely and this was good. (A little Ritsuka/Soubi implied, but very lightly so.)

- LOVELESS - The Balloonist by telegraph50free - You know, if you'd tried to tell me that I would have liked a story about LOVELESS and balloons so well, I certainly would have been rather bewildered, because... how can you use balloons for a metaphor without making it horribly, painfully cheesy? And yet this fic accomplishes that, making it a rather wonderful, impressive one that fits amazingly well with the tone of the series. The relationship between Soubi and Ritsuka here is really lovely, it's that painful-but-hopeful sort of dynamic that's so them. (A little Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Catch Me by Kentra Shinataku - I've sort of fallen away from LOVELESS recently, because there haven't been many fics that have been catching my eye, but I really did like Kentra's Tenipuri fic and this one was short, so I decided to give it a shot. And it was a nice little fic that... well, the thing I liked most about it was the sense of Ritsuka being injured, but still fitting in with that sort of dreamy quality that LOVELESS has, so it was a muted sort of pain as Soubi peeled back the bandages to see. Plus, I liked the implications of what Soubi was feeling, the way his affection was genuine, but still with that edge of... whatever it is, that vague sort of mysteriousness that he has in the series. (A little bit Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Giving Way to Warm by Limey - One of the things that really gets me with LOVELESS fic is that there's always this... underlying sense of muted pain, that I picture a well-written fic like the anime presented it, all these beautiful colors and soft tones and gentle voices, this whole atmosphere that the fic has. This fic is another one that captures so much of that, of how much suffering both characters go through, how they're both bound to certain things in their own ways, how much a connection and lack of connection is there, even when they're doing something so simple as Soubi bandaging Ritsuka's wounds. But what I liked most was the way Soubi was not unaffected, the way there seemed to be a glimmer of something real there, with the way the fic ended. Just.... awww. ;___; (A little bit Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - I am inside someone who hates me by Meg - He looks for Seimei in Ritsuka but Ritsuka, this Ritsuka, is closed to him, as Seimei had been; Seimei had allowed him to worship but not to know, and Ritsuka tolerates and watches but will not come close. So, first she writes HP/XXXholic that's quite brilliant. Then she writes LOVELESS fic that's so achingly beautiful and sweet and everything the series makes me feel in the first place and SHE IS GIVING ME A COMPLEX. STOP IT, MEG. By which, of course, I mean, OMG DO IT AGAIN. ♥ The imagery of the piece is absolutely beautiful and works with the atmosphere of LOVELESS, the way Soubi looks at Ritsuka, the way Ritsuka holds himself around Soubi... it's just breathtakingly right and makes me want to whisk them away so they can have a happy ending somewhere, dammit. (....whatever LOVELESS had, you could see hints of it here.)

- LOVELESS - makeout sessions don't count by memlu - There were two things that I loved about this story, aside from that the writing was just solidly good. One, as a commenter points out, HAHAHAHAHA, only Soubi is skilled enough to be locked out with dignity. Perfect. And, two, there's this really lovely use of descriptions to capture the tone of the series, the way hands flutter against buttons or a strip of skin is exposed, the way it's described actually makes me picture the series itself. Add in a dash of genuine sparkle and you've got a great little fic. ♥ (Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - slow train by memlu - Many of the things I said about the above fic apply to this one as well, there's this beautiful sense of color and slow, soft images, all slate blues and grays mixed in the faded violets, that I can see in my minds eye. Each little detail that memlu writes, whether it's the sand in Ritsuka's hand or the cigarette that Soubi is lighting, adds to the feeling. I could practically hear the background music of the series in my head, that's how lovely and spot on I find the writing to be here. And I just... I love that it's not sad, but it has that same overwhelming sense of heavy air or gravity that I liked about the series itself. ♥ (Hints of Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - untitled by Meg - Another one I should probably toss into the ficbits section, but I'm recommending here instead because I have such incredible fondness for it. Meg was explaining about her thing with vampires and power and eventually she wrote this fic to illustrate it better, the way she has a thing for the blood donator being the one in control. Which was... every time I stop to try to explain why vampire!Soubi and Ritsuka letting him feed is such a lovely, beautiful, hot thing the way she writes, I end up describing something far more trite and cliche than what this actually is. It actually works for me here. ♥ (Maybe a little Ritsuka/Soubi implied?)

