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Roommates by Lise, loki & sam winchster + dean winchester, supernatural crossover, college au, 1.6k
    "...and sometimes if Loki is with his family on breaks he calls Sam to bitch to him."

Sam gets a call over Thanksgiving.

    This fic is part of a series, but they can be read largely in any order.
    I was originally going to write just the one rec for the series as a whole, because they were short-ish fics, most of them around 2 to 5k each (but that totals up to be over 26k with all of them so far) and because I'd read several of them all at once, but then I saw there were two I hadn't yet read, but I was already settling in for my night of writing recs. Plus, I have this thing with Lise's writing where I hoard her fics like a dragon hoards gold, I kept thinking while reading. I kept having the thought, "I don't want to finish reading this because, when I finish, I will have no more!" I have a terrible time finishing things I really love because I don't want to be out of them! Yet, once I started... well. I was hardly going to stop. (But I'll at least try to bundle these recs up together in one post.)

Okay, the fic itself. The first fic is one of the shortest and it's mostly establishing things more than anything, where it's Thanksgiving and Sam gets a call from his roommate, who has an even more messed up family life than he does. It's a beginning to a larger series, but it's sharply written and does some important groundwork for the dynamic between Loki and Sam, it intrigued me why these two characters would get along so well, and it certainly intrigued right off the bat!

Sam Winchester Is Not Your Therapist by Lise, loki & sam winchster + thor + avengers, supernatural crossover, college au, 3.8k
    In which Sam gets dragged to an Avengers!party, everyone snarks, and things end mostly okay.
    This fic is part of a series, but they can be read largely in any order.
    The second fic in this series does a lot more world establishing and I find myself intrigued by the setting here, especially because I have a good love of college AUs, even if that's really mostly just way in the background. What I loved about this story is two things: One, the little details of Loki's relationships with people, most especially Thor and Sam. You start to see more of why Sam is a really good friend for Loki, even if it's painful at times, watching him watch Loki's interaction with Thor's friends and how mean Loki can get (even if people are mean to him as well, it's hard to beat Loki at the Game of Mean) and how Sam doesn't put up with that. But the point is that Sam is Loki's friend. Also, Thor's enthusiasm for Loki, his importance in Loki's life, even when their relationship is strained is lovely.

The second thing is that I really enjoy all the details that are hinted at here of their lives beyond Sam and Loki's friendship! The way the characters' backgrounds are touched on (Natasha's being in Sam's math class, the history for Bruce that was briefly mentioned), those are often the marks of what makes a fun AU into an absolute delight of an AU. But also this fic is just really well written, from Sam's dry sense of humor to the hilarious things Loki says to the descriptions of Loki's reaction to being caught up in Thor's bear hug, all of them were a joy.

Last Christmas Lise, loki & sam winchster + thor + brief frigga, supernatural crossover, suicide ideation, college au, 3.5k
    On December 23rd, Sam woke up in the middle of the night to his phone ringing right next to his ear.
    This fic is part of a series, but they can be read largely in any order.
    This is the point in the fic series where I was officially hooked and wasn't going to come back up for air until I'd finished all of the ones I had on hand, because Loki dealing with suicide attempts is one of those things that... I mean, I can't say I wish it happened more often in fandom, because I fear what fandom would do with it, but more that I... resonate with it when it comes up in an author's deft hands. Part of that is simply that I have a lot of feelings for the character, but part of is is my own issues as well, and I love how incredibly on-target this fic felt with everything, from the reactions of Loki's family who loves him but doesn't understand him to Sam who understands him in some ways but not really in others but knows when to back off to Loki's reactions afterwards. All of it is this fragile, emotionally raw mess of things and I love that the fic doesn't immediately fix it.

This is another one of the fics where you really see why the author started this crossover series in the first place, why Loki and Sam get along and why they're friends and you just feel their relationship and its importance. It'll come up again in a later fic, but this is also the point where I started to be really glad that Loki has Sam as a friend because god knows he needs to let someone in and it can't be his family for awhile. Despite that, oh, Thor's brief scene in this fic absolutely broke my heart, because I am a sucker for when Thor is devastated by the near loss of Loki. It often leaves me reading with an actual physical ache in my heart and this fic was no exception. It's painful, but it's so lovely and it's not a tragic fic at all, not really.

