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Control Issues by galaxysoup, avengers + loki, humor, 2.3k
    An archer, a rage monster, and the Norse god of mischief wake up in a field.
    xparrot linked this fic and I found myself pretty well immediately sucked in! I will warn ahead of time that it dismisses a lot of Loki's actions in the movie as being under mind-control, but, whatever, I'm totally fine with that, I think there's a case to be made about that. But that's not the point of this hilarious fic--the point is in Clint, Bruce, and Loki waking up in a trap that Tony's set for them, until they start working some of their shit out. And it's hilarious. I love that Loki is just as catty as ever, Clint is just as much of a dick as ever, and Bruce's life is just as hard as fucking ever. There are so many great lines in the fic, but also some genuine moments of FEELINGS, and it was just a really great, fun ride to go on today.

The Sweetest Ride by Mikkeneko, thor & loki & avengers, humor, 5k
    After Thor and his teammates show up to work one day on a set of totally bitching bikes, Loki feels the need to respond in kind. Things rapidly get out of hand...
    I was in tears by the time I got to the end of this fic, jfc. The whole thing was amusing, as the fic came up with more and more creative ways for the Avengers and Loki to show up the other side's ridiculously awesome ways to get around, just so much screamingly fun antics between them, natural team rivalry and Thor&Loki's brotherly rivalry, and I loved that Thor was kind of petty about it, even as I couldn't help loving him all the more for it, especially when he knew exactly how to prey on Tony to get his way. I loved all the character voices in this, Thor and Tony were especially a delight, because god knows of course Tony would totally get caught up in this, and there were so many amazing little details of their various rides (whether machine or animal, both were HILARIOUS, and those bikes did sound pretty bitching) but. Oh, the ending. I was with other people while I was reading this fic and I would have had to explain the whole thing to share why the ending had me bursting into wild laughter (enough that I cried over it) and that was really embarrassing. Totally worth it, though, every inch of this fic is perfect.

Loki is a car by teh_will, avengers & loki, humor, ~1k
    “Alright, alright. Enjoy your tacky-ass car.”
    LOKI IS A CAR. God, I love this fandom. Especially when Steve buys the car and Tony thinks it's a terrible car and it may be a short mini-fill, but I laughed the entire time and the ending was beautiful. Such a great read this morning!

Another Bizarre and Thankless Situation by vain_glorious, avengers & loki, humor, 5.4k
    "Hostages 101: If you kill them first, no one is going to do what you say."
    Ahhhh, this was just what I needed after having a rather crap day. A delightful potential future fic, where Loki kidnaps Tony and Natasha, which doesn't go all that well, so Tony is Tony about it and it's just... part of me fears going into the greater Avengers fandom because of my ridiculous fondness for Loki and how he's a lot more complicated than just being evil, but, oh, this fic does a fantastic job of showing Loki from Tony's perspective. It's also hilarious as all get out, Tony's voice is pure perfection, and I love the observations Tony has on Loki while they're being held captive, I love the conversations between Tony and Natasha, I love how this fic has such perfect characterization. It was just what I needed today.

Majority Rule by Xparrot, thor & loki & avengers, humor, 2.4k
    Tony learns something that changes his perspective on the Asgardians of his acquaintance.
    Ahhhh, this is such a great, clever idea! As the author notes, it's not necessarily my headcanon, either, the idea that Thor and Loki are Asgardian equivalents of teenagers, but that doesn't matter because it would explain so much and she makes brilliant use of the Avengers' teasing the idea out and realizing the truth of it and their amazing, amazing reactions. There's such delightful humor here (Fury's moments in the fic are especially hilarious and so easy to put into my mind's eye) and everyone is so beautifully in character and the flow of conversation, as they discuss the equivalents between Earth and Asgard, how the natural roll of the conversation eventually gets around to Loki, how Asgardians (and Frost Giants) age differently, so they're not quite what you expect when you look at them, all of it is amazing. I love that the fic is from Tony's point of view, because he is the one who would unfurl a theory like this, but also for the hilarious thought process, and BEST OF ALL because Tony is not unlike Loki and he gets it. The quiet character insight in this fic is just as good as the utterly amazing humor. Ugh, I just want this fandom to be my love forever.

The Third Son of Odin by vain_glorious, thor & loki, tony & loki, loki & avengers, humor, 7.3k
    Loki takes a second shot at brainwashing Tony Stark.
    Well, this fic was amazing. Loki decides to try to brainwash Tony Stark a second time and it's beautiful. So, so beautiful. Because the world Loki weaves for an amnesiac Tony, the way he describes Thor and Thor's minions (aka, the Avengers), the way he describes who Tony is to him and the others, it's all beautiful and amazing and hilarious. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire time I was reading because, even when he doesn't have any of his memories, Tony Stark is still Tony Stark. And I LOVED seeing the Avengers react to a brainwashed Tony Stark through Tony's eyes, it's one of those things that was delicately balanced and perfect for it, because so many little touches were just magnificent, from certain phrases to body language to the weirdness that only an amnesiac would pick up on. And, oh, the ending. Here, just have my heart, why don't you.

The Family that Trolls Together, Rolls Together by theorytale, tony/loki + tony/pepper, humor, 3.2k
    This is a sequel to "From a Seed", which should be read first.
    Loki and Tony are never going to have a conventional relationship, but they have a child, and visitation days, and 'asshole' is just a term of endearment, right?
    Everything I loved about the first fic, I loved about this fic as well. I love the way Pepper wasn't forgotten here, the way Tony/Loki was worked into his life while Tony/Pepper was still very important as well, even if the focus of the story wasn't on them. But also! OH MY GOD LOKI ALL MY FEELS AND LAUGHTER. Tony's voice continues to be razor-sharp perfection here, but it's even better when it's once again pitted against Loki, who has even sharper wits. Reading about Tony and Loki's weird relationship, their child together (because Norse mythology's mpreg being worked into The Avengers is AMAZING, you guys, I could just weep with laughter in every fic in this series), which is sort of oddly sweet, while being hilariously venemous, just. Ugh. Feelings! For everyone! And non-stop laughter! Goddammit, I wasn't supposed to branch out with pairings! But now I could almost ship Tony/Loki. Especially this Loki who is SO WEIRD sometimes, but in a way that totally makes sense to Asgardians.

well, let the drum beat drop by jonesandashes, pollyrepeat, avengers, humor, 4.3k
    Pepper leaves, and there’s no more pizza, and Thor’s already talked about Jane, and Tony suspects all of them realize, abruptly and simultaneously, that they actually have no idea what to do now. He is, in fact, pretty certain that they’re just a few minutes away from someone deciding to say something about the weather. It’s probably going to be him.
    Oh, god, this fic is going to spoil me for the rest of this fucking fandom because, once again, Tony's voice is AMAZING in the writing here and perfectly captures that semi-manic, brilliant, nerdy way he has of seeing the entire world through. This is a series of meals that Tony sits through, various points in the recent time after the events of the movie, all of them REALLY FUCKING BIZARRE and the writing is brilliant at making everything perfectly timed and described. I cannot even convey how much I loved everything while reading this fic, how much laughter I had to choke back down by flapping my hands about to stifle it, how much everything here wasn't just perfect, but brilliant and so, so sharp. The sense of team is beautifully done as well, so many different relationships between characters, all perfectly captured. If I could forever read Avengers genfic, this is exactly what I would want. Hell, certainly it was good enough to tear me away from my Thor/Loki obsession for awhile, even!