- LOVELESS - Words by White Aster - So Meg has the bestest friends ever who write porn for her, yes? And I happily bounce over to them because, omg, Ritsuka/Soubi porn and it's got that... so many of the things this couple needs. That lingering pain that'll always be there, the way they're so screwed up and Soubi is a stubborn bastard about being screwed up and Ritsuka can get frustrated with him and yet he really does love Soubi and Soubi really does love him so they manage to find a way to muddle through things together. Somehow. And it's lovely, especially with the beautiful writing and the porn is just as lovely and just as much a part of their relationship as everything else is, so it's not just random porn, it's Ritsuka and Soubi and it made me just... deliriously happy. Also it was really, really hot. *__* (Ritsuka/Soubi, a light NC-17.)

- LOVELESS - untitled by Merith - Aww, this was lovely and adorable and sweet in one of those quieter moments with Soubi and Ritsuka, where... there's so much between them, but there's something like peace here, too. And it's full of those soft little touches, Soubi helping Ritsuka with his tie, Ritsuka leaning back a little, but not quite all the way, still not grown up yet, but not quite a child, either, and it's just... after all the angst of the series, sometimes I really need happier pieces like this. (Soubi/Ritsuka implied.)

- LOVELESS - untitled by Merith - I've been slowly devouring all of Merith's LOVELESS fic because I've been craving this pairing like crazy and I really like the way her fic doesn't just jump right to the sex, instead she builds the tension and the wanting and making sure that Soubi and Ritsuka are ready. While it can be a little frustrating for the reader because, zomg, I want them to have sex now, ultimately, it makes for a better fic and a better relationship between the characters. And I love the little details of this fic, the way the conversations on the phone are actual conversations, not just a tool to get Soubi and Ritsuka to get where the author wants them, they feel much more genuine than that, they serve their own purpose--which might be a strange thing to focus on, but it's the strange things I often get the most out of when it comes to fic. Plus, I love that they're actually spending time together (even if over the phone) so that the progression of the relationship makes sense and... just, yes. I liked this. A lot. ♥ (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - When I'm Ready by Merith - Much of what I said about the previous fic also applies to this one as well--there's a progression of the Ritsuka/Soubi relationship here that you can feel the tension of as it builds, as Ritsuka and Soubi both want more, but it's not quite time for them yet, and it makes the fic so much more (ultimately) satisfying to read for it. I also loved several things the author did with this story, how she handled Soubi's Beloved name, showing that Ritsuka was ready by having him push just enough to show that the progression is something he genuinely wants, how she brought them into the same apartment, the way Kio's observations about Soubi was a good way to show Soubi's intentions/motivations, and so many of the little soft details like Soubi sitting vigil at night or the tracing of names. I just... I really liked the build-up in this fic. ♥ (Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - Ready Tonight by Merith - After the last couple of fics of build-up, this is the kind of fic I was hoping to find, the kind that had the pay-off I was looking for and it isn't just random smut, their relationship is worked into every step along the way. Ritsuka is hesitant and shy sometimes, still so new to this, while Soubi is more experienced, but he genuinely wants this, he doesn't want to back down from any of it. I love that this was told from Soubi's perspective, the way he watches Ritsuka, the way he has to assure Ritsuka that it won't hurt him, the way Ritsuka slowly blossoms in this fic, from being not quite skittish at first to slowly getting accostomed to this and then enjoying it. And when Ritsuka tells him that this is good, that he likes this, oh, god, I think I about spontaneously combusted. Because, yes, this is what I wanted to read, Ritsuka coming into his own with Soubi, Soubi wanting that from Ritsuka, and just... yeah, okay, I'm done spazzing now. Shut up. (Ritsuka/Soubi, NC-17 content.)