I know that I've got issues (but you're pretty messed up too) by Lise, loki & sam winchester + background dean winchester, supernatural crossover, college au, 3.6k
    It's been a rough week, and Sam and Loki jointly make the terrible decision to get drunk together. It's not as much fun as it probably should be.
    This fic is part of a series, but they can be read largely in any order.
    For all that the precious fic is one of my favorites of the series and one of the high points of it for me, this one is just as important, if in a quieter sort of way. As I was reading this fic, I was thinking of one of my usual thoughts about Loki fic, in that the best characters to pair him up with are those that have something of a steadier presence, but no less powerful of one, because a personality like Loki's tends to overwhelm those around him. This is why many of the Avengers are good to put up against him (and why his relationship with Thor is so addicting for me, because Thor has a presence in a room even when he's not there, nevermind when he's actually face to face with someone) and, as you'll see here, why Sam is so good around him. Because it's easy to make a series like this be all about Loki's problems, especially when they drive so much of him and he's so consumed by them and lashes out because of them, while Sam tends to bury his more deeply and quietly.

The lovely thing about this fic is that this chapter doesn't just focus on Loki's issues, but also brings up Sam's issues and further develops the reader's understanding of why these two work so well, why these two get along with each other and can understand each other in a way. This is the point where, reading about these two younger brothers and their messy, complicated relationships with their families and especially their older brothers that... yeah, I got why this worked so well. Plus, oh, man, my heart at the moment when Loki says why he doesn't usually get drunk or the absolute delight when Dean sees them the next morning and finds it hilarious or the final scene of the fic when Sam decides to keep Loki company instead of going off with Dean. Just. Ugh, feelings everywhere.

Sam Winchester Still Ain't Your Therapist, But He's a Damn Good Friend by Lise, loki & sam winchester + thor, supernatural crossover, college au, 2.4k
    Thor wants to discuss Loki with Sam, since Loki isn't talking to him. It doesn't go quite as planned.
    This fic is part of a series, but they can be read largely in any order.
    I have this thing in this fandom, one that's difficult to put into words, about the complicated mess of trying to communicate between someone who's depressed/emotionally wounded and someone who's not. I have this thing where I want all the conversations in the world between Thor and someone who understands what Loki's going through and why he needs to be looked at in a different view than he's been looked at for so long, but without demonizing the people who don't understand him. I crave this, but it's difficult to put into words what I want because it's a conversation that's hard to discuss either side of him, much less both sides fairly and balanced. But, oh, this fic got right at the heart of it, when Thor goes to talk to Sam and it's just FEELINGS EVERYWHERE because, as many people who are fans of Loki's character do, I certainly have some empathy there.

Sam is able to say things plainly in a way that Loki can't (and I've been there, you're just so frustrated and your emotions have wound you up so tightly that sometimes you just can't explain why something is so important, why something that seems inconsequential to someone else is such a huge, huge deal to the person on the other side) and it gives Thor the metaphorical ice water to the face to pull him up short and make him look at Loki in a slightly more understanding light. Again, the fic doesn't try to fix everything at once, it doesn't demonize Thor even as I felt great frustration that he didn't understand and that some part of him was trying to put Loki back to this idea of his little brother that he had, while balancing that terrifyingly strong personality he has against the slow burn of Sam's frustration and anger, all of which said as much about his friendship with Loki as it did about Sam himself. It's a gorgeously constructed scene that makes me both love and ache for everyone involved here, especially at the end, omg. → Aulde Lang Syne by Lise, thor & loki + loki & sam winchester, supernatural crossover, college au, 1.3k
    On a quiet New Year's in, Sam and Loki get an unexpected (and fairly inebriated) guest.
    This fic is part of a series, but they can largely be read in any order.
    I just really, really had a lot of feelings and things I wanted to say about this series, so apologies for the sudden explosion of it, but well. I like to talk about things and this helps keep me from venting it out in other, more terrible ways. :D Plus, I like indicating through, if nothing else, sheer amount of word vomit when something really resonated with me, really gave me things to think about, to talk about, because that's always fun in fic! But also when a fic gives me a lot of feelings because, oh, man, Thor showing up drunk at Sam and Loki's apartment is a perfect way for me to have finishing up my fic reading for the night, especially when it's after Thor's been given some new things to think about re: Loki and how to really look at him.

