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- Kyou Kara Maou - Shuteye by Aki - [Note: This fic is flocked, which I normally don't rec fics that aren't publicly accessible, but Aki friends back anyone who friends her and asks to be friended, so I'll make an exception for her two fics. If you're as painfully shy as I usually am, I believe there are mirrored links in the kyou_kara_maou comm on LJ.]

This... is going to be a challenge to keep from squee'ing terribly, because I really want to do this properly. Anyone following either of my journals ought to have figured out by now that I adore the KonradxYuuri pairing and it's all right that most people in the E-fandom are going for Wolfram/Yuuri, but a little part of me did indeed pine for KonradxYuuri. And... I would have been happy with something that was even just mediocre. But then I saw Aki had written it and I did the most stupid "*claps hands together* Eeeeeeeee! *___* *CLICK!!!*" reaction that I should never have admitted to in public. Her writing is gorgeous, her characterization is spot-on, and I just... I could hear Konrad the entire time because his "voice" was so on-target. I could see this in my mind's eye, because the style somehow matches the feel of the series, like a slice of an episode in text form. Everything else was all in place--the right amount of details without being overwhelming, the situation she put the characters in (The basic premise--Konrad has trouble sleeping because he needs to watch over Yuuri--and the way it was executed seems like it MUST have springboarded from an episode, that's how in tune with the characters it was.), and so on. But it was really the sweet, gentle, deep, meaningful relationship between the two characters that made my little fangirl heart do its handstands. It never had to be hammered into my head, it was just there and, oh, god, I can die a happy Kyou Kara Maou fangirl now. ♥♥♥♥ (Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Marital Bliss by Meia - I might not have clicked on this fic, except that it had Meia's name on it and we all know that I like to ficstalk certain authors and I knew this one would be sparkly-good fun, so I read. And, of course, it was. XD Meia's got a gift for very sharp dialogue (and prose/narrative/whatever), but still working with the characters themslves, it's not OOC fic where the cast of Buffy is parading around the the MaruMa cast's names. Plus, it was one of those fantastic little stories that really could have slipped into the frames of canon and was just... GOOD. *sparkles* XD (Yuuri/Wolfram.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Minty by anahita - Heh. This is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for with MaruMa fic (aside from other pairing preferences and smut, of course XD), something that's silly, fluffy, and keeping in tone with the original series itself. Anissinia's batshit inventions and... just... general Anissinia-ness is great, Gwendal's crankiness is great (especially since he doesn't WANT to be the one to massage Gunther's back XD) and the conversation between Anissinia and Cecilie was just PERFECT for this batshit, hysterical series. Just... something about Anissinia and Cecilie talking about a pheramone perfume and the way the fic ends, it's just... *laughing* I ♥ this series. (A little bit Gwendal/Gunther.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - In Element by Aki - I swear to god, I could read Aki's fics for, like, forever and be happy with them. Reading her MaruMa fics is just so... sating somehow, for me. Somehow... the pining for Konrad/Yuuri fic afterwards doesn't hurt so much because she just nails what I adore about them and really connects with me over the characters. And what I mean by that is... with MaruMa, because it's such a meta series, it's hard to care about characters who were designed to be stereotypes and yet... my little fangirl heart went *doki*doki* when I read this fic, because I CARE. Because she gets across Yuuri's feelings just so damned well and even though she doesn't have to say a word about it, I can just feel Konrad's as well and there are a ton of little details that make the whole fic just sort of *FWOOM* to life right in my head and is one of those scenes that could slide right into the series itself that's how pitch-perfect her writing is. And it's Konrad/Yuuri without... going overboard? It highlights what makes me see these two as a couple and why they work. And... guh, just painfully in character, that's how lovely it is. I... I... flail with love. (Light Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Some Rest by aisobel - Awww! This made me feel just... all warm and fluffy and happy inside to read the sweet Konrad/Yuuri interaction. The way Yuuri just sort of... gravitates towards Konrad, even without realizing it, the way the author really did a good job with Konrad's quiet, steady, constant support and care for Yuuri and I loved the way Konrad talked about the person from his past, the way it didn't need to be touched on for long to understand how important it was, and the way Yuuri understood, and just... the connection between Konrad and Yuuri. Plus. Well. Yes. Yuuri sleeping in Konrad's bed. This makes me happy. ♥ (Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Interlude by Lady Harken - Admittedly, this story isn't perfect and could probably stand to be tightened up in a lot of places. It's very... something like a romance novel. However? While reading the story, I found that it didn't make me want to roll meye eyes too much or get on my nerves, because... hell, it's Kyou Kara Maou and Gunther especially. Of course it's going to be a touch silly and cliche. ....which isn't meant to be as much of a back-handed compliment as it came out to be, because I honestly liked this fic and I thought the style fit well with the series. Gunther was adorable and his spazzing was very IC, Gwendal and his utter fear of Anissina was great to watch, the dynamic between Gwendal and Gunther was nicely done and the sex was actually really pretty nice. I liked that it took it's time with the simple-ish premise and while it was about the sex, it set up a proper explanation for it so that it wasn't just tossing them into bed randomly. The writing was readable and this was actually the first Gwendal/Gunther fic I read and I'm quite pleased. <3 (Gwendal/Gunther, NC-17 content.