- LOVELESS - Traintracks by Yasmin M - In a way, this fic both makes me not want to read another Kouya/Yamato fic again and makes me desperately crave more with the characters. It's such a lovely, elegant, perfect piece for them that I feel sated by it, like, yes, this is the fic I was looking while, much like the anime itself, I still want more despite that feeling. The writing of this piece is beautiful and there are so many little details worked into the story that it gives me the same feel as the anime as well, all the colors and music and everything. I know I'm burbling over the story, but... *happy sigh* it was so pretty. (Kouya/Yamato.)

- LOVELESS - Touch, Skin by Yasmin M - Even if this hadn't been about Ritsuka and Soubi, I would have enjoyed it for the sheer imagery that's worked into it. Yasmin's writing is lovely for this series, she has a way with the little touches of blue butterflies or red poppies or the background of the tower and the trees. At the same time, she takes an AU concept and makes it fit so incredibly well with the characters, it's... it fits somehow is really all I can say. But even more than those things, oh, my fangirl heart hurt for Ritsuka here and it was achingly lovely. (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Rejected Goods by Meg - Okay. So. I'd planned to wait until Meg finished the LOVELESS porns before recommending it because I figured it'd be best that way, but I am getting very impatient and what she has so far is lovely and the comments on the post of this fic were really interesting to read. So. Rec'ing it now and probably again when Meg finishes it. I'm deliriously in love with this fic, because Meg is writing the kind of LOVELESS fic that I really want to read, the kind that has that soft, gentle style to it and just enough retardation that it's totally like the original series (because Soubi using Words to chase off some kid hitting on Ritsuka and it makes sense for the way Meg wrote it? beautiful ♥) and still the way they're fucked up? So, so much love. I also adore her take on the way she uses the cat ears, the way Soubi is always touching them or chewing on them because they're Ritsuka and they're so soft and he just can't help it and I want to hug Soubi for being such a woobie when you almost wouldn't expect it of him. I just. Nnnghh, so much love for Meg now. ♥ (Ritsuka/Soubi, edging towards R-rating here.)

- LOVELESS - A Matter of Perspective by Sinful Serenity - I liked this fic. Despite wondering if I should seek out more Kouya/Yamato fic, I'm glad I read this one, there was a certain... quality to it, there were moments in the fic where it had the same soft, delicate touch as the series did and I really rather liked the way Yamato looked at Kouya here. The opening lines, where Yamato thinks Kouya has brilliant--not beautiful, instead brilliant--eyes was a really nice touch. I think I could rather fall in love with these girls. (Kouya/Yamato.)

- LOVELESS - Rejected Goods by Meg - [Note: Yes, I recommended this fic before, but this is the final version and it's the one with all the porny bits, so it's getting rec'd again. Shush.] I adore this fic so much, it's so much of what I want from the LOVELESS fandom and the Ritsuka/Soubi relationship, how this relationship is so necessary for both of them, how it's sweet and fucked up and good for them because it's the only thing that's really good in their lives, considering all the trauma they've gone through and it gives them at least some small space where they can find something like happiness. All of this is said without having to say it in the fic, it's just a beautiful representation of their relationship and the broken pieces they've been slowly fitting together. Meg's writing is lovely, she keeps that same delicate quality that the series has, she beautifully portrays Soubi's issues and how they're all tied up in his Sacrifice while still making him practically shimmer in her characterization and, god, the ears. I can practically feel Ritsuka's soft, velvety ears every time Soubi chews on them or Ritsuka uses them to express emotion and nothing is perfect or clean, everything is messy and broken and somehow perfect. The porny bits are just as lovely and graceful as the rest of the story, they're not just stuffed in there randomly, they're just as much a part of the characterization and they're both so wonderfully written and, god, it's a Soubi that feels right, in all his contradiction and bastardness and sweetness. Also? Meg's use of Kio in this story winz so completely and totally. (Ritsuka/Soubi, R verging on light NC-17 rating.)

