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Thor fan comic (English) - T h o r k i - St. Valentine’s Day. R-18 - I wasn't precisely sure how to title this or link it or label it or what, so I'm going to call it a fancomic and use the brief description used. But, basically, it's a Thor/Loki porno doujinshi and you have no idea how badly I've wanted this. It's pretty much a straight up excuse for sexytimes and, bless this artist, because that's exactly what I wanted--where it's a Midgard holiday and Loki uses his magic to conjure up an image of his brother to fuck him and then sexytimes! \o/ Also, Loki has the usual emo black nail polish and I'm totally in love with the artist's use of sharp black and whites, the way her Loki is especially gorgeous and I could barely take my eyes off him and, ahhhh, the ending, yes, very good. (Thor/Loki, NSFW.)

Thor fancomic: Once Upon a Time.... Told in a storybook style, this is almost like a fairy tale version of Thor and Loki and, oh, if your fannish heart doesn't hurt after reading this, I don't want to be friends with you. It starts out darling and cute, Thor and Loki being adorable and each having their strengths and they're adorable babies together, and then turns tragic and the simple, charming way it's told just makes it hurt all the more. And, oh, the ending is SHEER PERFECTION. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do some gross sobbing for awhile. (This is gen, but Thor/Loki fans may enjoy it as well.)

Thor Fancomic: untitled by kisu-no-hi I almost put this as a reguar link in the links section with the other fanart, but I think it's lenghthy enough to count as its own thing. Because, wow, is this ever amazing. It's a multi-image story with Thor having sneaked into Jotunn!Loki's bath, who then pins him to the floor and has a blade of ice to his throat and is the hottest thing Thor has ever seen. Which becomes pretty evident, given that Jotunn!Loki is pretty much sitting on his lap. The art of this is gorgeous and it blends something super hot (danger and this Jotunn!Loki is so languid and unimpressed and sly and so, so attractive) with something dangerous, all wrapped up in being pretty for its own sake. There's even moments of humor (some of the faces Loki makes are priceless) and, oh, the dialogue is perfect for these characters. There's such an intense sense of attraction between both Thor and Loki, even as Loki pretends otherwise, which clearly just turns Thor on even more, and it's... I would read a hundred pages and more of this. It's just one moment, just one scene without much context around it, but you can gather enough and it's so fantastically done that I immediately fell in love and, ugh, I just want more. (Thor/Loki.)

Thor Fancomic: Holidays at Stark Tower As of this rec, this comic/doujinshi is only five pages so far, but I love seeing updates for it every so often because a) Thor and Loki have an adorable daughter and b) basically the first few pages are them having her babysat by their friends while Thor literally hauls Loki up over his shoulder to go find a private place to be alone with him for awhile. And Loki makes the best ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME faces about this! And throws things at Thor's head once he's been tossed down! And that page has the most likes and reblogs for a reason, because it's Thor being Thor and a;sldfkjaslkj hilarity. But also the entire comic has some pretty great Tony moments (who DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW OR SEE MORE) and I'm just super charmed by the whole thing! (Thor/Loki, maybe somewhat nsfw.)

AVENGERS/THOR/IRON MAN (FANCOMIC): Endless Loop NOTE: The above link is to tumblr, but it can also be found on livejournal and deviantART. REC: I was originally going to just link this with the other brief art links, but quickly realized that it was too amazing and had enough of a story that I couldn't help myself. The art caught my attention first, it's that kind of gorgeously sharp b&w art with a lot of detail that is all the more striking for the contrast and inking used here and how pretty everyone is. And, oh, I love that Loki and Tony have a son (in addition to Fenrir) and the flashbacks of their relationship and moments in their lives and how I would read full comics about all of those moments. There's so much emotion in the way Loki looks at Tony here, while still being subtle and very Loki-like, he's not obvious about it, but you can still feel it. All of that plus Loki's emo black nail polish and suitssssss. This was really good for me and I really hope this artist sticks around the fandom for awhile! (Tony/Loki.)

AVENGERS/THOR: untitled NOTE: This blog has autoplay turned on for their music, so be careful if you're opening this in another tab for later. REC: Holy shit. That is an adult-rated knotting fancomic/doujin with animal ears on Thor and Loki, complete with tails. My fannish life has just been fucking MADE. I mean, yes, I enjoyed this for the tropey stuff (animal ears! tails! knotting! hilarity!) but the art is actually really lovely and soft-looking, the artist drawing in a chibi-esque (but not quite) style that works well, with just enough detail in certain panels that you can still see them as adults, thankfully. And, oh, when Thor gets stuck and Loki is super fucking pissed about Thor being stuck in him? I laughed pretty much forever, all the funnier for Loki punching Thor in the face, who's really, really sorry, really! SO HILARIOUS. Everything about this is perfection and fuck you if you can't understand my pure, pure love for it. :D :D :D (Thor/Loki, NSFW, Lokitty, knotting.)