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Time: A Drabble in Six Parts by lady_charon - When I sat down to read this fic, I was hoping for something that was at least halfway readable. Little did I know what an incredible gem of a story I was in for. The writing is gorgeous, just professional and smooth all the way around, to the point where I barely notice the words, for how much they grab me and submerge me right into the story it was telling. The author nailed the characters and even nailed that sense of... it's hard to explain. There's a sort of elegance to Kyou Kara Maou, even amongst the silliness and meta stereotypes it plays on. The writing was genuinely clever and I could fully, fully have believed any of these lines coming out of the characters' mouths in the series itself. Hell, sometimes I think it might have been better that the series itself. Even the theme being woven throughout the entire piece (the theme of 'time', that is) was amazingly well done and so neatly done that it's not jarring or overly obvious, it's just... it hit all the right notes that it was going for. And the relationship betwen Konrad and Yuuri? Oh, god, I flail at the gorgeousness of it, because it was so right and was just... rich and textured and detailed and clever and everything I could have asked for. Their relationship so important to each, but not over the top pushing by an over enthusiastic fangirl, instead taking it at just the right pace and something that I could (again) easily have seen in the series itself. Just... this fic was awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Konrad/Yuuri, a little bit Yuuri/Wolfram and Gunther/Yuuri, but nothing more than the series itself would have put in.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - One Waltz by Pout - This put such the smile on my face, because the Gwendal/Gunther stuff was just... it was light, fluffy, but not saccharine and just the right tone for those two. Plus, I liked that nearly all of the main cast had at least some small role in the fic, and dancing! Gwendal and Gunther dancing in a way that I found quite believable. Totally worth reading for that. (Gwendal/Gunther.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Dream in Memory by thisissong - This is a sweet little Konrad/Yuuri fic, mostly just about Yuuri thinking about past memories that are floating through his head and snippets of dreams, but what really made me like the story was that it had the same... almost gentle sort of tone to it that I associate with the pairing. I like that it wasn't overly pushing the pairing, either, just... lightly touching on it, really, it hardly counts as a pairing at all. I'm glad to have found this, I was leaning a little too far away from the MaruMa fandom and needed something to bring me back again. Just a little. <3 (Very, very light Konrad/Yuuri, could be gen.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Cute & Ancient History by Harukami - Cute: .....Gwendal/Yuuri fic. I mean, I know Haru's brilliant at making pairings work that I wouldn't have thought would have a chance in hell of being believable, much less in the style of the series itself, but... well, here she does it again. I was laughing right from It wasn't his fault, after all, that he'd misunderstood what it meant in this world when you plucked a knitting needle out of a ball of yarn. but... holy hell, the ending line is just killer. I'm smacking a "must read" label on this fic, definitely. Just for the ending alone. XD XD XD

Ancient History: *spins* Gwendal and Gunther! My love knows no bounds! It's hilarious interaction between the two of them, right down to Gwendal's... Gwendal-ness and Gunther's lovable obnoxiousness and I really want to flails over this some more (and did in the comments _o_), but I don't want to give it away. Just... brilliant comedic timing, a perfect ending, and a pairing I love. YOU GO READ NOW. (Gwendal/Yuuri for the first one, Gwendal/Gunther for the second.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Inventions Never Lie (They Just Fail From Time to Time) by thisissong - Ooh, this was a lovely MaruMa fic, especially for the way it was set through Anissina's eyes, the way she takes note of Konrad and Yuuri's relationship, the way she follows them and is curious about them and watches them, but... without making it too fangirly. I really adored that, for all that I'm a die-hard romantic 'shipper who wants to shove the two of them together, this fic took a more subtle approach, made everything a little more (as the author says) ambiguous and thus the more believable for this setting. And I thought she nailed both the dynamic between the characters as seen through another's eyes and the way Konrad's character is so difficult to read sometimes. I really liked this. <3 (Hints at Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou - Learning by icefalcon - I was really pleasantly surprised by this story, for all that the format wasn't something I usually read, it worked really well here and there were some very nice lines. The ninth one was especially beautiful and really just... very evocative in the language used, that I could see all these flashes of imagery in my mind's eye as I read, just as I imagine the author intended. I really liked this one. <3 (Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Moments of You by flight_of_ideas & _katty_ - Aww, this was a very cute story! Nicely written, the dynamic between Konrad and Yuuri was very reminiscent of the series itself, the way Konrad cares so much with every little thing he does, the way he has such strong, deep, calm feelings for Yuuri, the way Yuuri lights up around him, all of these things were adorable and cute and happily fluffy. So many sweet little moments of connection that culminated in an even sweeter ending. :D (Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Yet the Sea is Never Full by Aishuu - Oh, my. I have been craving MaruMa fic lately, but only a few have caught my eye when I clicked onto Aishuu's fic and sat down to read, my attention caught from very early on in the story, because... well, Murata Ken is a really good choice for Aishuu to write about, I think, because he is the type of character that her writing/style does very well with. She knocked this one out of the park, I think, the subtlties to MuraKen's personality, the way he looks at the others around him, especially Yuuri, the thoughtful way the prose weaves from one moment to the next. She creates a serious atmosphere with the story that doesn't ignore the more crackish aspects, she brings together Murata's outer appearance and the more depthful, all-too-knowing thoughts inside his head and makes a complete picture, rather than feeling schizophrenic. The balance between Yuuri's romantic possibilities was very nicely done, I was glad to see neither side was forgotten, neither side was pandered to too much. And the lines about the current that carries them all, the references to water and the parallels/symbols it brings to mind? Beautifully done. Really wonderful fic. *__* (Hints of Wolfram/Yuuri, Konrad/Yuuri, and MuraKen/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Slow and Steady by Mina Lightstar - Oh, this was lovely, one of those stories that balanced the various MaruMa relationships (or at least some of the major ones) well and, of course, me being me, I was over the moon for the gentle, sweet interaction between Konrad and Yuuri. Because, for all that this series is crack, there is some rather serious potential for the characters to get hurt, but this fic was lovely in that way the series has, that Yuuri didn't feel the way Wolfram obviously feels and the way Konrad is wonderful when he talks to Yuuri about it. Mina does a fabulous job with the characters, she really nailed them without having to rely on the stereotypes of the characters to make them interesting. Meaning that this fic wasn't just enjoyable, it was good, it was beautifully written and gorgeously characterized and I really, really liked her Wolfram. *shimmers* (Maybe hints of pairing, but it's sort of in line with the series itself.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - The Perfect Cup of Tea by Granate - I'm not sure I was fully onboard with Gunther's characterization in this fic, but it's the kind that I would love, love to see the author writing more because she does such a lovely job with the fic otherwise, because it's the kind that could have the kinks worked out (I think it's more an issue of surface details and little body movements than actual characterization, but I'm also woefully behind on the series, so take everything I say with a grain of salt) and because everything else was perfect. The writing is smooth and lovely, it's the kind I barely realize I'm reading because it flows so evenly and the limish scene? Wow, that was good. She took an image in her head (of Gwendal half-undressed and leaning back in his chair) and built this entirely hot scene around it, accomplishing exactly what she set out to do. I definitely, definitely want more of this. *__* (Gwendal/Gunther.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Beneath the Trees by Aki - Oh, Aki. How my love for her knows no bounds, because she writes the fic that most Konrad/Yuuri fangirls have been needing to read... but she doesn't just write it, she takes the fic and knocks it out of the park. There is an incredible perfection to this story with the way it fits together with canon, like it really could have just fallen out from between the cels of the series itself, both in the style she writes, the way her characterization of Yuuri is breath-takingly wonderful here, to the point that I don't even have to try to hear his voice, because he sparkles here, I couldn't have not heard it if I'd tried, but also in the way that it gives closure to an arc that very much needed it. Honestly, my reaction at the end of the fic, after Yuuri and Conrad have their conversation in the woods, I wanted to just cry, but totally in the good way. The fic is chock-full of beautiful, meaningful lines that I was tempted to quote, but had to restrain myself, lest I wind up quoting more than half of the fic. Just... Aki nails the absolute best of this pairing and puts it into fic form. Honestly, as much as I want more, more, more for these two, some part of me thinks I could be forever happy with this fic. (Konrad/Yuuri hinted at.