You can feel the difference there, where it's not perfect yet by any means, but there's something just fundamentally better about it, something that's charming and light-hearted and wonderful in the way Thor is so earnestly caring about his little brother, how much he genuinely loves him, not just the idea of him, no matter how badly expressed that was in the past. And all the little touches the morning after, especially during Thor's hangover, are just heart-warmingly wonderful in that hilarious sort of way. Plus, Sam being an unwilling bystander for all of this is pretty fucking A+. Ahhhh, I loved this crossover series, it was just so very good for me.

The Hammer of Thor by JediSapphire, supernatural/norse mythology crossover, dean & sam + thor & gabriel!loki, 12.6k
    Sam and Dean find themselves in a mysterious wintry wasteland and face some particularly bloodthirsty enemies. All because Dean couldn't leave those runes alone when he saw them.
    This isn't a Marvel fic at all, but it has a lot of Norse mythology in it, which is the real reason I picked it up in the first place. The jokes are repeated a little too much in this fic, but it's otherwise such a delightful charmer of a fic that just sails right by as you're reading it. It's such fun to see this universe's take on Thor and Loki as characters, who are very... Supernatural meets Norse Mythology, which is perfect for this crossover! It's the retelling of the Thrym story and it's totally worth a read, if you're at least somewhat familiar with the SPN universe!

delusion, mockery, snare by kyrilu, implied thor/loki + doctor who, crossover, 1.2k
    The first thing that Loki thinks, when he sees the Doctor, is: Ah. A liar.
    This is a bit of an odd fic to attempt to try and describe. It's... a moment, a scene, a meeting between two people, one that's magic and instinct and darkness, rather than it being straightforward. The author has lovely writing, though, and I adore the opening lines: The first thing that Loki thinks, when he sees the Doctor, is: Ah. A liar. The language of the piece is very pretty and, because it's these two characters, I can float along with the way it's almost a bit like a dream-like state, the way they simply know things about each other. Somehow, this just... worked for me.

A Villain State of Mind by mikkeneko, loki & charles xavier + other mcu characters, crossover, some scenes of torture/gore, trauma, therapy fic, 54.9k
    Written for the Norsekink prompt: "SHIELD has Loki in custody, with the gag on to keep him from spellcasting, but they don't really know what to DO with him. They can't give him food or water or attempt to interrogate him with the gag on, and they don't dare take it off. Their solution? Call in a telepath! But Charles Xavier may find more things in Loki's head than SHIELD bargained for..."
    Chapters 01-02: As of the writing of this rec, I've only read up through part 2n/? and, while there are two new sections, this rec will not reflect them yet. I'm also going to start out this rec with a handful of caveats to get them out of the way first, because this fic is a bit of a departure from what I usually read (and, in some ways, is why I read what I usually read). I do not know if this story will end well, I skimmed the author's previous Loki fic and saw it did not end well and I was pretty much, "NOPE NOPE NOPE, not ever reading that." despite that I know the author is a fantastic writer. And this story is similarly painful in a lot of ways, it has one of the most disturbing descriptions of torture that I've yet read in this fandom and, if the fic were any less tempting otherwise, I would have been out of there at that moment. I generally don't buy this dark a past for Loki in the MCU, but the author actually does a really good job of getting me to buy it in this fic, which I usually can't see together with the MCU characters. And all of these caveats are mentioned because I have certain kinds of tastes (as in, I'm not much of a unhappy fic reader) and I figure those who use my recs will want to know these things ahead of time.