Cursed! [Or, that one fic where Loki is a Disney Princess] by somanyopentabs, avengers + loki, mild pairing references (tony/loki + cable/deadpool) that aren't serious, humor, 1.6k
    For this prompt on the Thor kinkmeme: Loki hates Midgard so much. He hates it more than anything. This is because the small, darling animals of the forest flock to him. Bunnies, chipmunks, deer, mice... Once he even had a glory of unicorns following him about like lovestruck puppies. He does not know how to undo Dr. Strange's Disney Princess Curse but he would like it gone immediately. The musical numbers are particularly disturbing.
    I had so much internal screaming while reading this, because LOKI AS A DISNEY PRINCESS, who has to deal with all sorts of cute woodland creatures taking a fondness for him and people bursting into song around him, and it is all h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. The author does a fantastic job of working in so many little moments from various Disney movies or those that are simply Disney-inspired, making Loki rage about this fucking curse of Dr. Strange's, and his ever-growing desperation. It's just like the best candy ever.

Biological Imperative by LulaMadison, references to thor/loki + tony/loki + steve/loki + hulk/loki + others (which are only half the point), humor, crack, pregnant!loki, 6.1k
    When Odin took Loki from the temple he didn't realise he was taking the Jotun queen, the one who is supposed to breed the next generation of Jotun warriors by laying hundreds of eggs at a time. When Loki comes of age he decides Stark Tower is an ideal place for a nest, and the Avengers would make perfect drones.
    I was wary of reading this fic, because the summary was of a fic that could have gone so very wrong. But I stared at it for a bit, trying to decide. I mean, how could I resist this: When Odin took Loki from the temple he didn't realise he was taking the Jotun queen, the one who is supposed to breed the next generation of Jotun warriors by laying hundreds of eggs at a time. When Loki comes of age he decides Stark Tower is an ideal place for a nest, and the Avengers would make perfect drones. I'm not the kind of person who walks away from that. And, oh, I am so glad that I didn't because I was positively shrieking with laughter during this entire fic, it does a glorious job of Loki and his monster kids and the batshit weirdness of Jotun biology and his arrogant as fuck attitude and the Avengers' lives are SO HARD when Loki is involved and just-- everything was screamingly funny. The author has a brilliant knack for timing with the fic, so many little moments were so hilarious, and characterization was amazing, especially Loki and Tony and Thor. It's definitely cracky and not meant to be taken seriously, but as a humor fic? AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.

Operation: Seduce Loki by LulaMadison, avengers + loki, minor references to loki/others + hulk/loki, humor, 7.1k
    Thor's birthday present to his brother leads to a wager between The Avengers to see who can get Loki into bed first.
    After having read the previous fic by this author, well, I was hardly going to pass up a chance to read another one. And, oh, the writing is just as brilliantly, screamingly funny as the previous one! It's that same blend of fantastic character voices with cracky humor that still allows for the characterizatio to be delightful and, oh, Loki. So much hilarity with his batshit personality being played up in an amazing way and, oh, the hilarity of the group deciding, okay, maybe he just needs to get laid and he'll stop being such an annoying dick, and they'll have a bet going because everyone wants to see Tony on the losing end of it. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the Hulk's interaction with Loki, it was seriously great! And I love that there is never a dull moment in the writing, it's a constant stream of funny, to the point that I kind of hurt afterwards, but it never felt crowded or like anything wasn't perfectly in place here. Just. Ahhhh, this fandom is amazing. p.s. This fic contains my single favorite punishment for Loki on Asgard ever.

Patter of Tiny Hooves: Loki's Own Pregnancy Blog by thelastzebra, some svadilfari/loki + other asgardians, pregnant!loki, humor, 2,1k
    A cunning plan, an accidental pregnancy, a young romance, and a baby of surprisingly many legs.
    I am not sure what I expected when I clicked onto this link, but the temptation of Loki writing a pregnancy blog was too great for me to resist. And then this fic is just... *waves hands* it's difficult to explain without giving away all of the jokes, but this fic knows it's cracky and delights in it, but has genuine skill with timing the comedic lines so well, using the diary blog format beautifully, and leaving me cracking the hell up at more than one point. Loki's thoughts and musings, as he gets further and further into his pregnancy as a horse, how his hormones and state as an animal obviously begin to affect him are all cracky, but SO HILARIOUS OMG, especially when Thor comes around and treats him like a brother and a horse and I'm just-- asdl;fkja;lskj so, so hilaritizing. Especially the ending, oh my god.

Super Love Spell by vain_glorious, avengers, some tony/pepper + clint/natasha, some avengers/avengers humor pairings, humor, love potion, 5.1k
    “I’m not going to let either of you do anything in this condition,” Steve reiterates. “Who asked you, Captain Chastity?” Tony mutters.
    I was howling by the end of this fic, oh my god. What perfect comedic timing and brilliant characterization and voices for them all! This is utter perfection and so many perfect, perfect moments that I wish I could write a more thoughtful, insightful rec about, but instead I'm just sitting here and trying not to giggle again, because I'm remembering parts of it while writing this rec. Everyone, everyone should read this!

As You Were by vain_glorious, avengers + loki, humor, 3.3k
    "The Team are all somehow stranded in a hostile environment, de-powered and without all their toys."
    Okay, so, Loki skips out on prison and comes back to Midgard and decides to fuck with everyone and it blows up in his face and hilarity was had by all. I could read this kind of fic pretty much FOREVER. The author does a great job at balancing the Avengers cast, each character has their moments (though, it's a Tony pov piece, so his character voice is especially prominent and hilarious), plus some really great interactions and team moments. Loki casts a spell to return everyone to the way they used to be, which means different things for different people, and it's really kind of almost sweet, the way they briefly get to be their old selves, but it's also HILARIOUS. I had such a grin on my face the entire time I was reading this, my face hurt afterwards.

