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not so daring by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt + karen, 5.8k
    "Foggy, you need to calm down, this isn’t a big deal, it was in college, it’s not like you’re still in love with me.”
    I let out about five ridiculous heartfelt sights while reading this fic, god. But it was the perfect starting place for me, because it caught the character voices and personalities perfectly and made this absolutely perfect transition from the show to relationship, the bridge I needed to fully convince me. But also just. Feelings and moments where I had to put my hand over my heart and utter perfection. Fuck.

jump, check parachute by augustbird, foggy/matt, nsfw, 11.9k
    Foggy Nelson: good at law, terrible at feelings.
    Well, I hate this up like fucking candy, let me tell you. It was such a joyful read, Matt and Foggy in college, from friends with fucking to just friends to figuring out their feelings, all wrapped up in a fantastic Foggy pov. The character voices are great and I loved pretty much everything about this, god bless. I needed something good and happy in my life and this provided.

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt, 2.6k
    Here’s the thing: Foggy doesn’t get hit on if he’s with Matt.
    Another charming, funny fic that does so well with the character voices and dialogue that I was in love all over again. Plus! Foggy almost dating someone else! It clearly drives Matt up the wall! The fic has the deftness to pull it off and make it sparkle! Everything I could ask for.

Ex Delicto, De Novo Ad Infinitum by scarletjedi, foggy/matt + karen + marci + father lantom, NSFW, 12k
    From a transgression (consequences of a crime), anew (a restart) to infinity (continuing on forever) / Matt and Foggy get back up again.
    Another fic that I just absolutely tore through and it was so good, both for being a really solid fic in the first place as well as building up the relationship with fanastic characterization. I love that it's one of those fics that helps cement the relationship for me, but also scorching porn, how answers don't make everything all better, about Matt as well, the right amounts of humor, but a story about the slow, painful but good process of Matt and Foggy getting back up again. And then there's Matt teaching Foggy the basics of boxing! Repairing their friendship after the reveal! Learning how Matt works! It's not easy, but they iron it out and figure each other out and just, ugh, feelings all over the goddamned place.

Say You'll Still Be By My Side by lady_ragnell, foggy/matt, 7.2k
    Bless me, Foggy, for I have sinned.
    Another medium length piece that's all about the repairs Matt and Foggy need to make, the hurt that needs time to fade between them, and the way the writing made me just ache for both of them. But in a good way, that it was building towards something, especially because it sometimes feels like the slowest process in the world, as a fic like this does justice to. There's so much that made me just ache for both characters here, how betrayed Foggy feels, but also Matt, jesus. I just felt how much he loved Foggy and hwo much this was killing him and this was perfect all the way around.

the space between fingers by afterism, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2.8k
    This is not the face-touching incident that Foggy remembers. This is the other one.
    To balance out all the painful stuff in this fandom, sometimes I need cute college-era antics, where they're friends and everything is new and good and hopeful! And then Matt's climbing over Foggy to sit on him and they're getting each other off and it works, it's so happy and right on and a great read.

you're safe now so come on back where you belong by assbuttsinlove, foggy/matt, ~1k
    "Can I ask you something?" Foggy asks quietly.
    This is short and fluffy but good for my heart because of it. Well, it's also a little achey, Matt and Foggy are still working things out, but it's heading towards good and that's what I needed.

now if we're talking body by queenofthestarrrs, foggy/matt, mildly nsfw, 2.5k
    It all starts because he trips, and if that wasn't the lamest way to start a relationship, Foggy's not entirely sure what is.
    College-era cuteness and fluff and flirting! I just read the whole thing with such a :D expression on my face because I needed happy for these two nerds. It sparkled the entire way and was delightful.

Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone by dancinbutterfly, foggy/matt, NSFW, fingering, prostate milking, sensory overload, 1.3k
    Matt just needs someone to help him shut his brain off. Luckily, Foggy always has his back.
    It was my shark week when I read this and during shark week you need filthy porn, okay. And this was a straight shot at my id, as Foggy fingerfucks a desperate Matt into sensory oblivion combined with just enough of a great Foggy voice that it was perfection. Goddamn, I needed a minute after this.

One More Step by Little_White_Lie, foggy/matt + karen, NSFW, stripper au, 7.8k
    Foggy Nelson is an awkward potato and the Daredevil is the hottest thing he’s ever seen. That stripper AU with feelings that no one wanted.
    I had no idea that apparently I needed a stripper AU in my life as much as I needed this fic. It has a great Foggy pov/voice and is incredibly charming to watch their friendship develop and these two idiot nerds fall in love. There are so many little moments where Foggy is just so wonderful and they're both so spot-on, and this AU somehow works, and it's all great. But also porn. When they finally admit they like each other and want to fuck and it's sweet as all get out but also really, really hot as they just have fun and Matt is so gorgeous and so ready and desperate and Foggy loves him so much and then finally is fucking Matt and it's just. A stripper AU gave me feelings explosions, watching them fall in love and being sharply adorable, okay. It's a great read.

keeping by anonymous, foggy/matt, 1.6k
    Matt dreams of houses covered in linen, an entire city shrouded and still. He's hoping that if he can cover enough windows, the people won't see him walking down the street without his mask on.
    When you read proposal fic, you go in expecting fluff, not to get your heart ripped out by gorgeous and bittersweet fic. But, god, it does such a perfect job with Matt's character, how he is and what he sees and what he knows about the people around him. The guilt and determination, it's just so Matt. Heart-wrenching and gorgeous and perfect, this fic was fantastic all the way through.

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt, ~1k
    "Excuse me, is this room 312?"
    A short but delightful retelling of Matt and Foggy's first meeting, going just a little differently. It was entirely charming and wonderful!

Popeman and Altarboy by Xela, foggy/matt, NSFW, priest kink, 1k
    Matt is trying not think about the fact that all he's wearing is a (borrowed) cassock and his boots.
    Time for blasphemous fic? With Matt torn between feeling guilty and really hot when Foggy blows him while he's wearing nothing but a cassock and then Foggy fucks him over a table? Where Foggy is delightfully, charmingly into the whole blasphemy thing? That is my jam, okay. God bless.

Dizzy Drunk and Bleary-Eyed by pathera, foggy/matt, 1.1k
    Foggy is pretty sure that he's dead. Like, 95 percent, because it's not possible to be alive and in this much pain. He's also in a very tiny bed and there's someone next to him and--oh, it's Matt. Naked Matt. Well this is awkward.
    College-era morning after sex last night plus terrible hangovers that keep them from moving. Pure charm and delight and it just made me happy all over, so adorable, these nerds in love.

Say You'll Still Be By My Side by lady_ragnell, foggy/matt + father lantom, 7.2k
    Bless me, Foggy, for I have sinned.
    This is a gorgeous fic about the painful slow repair of Foggy and Matt's friendship, the sharp edges to their conversations, the awkward moments after apologies where there's no way to entirely fix it yet, adding in the transition from friends to levers and even kidnapping shenanigans along the way. This is one of those in between, heavy lifting fics that do the show hard work of one step at a time and does it gorgeously here! It felt so true to the show, so true to the characters and everything they're going through and even the struggle of Matt trying to be honest and explain about himself when Foggy asks him questions. The characters are spot on and my heart hurt the entire time I was reading this. And it was fucking worth it.

you're bent over the altar, and the neighbors are complaining by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, blasphemy, 1.4k
    This is going to be what sends Matt Murdock to hell.
    Well. Foggy and Matt fucking in the confessional, that was ridiculously hot and bless the author for writing it. It was just the right amount of rough sex + Matt punishing himself + both of them being genuinely happy + fucked up + super hot to make it a fantastic read. This one is sticking on my reader for awhile, goddamn.