- LOVELESS - Everything We Touch, Changes by Natalie Baan - Part of me (the fangirl part, obviously) wants to flutter around the room as I squee over this fic because... I mean, in a way, it feels strange to want to squee over a fic that's as melancholy and aching as it is beautiful, but there's a certain intensity to Ritsuka's wandering thoughts just after the piercing that really hit me hard. The way it was difficult and yet so easy and the jumble and toss of his thoughts that never quite settle without being frantic and it's so... fragmented in a way, while still having this beautiful, lovely flow to it and, yes, this is so much like the series I watch/read. Ritsuka's characterization is subtle and lovely and I could probably read this fic five times and still pick up new little pieces or hinted at implications that are almost like shadows you aren't really sure are there (shut up, that makes sense in my head) and that, too, is so, so much like the series. Lovely fic. (Implied Ritsuka/Soubi, given that it's in the series as well.)

- LOVELESS - Punish Me by trollopfop - I'm sort of coming over to Meg's side of the fandom when she gets fang-ish over people being mean to Soubi in fic because, really, doesn't the canon punish him enough? But then I'll read a story like this and, yes, it's an illustration of how monumentally screwed up Soubi is, all the way down to the core of his sense of self, but it's also a beautiful, aching, haunting piece because it fits with what Soubi has been shaped into by Ritsu-sensei and Seimei, what he continues to force himself into and the conflict that arises when Ritsuka doesn't treat him the same way, when he doesn't smooth out what is Soubi and keep only the Fighter. It hurts because I love Soubi and I think this fic does well at getting inside the head of a Fighter/submissive who has his own identity practically washed away, while not without hope because Ritsuka is still there. It's early on in the series, the sense of... something like a contained whirlwind inside him (which isn't quite right, but it's my bad description, not the author's) and pain that Soubi endures and it's a really good character piece. (Implications of Seimei/Soubi and Ritsuka/Soubi, but it could be gen as well.)

- LOVELESS - Winter and Winter by Katharos - The summary of this reads: In two different years, a child is found in a tree by two different people. and the fic rather lives up to the potential I saw in the idea, that I knew the author could put into her writing. It's a lovely story, once where Seimei finds Ritsuka in a tree, once where Soubi sees Ritsuka in a tree, the two scenes used very nicely to contrast against each other, despite all the similarities in how Seimei and Soubi react to Ritsuka. But what really impressed me (aside from the lovely subtle characterization in Ritsuka's slightly different reactions to them both) is the author's take on Seimei and his relationship with Ritsuka. I love that it... it seems so harmless on the surface, there's nothing I can directly point to and say that Seimei is a bad person, but the lingering creepiness is still there, especially as more and more is revealed about him. (Maybe a little Ritsuka/Soubi implied, but it's very light.)

- LOVELESS - return of the crackfic by Meg - [Note: This fic may contain spoilers for those not following the manga.] I am going to title it that because I'm getting tired of using "untitled" for everything in this particular post. ^_~ Anyway, yes. LOVELESS and the way the manga should totally end, especially that bit with Seimei because he's a bastard and I totally hope this does happen to him. Especially that bit at the end. And I so, so agree with Soubi about... well. Ritsuka has an unexpected vicious streak that comes out when he's angry about something. Soubi knows it's wrong to think it, but it's totally hot, even Kio agrees. I shall say no more, other than READ IT NOW. MEG IS FULL OF AWESOME. Also, I dunno if you want to drink anything while reading, either. (Soubi/Ritsuka, bordering on NC-17 content.)

- LOVELESS - untitled by wicked_pistil - Seven drabbles with Ritsuka and Soubi and each of them are just... 100 words of pure hotness. I love the way the author used the different themes to create little pieces that could have stood on their own, but instead became even more gorgeous put together. They have that way that's almost lyrical about them while still being hot, it doesn't have to be graphic to evoke something terribly intense. They're just... beautifully in character, all of the messy issues between them still under the surface, but there's such beautiful subtlety and something that doesn't quite ache that's mixed in with the love between them. I gibber incoherently with love for this set of drabbles. (Ritsuka/Soubi, a light-ish NC-17 content.)