Avengers/Thor: Darn It, Frogging Again by thingamawhatsit It was a struggle not to shriek with love at this fic, because OH SWEET JESUS THOR KNITTING SHOULD NOT BE THIS AMAZING, but the author totally sells it--in a cracky, hilarious way, but not that far off from being in character. The Tony narration of the piece is perfect and hilarious, the way they all just sort of stare is beautiful. This is more sheer delight and joy that I totally needed this morning. (No warnings/pairings.) Avengers: Without the Usual Cost of Labor by vain_glorious [NOTE: There may be SPOILERS in this fic and this rec.] So, there were at least five separate times when I had to stop reading this just to shriek with laughter because, oh, an evil organization steals Steve and Natasha's biomatter to make a baby in an attempt to recreate the super soldier serum and it's all set from Tony's point of view, and this is one of the single greatest Tony narratives that I've ever read. The timing on it is so perfect, from every bit of interaction he has with the other Avengers to every thought in his head. There's a lot of sweetness here, too, in the way Steve and Natasha react to having a baby, the way the Avengers are becoming this really kind of lovely family, as weird as it is, but mostly it's the way Tony cannot stop making hilarious comments on everything. His teasing of both parents, of pretty much every scene Thor is in, of every time Pepper coos over the baby and Tony is like NO THAT IS NOT ON, every time Bruce is like yes yes get it out with me before you say something to the others that makes them smear you across the floor, every time ANYTHING happens, it is pure, pure amazingness. This is hilarious and utterly perfect. (No warnings/pairings.) Avengers/Iron Man: may the fourth by irnan [NOTE: There may be SPOILERS in this fic and this rec.] The author labels this as "utter, utter crack", which kind of made me expect something totally ooc and cracky, but I'd enjoyed the previous one, so, sure, why not. I still needed more cheering up. And OH MY GOD, TONY INVENTS A FUNCTIONING LIGHT SABER AND ANNOUNCES THIS IN A ROOM FULL OF NERDS. Like, the Avengers attracts a certain kind of person, the kind of person that's usually one of the smartest people in the room, which usually means that they're a nerd. And there are so many Star Wars nerds (well, not just Star Wars, but) in that room and Tony has just given them the most precious of all presents. And it's so hilarious and every moment of this fic is pure, pure gold and screeching laughter. The sheer amount of nerdy pop culture that the author managed to get into the fic (without it feeling cramped or like the jokes had no room to breathe!) was seriously pretty amazing and everyone was perfect. (No warnings/pairings.) Avengers/Thor: Until morale improves the beating will continue by toitsu Okay, this is short, but it's so, so perfect. The prompt was basically, given how long Asgardians live, eventually they all kind of flip their shit, so Loki's actions in Thor/The Avengers aren't really that unusual. Which is hilarious enough but, oh, the short scenes of all the other characters talking to Loki about it--and then the final, beautiful ending line--was perfect. I loved every single scene and half-reference in this piece. SO HILARIOUS. (No warnings/pairings.) Avengers: Six Times The Avengers Stopped An Alien Invasion by Closer Other things I want from fandom? When the Avengers are super hilarious as a team omg. Six different ways that they hilariously stopped an alien invasion from happening, either by pointing out what they've already accomplished or by unconventional PSAs or by Natasha being more badass than anyone or a bunch other really hilarious, but effective ways. The writing was deliciously sharp and funny, I smiled (or outright laughed) my way through all six situations and I loved all of it. (No real warnings/pairings.) Avengers/Thor: got your back by anonymous Speaking of things I definitely needed today! Oh, this might have been a mini-fill but it was such fun and I desperately want more fic in fandom where one of them is sick and the other pats their back soothingly. Which you wouldn't think would be possible with Loki when Thor gets food poisoning, but somehow this author makes it work perfectly, because he's still such a dick about it! The best part is that Thor thinks Loki being a dick little brother is actually pretty hilarious and great. THIS IS THE BEST FOR ME. (This is gen, but Thor/Loki fans may enjoy it as well.) Avengers/Thor/Iron Man: In Which Jarvis Fraternizes With the Enemy by anonymous Well. So, I screamed my way through this entire fic because, oh, lord, it may have been 3am when I read this, but it was still the most screamingly hilarious thing I'd read all week. It's a perfectly timed piece where Loki, being the little shit that he is, keeps invading Tony's home and using his spa and drinking his win and chatting up his AI. Tony reacts about as well as you'd expect. And then Loki reacts to that about as well as you'd expect. The voices for both Tony and Loki had me practically in tears of laughter, the little moments of comedic timing and reaction shots, even the reaction FACES that I pictured in my head, all of it was perfect perfect perfect. It gave me amazing hilarity, even some amazing Tony & Loki interaction, and just perfection all the way around. (Sort of Loki/J.A.R.V.I.S., but well.) Avengers/Thor: Hulk Confused by Sabulum Oh, this fic made me laugh. Fury wants the Hulk to get some anger management, so (because he is the most fun to set the pov from) Tony is elected to cajole the Hulk into this, which the Hulk really doesn't want to do, and hilarity happens from there! The dialogue and Tony pov are delightful, the cracky premise is done justice by the author, and then Loki shows up and is a total box of cats. A hilarious box of cats. This is great for a quick humorous read and a fun pick me up. (Some Hulk/Loki, but it's only half the point.) → Avengers Undercovers by galaxysoup, loki/everyone + avengers, humor, ~1k
    In which Thor is harassed, the Avengers are easy, and Loki has a deeply unconventional teaching style.
    xparrot linked me to this fic again and, oh, I could read so many fics of Loki having played up the villain role without the Avengers knowing, for whatever reasons, until they should work together and this fic delivers on the promise of that delightfulness. And, oh, by the time I got to “The Norse God of Mischief just used air quotes,” Tony says to Clint. He turns back to Loki. “How do you know air quotes? Thor can’t even operate a toaster.” I was just rolling around in the humor and delight of this entire thing and, ahhhhh, Loki working with the Avengers, another of my favorite things in the world.

people clint barton kissed for the mission (and one he'd know anywhere) by Traincat, clint/natasha + clint/everyone + avengers, humor, 3.1k
    Hawkeye actually does have a superpower. It involves kissing people.
    I remember this author from one of my absolute favorite Young Avengers fics ever and now it's KISSING FOR THE MISSION, yes, this is a good trope, especially when an author can walk a fine line between cracky and in character humor, which this fic does wonderfully. I love the use of that moment from the comics when Clint can tell it's not Wanda from kissing her, transferred over into the movieverse, where it's more of a superpower (sort of) and that makes it HILARIOUS. The different ways Clint kisses his teammates, the growing sense of family here, the hilarity of the situation, the comedic timing of the author, all of it is absolutely perfect.

fucking sleep by anonymous, avengers + nick fury, humor, ~1k
    The world has been made safe now, From oceans to mountains so steep, It's time to put down your shield, captain, And go the fuck to sleep.
    I stumbled over this from an accompanying piece of fanart and sat down to properly read it and, ahahahaha, oh, so perfect. I love the idea of it itself, but the references to the various Avengers and just being able to hear Samuel L. Jackson narrating it was amazing.

Glorious Purr by purplemoon3, loki + avengers, lokitty, crack, humor, 1.9k
    In which AVENGERS goes far, far differently and Loki has grown himself cat ears and tail while in the VOID.
    This fic is... I'm not quite sure how to explain it. I mean, the explanation is fairly straightforward--when the abyss spits Loki back out the other side, he's not quite the same and Bruce's comment about his mind being a box of cats is a little more true than you'd think. And then there's bonus cat ears and tail. And it's... one of those things were, fuck all of you, I love this kind of thing and the author just gleefully runs with the cracky premise, of cat-person!Loki and how cats react to regular humans and then places it over the backbone of The Avengers' plot and, oh, it's just such delicious candy for me.