Simmer Down (And Pucker Up) by joidianne4eva, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2k
    "Okay, I take it back. This is a bad idea. This is a horrible idea and you should never have let me do this. Why did you let me do this?" Foggy demanded and somewhere to his left he swore he could hear Matt laughing at him, that faint husk of a sound that only emerged when Matt was trying to be polite…or sneaky.
    One of the delightful things about htis pairing is that Matt and Foggy are great friends, so even when they're flirting and kissing and fucking, they're still bickering friends. This fic had great dialogue for them both and my heart wanted to burst with affection for them both, especially because I want them to get back to that place. And also blowjobs, thank you.

Five Times Foggy Nelson Cried, And One Time He Didn't. by Avocado, foggy/matt + karen + marci, NSFW, 3.1k
    To be honest, it was probably because he was incredibly drunk. For some reason it was seen as the “normal” thing to do for men to repress their feelings (what asshole came up with that anyway?), but Franklin Nelson had never done so.
    Yes, fluff and porn, just what I needed during my shark week! It's definitely one of those where everything works out, even the angsty stuff is building towards the happy end and it had the charm to just pull me in. Fluff and fucking, that's what I was looking for. ♥

untitled by theappleppielifestyle, foggy/matt + karen, ~1k
    The first time Karen meets them, she’s more than a little freaked out about the whole being framed for murder thing, so she doesn’t notice it at first.
    Just a really cute, fun fic about Karen watching Matt and Foggy, slowly getting to know them and figure them out, in an AU where they got together in college. So charming. ♥

Algolagnia by Xela, foggy/matt, NSFW, bdsm, 15.1k
    Leave it to Foggy Nelson to have to teach Matt Murdock that all pain is not created equal, and whatever he needs is his for the asking. OR: Matt is the worst baby sub, and for some reason everyone expects Foggy to lead him down the primrose BDSM path.
    Chapter 1: I tried really hard to wait at least until chapter two was out to write a rec for this fic (I wrote down my recs as each chapter was published), but I can't help myself, it hit so many buttons for me! Matt is the worst baby sub ever, always pushing too far beyond boundaries and getting himself hurt, so ex-girlfriend Elektra ropes Foggy into doing something about it. It's a really good balance of Foggy pov/voice and him learning about BDSM culture, and it's genuinely interesting, but also you can just feel how much he loves Matt, even if he is an idiot. Add in an Elektra cameo that I really liked and I'm super eager for the next part!
    Chapter 2: I suspect I'm going to end up writing a rec for each chapter of this fic, but I can't really be sorry about it it because this is hitting my emotional buttons something fierce. The author mentions how difficult it is to write a platonic BDSM scene, but it's done so beautifully here, where there's such care and structure in all the right ways! There's so much detail here, but it's never boring to me, it's not like reading a pamphlet, but instead like two people exploring what it is that Matt needs from this world and how much Foggy is doing this for him. There's shippy feelings in here as well, but it's also not just about that, it's this gorgeous blend of concept, character, and relationship, all three are wound together and inescapable. I read this as soon as it was posted and ate it up like candy.
    Chapter 3: Once again I dropped this fic on my reader as soon as I saw it was posted and curled up with it right away. it's something of a transition chapter, going more towards romantic rather than strictly friends, but is still lovely for its own sake as the fic gives Matt structure and the relief he needs through BDSM, it shows just how much Foggy loves him and is such a good person, without making him a saint. So good and I'm so antsy for resolution here, ahhh.
    Chapter 4: I know I wrote a rec for each chapter, but this fic really got me and this was when they finally got together! I don't always associate them with BDSM but this fic did a really great job of exploring them through it and making it super interesting to read. A very satisfying read all the way around, just so easy to get sucked into because it has a smooth and utterly readable style. This was a real treat for me.

Connecting by allofuswithwings, foggy/matt, 1.7k
    Foggy finds out Matt can ‘see’ what others look like through touch, and seems a little miffed that it’s never been offered to him. Matt acquiesces, but the results are not quite as expected. Set in their early college days.
    This was a really lovely look at Matt "seeing" Foggy's face with his hands, the balance between something more there but not tipping fully over into it yet was very nicely done. It's also got great undercurrents and dialogue and the dynamic between them is right on. A great read.

tossed my salad like his name romaine by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, rimming, 1k
    Matt made a sound like he'd been drowning, stretched up further against Foggy like a cat, his grip on the sheets tightening.
    Oh, shit, this was so good for me. I mean, the dialogue and Foggy voice were great, just the right amount of humor and good-nature to make the fic sparkle, but Matt. Desperate and oversensitive and whining as Foggy slowly rims him, yeah, that, uh, does things for me. This was a delight and ridiculously hot, so very worth reading.

Pour yourself on me by R_Gunns, foggy/matt, NSFW, praise kink, 1.1k (for this chapter)
    The first time it happens Foggy doesn't take too much notice.
    I was just recently musing that I really wanted some praise kink fic with Matt because of all his issues and need for other people in his life. And then comes this fic and, oh, yes, that's what I was looking for. It's Foggy fucking him slowly, telling Matt how good he is, that he's good, that he's beautiful, and it's really satisfying sex mixed with praise and feelings. Because Daredevil is apparently a fandom where I kink on Matt feelings crying during sex when it's done as well as what this fic gives me.

I want you on all fours, show me how you crawl by R_Gunns, foggy/matt, NSFW, some rimming, 2.4k
    "Dude, where have you been hiding that ass?" Foggy says, and Matt blinks, flushes, almost drops his towel.
    One of the best things about Daredevil is that Matt has an amazing ass, so fic that's all about how great it is, done in a sparkling Foggy voice, I am all here for that. I was in love with the dynamic between them, the slightly bewildered and then really turned on Matt pov, how cheerfully genuine Foggy is in his appreciation for Matt's ass, how scorching all the sex is. I can't pick a favorite aspect of the fic or even a favorite sex scene (I was very into Foggy fingering him open while Matt was whining and desperate and beautiful, but also Matt being overwhelmed while Foggy rims him, BUT ALSO spanking that they are both super into--!), all of it was like a straight shot to my id. Matt has an absolutely fantastic ass and this fic does justice to it, fucking bless.

the nature of causality by sir_not_appearing_in_this_archive, foggy/matt, 5.6k
    Karen catches Matt and Foggy sneaking around and keeping secrets from her. So, naturally, she investigates.
    These two fics read best together, I think, the first where Karen suspects something with Matt and Foggy, the second where they get resolved. I really enjoyed the Karen pov because there's a solid sense of her character here, how she relates to them, how her own issues shape her views and fears. The second is more of a Matt piece, his friendship with Foggy turned on its head after the reveal of feelings, how much Matt counted on him, and his own feelings towards Foggy in return. It's a solid, lovely set of fics that are everything of why I got into the fandom.

Soft Things by Xela, foggy/matt, 1.9k
    It’s not the things that make Matt soft. It’s just one thing. One person, against whom Matt has no defenses.
    As much as the canon scene was perfect, of course I'm going to go for the "yes, but what if Foggy told Matt he loved him and they kissed instead?" fic. The fic made me hurt for Matt, made me love Foggy for being Foggy, made me love Matt being kind of an idiot, and then kissing! My soul needed this.

A really long phonecall by theoracleatlasvegas, foggy/matt, NSFW, phone sex, 1.2k
    Fill for a kink meme prompt requesting phone sex. Foggy calls up Matt while he's at the office with Karen.
    Filthy phone sex about all the terrible things Foggy would do to Matt and, look, shark week needs porn and this really hit my id something fierce, bless the author.

Somewhere between fear and sex passion is by anonymous, foggy/matt, nsfw, 2.7k
    Foggy's seen the videos - the ones Karen gushes over with Matt "flipping all over" - and he's not impressed, really, he's not, and he's only watched them a few times, anyway.
    Two things about this were really great! One, no matter how badass he can be, Matt Murdock is still a complete dweeb, god bless. And, two, Foggy's choice is pretty great, especially as he wars with hatting what Matt does as Daredevil but also finding it really hot. Add in that they can always laugh at each other and this was delightful.