- LOVELESS - These Days by trixie - More Kouya/Yamato fic! It seems like there's hardly ever any around for them... or, at the very least, not nearly enough. I really quite liked this one of trixie's, the way she manages to capture the air of both characters, Kouya's seriousness while still being so young and human underneath, Yamato's brashness that's not precisely hollow, but covering something far deeper. The way they're not gushing over each other, but they're still two young girls in love and I could really have seen this as the aftermath of their first time. (Kouya/Yamato.)

- LOVELESS - Call Me Anytime by sub_divided - I ganked the link for this off Meg tonight and was rather immediately sucked into it. The first scene alone amused me terribly and the smoothness of the prose made the fic just sail along, but the best thing about it was that both Ritsuka and Soubi were more than just recognizable, they were... it's difficult to write Soubi, he's such a contradictory character, but the author does a beautiful job with him here. The scene is one that feels like it could have come straight from the manga itself, the conversation they have is perfectly paced and characterized, painful and beautiful and bittersweet and hopeful and aching and all the things that Ritsuka and Soubi should be. Readable LOVELESS fic is a rarity in the first place, much less really, genuinely good fic like this. (A little Ritsuka/Soubi implied, but it's about on the same level as canon.)

- LOVELESS - Soubi/Ritsuka Drabbles Part II by wicked_pistil - As I've mentioned several times before, there are certain LOVELESS stories that have an almost lyrical or poetic quality, something that reminds me of all the lovely colors and soft lines of the original anime and manga. These drabbles are beautiful for that, the way they weave emotion together with every action of the characters and the way they're just so Soubi and Ritsuka. The way "repose" and "use" are really, um, seriously kind of hot even while they never forget how messed up this relationship is, how messed up Soubi is, how damaged Ritsuka is. They leave me with a breathless sort of feeling that I love. ♥ (Ritsuka, Soubi, somwhere between R and NC-17.)

- LOVELESS - The Way He Is by white_aster - Meg pointed this fic out the other night and, god, she really does have the bestest friends. And I'm so glad she decided to quit smoking--I mean, sure, good for her health, blah, blah, blah, but she also gets fic out of it and it's brilliant, beautiful, gorgeous fic. All those adjectives I love to fling around when a story captures that sense of loveliness that the anime and manga had, the quality that's almost dream-like, but not. And, oh, did this story have one of the best voices for Ritsuka's perspective in it, the hint of snarkiness that was actually amazingly in line with the way he thinks/speaks, the way it blends together with the pain and hope and wounded aspects of him as well. The way he looks at Soubi, who is annoying and weird and more messed up than anyone Ritsuka's ever met and all together so very Soubi, the way he goes from looking at Soubi as a child to looking at him as someone older than that, the way Soubi really is so, so very Soubi, the way Soubi's past is never forgotten, the way it's never forgotten just what's made him the way he is today, and how frustrating he can be for it, it's all brilliant characterization and writing. Not to mention the very, very hot Soubi wanting his hair brushed and Ritsuka slowly realizing what this does to him as well and... and... and... I'm sorry. I have to flail now. Like. Um. A lot. (Ritsuka/Soubi, some graphic content.)

- LOVELESS - Call Me Anytime by sub_divided - [ part 02 - part 03 ] - It delights me that there's some really good LOVELESS fic being written right now, especially when it ends on an intense note like part 3 did here. (I hope I hope I hope there's more of this soon, because it would be cruel to leave it there!) A lot of it is that it's just plain old good writing, but there's also something more to it than that, something about the characterization that catches and ensnares me while reading it, something that speaks of all the damage these characters have gone through, all the issues they have underneath the surface... which I have a strong sense of the author keeping in mind while not hammering them into our heads, instead of being told that Ritsuka has problems with his mother, they're shown, so I get that same feeling of completeness as I do when reading the original text. And, hell, it's the characterization, too, because Soubi is all things Soubi and Ritsuka is such a wounded young teenager who is trying to cope with all of this and the writing is sharp and clever. Soubi on the phone, while Ritsuka half-hears a conversation or a conversation about getting the tea set out or Ritsuka not wanting Soubi to leave/abandon him, all of these things are with such a deft touch that I feel like I could read them endlessly. (Some Ritsuka/Soubi.)