Son of Coul: Unholy Coolness by RunRabbitRun, coulson & loki, humor, ~1k
    Coulson's ambush debriefings are hilarious and clearly it's Loki's turn.
    So, I did not know that I needed this fic in my life until I had it. Coulson vs Loki, as set in some nebulous timeline, where Coulson ambush debriefs Loki, who can't quite get a grip on him, so instead chooses to be as obnoxious as possible about it. Oh, it's short, but it's grand and I would read this kind of fic forever.

Kitty, Kitty by RunRabbitRun, thor + other avengers, lokitty (sort of), humor, ~1k
    Thor adopts a cat and names it after his brother. Tony is less than enthused.
    MORE SCREECHING WITH LOVE, because Thor adopts a cat and names it after his little brother and it becomes Tony's nemesis and, oh, it's short, only just over 500 words, but I was practically cackling the entire time because YES PEOPLE VS. CATS (especially when the asshole cat is the victor) IS A FAVORITE THING OF MINE.

Breakfast of Discordians by Dira Sudis (dsudis), avengers + loki + background hulk/loki, humor, 1.2k
    "Well, Bruce," Tony said. "When a crazy Frost Giant demi-god and a big green rage monster hate each other enough to have frankly alarming penetrative sex...."
    You know what's also fun? BABY FIC. As in, a baby gets dropped in Bruce's lap, that is suspiciously green and strong and kind of... Frost Giant-y, somehow. And I could kiss this author for remembering that, yeah, I'm pretty sure a half-Frost Giant baby would be a lot stronger than a human baby. But also because THIS IS DARLING, the Avengers reacting to having a baby dropped into their midst and realizing it's Loki and the Hulk's kid, with some bonus hilarious lines by Tony. A short, but great little read.

Banishment Vacay by katsuko, loki + avengers, humor, ~1k
    "What the fuck are you doing here again?"
    So, the prompt for this was pretty amazing--basically, after the whole Thor business, they realized that banishment to Midgard was kind of like a nice vacation, now that Odin does it every six months or so--and this mini-fill was super darling. Loki and Hella showing up, banished to Midgard, just made it that much greater and I would totally love to see this expanded on! But just how much fun this one was was a delight by itself.

but we get along so well by lazulisong, tony & loki + implied thor/loki, humor, ~1k
    It wasn't that Loki didn't get along with his brother's companions, it was that most of them hated Loki and meant to kill him violently in the face, which Loki found gauche at best.
    Ahhhh, this was so good for me. I love love love Tony and Loki interaction because their banter is always fun and they have this way of getting each other, even when they don't really want to. And this fic is full of delightful moments of hilarity, little details that are beautiful, and great characterization for both of them. Tony and Loki should be stuck in a cave together more often, if it's going to be like this.

loki's mom (has got it going on) by artyartie, tony & loki & frigga & thor + other marvel characters, mild canon pairings, humor, 2.1k
    "You're what, two thousand, three thousand years old? Because you don't look it at all. You are one blazing hot mama." Tony Stark might not have much common sense, but he knows an amazing woman when he sees one. Too bad Frigga's sons don't quite see it that way.
    If you don't laugh while reading this, I don't know how to help you. It's fun and pure delight PLUS happy futurefic with Tony and Loki arguing, Loki being overprotective of his mom, and cute Tony/Pepper. So much enjoy! ♥ And there's actually some pretty great Frigga characterization mixed in here as well, so I'd recommend it for that as well. But mostly it's just light-hearted humor with characters who are dicks to each other in that way that makes you love them more plus Frigga being awesome. All I want out of life sometimes, tbh.

The Amazing Naked Avengers by vain_glorious, avengers, humor, 2.2k
    There were Avenger-sized mouse traps all over the damn bunker. All about as effective. Meaning no one got killed, but everyone is naked and bleeding a little.
    Oh, this author is turning into one of my favorite genfic Avengers writers, because everything I've read by them has been SCREAMINGLY FUNNY and this fic is no exception. The author has a gift for a Tony voice and, as the title suggests, the Avengers find themselves in circumstances where they end up losing their clothes, so they have to sit around--naked--while they get picked up. And this has a great a balance between the cast as ever, each of their reactions and comfort/lack of comfort in their bodies was screamingly hilarious and, oh, of course Tony is a fave because he's a never-ending joke machine, but Thor's total comfort with nudity and Natasha's stone face that means she's finding something Tony said hilarious, all of it is amazing.

Five Times Thor Failed to Bring Out the Jotun in Loki, and Once He Succeeded by omnicat, thor & loki, fluff, humor, 2k
    Or asking things like, “Can I see it?” “See what?” “What you look like as a, you know, a Jotun.”
    This was totally adorable and cracky and fun! It's five lolarious times that Thor tries to see Loki in his Jotun form (since he's never seen it and Loki keeps refusing), each in deligthfully batshit ways that drive Loki up the wall. The extra fun part is that, of course, Loki hardly stands for it--oh, he tries to be patient, but eventually that patience snaps and he does some awful little shit thing to Thor. Who, btw, totally deserves it. It's adorable brotherly fluff and it's a great use of the Five Times style and, oh, the ending was just perfect and wonderful.

The Loki Problem by elizamechanicka, tony/loki + avengers team fic + some one-sided steve/loki + some thor & loki, humor, avenger!loki, sick!loki, 30k
    Loki catches a cold and his magic goes crazy. The Avengers are being taken out one by one...
    I picked up this fic because, well, how am I supposed to resist a fic that starts off with Loki getting sick and his magic going haywire because of it? I'd have read for that alone, but then, oh, this fic decided to surprise me with an amazing bantering relationship between Loki and the rest of the team. It's cracky at times, it's definitely light-hearted and meant to be a feel-good fic, it stays that way for the entire time, but it's solidly characterized and brilliantly written for how... there were two separate times when I had to set my reader down and honestly just laugh until I had tears in my eyes. I love stories where Loki becomes part of the Avengers, but I love it even more when it comes with humor and that growing sense of family between everyone and a lovely team balance. This is also a Tony/Loki fic, however, as its set through Tony's point of view, but it's just a sort of attraction that's not really looked too hard at for the first half of the fic and, even once Tony puts a name to it, it still takes its time getting around to that, because they all need time to get used to each other first and, also, Loki is miserably sick and not feeling up to par.

The best best best thing about the fic, though, is that Thor and Loki have a very close relationship in it, even if we don't see it through Tony's eyes as much--they argue and snipe sometimes, but Thor practically just beams to have his baby brother around, he's always being touchy-feely with him, he practically towers over those who would try to hurt his precious baby brother, and Loki is... well, Loki is a cat. He'll sidle up to Thor (or, later, Tony) when he feels like it. This fic was 30k words long, but it hardly felt it, since I sat down to read it and pretty much didn't get up again until I was finished, it just sailed right along, always making me love everyone and everything. And, oh, the various situations the Avengers found themselves in because weird shit would happen every time Loki so much as sneezed (rather literally) was hilarious and amazing. Ugh, this is everything I want in Tony/Loki fic! p.s. Tony's way of dealing with his attraction to Loki was AMAAAAZING. p.p.s. Steve being accidentally enchanted to fall in love with Loki was the most amazingly, hilarious, bittersweet thing pretty much ever and now I want fic where they kiss a lot, too.

