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Hug Drug by DJClawson, matt & foggy & karen, 9k
    Matt and Foggy decide to tell Karen about Daredevil, but in the worst way possible.
    You sort of have to go into this fic being willing to roll with it, because Matt and Foggy spend most of it stoned out of their minds on E. What got me about this fic is how good the comedic timing of it is, how the set-up is used (in a controlled and monitored situation, done because Matt really needs to relax), and how the friendship between them has all this history and chemistry, even as they're just rolling around being high together. I can believe this destresses them, I can believe they would, and it was just a charming as hell fic that had me laughing out loud at several points. I loved it and totally recommend it!

Click Click Click (Goes The Sound of Matt's Life Falling Apart) by anonymous, matt & foggy & karen, ~1k
    Karen has just returned from her lunch break and Matt is contemplating taking his, when Foggy suddenly barks a laugh and says, "Dude, Matt! The internet thinks you're fucking Daredevil!"
    I was hoping for something cute and mildly amusing when I clicked on this, but what I got left me fucking weeping from start to finish. Characters finding fic of themselves is a staple of fandom, but this had the comedic timing to pull it off in a genuinely hilarious way, both for Foggy's utter amusing/Karen's fainter amusement and Matt's complete unamusement. Christ, I'm laughing again already, what a perfect fic with every single moment of it being fucking grand. Seriously this was so great and Foggy is my most favorite ever and my kindred spirit. Also, I would read those fics.

What Matt Lacks by DJClawson, matt & foggy & karen, 3.3k
    Matt makes no apologies for what he lacks, but it doesn't make it disappear.
    This fic was utterly fantastic, it absolutely nailed the characters' voices and had me laughing at all the right moments and putting a hand over my heart at all the other right moments. It's slice of life stuff, but it's so incredibly sharp, nearly every line is a treasure for the humor or insight into one of the characters. And, god, Matt and Foggy's friendship is pure, pure sunshine and gold and joy. This was a brilliant fic.

My chest is a pillow for your weary head to lay to rest again by ImmaFightTheMoon, foggy/matt/karen, ~1k
    Foggy's been down graded from lawyer to personal space heater.
    Short and so fluffy I could die, I loved the hell out of this fic. I think it's beacuse Matt and Karen cling to Foggy--Karen instinctively, Matt because he's an asshole--and that's my favorite thing. Warm-hearted and joyful are things I need sometimes and this provided nicely.

How Strange I Love You by Ceebee, foggy/matt/karen, NSFW, 1.6k
    It was ridiculous, Karen knew, because none of them ever forgot for a moment that this was about all three of them. But nothing could string Matt along better, make his chest and face flush darker, than hearing Foggy talk like that. And Karen never complained, either.
    I admit to being biased because the Foggy/Matt part of this was really good and totally my favorite, as Foggy worked him open with his fingers and Matt was wound so tightly against Karen. But I loved Karen's affection for them both, the really good threesome porn, and the way they took Matt apart, the way something in him unwinds when Foggy finally pushies into him and Karen holds him on the other side. I am always here for Matt being lovingly taken apart with sex.

as good as blessed by kay_cricketed, foggy/matt/karen, NSFW, 5.2k
    Matt comes home to his family, and they do their best to make a case that it should always be that way. Their best involves driving Matt to beg.
    Jesus christ this fic was ridiculously good. One of the things I most want for Matt and love about him is that he winds himself so tightly that he needs and wants others to unravel him, that putting himself in their hands releases something from him that does him an entire world of good. It isn't just that he's gorgeous when he's getting the holy hell fucked out of him (though, he is indeed gorgeous) but also that he's more settled, he trusts that he deserves love just a bit more. This fic is a gorgeous combination of Matt's issues, what he does and doesn't think he deserves, but also face meltingly hot porn, as Karen first rides his face and Foggy massages him into pliancy and then gently works him open.

That Karen is the one directing all of them, organizing them, and doing some first rate dirty talk as she tells Matt just what Foggy's doing/going to do to him was pretty great. But it was even better when followed up with Foggy fucking Matt so hard he didn't have room for anything else but Karen's voice and Foggy's dick. The balance of the three of them, the wayKaren and Foggy take care of Matt, the way he's loved by them and so fucked out that he accepts it, that is what I keep coming back to in this fandom and was so gorgeous here.

here in public by marmolita, foggy/matt/karen, NSFW, ~1k
    Prompt: Matt's hypersensitivity means that it's easy to mess around with him enough to have a serious effect without actually putting much effort into it.
    I am 100% in favor of Foggy and Karen teaming up on Matt, working him up in public, knowing how sensitive he is. Between the very hot imagery used and that Foggy and Karen think Matt is gorgeous and so goddamned hot, as they get him to come right there in the bar, this was wonderful.

an investment in tissues by DreamingStarkly, foggy/matt/karen, sick fic, 4.2k
    three times Karen, Foggy, and Matt each came down with the flu separately + the one time they all came down with the flu simultaneously
    Super cute ot3 sick fic that was a delight to read! I love when characters get sick, all the more if they're either whiny about it or refuse to admit it, and watching the three of them take care of each other when it's each of their turn was darling.

until the sirens stop by DreamingStarkly, foggy/matt/karen + foggy/matt, 6.8k
    Insomnia hits the trio after an unexpected case. Sleepover games, beer, face touching, and confessions ensue.
    More ot3 fic that's all about several scenes of them living their lives and maybe sort of figuring all of them out in a way that worked very nicely for me. There was an especially strong Foggy and Matt undercurrent, but also Matt character exploration and touching on why he does what he does and Karen was lovely and I enjoyed this all the way around.

Foggy, Blow My Speakers Up by TeddyLaCroix (ReadyPlayerZero), foggy & matt & karen, 1.4k
    It started with YouTube, as most simultaneously wonderful and terrible things did.
    I wasn't sure what to think of the prompt at first, but this worked really well, the ways Ke$ha songs become sort of Matt and Foggy's thing and it's a great combination of feelings and silliness, especially when it's used post-reveal. There's a great ending line with Karen as well, but I was entirely enamored with how I could feel the depth of Foggy and Matt's friendship here.

Delightful by anonymous, foggy/matt/karen (sort of), 1.2k
    "This is delightful." For a long uncomfortable moment, silence reigned in the office, twin looks of muted horror passing over Foggy and Karen’s faces as they watched Matt carefully rub Foggy’s jacket and Karen’s scarf against his face.
    Oh my god I had no idea how much I needed this until I had it, but Matt as borderline part cat getting ito Foggy's coat and Karen's scarf like a cat getting into catnip is amazing. The way Matt's practically high on it and the way Karen is bewildered and Foggy doesn't want to talk about it, all of it is perfectly, beautifully timed.

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