- LOVELESS - Icebergs by soundczech - I'm always a little wary when trying out new (to me) authors, but this fic was pretty good. One of the best things--certainly something all too lacking in the LOVELESS fandom as a whole--is that you can tell the author is a good writer by the prose, which is clean and easy to read and the kind where you barely see the words and more just sort of slide into the fic. (I tend to think of this as being a bit more professional, the way I barely notice the words in books.) And it's certainly one of the better drunk!povs I've read, because I could believe Ritsuka was actually drunk here, without it being too over the top about it and Soubi saying Ritsuka was too little to drink afterwards (even if he's going to grow up to be damn tall--?) was adorable and the fic was a good read. (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Memoryless by Vissy - I was browsing the comm and happened to note that this LOVELESS fic had gotten several comments, I was curious, so I read. It's a story that's a bit strange, but it has all the right elements for me. The author actually pulled off the concept of a memoryless Soubi, of the quote used (which sounds like it should not have worked for Soubi's voice, but I had no objections to either his or Ritsuka's voice in this story, Ritsuka's was actually quite good, that blend between child and teenager that he has), the atsmophere of the piece was just right and reminded me of the anime quite a lot, and there was just something... it somehow made an incredible amount of sense somehow. The way Soubi couldn't remember Ritsuka, the way it happened so suddenly and yet he still reacts to Ritsuka the same way, there's still that quality of letting Ritsuka lead, and the writing itself is lovely. Even the hints/teases of the beginnings of something (not sex, but on the way there before they stop themselves) were in-line with the feel of the characters. I rarely ask for more from fic. ^_~ (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Call Me Anytime (chapter 04) by sub_divided - I dragged my feet on reading this fic for almost two months now because it's one of the rare fics in this fandom that actually feels like LOVELESS to me. Perhaps I'm overly attached to it because it's one of the few multi-chaptered fics that I've been reading in the fandom, but I don't think that's just it. There's something that's quietly in synch with the series, the messy relationships, the complicated histories of the characters, the subtle things that are both wrong and right about all of them. Ritsuka's character is especially, painfully spot-on, it feels like I'm watching the anime or reading the manga (I imagine I've remarked on this when I've recommended previous chapters) and every chapter feels delicate and fragile... which is probably a bad way to put what I mean. Anyway. LOVELESS fic. Good LOVELESS fic. (Implied Ritsuka/Soubi?)

- LOVELESS - untitled by still_ciircee - Man, sometimes you forget what the right author plus the right characters can do to you. I'd just finished reading a Hanakimi fic that made my heart break, so maybe reading LOVELESS fic from Soubi's perspective wasn't the brightest idea. Except it totally was because the experience of feeling Soubi's tension and warring desires, to touch Ritsuka and to protect Ritsuka, was marvelous. There's such an atmosphere to this piece, a tension that made my teeth ache for it, even as all they're doing is kissing. (Also: I like kissing.) The imagery is gorgeous, it goes so well with the series, all soft and gentle lines while having this terrible pull underneath. The ending is just as lovely as well and I just... fangirl. (Soubi/Ritsuka.)

- LOVELESS - Metamorphosis by Ria - It's a little hard to believe this fic isn't even 350 words long, there's something very satisfying and perfectly paced/lengthed (?) about it. The tone of the fic is very much like the manga (as well as the anime), there's something just a little bit beauitul, elegant, lyrical about it and there's something just a little bit haunting about it. Ritsuka almost hearing a snippet of Seimei's favorite song or the way he curls up in his bed when his mother comes near or the way he thinks of Soubi, it gets the point of the characters very well. (....a little tiny, tiny bit of Ritsuka/Soubi if you're looking for it. But it could be gen, too.)