Deeds (or To Be Worthy) by elizamechanicka, tony/loki + avengers + other asgardians, humor, 32.2k
    Tony must enter a tournament to win Loki's fair hand in beloved eternal matrimony. He's got some stiff competition, and limited time.
    This is a sequel to The Loki Problem, which should be read first.
    With the previous fic, there was more of a sense of focus on the entire team, of the slow-build up between Tony and Loki, which was almost sort of only half the point of the fic. In this one, the author changes that a bit, so the focus is definitely more on the relationship itself and Tony's feelings for Loki, even as there's a whole epic series of shenanigans going on. With Tony/Loki, my preference is for the former, but I still found myself absolutely sailing through this story, because the writing was so smooth and hilarious. The author certainly doesn't shy away from really making it a satisfying read, when it starts with Loki hurtling through a vortex to demand that Tony propose to him to explaining just what kind of little shit he really is (used to be) to the hoops Tony has to jump through to save Loki from being married to Doom instead to the deepening feelings Tony has for Loki as all sorts of shit gets thrown in their way.

I also loved that the author didn't forget that Thor really, really loves his baby brother. It's not necessarily put into words a lot, beause this is a Tony pov fic and Tony's pretty focused on Loki, but there's tension there, because you understand that Thor is used to having all of Loki's attention, that it's not just Loki being hyperfocused on Thor, that it kind of went both ways. It's not a bad situation, it's not heartbreaking or dangerous, it's just a bit of extra delicious tension and a reminder that Thor is an incredibly important presence in Loki's life and that's always something that I need to see in fic. But also, THE AVENGERS IN ASGARD, omg, when Tony gave Frigga a camera so she could take pictures of everything, it was one of those moments where I didn't realize how much I needed that until this beautiful thing was in my life. It's definitely still cracky, but the author just runs with that, has such a gift for humor and hilarious situations and comedic timing, that it was an amazing read.

logistical variables in caretaking of immature felines: a case study by lazulisong, bruce & tony, humor, 1.1k
    "It's a kitten isn't it," said Tony, staring from a safe distance. "It's multiple infant cats!" "Tony, your powers of observation continually amaze me," said Bruce.
    I love cats and I love Meg. I looooooove them both! And I love when Tony and Bruce are left with a box of cats because Steve just left them with a box of cats, which means they are responsible for tiny baby animals. Tony and Bruce react as Tony and Bruce would--sort of competent, mostly... really not. And naming them inappropriately. And snarking the entire time. And making me laugh the entire time. Because the writing is as sharp as ever, it beautifully gets why cats are such amazing assholes, it gets why this is hilarious, especially when Pepper is very carefully not laughing at Tony and Bruce being saddled with cats, and just... [ "Don't start," warned Tony. "That's what cats do, you know. They're all cuddly and warm and make soothing noises when you pet them, and then the next thing you know you've redone your home in Early Crazy Cat Lady and are arguing on the internet about cat shit." ] I'm going to be over here rolling around in the love for cats.

The Great Avengers Body Swap by vain_glorious, avengers + loki, humor, 3.7k
    Loki and the Avengers spend a month in SHIELD's detention cells, because Loki cast a bodyswapping spell against them and got himself with it, too.
    BODYSWAP FIC IS AMAZING, especially when done in the hands of a talented writer and, oh, I loved that we got not one, but TWO sets of body swapping, and the author did a lovely job of showing everyone trying to adjust to being in one of their teammates' bodies and of balancing a scene where the personality is not the same as the face, which is difficult with one or two characters, nevermind a scene with seven of them. But, oh, Tony definitely steals the show in this fic as he is wont to do, because everything is an adventure with Tony Stark, even if it's an adventure that leaves you wanting to strangle him. And so many moments of amazing, from ALL of them, and I had one of those "my face hurts now" smiles the entire time I was reading about their month long pain of being bodyswapped.

Bro-hood and Other Drugs by Lunik, loki + natasha + thor + avengers, humor, 3.4k
    Plenty of people get themselves blackout drunk and wake up with an unexpected husband. It's embarrassing but it happens. Natasha is trying to figure out how she could have woken up with an unexpected brother
    Speaking of fic that, boy, did I need to have! I've been reading too much angsty fic lately and so I needed something happier and I stumbled over this one again and, oh, it was just perfect for me. In my heart of hearts, I sometimes think this is the direction I want the characters to go in--just slightly cracky, in that Natasha and Loki swear to be blood brothers and Loki sort of comes around to being somewhere vaguely between chaotic neutral and chaotic good and so hilarious when Thor gets involved. I love the characterization here, the kind that balances cracky with actually letting me still see them perfect, like this Natasha is still as sharp as a razor, this Loki is still a little shit, and I like to think this is how they'd get along if they didn't have all the bad history between them.

But it's also in little details, like how Loki makes Natasha promise not to tell Thor that they're blood brothers now or other little ways Thor celebrates and/or gets possessive of his brother, just far enough in the background that it doesn't take over the fic (this is a fic about Loki and Natasha) but enough that the relationship is still obviously important. I love when fic does that, like, more than I can can convey with words. Plus, this fic is just straight up hilarious and an absolute must read.

It's all in the details by anonymous, loki + avengers, humor, ~1k
    When Loki comes to, the first thing he sees Agent Barton standing over him with an arrow pointed between his eyes.
    This was a quick kinkmeme fill, short and cracky, where Loki forgets the details of whatever plan it was that he was concocting and it was totally cute and fun. I liked that, even when he can't remember the shit he was in the middle of pulling, Loki's still a delightfully chaotic dick who you can barely ever pin down.

The legend of Mittens by Lunik, loki + other avengers + thor & loki, crack, humor, 10.7k
    The story of how an abandoned kitten in an alleyway derailed an impending alien invasion and changed the course of the Midgard-Chitauri war. And looked damn cute doing it. Also, the story of Nick Fury's Worst Headache Ever (tm).
    I've been reading this fic on the kinkmeme for awhile, gathering up links to write a rec when, oh, hey, AO3 that's super handy for me! And this story is COMPLETE CRACK, where Loki never really felt empathy for any living thing before, until he ran across an abandoned kitten and was suddenly overcome with feelings and his box-of-cats brain became fixated on taking care of all of them and rehoming them instead of taking over Midgard. Which is a great concept, I would read Loki + cats by just about anyone, but with this author? They do crack so very well and this fic is no exception. It's over 10k words, which you wouldn't think would be possible, not without stretching it too far beyond its premise, but the beautiful thing is in all the different stories to be told here, all the different characters who suddenly have cats dumped in their laps by Loki, each of them having cats tailored to them. Like Coulson's cats are pretty much sentient and help him do paperwork and keep organized, Tony's cats are hellions, etc. It's utterly delightful to see what the author comes up with each time, but also how this Loki is just completely off the deep end and SHEER DELIGHT because he's still dangerous as hell, just... almost pleasant so long as you're talking to him about how to take care of a cat. There's even some bonus Thor&Loki moments in there, sometimes in the way that Loki deliberately rebuffs Thor (which is obviously because of the intesnity of the history there) or just shows up at Thor's place because of the same reasons. It's like. Loki and the Avengers and Thor&Loki and hilarity and CAAAATS. I really couldn't ask for much more from crack fic.