Not A Catholic Thing by Little_White_Lie, foggy/matt, NSFW, 7.1k
    That one where Matt’s senses make sex hard.
    This is one of those fics to read if you really like sub!Matt, because that's the focus here, how his brain goes into sub mode when he needs this and Foggy provides it for him. I love that Matt is still a cranky nerd around Foggy much of the time here, I love the way their friendship usually is, but I also really enjoyed Matt being able to let go, to put himself in someone else's hands so he could be free to plead for what he wanted. Add in dealing with his over-stimulation and really satisfying sex and this was a really good read for me. I suggest going in for the kink, but it's really good kink, mmm.

Audio Tracks by GoggledMonkey, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2.9k
    Foggy and Matt watch porn and Foggy narrates (badly). Written for the Daredevil Kinkmeme
    The amazing thing about a character like Foggy is that this set-up would likely have given me second-hand embarrassment with anyone else, as he does audio commentary on a porn dvd, but somehow it's delightful here! Even the awkwardness is delightful! There's just such a charm and sparkle to both of them here, it was such a sharp read that I loved all of it.

And now you're satisfied by sp8sexual, foggy/matt, NSFW, some praise kink, 2.9k
    They fuck. Enjoy, you godless heathens.
    God, I needed this and it was really satisfying porn with all of my favorite things, especially a desperate, writhing, over-sensitive Matt who really, really is wrecked by all of this. There's an intensity to the fucking on both sides, it's so easy to feel how much they love each other, how much they want each other, how well they fit together, and that was pretty delicious, too. But, oh, man. Foggy opening up Matt with his fingers, overwhelming him and making him come before Foggy can work into him, then again after a bit when Matt gets on his hands and knees so they can fuck? The desperate edge to Matt and all his issues lurking in the background, but so completely loved and wanted in the moment? The scorching porn? Yeah, this fic was a blessing for me.

Academic Integrity by anonymous, foggy/matt, nsfw, 2.4k
    "You are not getting my vibe at all, Matt. They don’t call me Foggy ‘Lots of Small But Cumulative Seductions’ Nelson for nothing." Matt smiles and lets Foggy nudge his knees open to come closer, hands drifting down his sides.
    This fic was pure joy to read, because the Foggy voice is excellent, I loved Matt dearly, their dynamic was spot-on, and Foggy totally blew Matt while spread out all over Foggy's academic paper. This fic does a fantastic job of capturing the fun these characters have, the way they make each other (and me) laugh and work together and, seriously, Foggy cheerfully pulling Matt's clothes off and blowing him and clearly adoring the hell out of him is so fucking charming that I can't stand it.

Everyone Deserves Good Things by casophon, matt & foggy (possible foggy/matt pre-slash), 4.2k
    Foggy is protective of his new roommate and tries to make life easier for Matt... preferably without making an ass of himself in the process. He mostly succeeds.
    Oh, I read this entire fic just pretty much entirely in love with Foggy Nelson as he does his best to figure out how to help Matt without being too overbearing about it because he gets that Matt would hate that. The fic strikes all the right notes, that Foggy struggles with this, there are a lot of mistakes made, but they slowly get the hang of each other and it's good. This fic also beautifully balances being genfic with hints of something maybe more, along with really spot-on characterization. It's everything I wanted from college-era fic and it sparkles like hell and it's so good and I'd have read at least 100k of this.

The Ballad of Matt and Foggy by enid_salt, foggy/matt + marci, 3.3k
    A literal meet-cute: Franklin is bored kid until a new neighbor moves in next door, named Matthew Murdock.
    Nooooo, this was too damn cute! Kidlet!Foggy was all kinds of joy to read, like a miniature version of his adult self, that combination of charm and humor, especially as he meets new kid on the block Matt and it's like the younger version of their college meeting. It was a charming as hell read, just pure delight to have picked up, balanced between the cuteness of kid versions of them with still being genuinely sharp and interesting, and I fucking loved it.

Arrhythmia by samyazaz, foggy/matt, soulmates au, 5.5k
    Matt's heart skips a beat when he meets Foggy Nelson.
    I will read every Soulmates AU in this fandom that I can get my hands on, especially if they come with Matt being a dumb asshole, Foggy getting pretty pissed about that (eventually), but also loving Matt and telling him so, dragging all the better things out of him. It's a solid fic all the way through, but it's really the resolution (after Foggy's been kidnapped and Matt rescued him and then feelings were had) that's so damn satisfying.

Fearless by Evening_Bat, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Everyone is scared of something.
    The thing about Matt is what this fic gets at--he's capable in everyday life or when in a fight with someone trying to kill him. But when personal feelings are involved? He's nowhere near as put together, he's guilty and fearful and an amazing mess. So this hit me really well!

I can see clearly now the rain has come by bawolfling, foggy/matt, 1.2k
    "We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?"
    A short piece about Matt and Foggy in the rain, how it affects Matt's senses, and just something comfortable and put right between the two of them, some gentle banter and just... nice. I enjoyed this.

(Smile) Like You Mean It by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, 2.3k
    So Foggy tells Matt he loves him a lot, because they are that kind of friends, and Matt is used to Foggy's heart being totally steady and honest when he says it. Which is why, sometime after the Daredevil reveal, it breaks his heart when Foggy suddenly starts sounding like he's lying when he says it.
    This fic made me happy in my soul because it's so many things I love: Matt being terrible at feelings, thinking Foggy doesn't love him anymore, slowly breaking apart because of it, and eventual confessions. It's one of those fics where I came out of it just completely in love with the asshole that is Matt Murdock because he's so well-written here. The relationship with Foggy also sparkles, because he's spot-on as well and the ending was a joy in my soul.

It Broke the Ice by sp8sexual, foggy/matt + marci, 5.4k
    In which Foggy and Matt meet in a bar, Foggy's brain-to-mouth filter is nonexistent, and Matt is not only hot like burning, but adorable, too.
    Chapter 1: Oh, man, this was charming and sparkling as hell, in another universe where Foggy and Marci are friends and she pushes him to go talk to the cute guy at the end of the bar and Foggy is Foggy about it. The fic works far better than I might have expected from the concept! They're both awkward around each other and fucking adorable as fuck and the cutest thing ever, which put such a fucking smile on my face. So, so worth reading!
    Chapter 2: I read the second chapter of this fic with the most ridiculous smile on my face, the kind that hurts afterwards, because there was so much pure, concentrated adorable in this chapter. Matt and Foggy go on a date, they're both complete nerds and awkward and adorable around each other and it was so much pure fun to read that it almost hurt.

untitled by theladyragnell, foggy/matt, 1.6k
    Prompt: Nelson and Murdock, falling asleep on each other?
    This may go up on AO3 later, but I couldn't wait that long to read it because it's several scenes of Matt and Foggy falling asleep on each other and I pretty much wanted to vomit rainbows after reading this. Each scene is wonderful, they're sharp and well-written, showing the depth of care here, but also just being entirely warm-hearted and the kind of fic that had me flailing from OTP feelings.

Franklin "Foghorn" Nelson by manicmanner, foggy/matt + marci, 1.5k
    When Marci gets drunk, one of her favorite topics is how good Foggy is in bed.
    One of the things I am 100% convinced about is that Matt is a Stealth Asshole, the kind that most people never realize, except for Foggy. So Matt being amused at Foggy's situation with Marci, being a goading shit about it, I was cackling all the way through this. Add in some cute Marci and some great lines from Foggy and a completely joyful resolution for Matt and Foggy and you have a fantastic fic here.

some kind of violent bliss by spacenarwhal, foggy/matt, NSFW, 1.3k
    “You with me Matty?” Foggy’s voice shivers inside his throat, prickles in Matt’s ears. Matt swallows, tries to find voice enough to answer. I’m always with you.
    My very favorite thing in sex with this pairing is when Matt is completely overstimulated and desperate from it. It's too much and so good at the same time, an onslaught of sensation and want as Foggy slowly pushes into him. The fic is all about Matt's pov as he's overwhelmed as Foggy fucks him, how much they desperately want each other, how Matt is totally fucked out by all of this. It's lovely writing and really satisfying sex and good character voices, making it a super satisfying read all three time I read through it.