- LOVELESS - Life Cycle of the Butterfly by Circe - There is something about the way this author writes that captures the LOVELESS series so very nicely, a certain way to the dialogue and the imagery and... something that makes me hear the music and picture Yun Kouga's beautiful artwork. The use of spells in the story is also impressive, I felt like the author knew the world well enough to move around with it and... honestly? My favorite part was the resolution with Seimei. The beautiful wrap-up to killing his brother's killer and what exactly that meant. The way the bond between Ritsuka and Soubi was strengthened and tested, the way everything wound together, even the recurring butterfly theme. Lovely. (Soubi/Ritsuka, somewhere around NC-17.)

- LOVELESS - Four A.M. Words by still_ciircee - One of my favorite things about some of the fics in the LOVELESS fandom is that there's this special tone to the writing, something that's almost dreamy or surreal, something that reminds me of Yun Kouga's almost delicate lines, something very pretty even when there's so much hurt and tragedy in the characters. This is a simple story, Soubi goes to pick Ritsuka up at 4am and there are never any words exchanged, just simple actions, and it's breathtaking for that. It's almost like the characters are gliding through the story, again that same dream-like quality, but not quite, and it's... it's everything beautiful and tragic and all those words I always use for the characters. The details, the little touches, the hug, the way Soubi walks, it all leaves me quietly breathless in the way LOVELESS fic should. (Ritsuka/Soubi sort of implied, maybe.)

- LOVELESS - You Got a Piece of Me by allira_dream - I've liked several of the author's other stories that I've read, so I was intrigued by seeing a LOVELESS fic by her, hoping to find a Yamato/Kouya story that I would like, since it's such a rare pairing. I wasn't disappointed at all--the prose of this piece is beautiful, it creates these lovely, painful images that strike me as being so like the tone of the original series itself and it's a lovely voice for Yamato. She's so cheerful on the outside here, yet there's so much yearning and aching underneath, the author really bringing out the emotion of her without having to hammer it into the reader's head in an obnoxious or over the top way. It just. It really worked for me, the language and characterization of this piece. Beautiful writing. (Yamato/Kouya, Yamato/OMC, some NC-17-ish content.)

- LOVELESS - Even by EnchanteRhea - Another lovely LOVELESS fic, this time of Soubi and Ritsuka, as they sit in the grass, back to back, a well-done sense of detail and description, so that I could easily imagine Soubi's coat underneath Ritsuka to keep him from the damp grass. The way nothing is really said or done here, even while they're ostensibly working on improving Ritsuka's focus, is lovely and feels like it's in the same tone as the original series. The writing is also smooth and the characterization understated yet very nice. There's a peaceful sense to the piece that I liked, then a cute ending that Ritsuka and Soubi should have more often. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- LOVELESS/xxxHOLiC - The Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings by allira_dream - There are certain crossovers (usually that involve xxxHOLiC, the crossover champion) that I know will be fantastic almost before I read them and a crossover between LOVELESS and xxxHOLiC promised to be fantastic indeed. Which is was, the two series blending together so well, the way they somehow work despite obviously taking place in different worlds (what with the cat ears and all), the way the tone of both series came together so well. Ritsuka wandering into Yuuko's shop, the choice he's offered, the decision he makes, Yuuko's reaction to it, all of it is this really lovely understated quality that just works. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

LOVELESS: Sky Might Fall (and I don't care) by allira_dream - I admit that I was a little hesitant to click onto this fic because I'm wary of authors writing Yuiko and Ritsuka together, but I like both characters so much, I like their friendship as it is, and I liked the author, so I gave it a shot. And it's this really dreamy-quality style fic from Yuiko's point of view and shows why she's such a lovely character--she dreams a little, she's restless a little, but she's such a genuine and sweet person, even as they're doing nothing so much as sitting under a tree and reading on a hot day. I'm very glad to have given this one a shot. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

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