Your Fists Were Not Part of this Plan by tawabids, avengers + loki, humor, past pregnant!loki, 3.7k
    During the battle against the Chitauri, Hulk walks in on a vitally important piece of information: Loki set this whole invasion up because his newborn kid is being held hostage by an even bigger bad. Hulk remedies this. The Chitauri drop as soon as the kid's in Loki's arms. And that's when the rest of the Avengers discover them.
    So, the prompt for this fic was amazing, but then OH MY LORD this was just FANTASTIC. I want all the fic in the world where Loki was trying to take over Midgard because his baby was kidnapped and being held for duress, then he gets the baby back and fuck all of this shit. Especially when the Hulk practically looms over Loki protectively even as Loki complains about it and Hulk doesn't appreciate him not being thankful! AND THEN LOKI WITH A KID. AND UTTER HILARITY. I was practically crying at some of the lines in this fic, because Loki is so beautifully unrepentent about being a dick and his baby grows up to be the most delightful little shit and Thor's overjoyed and Bruce's life is difficult but Clint's is even worse and just. It's perfect. The writer has a gift for a beautifully timed comedic line, but also in creating a scenario that I would read 100k of words of and still come running back for more, because there's not enough fic out there with Loki actually raising the kid or letting the kid have enough of a personality. And, oh, this kid is a total fucking keeper. I cried so many tears at that perfect, precious child.

Loki Possible, Thor Stoppable by chinae, thor & loki + avengers, kid!loki, fluff, humor, 1.2k
    When Odin brought Loki from Jötunheim Thor was already an adult. So for some reason Thor is banished when Loki would be considered to be around 10 in mortal years. Stuff happens and Thor joins the Avengers, and that's when the prompt really begin. Loki being bored and having no one to play with decides to travel to Midgard and become a super villain.
    So, I pretty much screeched my way through this fic because it was super darling! An AU fic, where Loki is much younger than Thor, so he's still mostly a child when Thor goes to Midgard, and he misses his big brother, so he decides to come to Earth and be a villain to fight Thor! Because bb!Loki is a precious darling spoiled rotten little shit. And it's just pure, concentrated cuteness and hilarity from there on out, because he makes Tony's life difficult and he's Thor's precious baby brother and a;lsdkfja;lksjl;a I'm just going to be over here having a lot of feels at this fic.

Grandchildren by madwriter223, thor + loki + odin, humor, 1.1k
    Odin wants grandkids. Now, preferably. And he won't shut up until he gets them.
    Okay, the really great thing about this fic is the way Thor knows that his little brother is an absolute little shit in the way that he keeps throwing Thor to the wolvesin this conversation. Odin wants grandchildren (especially since Loki's already had Sleipnir) and Thor wants nothing more than to get out of this conversation, to use Loki to say, look, you've already got grandkids, but, nope, they're both determined to make Thor's life difficult. I love love love that Odin and Frigga want grandkids, I love love love that this is cracky but hilarious, and oh how I loved that Loki was the worst little shit ever. LOKI BEING A LITTLE SHIT IS MY FAVORITE.

David Attenborough Is In My Bedroom by cactus_rabbit, loki, jotunn!loki (sort of), humor, ~1k
    It starts with a sign. It looks more or less like a road sign, except instead of red Xs and squiggly lines, the large yellow diamond bears a blue silhouette of a horned humanoid and the words: 'CAUTION JOTUN NESTING AREA. PLEASE RESPECT OUR ENDANGERED CREATURES.' And in smaller lettering 'JOTUN PRESERVATION PROJECT'.
    Oh, jesus, this was screamingly funny. A series of micro-scenes of Loki being an endangered species ala a documentary and the author does a beautiful, beautiful job of just running with the cracky idea and making me laugh the entire time. It's only a single comment, so it's very short, but the author makes the most of it (even if I totally would have read more) and there's just-- There's a particular description of Loki (that I won't spoil) that nearly had me in tears of laughter. Beautiful.

Crimson Tide by earzwideopen, loki + thor + other asgardians, pregnant!loki, humor, 1.4k
    Loki reclined on his bed atop a mountainous mass of satin sheets and pillows – all green with gold trim and clumped haphazardly around the pregnant god. Pregnant being, in this case, a gross understatement.
    I am always pretty easy when it comes to Loki dealing with pregnancy hormones, because he usually does so in such grand ways. And, oh, this one is totally cracky but absolutely, utterly delightful, especially becuase Loki is an evil little shit about making everyone else's lives miserable because he has an excuse to now. The fic is short, it oscilates between Loki's current pregnancy and the dealing with periods, adding in bonus lolz with Thor trying so hard to be supportive but Loki's not making it easy and then discussion of periods with Sif and a;sdlkfja;lksjl;as this was so completely the thing I needed today!

Like Father-King, Like Wannabe-Dictator-Son by omnicat, odin & thor & loki, humor, crack, 2.8k
    In which Loki and Odin totally agree about this whole invasion thing and Thor is the poor bewildered straight man. (Let’s be clear: this is crack. It’s just that nobody informed Thor.)
    Well, I cried my way through this entire fic, because it's so amazingly perfect. I have a great love of cracky fic where Loki doesn't get in trouble for his actions on Midgard (or even non-cracky fic, though, that's tougher, of course), especially when an author has beautiful comedic timing, as this one does. It actually raises a few good points, ones that I want to devote some time thinking about later, but mostly it's just utter hilarity of Odin and Loki being on the same page about this whole invasion thing while nobody told Thor this wasn't a serious fic. It does my heart so much good to see Odin giving Loki attention here, to have him praised in his own way, for this to be pure fluff and delight, even as it's totally cracky and had me pausing in my reading because I had to just sit down and laugh for awhile. Basically, this was pretty much perfect for me.