Familiar Heartbeat by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, 1.9k
    Matt is made to believe that Foggy died.
    Oh, man, yes, fic where Matt thinks Foggy is dead, falls apart, finds Foggy is alive, and falls apart more, I practically licked my fingers after reading this because it was so tasty. I love their friendship here and I love Matt and what a beautiful mess he is when he almost lost Foggy. Delicious. :9

Beautiful by prepare4trouble, foggy/matt, 1.1k
    Matt has no visual reference for Foggy, but he has his own ideas about how his best friend looks.
    A short but sweet fic about Matt's mental picture of Foggy combined with a fun, stress-relieving night on the town and the undercurrents of attraction between them that's not ready to go anywhere yet. Very nice and warm-hearted.

Gifts by sanctuary_for_all, foggy/matt + karen, 1.8k
    Who you give them to is as important as what they are. (post season 1)
    This was definitely on the fluffy side of things, but it was so charming and sweet that I loved it. There are some good lines from both characters as Foggy finds the ice cream wrapper bracelet and it's about giving Matt good things and loving the things he makes for them, Foggy and Karen both, and that made this a lovely, fun little read.

if ever joy surrounds you (you have to let it) by KiaraSayre, foggy/matt, 9.3k
    (Or, it's weird how weird things aren't between Matt and Foggy. Particularly when they're talking about boners.)
    I don't even know where to begin with this fic or how perfect it was, both on an objective level and for me personally. It's such fucking spot-on characterization for both Matt and Foggy, where the fic understands them both, as they work through the strain to their friendship after the reveal. The Foggy voice is incredible, how much he loves Matt and how angry he is even as that's melting away, how Matt is this giant bundle of stubbornnes and yet a total mess sometimes and desperately needs Foggy. It's such a delicate balance for both of them, in different ways, but this fic nails each of them and provides the humor brilliantly. I was dying during the discussion of whether or not Matt could sense boners or when Foggy's patching Matt up and Matt's an asshole about it or the sheer joy of Matt on painkillers and more. Every single inch of this fic is fucking golden in exactly the way it should be, right from the very beginning and I just... kind of really want to make out with it a little. p.s. holy crap, the ending lines were brilliant.

don't take my man (you know you can) by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, NSFW, 3.3k
    People start hitting on Daredevil. Foggy doesn't get it, and then he does.
    So this fic was amazing right from the beautiful opening lines to the super hot ending. I am entirely here for Foggy and Matt laughing at each other, that Foggy finds some parts of Matt's difficult life to be hilarious, but oh my god when Matt is an asshole about laughing in Foggy's face for his sudden attraction to Daredevil, my life was fucking made. I burst into laughter myself every time I think of it! But it's also the great character voices, the way Matt can be so capable sometimes and then is so terrible with feelings and is a nerd. As well as the sex might be short, but it's got Matt oversensitized as hell and hanging on as best he can while Foggy fucks him and Matt desperately riding Foggy's fingers in an alleyway, because he might be Daredevil, but he's also Matt and that was scorching and really good for me. Bless this fic for real, it was gorgeous.

The Boxer-Puncher by one_flying_ace, foggy/matt, NSFW, 11k
    “Matt, you’re my best friend, but you’re a goddamn idiot sometimes. It’s not about you. I’m not training, I’m not looking to get in a ring or do what you do. I just wanted to know a little more.” He says it fiercely, strongly, right into Matt’s ear like that’ll get it through to him any easier. “It’s not like I’m any good at it,” he adds, which is probably a mistake. His heartbeat definitely spikes on the lie, because Matt flinches.
    Jesus christ, I don't know how I'm going to be able to write a rec for this fic, because every inch of it was so fucking perfect and so fucking good. I love that the fic maintains this great balance of Foggy learning boxing and putting on muscle with that he's not changing who he is in the series, it's not about becoming like Matt or losing weight, but instead this complicated tangle of things on how he feels about Matt's issues and what he does for Matt. The fic is also gorgeous in how Foggy absolutely has Matt's number, he knows that guy, he sees the attraction between them and knows Matt's issues and even completely knows that Matt really wants to be held down during sex. It's gorgeous because shit, yes that is Matt to a fucking T, but also Foggy uses it in the way he always does--a little bit of being a dick about it, but a whole lot of love and what's good for Matt. And, oh, shit, when they have sex and Foggy does hold him down, Matt is so there for that and it's fucking scorching.

But it's also the characterization! The way Matt is so capable in some ways, but then is a giant ball of issues and guilt and tears because he can't magically keep everyone safe, because he doesn't know what to do and Foggy guides him through that, too. It's so clear that Matt can't do this on his own, doesn't want to do this on his own, but doesn't want to drag Foggy or Karen in any further and fucking god bless Foggy for being stronger than Matt's shit. This fic was so satisfying as a post-reveal get-together, but also because how it hit everything my id wanted and was so fucking sharp it could cut glass, goddamn.

You should see the other guy by GreenQueenofClubs, foggy/matt + others, NSFW, alternate universe, 20.2k
    If Foggy Nelson was to be honest with himself, despite all the super heroes running around for years now, he never really thought that he would become best friend with a masked vigilante when he came back to New York, his Harvard Law diploma still fresh from the press.
    An AU where Foggy went to Harvard instead of Columbia, worked at Landman and Zack, met the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, met Matt Murdock, and things got back on track. I really enjoyed the balance this author struck between the events of canon and how things changed between them, how some lines were echoed, but the dynamic was still different. It worked for me to preserve the spirits of the characters but still kept things interesting as Foggy found out about Matt all over again and there were developing feelings but betrayed trust and it took time to repair things and it was just really solid and built everything as it needed to be. Which made the sex at the end all the better, especially for Matt who was so sorry about how he'd fucked things up and how desperate he was for Foggy and how gorgeous he was as he opened himself up with his fingers and then desperately rode Foggy's dick like it was his salvation. I love sex scenes that say a lot about the characters and this one, for all that the fic is a Foggy pov/character piece, really got at Matt's issues for me. All the way around, this fic was super good for me.

Broken Smiles Shine Brighter by mia6363, foggy/matt, NSFW for sex + nsfw for torture/violence, 4.5k
    To this day he’ll never get over how he wasn’t taken to a musty abandoned warehouse with poor lighting and numerous chains swinging from the ceiling for no discernible reason. Maybe he watched too many movies, but still, there was an expectation that was not being met.
    I think if this fic had been any less well-written, I probably would have turned right around. Even still it was tough for me to read toture and aftermath, but the author uses it to show that strength of Foggy's character and his friendship with Matt and how torn up Matt is. The other thing the fic does beautifully is the way it uses the sex to show that Foggy is whole, that he's there, that fucking Matt is good in and of itself, but also shows the solidity of him that Matt needs. But also, yeah, Foggy opening a desperate Matt up and pushing into him as Matt's leg hooks around his shoulder and he's whining, that was ridiculously hot. Matt being taken apart and having someone there to support him is gorgeous here.