ALL THAT SAID, holy shit, this fic sucked me in anyway, because OMFG Loki accidentally gets dropped back on Earth, Thor is stuck in Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't know how to deal with a god whom they can't trust to speak (and, in this fic, writing doesn't fall under their All-Speak), and they're at the end of their rope, so they call in Charles Xavier to help them out. And, oh, the characterization is gorgeous, the opening scenes with Fury and Xavier, both of them are pitch-perfect. And this Loki is so... this is a bit of a darker Loki, he's all rage and pain and fury and self-hate and horror, to the point that it made me a little sick sometimes (but I'm also sensitive to these things) and I find myself wanting so terribly to fix everything for him. The scenes of Xavier first establishing contact with Loki, trying to get inside the mind of a Norse god, finding out so many of the things that the movie never really had time to get into (like Loki being Jotunn and what that internalized racism means and the gorgeous parallels of Xavier having dealt with this from mutants who hate themselves before), including a really fascinating discussion about Thor and S.H.I.E.L.D. not being able to give each other enough information in the comments.

It's kind of amazing how smoothly these two universes fit together, how many parallels are drawn between mutants and Norse gods, how well Xavier's powers fit seamlessly into this universe. I mean, it makes sense, they're all Marvel properties and such, but it still kind of surprised me just how terribly easy this was to picture in my mind's eye. And the Xavier characterization is spot-on, I found him fascinating from the moment he picked up Fury's telephone call, to the casual way he uses his powers as he goes through the levels of the helicarrier--and the ways he doesn't use his powers--how the author balances that sense of him being a non-threat, a paralyzed old man in a wheelchair, against how Xavier is able to be so calm and non-threatening because you can't do shit to him given his powers. I am so very looking forward to more of the conversations between these characters and the unfolding of all the issues that are wrapped up in Loki's character, even if I'm terribly afraid of where this is all going, where it's going to end.
    Chapters 03-04: I was thinking, while reading the update, which is largely a conversation between Xavier and Fury, that a lot of fics would have me impatiently tapping my foot, waiting for the fic to get back to the reason I picked the fic up in the first place (in this case, Loki and Xavier interaction), but here I found that I was enjoying the scenes between just as much as the main selling point scenes! The author keeps the tension up, does a gorgeous job with Xavier's anger at the way mutants have been treated in this world and uses it to build up just why he connects so well with Loki, you understand why he cares so quickly about this person in front of him who isn't a mutant, why this situation pushes Xavier's puttons. And it's done in a way that's not over the top or too much, but instead is almost subtle in the way it builds up, with perfect characterization for both Xavier and Fury in that conversation. But also the little details with Loki (super hearing, his poisonous looks, the way his mental reactions are not the same as his outer reactions), how this is digging into his issues that I desperately wished the movie had had time for, maybe having a chance to actually get them out and do some good because, as the fic points out, with someone as long-lived as Loki, with someone as damaged as him, you pretty much can only go one direction or the other, there's not middle ground here.
    Chapters 05: Oh, this fic is going to be the death of me as I try to wait through the updates. At least the fic has been updated to say it's on chapter 5 out of 8 (assuming that sticks, of course), which helps, but I'm still going to be clawing at the walls a bit until this is done and I know how things are going to turn out for Loki. In the meantime, though, it's still an incredible look at conversations between Xavier and Loki, the kind that are intense as all hell, that even just reading a single chapter (even if it is a sizeable one) makes me feel like I've been through the emotional wringer as well afterwards. The author does such a gorgeous job of all the sharp little things people would think or feel in this position, there's something... I hate to say realistic about it, but that's kind of what I mean, if alien gods and superpowers existed. It's brutal, but in a way that I buy in this universe, one that leaves me aching for the characters and kind of in love with Xavier and how he really is trying to help Loki.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I like Loki or Xavier more in this fic, because they play off each other in that way... you sometimes have these half-formed ideas in your head that you'd like to see, but rarely does the writing actually measure up to those ideas. But here, oh, it's so well-written and so satisfying (even if I am terrified that it'll crush me), all the more so because you actually see the issues this kind of situation presents being addressed. There's something really terrifying about everything that's happening here, but also something really good. And, oh, the way Xavier interacts with Loki (especially when he starts to ask Loki about his family, about his mother, about Thor, the way he doesn't push Loki too hard) is beautiful. I love how much this fic is digging into Loki's character, how it's building a relationship between Xavier and Loki, and how, oh, it's such a good crossover between the two franchises.
    All Chapters: I've done recs previously for this fic while it was in progress, but I recently sat down to finish it off and then tear through the sequel (which I'll get to in a minute) and I wanted to write a rec for the overall fic/the ending of it. Everything I've mentioned in previous recs still hold true (there are some scenes that are difficult to read, I was very affected by the flashbacks with the dwarves and it was hitting the limit of what I could stand to read) and continues on for the rest of this fic. Though, I hardly know where to begin with this fic, because I feel like there's so much it covers that I want to talk about, all the slow building (or repairing) of Loki it does without needing to entirely fix him by the end! It's one step at a time and it's very aware that it's only a week for the entire span of this fic, so this is about the first flickers of something in him and about learning to take the first steps towards trusting someone again.