Cat's in the Cradle by Lunik, tony & loki + background loki/natasha + avengers, humor, 3.1k
    When Odin took a half-Jotun baby out of a temple in Jotunheim, he wasn't the only one to claim to be the child's father. As his mother, Laufey King cheerfully refused to settle any dispute and soon there was at least one person in every realm who laid their claim as Loki's father. Except for the mortal creatures of Midgard, that is. Tony Stark thinks this needs to be rectified. And Loki Tonyson has a nice ring to it. (Subtitle: In which Loki and Tony troll the entire nine realms without even trying.)
    Apparently, today is the day for reading fic that leaves me in absolute tears and headaches from laughing too hard. Because, ow, now my head hurts. But it was totally worth it for this amazing fic where, Asgard sends its two princes to Midgard as diplomats and Tony Stark immediately hits it off with the younger one, in an instant bonding over trolling the entire universe. It is screamingly funny the way they instantly bond, the way Loki is the ultimate little shit "son" and Tony delights in playing the put-upon "dad"--which are both funny on their own, but also! A Loki who is more content with knowing who he is and knowing he's loved? Who turns his mischief into semi-harmless pranks and trolling instead of letting everything fester inside him? Oh, bless this author forever. Even better the way that Thor is clearly SUPER FOND of Loki's trolling everyone (BECAUSE THOR FINDS HIM HILARIOUS) and I love that this fic is the perfect blend between thoughtful details (Loki as a kingmaker is perfect because that's what he should have been!) and brilliant comedy, all wrapped up with doing justice to Tony&Loki trolling the shit out of everyone. Everything about this fic was exactly what it was trying to be and worked beautiful. And my head still hurts.

untitled by anonymous, loki + avengers + other villains, humor, 2.7k
    “Consider this a warning,” the trickster says, turning away from the doorframe, brushing a small piece of lint from his shoulder. “Don’t touch my things.”
    This fic response was written back in 2011, so of course a few things turned out different from the movies and a lot of elements are from the comics, making this almost more of a comics fic than a movie-fic (which is where I usually recommend), but that doesn't take away from the utter charm and sheer delight of the piece! Each section is just the right length, the different ways various villains try to wreak havoc on the Avengers, only to have their plans thwarted by an unexpected source. The writing is clever and knows how to be just adorable enough to have that sense of fun that I love so much, which means it just reads so very well to me. It's fun and uses the characters well and you don't need to be more than passingly familiar with comics to read it.

Super Love Spell by vain_glorious, avengers, some tony/pepper + clint/natasha, some avengers/avengers humor pairings, humor, love potion, 5.1k
    “I’m not going to let either of you do anything in this condition,” Steve reiterates. “Who asked you, Captain Chastity?” Tony mutters.
    I was howling by the end of this fic, oh my god. What perfect comedic timing and brilliant characterization and voices for them all! This is utter perfection and so many perfect, perfect moments that I wish I could write a more thoughtful, insightful rec about, but instead I'm just sitting here and trying not to giggle again, because I'm remembering parts of it while writing this rec. Everyone, everyone should read this!

Kings and Vagabonds by spinstitcher, loki & sleipnir + avengers, canon!jotunn!loki, humor, plotful fluff, 29.7k
    In the wake of the Chitauri Loki is stripped of his powers and banished to Vanaheim. Nobody tasers him, but there is an awful lot of singing and dancing. Accompanied by his eldest son, who happens to be a horse, Loki slowly begins to carve out a place for himself – one that isn’t Supreme Ruler of the Known Universe.

But there is another power emerging from the darkness; one that threatens the safety – and sanity – of all the Nine Realms. Loki may have given up his dreams of becoming Glorious Overlord, but that doesn’t mean someone else gets to take his place.

    I actually initially read this because the sequel was labeled as Bruce/Loki and I was really curious about that. But, oh, that's a sequel and this fic doesn't have any real pairings to it, so, okay, genfic time it is. Which I do think you need to know that it's balanced between being cracky and being more... plotful crack? But it's deliberate, which is what makes the tone of the fic absolutely shine and, oh, this was an absolute treasure to find! It's hilarious, when Loki is banished to Vanaheim and decides, fuck it, he's always wanted to never have to deal with people again and he'll become a hermit then. I loved the world building right from the beginning, the Vanir are an absolute scream when he does finally run into them, a great balance between being cracky as well as doing actually a lot of world building. And BONUS, SO SUPER GOOD FOR ME is that they send Sleipnir along with Loki! Who is an amazing balance between having his own personality and, you know, being a horse. You get both hilarity and Loki&his kids feels! It's pretty amazing.

I would have been content if that's all the fic had given me, because it was excellent, well-written, hilarious antics of Loki on Vanaheim creating this new life for himself. But, oh, then Amora shows up and is trying to steal the Norn Stones, which Loki gets pulled into, so there's an actual plot going on! There's magical theory and action scenes! All while still being hilarious! Naturally, this means he eventually winds up on Jotunheim, face to face with Helblindi and Byleister and I think, for now, this fic is my new favorite versions of the characters. Again, it's balanced between cracky (especially when ginormous Byleister sweeps his baby brother up in a hug and starts sobbing huge, giant tears for the brother he thought was dead, oh my god, that was amazing for me) and actual feels for the characters--I love love love that Loki actually finds a family, that they're supportive and caring and not all like Laufey.

And hell, even then, I would have been content for Loki to stay on Jotunheim, to have this new life built for himself. But the fic still wasn't done yet. Eventually, Loki has to go to Midgard, has to see the Avengers again, has to face Thor again. Which... also cracky, but also so many feels! Despite that this is a humor story (and, okay, I'll admit that I'm weak to Thor&Loki's relationship, so I get more wound up than others might), I had actual physical pains over how much I loved their interaction and how desperately Thor loved his brother and wanted him back and how Loki struggled with his new life and his old life. Once I started this fic, I could hardly put it down until I read all 30k words and I have to say, it did not feel that long, because it flew by far too quickly.

Disperse the Frosts of Dawn by spinstitcher, loki & sleipnir + avengers + bruce/loki, canon!jotunn!loki, humor, plotful fluff, 13.8k
    Freed from his banishment, Loki stays on Midgard and certainly doesn’t join the Avengers. Well, maybe a little bit. But only on alternate weekends, and definitely not when there are slime monsters involved. Along the way he reconnects with his family, learns how to bake, and starts to delve into the intriguing enigma of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.
    This is a sequel to Kings and Vagabonds, which you'll need to have read first.
    Chapters 1-4: This fic is actually the reason why I picked up the first fic, because Loki with the Avengers is something I'm always weak to and I'm curious about Bruce/Loki fic and how that'd work. Which is pretty hilarious in this fic right from the beginning (which I read immediately after finishing the previous one), because the author does a great job of balancing cracky humor and genuine feels, so it's this delightful joy to read when Loki is sort of kind of helping out with the Avengers and Thor is just pleased as all get out and won't let anyone disaprage his baby brother, except Thor still makes mistakes sometimes and doesn't know when to back off or doesn't always know how to read Loki (and when not to tell stories about Loki). Which was sort of hard for me to read, but it's part of the cracky aspect of the fic (as I think Thor would pay more attention to Loki's reactions now) and necessary to draw Bruce and Loki closer together--and it's not badly done, just that I'm extra sensitive. Because Thor really does adore him and he really is trying, but this is still an exaggerated fic.