It Broke the Ice by sp8sexual, foggy/matt, alternate universe, 8.9k
    In which Foggy and Matt meet in a bar, Foggy's brain-to-mouth filter is nonexistent, and Matt is not only hot like burning, but adorable, too.
    Rec for Chapters 3-4: This fic continues to be pure sunshine and joy and it's my happy place when the rest of fandom is being mean and punching me in the feelings. My absolute favorite thing in this fic is when Matt sticks his foot in his mouth or gets completely embarrassed because he's an awkward nerd, too. It's great fun when Foggy does it, who's so open and completely who he is, but let's not forget that Matt's a goddamned nerd, too. Plus there's holding hands, dinner dates, both of them being super into the other pretty much immediately, each kissing the other like hell, it's everything that's good and pure in this world.

As Meat Loves Salt by poisonivory, foggy/matt + karen, alternate universe, 3.1k
    "My mom wanted me to be a butcher." And in this universe, he is.
    Oh, man, this was charming as hell, so sharp and so much fun, as Foggy works as a butcher and Matt is a regular customer who is really kind of a smug asshole who's way too hot for his own good. The banter is delightful and Karen's encouragement is pure joy and sunshine. This definitely put such a smile on my face today!

Not That Weird (Or: Somewhere, the Claires Are Swapping Hilarious & Horrifying Stories) by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt (pre-slash?), 3k
    Prompt: Matt meets an alternate version of himself, a Matt from an alternate universe where he never met Stick.
    Oh, man, this was such a fun fic, I loved every second of the two Foggys' conversation with each other, all of it was both wonderful and hilarious. But it's also the conversation with the Matts that really gave me feelings, the way they're the same person and yet so different, the way this allowed canon Matt to hear some difficult things and really get what a mess he is sometimes. it's a great balance of humor, joy, and just the right amount of Matt emotional whump. And, god, that hug did things for my heart.

touch me now by murdick, foggy/matt, NSFW, 1.1k
    "Shut up, Foggy," Matt practically growls as he closes the gap between them and yanks Foggy closer to him by the collar of his shirt. Their faces are just inches apart when Matt whispers "shut up..." again and Foggy's heart skips a beat.
    This is pretty much a pwp and what it says on the tin, which I really, really needed after the angsty and/or genfic I've been reading. it's really satisfying sex, where Foggy still really hates what Matt does and Matt knows that and it gets turned into some desperate fucking as Matt wants him now, fuck him right this second, Foggy. Matt being desperate and into rough treatment, combined with how much Foggy adores him, yeah, that's my jam. It's a mix of anger and fluff that works for this pairing, rough touching but never anything less than love and this fic gave me that nicely.

Foggy was deployed by anonymous, foggy/matt, ~1k
    The surprise is the best part.
    Oh, my godddd, this was too wonderful and heart-warming, I could hardly stand it! It's a short fill, but it's fantastic and exactly what it needed to be and the reunion was all the good stuff I wanted, so I was practically happy crying right along with the fic.

Devotion by strangedesires, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2k
    Foggy finds a way to help Matt wind-down after a rough night on the streets of Hell's Kitchen.
    This fic was rough around the edges, but it's all about worshipping Matt's amazing ass and the sex was very satisfying and the pwp was really good for me when I needed it after all the lower-rated fic I've been reading. Bless the author for a desperate, fucked out, overwhelmed Matt as Foggy rims the hell out of him, because that is my jam right there.

Matt/Foggy - road trip by theladyragnell, foggy/matt + foggy's family, 1.7k
    (This turned into Five Car Rides To The Nelson Family Summer Trip.)
    Why are there not a hundred fics of Matt being dragged along with the Nelson clan? Because I want at least that many, especially when they're all great people and it gives Matt something of a family, no matter how he struggles against it. I picked this one up because I fucking love road trip fic, but it's really more Matt + Foggy's family feel-good fic that had me cooing over it. Plus, every time one of them cornered Matt like one of their own, my fannish heart grew another size.

Hymn by sanctuary_for_all, foggy/matt & father lantom, 1.3k
    Foggy finally meets Father Lantom.
    I really, really needed something sweeter and happier when reading the other night and this absolutely hit the spot. Matt and Foggy go to see Father Lantom and everyone gets along in exactly the ways they could, making it more than just feel-good fic, but good fic, too. And I am 100% here for people tag-teaming Matt because he's an idiot with issues and that's dumb and they love him.

worship you by anonymous, foggy/matt, 5k wip
    The first time Foggy notices something is wrong is when they go to an Italian joint together.
    Parts 1-3: While the three parts of this were posted stand well on their own, they're a collection of times when Foggy does good things for Matt, I desperately, desperately want more of this one. I enjoy that it's well-written and sharply characterized, but where it really goes into overdrive for me is how stubborn and guilty and full of issues Matt is, so I want someone to do nice things for him forever and that's pretty much what Foggy does. Just refuses to let Matt keep him out or from getting him things he can use, which is so fucking good for me. Especially when it breaks Matt apart emotionally a little and there are some tears and it's beautifully in character and just. Ugh. This was the most delicious for me.
    Parts 4: I tried really hard to wait for this one to have more than one update, but I caved because I'm weak and, oh, man, this was good for me. It hits that "people do nice things for Matt, who has not had that enough" place and combines it with "holy shit, Matt enjoying food is really, really hot", moving it nicely into the romantic area for these two. Seriously, though, I was right there with Foggy on how hot Matt is with good food and how I practically made dolphin noises when Foggy ran his thumb across Matt's mouth. That was ridiculously hot.
    Parts 5-6: Once again I tried really hard to wait on this fic, especially so close to the end, but I can't because this fic (and especially these two parts) are all about Matt's issues and what a mess he is, how touch-starved he is, but how he tries to refuse to allow it for himself, how he doesn't seem to think he deserves it, and it works so very well, because they're in college and Matt hasn't yet had Foggy in his life very long. It's also beautiful the way Foggy is so solid and good, he balances between respecting Matt's cues and yet not letting him be too much of an idiot. Basically this fic has my heart and I practically melt every time I read a new part.

worship you 7a + worship you 7b by anonymous, foggy/matt, nsfw, 1.9k/7.1k total     Or because even the furniture is concerned with a one Matt Murdock’s well-being, but that was a situation for the fucking Ghostbusters, not Foggy Nelson.     (You can find the prompt + all parts here, as this is an update rec.) I really do not care that I've just about written a rec for every part of this because it's exactly what I want and so good at it, where Foggy calls Matt out on his shit, but in a loving and respectful way, but also that he's not letting Matt's bullshit go by, he's unmovable on that. It's pure Foggy, the way he can't be swayed from this and how much he wants to spoil Matt and makes very sure Matt knows he's loved. And Matt's just a mess because this has cracked him open and he wants and, god, my heart hurt for him. But also porn! Where they grind against each other and Foggy tells Matt all the things he wants to do to him, to work Matt slowly open and then fuck him until he's wrecked, mark him so that he'll always know he's loved, get him a vibrator and watch Matt come so hard his eyes roll back in his head. It's not long, but it hits exactly what is so good about this pairing and was scorchingly hot, jesus. → Guessing by anonymous, foggy/matt, ~1k
    "He's good for you," Jack Murdock might say. "Practical kid, but kind. Knows where the money's at, but he'd never knock someone else down to get there first."
    Oh, what a gorgeous fic. All the things Matt imagines his father might say about Foggy and it's really more a reflection of Matt than of his dad. It's a short piece but it does a lovely job with his character and how he sees Foggy. Wonderful.

Chinese Whispers by Evening_Bat, foggy/matt + brett, ~1k
    "And the day started off so well," Foggy sighed, holding an icepack to his swollen eye.
    I loved this prompt at the kinkmeme, I love every time Matt loses his cool and so when he kisses Foggy because he's a giant bundle of worry and issues, that is so good for me. I think I actually did something of a really embarrassing happy wiggle at how heart-warming and wonderful this was!