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Turning Point by Elihice - I read and love pretty much anything Elihice writes, so even though I've been sliding away from MaruMa lately, I went ahead to read her fic anyway. It immediately sucked me in, the story unfolding in this beautiful sort of way, telling Konrad's life from childhood to adulthood, all just so... I realized when I felt like I might cry during his loss of his father, the loss of his brother's affection, the way it quietly devestated him, that was the point where I knew that I loved this fic. But it's not just that it made me feel for Konrad, that it made me fall in love with the character all over again, the progression and pacing of this fic are so well-done, the sense of time passing or even when time loses its meaning for the characters, I felt that right along with Konrad. And I loved that there were so many scenes, that even in under 5,000 words, the story manages to get so much into it, so much of Konrad's life or the progression of the Konrad/Yuuri relationship (which is important to the story, but it is, as the author says, ultimately a story about Konrad) or the incredibly touching scenes between Konrad and Wolfram. The fic doesn't forget anything or leave the important bits out right along with the way it includes all these fabulous little details that you can barely tell apart from the original series. But, really, overall, the thing that's so wonderful about this fic, even more than the Konrad/Yuuri relationship (that I loved and adored) is that it's so very, very Konrad. It's absolutely, utterly Konrad, in that way that perfectly nails canon for me. When he realizes that he wants to protect someone, when he realizes that he can't raise a sword against hate, when he's so incredibly noble by just being himself, when he loves Yuuri so completely, when he realizes that he needs to act... it's all so Konrad. *happy sigh* (Konrad/Yuuri.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Going Home by madsciencechick - I believe it was tammaiya who first pointed me to the author's work and I've been meaning to read forever and after diving back into the fandom just a little bit, I wandered over to her journal. And, wow, I'm so very glad I did because the KonYuu pairing really needed a smutfic like this, one that's beautifully written and hot and graphic without being crude and that does a brilliant job of actually getting Yuuri's voice down. I love the author's way with words, not only can you feel the almost-frantic desire from Yuuri (without the author having to be sledgehammer-ish about it, you just felt it, rather than being told it), but the descriptions are beautiful. I can appreciate this fic both for how hot it was and that the writing was worth reading just for the descriptions and imagery. Especially rumpled!Konrad. Or initiating!Yuuri straddling him. Or cute!Yuuri teasing Konrad just a little bit. And, omg, the reference to Yuuri's mother's manga was priceless. ♥ This fic was wonderful. (Konrad/Yuuri, NC-17.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Deck The Halls by Tammaiya - *burbles happily* KonYuu Christmas fic. Christmas fic with kissing! Christmas fic with kissing that was much like an actual episode of the series! Christmas fic with kissing that--*is shot* Okay, okay. But, really, one of the lovely things about this story is that, aside from the kissing (I love kissing fic! So much!), all the characters were so wonderfully right and the background details were just so grand. Yuuri being stuck in Shin Makoku just before Christmas, bringing the usual traditions over to the Mazoku, it's one of those ideas that's just perfect for the season and she carried it out so well here. The writing is so clean and smooth, everything just stayed so in tune with the series' tone, and I feel all warm and fluffy and happy in that exact same way I do after watching an episode of the series. Plus, omg, drunk!Yuuri. So cute. So believably drunk, too, instead of sounding forced. I wibble a lot. (Konrad/Yuuri, hints of other pairings in the background.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Magic by Cairnsy - So. Gwendal x Gunter is my Kyou Kara Maou! OTP. I love other pairings, I may obsess over other pairings, but Gwendal x Gunter is the one that I'm always, always, always going to come back to. Because a fic like this gives me that sort of feeling where I want to kick my feet against the desk or flop into a bed full of pillows and hug one close or just let out this high-pitched shriek because I love them and they're my favorites and they were kissing. And, god, I loved that there was actual... well, I mean. It's a MaruMa-style plot. Stuff actually happens. Stuff with random, batshit magical artifacts that lead to Gwendal/Gunter kissing (and it's such a good kiss) and it's a satisfying plot. It's the kind of story that I dearly wish would happen with the characters because I want them to go have smoochies and then find out they're kind of head over heels for each other and then for me to giggle like a loon at the ending. Because there was a great ending, too. HARTS. (Gwendal/Gunter.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Two Sizes too Small by Celeste - Okay, you remember what I said in the previous rec about Gwendal x Gunter being the OTP and all? Well, this fic just cemented that in even further. Part of me was really quite ready to flail around the room during their whole conversation, Gunter admonishing Gwendal for not giving Yuuri more attention, while Gwendal just sort of crabs quietly to himself while he readies for bed. And it's. It's about how somehow these two are so batshit and yet somehow they work out. It's almost quiet, which I wouldn't have expected, but seems right for them here. The way they're drawn towards each other at the end and just... okay, this is a crappy rec. Sorry. But it's good Gwendal x Gunter fic and everyone should go read now. ♥ (Gwendal/Gunter.)

- Kyou Kara Maou! - Love's an Itch by poutonly - Oh, this was just. Fun and lovely and I enjoyed it so much. I ♥ Annisinia here, the way she's just so... it's not quite bossy, but there's certainly a lot of confidence there. And I love that there's something almost like subtlety (that's not quite it, but maybe it's a lack of being hit over the head with the obvious hammer) for all that you know exactly what's going on and Annisinia's making no excuses for it. I just. Gwendal's dating someone else. And Gunter itches. And they're so dumb about it and I love them so much. ♥ (Gwendal/Gunter.)

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