There's also more action scenes, Loki being a little shit with the Avengers, Sleipnir continuing to be developed into his own character, the Avengers being annoyed as shit by Loki in that way that is pure joy (and they annoy the shit out of each other, too), and more beautifully timed comedy as Loki continues to build a new life for himself. And, oh, the Hulk taking an interest in Loki, the fic was worth reading for that alone, because it is sheer hilarious beauty. But also Loki learning to bake! Which works far better than it has any right to! And Loki&Sleipnir's relationship continuing to be a joy forever! Ugh, I need the rest of this fic stat, okay.
    Chapter5: Loki with his kids is such a good, good thing for me. As well as this author has a delightful way of writing fun, snappy dialogue/narration that's just a total joy to read. I'm definitely enjoying the building relationship between Loki and Bruce, which is a pairing that hardly gets much interaction, so I enjoy it when an author takes time to build it up and make it really fun. But, oh, this chapter is the best for the introduction of Jormungandr and the absolute delight that his personality is, when he's just sort of unflappable and calm and relaxed. I love it. I LOVE IT. That the giant sea serpent is the laid back kid of Loki's brood. And I love that Jormungandr is clearly fond of his brother Sleipnir and Loki both. That Loki is wary of how Jormungandr will react to him, since they haven't seen each other in so long, that Loki clearly cares deeply about his children, even as he's just as prickly and sniping as ever. And, oh, that the author is playing with Loki's kids, you know, also being part Jotunn is an absolute delight because that's not something you always see! But, really, the star of this chapter is Jormungandr and I think this might be my new favorite take on him yet.

Victimized by LadyCharity, thor & loki + odin & loki + other marvel characters, humor, fluff, 7.4k
    Evidently, Odin was not the only one who, upon seeing Loki, thought him so helplessly adorable that he kidnapped him for his own safety.

In which Loki is the most kidnapped person in all of the Nine Realms by well-meaning bystanders who genuinely think Loki is in constant need of protection. The House of Odin is not amused.

    Oh, this was utterly darling! A series of several scenes in Loki's life, at different times and ages, where he was just so adorable and helpless looking that people snatched him up for his own good and it's really kind of hilarious for how put-upon and annoyed by this Loki is, but balanced out with how people really do want the best for him and to help him. I love that it's completely light-hearted (Loki fandom needs more light-hearted fic, imo) and even includes a post-The Avengers scene in the future where it's still happening to Loki. It's a great blend of humor and family feels (especially when he's young and his family is freaking out over him being missing) and just pure sunshine and smiles. Delightful!

I Will Survive by LulaMadison, avengers + loki, humor, 3.8k
    A fill for this prompt on Norsekink: "I want drunk Loki. Not coming on to anyone. Just doing really ridiculous things. Setting is up to you, but I would love it if someone, at some point, ends up saying 'Loki, you are DRUNK. Stop. Now.' Can be any canon of Loki. I don't mind if it's pre-Siege, Kid Loki, Movie Loki or whatever. Can even be some kind of AU. But he must be drunk and he must be doing something absolutely the kind of thing he's going to regret in the morning. And that can potentially be used as blackmail material."
    Ever since I saw one of Fahrlight's Loki outtakes videos, where she was dancing around a bit, I have desperately wanted drunk!Loki fic like you wouldn't believe. And finally it's here! And this author is fantastic at writing the kind of cracky humor that just is right inside my wheelhouse, the kind that had my face hurting while I was reading because I was smiling and trying not to cackle the entire way. Loki being petulant and easily distracted and stubborn while he's drunk, being so much more open and free and giggly is pure joy here, all the greater for the WTF WTF WTF reactions from the rest of the Avengers. And then there's karaoke! And blackmail material! And so, so much hilarity. This was an absolute scream to read.

Loki Runway by Xparrot, avengers + loki, humor, humor, crack, 6.3k
    Loki hadn't been observed with a new scepter, and there had yet to be another alien invasion, but he was still a supervillain. SHIELD was on high alert for three months. Which was when the new season of Project Runway started airing, and one of the designers strutting his stuff in the opening, boldly declaring, "I'll show you mortals how to make it work," set off every facial recognition program SHIELD had.
    Speaking of those fics that are perfectly balanced between cracky and staying true to the characters, I was so delighted to see this fic pop up. Loki on Project Runway! It takes a sure hand to write something like this and make it work, but Xparrot knows just the right amount of humor and genuinely touching moments (any time Loki was asked about his family here on Earth or whenever Thor would watch the show with him on it and, of course, the wonderful ending) and how to go over the top without being so outlandish that it loses the delightful charm of it. Instead, it's just an absolute scream to read, the kind of cracky premise that puts a smile on my face and fills me with love.

Plus omg LOKI AS A FASHION DESIGNER omg omg give me that always. Especially when he's terrifying and scarily adept at it and there's still that vague sense of how Loki's brilliant but doesn't always quite get Midgardian culture at first and, oh, oh, oh, Thor's anecdotes about when he was younger, be still my heart! And the absolute perfect use of Hiedi Klum and Tim Gunn in this! And even a nod to why the hell S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't be able to get the show pulled off the air! Thoughtfulness in what could have just been pure silliness, ugh, this fandom is spoiling me.

Avengers/Thor: Big in Japan by gunboots - I kind of stared at the summary for this fic and was like, "....hrm." until Meg said, well, actually, it was pretty lol. So, okay, I trust her opinion on things that are funny and I settled in to read. Oh. I think I just about cried my way through this entire fic because it's beautiful and the author does a brilliant job of taking a cracky situation (Tony brings back the WORST GIFT EVER from Japan) and yet does an amazing job with the characters' voices and the entire situation. I mean, a Loki love pillow (which Thor takes to carrying around because he misses his brother and just-- tears, so many tears on my face, okay) is one of those things that could go so horribly wrong in fic, but it doesn't! By the time Loki himself shows up, MY FACE HURT from Tony being like, yes, this is the most hilarious thing ever and then later, no, no, why did my joy turn out like this, while everyone else around him is a bunch of total killjoys. Even when I reread this fic, even when I know it's coming, even when I know what Thor's reaction is going to be, I still laugh until my eyes mist over from trying to stiffle my laughter because I am not explaining why I'm in a fit of lols, no. Basically, this fic is my happy place right now. (Some Thor/Loki, Steve/Bucky, references to past Thor/Jane.)

Five Times the Villain's Weapon Didn't Work On Thor and the One Time It Did by TheOtherOdinson, thor + avengers + loki, humor, 3.9k
    Just what it says in the title.
    This. Was. Amazing. Each and every one of these had me smiling so much my fave hurt, right up until I cackled at the ending lines. Oh, this was such great comedic timing and the right amount of details to make each scene fit the theme and yet not be reptitive and just... on a technical level, everything about this fic was brilliant, but it also had soul. I had such affection for every Avenger, even as this was a Thor fic, they all had amazing moments (Loki as well), they had lines that had me shrieking in laughter, and just. Everything is good and this is the kind of fic I dream of having, those neat ideas that pop up in headcanon/want posts, except the author breathes such life into them that they're entirely their own.

TheOtherOdinson never fails to deliver and I'm just basking in what a great Thor fic this is, because it does a wonderful and sharply brilliant job of showing what having an Asgardian on the team is like, what having Thor on the team is like! It's a fic that shines a spotlight on him, shows the ways he's such a fantastic character, and doesn't forget that his teammates are awesome at the same time. I can't tell you how happy in my soul this made me.

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