Something by anonymous, foggy/matt, 1k
    It's not so much that he means to hang up on Claire, but somewhere between her news registering and his legs starting to move, the phone gets shoved in his pocket.
    Again, I love the prompt this fic was fore and I love that it's totally a feel-good fic, but I also love that it shows what an over-worrying, guilty, issue-laden nerd Matt is without being too heavy-handed about it. Matt's kind of a mess, just a little (a lot), and that's delicious here. It's totally cute fic, thank god Foggy at least has half a reasonable amount of sense. Plus kissing! I love kissing. ♥

The One Where Foggy Sees a Bright Red Collar and Can't Resist by Terra_ble, foggy/matt, some d/s, ~1k
    But nothing. Nothing. Could compare to how amazing Matt looks wearing it.
    This was short, but really fun as both Foggy and Matt are super, super into the idea of Matt wearing a collar as he blows Foggy and Foggy pulls on it. It's a quick thing, but I enjoyed it and the mental image a lot, mmm.

Good Boy by anonmyous, referenced daredevil/matt + brief foggy/matt + karen, humor, ~1k
    Daredevil simply grinned. He had no intentions of stopping. “You gonna come for me, Matthew? You gonna be my good boy?”
    Another short but utterly delightful fic of the cast finding Matt/Daredevil fic and thinking it's hilarious while Matt kind of hates his life. Add in a little Foggy/Matt at the end and you have a fic I was delighted by and smiled all the way through.

I'll Tell You That I Love You (With My Fingers On You Skin) by joidianne4eva, foggy/matt + karen + ocs, 5.3k
    "Do you want to tell us what all of this is about?" Foggy’s mom tried and Foggy shook his head. “Right, let me rephrase that. Tell me what all of this is about,” she muttered and Foggy sighed as he picked at the cushions because he’d never been good at lying to his family.
    Oh, man, I am so incredibly weak to revelations fic and reunions and running after each other and this fic fed into that so well. I loved it because I eat that shit up, where Foggy's feelings for Matt drive him away and then phone confessions and anger and crying and more dramatic confessions, yessss, I love these tropes with my whole being.

I Promise I Flossed! by SherlockedTrekkie, foggy/matt + foggy/karen, 1.2k
    3 times Foggy kissed Matt and 1 time he didn't
    This was super fluffy and cute, all about a handful of scenes where Foggy kisses Matt when excited and one time he kisses Karen. Since Foggy/Matt and Foggy/Karen are my two favorite ships, as well as I fucking love fluff, this was a delight for me.

The Tear in My Heart (I'm on Fire) by TextReciprocation, foggy/matt, 1.9k
    Matt Murdock is completely blind to the fact that maybe, just maybe, his best friend loves him back. (No pun intended.)
    College-era fic where Matt is jealous when Foggy comes home spelling like perfume and Foggy doesn't accept the funk Matt slips into. It's sharply written and beautifully characterized and made me love what a nerd Matt is all over again and his inability to deal with feelings. Plus confessions! Foggy being amazing! I happy sighed after reading this.

Down to the Bone by SpiritsFlame, foggy/matt, daemon au, 4.5k
    Everyone always wants to know why his daemon isn't a bat. As though being blind is all that there is to him, the center point of his character.
    Holy crap, this was a magnificent AU, where the writing was sharp and perfect, the world-building was fascinating, and the characters were spot on! I loved the way the fic paralled canon events, but put its own twist on them, so I was never bored, and it balanced keeping things the same with how they were changed because of the daemons. But most of all, I loved Matt Murdock, who is a mess even when he's put together, and he loves Foggy so much, but he's this giant ball of issues and Foggy is amazing and wonderful, but god I was in love with he stupid one and just wanted everything good for him. A balance of a Matt character piece and Foggy/Matt relationship pining + resolution, wrapped up in a cool AU.

Baredevil by Avocado, foggy/matt + marci, NSFW, porn star au, 4.3k
    Foggy was really good at sex. Like, absolutely fantastic. In fact, Franklin Nelson was so good at sex that he had made a career in it. Thing was though, he didn't really like it. Until he met Matt Murdock.
    I did not know I needed a porn star AU until this fic came along and was pretty much pure perfection. It sparkled all the way through, was a great look at Foggy's character, and just really worked. I didn't expect it to, but I fell in love with Foggy being Foggy every step of the way, making me laugh out loud at all the right moments, making me coo at the ridiculous nerds in love, making me love everyone in the whole fic. It was sharp and well-written and even had really satisfying sex, once they finally got their act together and Foggy proprerly fucked Matt and it was love and humor and want and I'm just so ridiculously in love.

untitled by demirawatson, foggy/matt, 2.7k
    Prompt: Foggy sings when he gets drunk, sings in the shower, hums to himself sometimes when he's working. After learning now sensitive matt's senses are he tries to stop. Matt tries to figure out a way to tell him he really likes listening to Foggy sing WITHOUT revealing his feelings
    I picked this up expecting something cute and maybe a little fun fluffy fic. Instead I got a beautiful fic about Foggy being a focal point for Matt and exploration of the weight of Matt's world on his shoulders. It's pairing fic and character fic both, the kind that made me fall in love with Matt and his inability to deal with feelings all over again. Gorgeous fic!

Knockout by LeTempest, foggy/matt, NSFW, ~1k
    Matt was done. Tapped out. On the ropes, but Foggy just kept going.
    The fic needs some proof-reading and polishing, but the heart of it is absolutely there and contains my favorite thing in this fandom: Matt getting so oversensitized and wrecked that he's a mess and can only just claw at Foggy for more. It was very satisfying for me and a perfect pwp fic for when I needed some resolution to go with all the lower-rated and gen fic I'm reading. Bless the author for real.

Through the night by Fustercluck, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Matt is asexual and doesn't like having sex, while Foggy loves sex.
    I'm often wary of what might be issuefic that's more about the issue than about the characters, but I wound up rather enjoying this short piece and the way Matt's terrible with feelings and Foggy is actually pretty good with them! It was nice.

Club names are useless anyways by disestablishmentarianism, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Matt really should've looked into this club before joining, but the one other member seems like they might make it worthwhile.
    This is a short but charming college-era fic where Foggy and Matt instead met as the only two members of a club and it's just a snippet of a thing, but it's cute and they have chemistry right from the beginning. It was fun!

the distance between you and me / the value of x by arsenouselation, foggy/matt, 1.3k
    x = infinity.
    This was a really lovely combination of Matt & Foggy slice of life scenes and showing how Matt falls in love with Foggy. The writing sparkles, even with the short length, it's very easy to just feel how much Matt is in love with him, how he's such a grounding point in Matt's life. Lovely fic.

Superfluity with a Dirty Baseline by GrayMourning, foggy/matt + foggy/everyone + karen + marci + claire, rock band au, 1.3k
    Foggy's always liked words, always knew how to shape them and twist them into exactly the shape he needed to convey his thoughts perfectly.
    This was more a snippet of a universe where they're a band signing a contract, but it was intriguing and I liked the voice of it, especially the way Foggy interacted with pretty much everyone, yet there was always something more with Matt. I'd definitely be down for more of this.