AVENGERS/THOR (Fancomic): untitled NOTE: This blog has autoplay music turned on, so be careful if you open it in another tab. REC: Man, do I enjoy multi-page comics/doujin for this fandom, having come from manga fandoms for so many years, I got really spoiled by them and now I constantly seek them out. And this one was fun, with the Avengers welcoming Spider-Man into the group, talking amongst each other joyfully, while Loki lurks on the edges and doesn't know how to join in, so he turns away to leave, which Thor notices and sends Spider-Man over to introduce himself and basically drag Loki back into the group. Whatever, that stuff is all delicious candy to me! I mean, anything that gives me feelings? Yes, give me that. But also I really like the art of this, it's a bit loose and airy, but it works really well for the style, the artist makes the characters all look good and does especially well with expressions. And, oh, Thor's >:| face when Loki and Peter are a little too friendly with each other? Yes, good. Good. Especially when he drags Loki off by the elbow in a snit, because posessive!jealous!Thor is, like, the best candy. My only complaint is that it ended before a proper kiss. BOO, I WANTED KISSING. XD (Thor/Loki.)

AVENGERS/THOR/IRON MAN (Fancomic): Tony's Beard (part 1) (tumblr) + part 2 (tumblr) + part 3 (tumblr)
SUMMARY: "Tony. What the hell did you do to your face."
REC: This one actually comes before "Attack of the Teens", I believe, but they're separate enough that you can read them whenever. This is where I fell in love with the Kid AU because as;ldkfjas;lkj oh my god Tony taking a marker to draw a beard on his face and everyone's reactions being summed up as, "wat r u doin tony"? So, so hilarious. This artist has a gift for drawing expressions on these kidlets faces that sends me into fits of laughter, especially Loki's "I can't believe I have to put up with this bullshit" faces! But but but. When I knew I was really in love with this artist and these comics? When Loki takes one look at Tony's refusal to wash his face, he manipulates protective big brother Thor into chasing after him and I just-- no matter how many times I reread it, I just lose it all over again at everyone's faces and Loki having Thor wrapped around his little finger and the back-and-forth relationship he has with Tony and his total lack of repentence. Everything about this is beautiful and perfect and so goddamned hilarious. (Some Tony/Loki, but it's only half the point.)

AVENGERS/THOR (Fancomic): Attack of the Teens (part 1) (tumblr) + part 2 (tumblr) + part 3 (tumblr) + part 4 (tumblr) + part 5 (tumblr)
SUMMARY: "So you might have noticed Erik & his friends are stirring up some trouble. He's started refering to himself as 'Magneto' & has already taken control of our hiding spots. Loki, you know Amora & Skurge, right? Get them to help us. Teens on the team will be an asset." "What's in it for me?"
REC: I know this is only the first five strips and it's not done yet and it'll probably update as soon as I manage to post this rec, but I love it so intensely for being part of the artist's Kid AU series, which is pretty much one of the greatest things in this fandom. It's hilarious, but it's also really quite clever at getting all these characters into the storyline (mostly Avengers characters, but the X-Men have started appearing just a bit here) and having adorable designs for them and their relationships as kids parallel the canon really well. And, yeah, okay, I started reading this because the artist's kid Loki is an absolute little shit, but he is gloriously so, his life is so difficult (being surrounded by morons and all) and yet so delightful (they're so much fun to terrorize!) and I can't tell you how many times I've already laughed at his antics. He is a gleeful little shit stirrer, who does things just because it's fun to throw chaos bombs everywhere (like arranging Amora to be their babysitter because he knows she has a crush on Thor, like getting Tony in trouble with his dad, etc.) and that is such fun to watch.

Those are all things that I would be delighted to read this series of strips for, but! Oh, man, the art. I love everything about it! From the artist's style (everything is so cute and I love the color palette!) to the designs of the characters as kids to the adorable modern clothes they're wearing to the absolutely perfect expressions on their little faces. Nothing is funnier than Loki's little smirk (especially because he's an evil little shit to Thor most of all, which delights my Thor&Loki fan) or Tony's smug grin or any time any character is overjoyed about something. Basically, everything about this is perfect. (Some Tony/Loki, but it's background more than anything.)

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