The use of Xavier's powers is lovely here, the two worlds fit together splendidly well, both seamless and interesting! It helps, of course, that they do occupy the same world in the comics, but there's always a challenge when they haven't been put together in the same movie universe (which this is written about), but this fic keeps the sharp and clever fun of seeing two worlds crossed over together while still having a point to it and giving great consideration to how they would integrate with each other. There's thought given to everything here, really, and I especially liked that it works on the idea that Asgard is not a bad place, but that it was not good for Loki, that this fic focuses on Loki himself and defining himself first, rather than the external factors in his life. It points out that there's really two choices with Loki--punish him or help him, which is something I've long thought.

Xavier is also incredibly thoughtful and given depth and I genuinely liked this Fury a lot! There are excellent building blocks for the story around the central characters, so that even when this is a story about Loki at its center, when he reveals his Jotunn form, I felt for him, but the Xavier aspect of that scene was the real blow to my feelings, where I got genuinely a little misty-eyed over it. And I love that this Loki is appropriately nasty in all the right moments, that he feels vulnerable or he's quick to believe the worst and so he lashes out, and sometimes those are genuinely cruel things to say, which the fic doesn't back away from. It's only because Xavier can read past Loki's projections, because he can read Loki's thoughts, that allows this relationship to be built the way it does, and that's why this is such an excellent crossover, because Xavier's abilities are so necessary here. The way he's used to cut through Loki's bullshit and examine his true motivations and feelings is so delicious because that's what you just want to do with Loki sometimes! To see beyond what he projects and cut away all the extraneous distracting stuff, to really dig into his character! Yet it's not used as an immediate fix it, because having someone in your head is pretty terrifying and it's such a careful balance not to abuse that power, to still build trust and to not rip someone open and make them too vulnerable! The fic doesn't use Xavier's abilities to immediately fix things, but instead to allow them just enough light in the darkness to begin the real work.

There are also stirrings of greater plot, there's mentions of what Thanos did to Loki and I liked the theories put forth here, all the more so because they're not used as excuses or even entirely explained because that's not what this story is centered on. Because this is a story about Loki, which means there are often biases and projections and unreliable narratives, even when you can see directly into his head, and what all of that says about Loki internally. Which is why it's so good, becasue it doesn't necessarily make Loki the center of the universe, but instead tries to start making Loki the center of Loki's universe for awhile, long enough to start repairing himself, and that's so, so, so good here. → I have lived with these visions. by anonymous, loki & morgana, merlin crossover, ~1k
    She had been in the forest, looking for a convenient place for yet another spell, when she had run upon…him.
    This is a rather short fill, but, oh, Loki and Morgana, two of my favorite characters, put together in a beautifully done little piece, where they have a brief meeting in the forest with potential for a deeper friendship down the line. I love how gorgeous the image in my mind's eye was, these two characters who fit so well in blacks and greens, in the lush forest, magic surrounding the both of them, an elegance to their characters. It might be a short piece, but it hit all the right notes for me.

untitled by harshwhimsies, loki & sam, supernatural crossover, ~1k
    "You're not a bad person." "How would you know?"
    So, this gifset made its way around tumblr, with Supernatural's Sam having a conversation with Loki about how they're similar spirits and they're both fighting to be good for the sake of their brothers. And then along comes fic, which is beautifully done, just a snippet of a scene, where Sam has a conversation with Loki, all out of his usual depth of the things he knows about, but doesn't back down and Loki is wonderfully snake-like and sly and unable to be pinned down. It's a short scene, not meant to be more than a piece of a larger puzzle that you can imagine yourself, and, ahhhh, it's so good and the two worlds fit together perfectly here!

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