Anniversary by VesperNexus, foggy/matt, 2.7k
    In this moment, Foggy is not holding Daredevil.
    The tone of this one is sort of hard to describe or why it worked for me, since it's not what I usually read in this fandom, it's more... written with a flourish. But somehow the style worked for me in this fic and I enjoyed the feelings and the depth of the relationship between Matt and Foggy, on the anniversary of his dad's death and how Foggy helps him through that.

singing god forgive me please by Ahavaa, foggy/matt, nsfw, d/s, 6k
    cause i want you on your knees
    First Rec: I desperately hope there's more of this, but what's here is already grand, the way Matt fidgets when Foggy is pulling glass out of his hair until Foggy orders him to sit still and, oh, Matt reacts to that. It's a blend of Foggy being gentle but firm with him, Foggy figuring out more about Matt than Matt probably wants to reveal, and Matt struggling with what he wants vs what he'll let himself get into. And it's got a great Foggy choice and is perfect for the characters. I want more!     Second Rec: This is one of those fics that I think it helps to understand where it came from, that it was a prompt on the kinkmeme and was originally posted there. This is why it feels a little disjointed, because I think it could have used better transitions and more time spent filling things in, it feels a bit rushed and needing about 2k more. I mention these things because I adore everything I've read from this author and I loved the basic heart of this fic, it's a subject that I would love to see explored even more and this fic was a really good start! The foundations are here, where Foggy and Matt sort of stumble into a d/s relationship and the fic is all about Foggy watching and getting the struggle Matt has with how much he enjoys being a sub versus that he thinks he shouldn't. It goes hand in hand with his stubbornness and intense desire to be in control and how he doesn't let anyone take care of him most of the time because he's a mess of issues.

And then there's Foggy who is the greatest dom ever because he's patient and caring and wants what's best for Matt, that it's not about controlling him, but putting him in a place where Matt can trust himself in someone else's hands, which is something Matt desperately wants and struggles with. The fic touches on all these things and has some great dialogue/banter and even some lovely porn and Matt feels so much more settled in Foggy's hands and I'm just entirely here for that and want everyone to have feelings with me on this.

in uncomposite blessedness by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, sex pollen, 4.3k wip
    There's a reason for this, Foggy's sure. Foggy is absolutely sure that there has to be a good, perfectly reasonable explanation for being woken up by Matt jerking at the seams of his pajama pants like they're a hazard to Foggy's health and need to be off his body immediately.
    It's been awhile since this fic was updated and so it may be abandoned, but what's here is a lot of fun and lovely porn so far, as Matt wakes Foggy up in the middle of the night, high on sex pollen and Foggy tries to figure out wtf is going on. But it's very hard to resist Matt, who has the most gorgeous mouth ever and desperately wants Foggy to fuck it, which leands to exactly that as Foggy fucks Matt's amazing mouth and strokes his face to reassure him and, yeah, that was pretty good for me.

Wounded Handsome Duck by thorsbiceps, foggy/matt (pre-slash?), 1.5k
    In which Matt decides not to test Foggy's forgiveness by letting him see that he's still getting his ass handed to him on a nightly basis, and Foggy is not impressed when he finds out that Matt's been less careful than he promised.
    My favorite things, yessss, which include Foggy getting mad at Matt for lying about how hurt he is and showing that it's not okay to lie, Matt, you learned this lesson already, but done in a way that's clearly out of love. And, oh, Matt. Who doesn't know how to handle this and just has feelings leaking out everywhere and makes my heart hurt whenever he's about to cry. This was short but packed a punch.

Lovers In Japan by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, 2.4k
    Prompt: Back in college, Foggy fucks Matt's virginity away.
    This was definitely on the fluffy side, but, christ, sometimes I really need that with these two. It's super soft, gentle, college-era first time fic, with moments like when Matt keeps his hands on Foggy's face as Foggy slowly, carefully fucks him and that made the fic one of those that helped soothe my soul while giving me lovely, tasty porn, so I enjoyed this one dearly. All the more so because I love lower-rated fics but sometimes I just really need them to fuck, too.

Straight Boys Kissing by marmolita, foggy/matt + marci, ~1k
    Drunken party games lead to surprisingly good kissing.
    This was short but a lot of fun and, let me tell you, sometimes a really good kissing fic scene is exactly what I need to read. And this was a really, really nice kissing fic, god bless.

Like Groceries by GrimyLittleTrickster, foggy/matt, NSFW, rimming, 3.5k
    In which Foggy is personally offended that no one's ever eaten Matt's ass out and decides to change that
    Oh, this was absolutely fantastic for me, as it combines touch-starved Matt with rimming the hell out of him until he's a pliant mess, all the more fantastic because, yes, Foggy would absolutely appreciate the glory that is Matt's ass. It's a feel-good fic and super satisfying porn that the author was a delight to bless us with. Such a delight to have this one!

Foggy/Matt, Vegas wedding fill # 2 by anonymous, foggy/matt, 1.2k wip
    "Yeah, no-fault divorce," Matt said, casually. "Have fun living in Nevada for six weeks."
    I have a deep and true love of "drunk married in Vegas" fics and the aftermath of that, so I was glad to see another fill for this one. It was fun to read and Matt is absolutely a terrible little shit here while Foggy wonders what he's gotten himself into. A light-hearted feel good fic that I hope gets another part! (But is already fun as it is, too. ♥)

Honeytrap by one_flying_ace, foggy/matt + foggy/oc, 2.2k
    As far as Foggy’s experiences go, it’s the politest ending to a failed honeytrap he’s had. She even gives him her card - she’s a professional - and tells him to call her if they ever need help on a case.
    A fic like this can be difficult to pull off, without making it seem like it's at Foggy's expense, but I found the fic to be spot-on for his character and the spirit of how he fits in the world. There's always a spark there, because Foggy has chemistry with pretty much everyone, but also he's got such killer people skills in that he knows them. He's adorable, but he's smart as hell and that's what I love about this fic the most. The bonus of Foggy and Matt finally kissing, because Matt is always the most special, though, didn't hurt.

Hieroglyphics (or you are under arrest for being attractive & ruining my life) by The_Readers_Muse, foggy/matt, 1.6k wip
    As far as randomly acquired superhero powers go, he is going to admit right now that his are kind of lame.
    Oh, man, I fucking love fic where Foggy gets a super-power of some sort, especially when it comes with bonus hilarity and plays into how well Foggy reads people. The imagery of Foggy's power is a delight here and the character voice is great, there are some perfect lines in here and even the Foggy/Matt pining is satisfying. The fic is just a really fun piece to read and I very much hope for the second chapter soon!

Back to Center by thewalrus_said, foggy/matt, 1.7k
    Matt can’t put his finger on what’s wrong, what’s niggling under his skin and threatening to pop out every time Foggy’s laughter trails off into silence.
    I will read at least a hundred fics of Matt being an idiot when it comes to pretty much everything and retreating because he thinks Foggy doesn't want to touch him anymore, especially when it comes with some total cuteness at the end. This was just pure fun to read.

You Find Someone to Carry You by Quintessence, foggy/matt, 2.2k
    “I - I didn’t want to die alone.” Matt hates himself for admitting it, but he finds himself feeling less inhibited when he’s dizzy with blood loss.
    This wasn't long, but it had so many things I enjoyed in it! Matt getting injured, being terrible at understanding feelings, nearly passing out so Foggy picks him up to carry him to Claire's, Matt's embarrasment about that and everything he says is his own fault for being Daredevil, listening to Foggy's heartbeat to stay awake, and then super cute awkward talking to each other afterward. It was just pure fun and feel good fic that put a smile on my face and made me want to hug the author for writing something so charming and wonderful here.

Knot today, Satan (our ode for a helping hand) by The_Readers_Muse, foggy/matt, a/b/o, 2.9k wip
    He was perched on the side of a building - crumbling brick, slick on the under-sides with moss and decade old diesel dust - when he heard it. Five miles east of the river. Downwind. Two life-time smokers flirting with the beginning stages of lung cancer and one frighteningly familiar heartbeat.
    Oh, man, I want all the a/b/o fic in the world and I'm desperately hoping this gets a second chapter, because it's shaping up to be great for my id and I'm already deeply charmed by the flashbacks. They're really cute as college roommates and how they're friends first, even when Omega!Matt is pretty much immediately attracted to Alpha!Foggy, who is good-hearted and unassuming. I fucking love Omega!Matt and how it can play into all his internal issues, but also Foggy being kidnapped and given anti-suppressants while Matt is soon going to be right there in the room with him and that sounds like a perfect scenario for Foggy to fuck the hell out of him and my id is already making desperate grabby hands. But also, seriously, it's worth reading just for the cuteness of the flashbacks, even if I am clawing the walls over the current day stuff. ;)

Just Keep Safe by Lil_Hal, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Just some requested MattFoggy fluff, small ficlet thing. For a follower on tumblr.
    This is a short but cute fic that I enjoyed for being a fun little thing but also because it touched on why Matt does what he does, all the anger in him and the guilt he can't ignore when he doesn't do something. A good bite-sized fic for today.

Hieroglyphics (or you are under arrest for being attractive & ruining my life) by The_Readers_Muse, foggy/matt, nsfw, 4.4k
    As far as randomly acquired superhero powers go, he is going to admit right now that his are kind of lame. Okay, lots lame. Sort of. But considering Matt is a complete and utter dingus with about the same self-preservation instincts as a mosquito flying full tilt into a bug zapper, he figures an extra edge - as fucking weird and annoying as it is – is probably worth the headache.
    Oh, god, this was amazing for me, where it was all kinds of satisfying and hilarious, because the Daredevil reveal scene was so great, Foggy's anger at Matt was perfect, frog-marching the Devil of Hell's Kitchen into an abandoned building, jfc, yes. But also Foggy's visions of other people's thoughts are so beautifully done and so well used, like, my favorite was Matt imagining Foggy fucking him over Karen's desk, that was a very nice image, especially with the extra bit of pinning Matt down as he fucked him harter, yes, thank you. But I loved the little touches as well, the imagery in the alleyway, the mention of the kids' thoughts, all of it was fantastic. And, god, I don't know if it was perfect as it was or if I hope for more, because both options are great.

Home Is Where the Heart(beat) Is by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Matt and Foggy go curtain shopping for Matt's place. It could've gone better. (But then again, it could've gone worse.)
    Every single moment of this was absolutely perfect and everything I want out of this fandom, including that it is literal curtainfic that both lovingly embraces the trope and has some ridiculous fun with it! The banter is sharp and it's genuinely fun and good and there's Matt's sense being overwhelmed because he's an idiot and I honest to god clapped a hand over my heart when I finished because it was so fucking charming.

Lavender's Blue by blackmetaldahlia, foggy/matt, 3.8k
    Matt has his music color coded, and Foggy thinks that’s the stupidest thing he’s ever heard Matt say.
    I'm always a little cautious when clicking onto a fic that gives a character a non-canon issue, but I found I really enjoyed this one because it made sure to pack in loads of other stuff and had really great banter, the way friends always give each other shit. It was genuinely hilarious, Foggy taking Matt shopping for ties and getting the worst one just to say matt picked it out or the gifts they give each other, it was such joy to read for friendship and pairing fic, for humor and genuinely meaningful moments, right along with the issue woven into the story. It was just a great fic to read.

Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight by poisonivory, foggy/matt, 8.4k
    If there's one thing Foggy Nelson knows about Matt Murdock, it's how tactile he is.
    This is one of those fics that I just sank into because it's a solid story, it covers the length of their relationship over the years they've known each other and how they deal with the Daredevil mess between them. It's framed around how Matt is surprisingly tactile, how it shows both the depths of his feelings and the depths of how much of a mess he is, to Foggy's more grounded presence, which I love. Every time Matt is about two seconds away from falling apart because of how much he needs Foggy or whenever Foggy struggles to deal with all of this, struggles to deal with all of Matt, but they eventually figure shit out, I'm just really, really there for that.

What the Heart Wants by KleineElfe92, foggy/matt, NSFW, potential dub con, 2.6k
    Matt gets hit with a curse. Naturally, Foggy suffers.
    The ending of this fic is what really did me in, what really was the straight shot to my heart. Don't get me wrong, I was totally here for Matt getting hit with a spell that makes him desperate for Foggy, that he's off the deep end about wanting Foggy to fuck him and knock him up, because I will click on that fic every single time. And I loved the brief snippets of porn, because need, desperate Matt who wants to be fucked again is the best Matt. But, oh, the specifics of the spell at the end, what was cast on him. My heart, for fuck's sake.

masturbation as punishment by anonymous, foggy/matt, NSFW, 1.8k
    The nice thing about blunt force in the back, over the kidneys, was that there wasn't a lot of visible signs, once you overlooked the bruising.
    this really hit a lot of my id buttons and was so genuinely satisfying for getting into what a mess Matt is, how little regard he has for his own condition sometimes and how great Foggy is at cutting through that. Matt's beat to ell and is still totally ready for Foggy to fuck him, but instead Foggy makes him jerk himself off while Foggy praises him and Matt's this confused ball of wanting Foggy to just fuck him instead and being undone by doing something just for himself and the way Foggy directs him. So good for me.

I Have Sinned by strangedesires, foggy/matt, NSFW, 3k
    Matt and Foggy haven't been seeing each other as often as they would like. To remedy this, Matt invites Foggy to Church one night to catch up. Here is where they make up for lost time.
    Fandom has been a bit light on the porn lately, so I sought this one out and it's a bit on the fluffier side, but it's Foggy fucking Matt in a church and between the dirtybadwronghot and the sheer amount of affection between them here, this was good for me and had some very nice images when I needed them. Bless the author for real.

No more lies by marmolita, foggy/matt (one-sided) + foggy/marci, 3.6k
    "Everybody lies, Matt, but not about things as important as this! Yeah, maybe I've told some little white lies over the years, but when have I ever lied to you about anything actually important?"
    This is another fic where you'll want to have something happy on hand to read afterward becasue it's set during the frame of episode 10 (or at least the ending is) and it's all about dealing with Foggy's attraction to Matt. That's not the only thing between them, of course, this is more a "between the scenes of canon" fic where Foggy has always been attracted to matt and Matt's known and played dumb. The scene where Matt brings it up, how Foggy has lied to him, too, and Foggy's response to that is all masterful. The whole fic is wonderful in an ouchy way, the love Foggy has for Matt that both is and isn't tangled up in how he's always wanted to fuck Matt, how Foggy deals with shit. The whole thing is gorgeous.

can i stand in your light (just for a while?) by mortarsmayfall, foggy/matt, ~1k
    to matt, he’s the discarded package of fruit snacks, the nicotine gum he chews when he’s trying to quit. he’s long, soft hair and an animal collective cd at two in the morning.
    Pieces that are more about sensation and feeling aren't ones I would want to read always, but every so often, I find one that I like. I think it's becasue I have such intense feelings for Matt and everything that weighs on him that a fic about feeling and wanting works for me.

To the brim by anonymousdaredevils, foggy/matt, NSFW, 3.3k
    Matt has needs he doesn't even realize having. Foggy is there for him.
    I admit that this fic is a little rought around the edges, in that way that will smooth out with time, but the basic fic is solid and really, really goddamned good for me. I really want to see more from this author because the great thing about this fic is the way it happily embraces the trope of whining, desperate, needy Matt who loves Foggy's cock and wants to get fucked now. Every line was cheerfully filthy and hungry and he wanted to be fucked into pliancy, while Foggy is maddeningly careful with him until finally pushing in hard enough to short out Matt's brain and I just needed a minute here, okay. Bless this author for real.

Forward by Asidian, foggy/matt, 1.3k
    This, Matt tells himself, is why he doesn't cook. His apartment will smell like eggs for a week, eggs layered under the blood.
    Another fic punching me in the feelings, great. But it's beautifully written, the details of Matt in his apartment after Nelson v. Murdock are used to show what a mess he is and how much all of this hurts in a really lovely, subtle way. My heart actually hurt after reading this, jfc.

Hindsight's 20/20 by Asidian, foggy/matt, 1k wip
    They're half drunk and halfway home – caught Karen a taxi three blocks back and bundled her in, and now it's just the two of them, steps unsteady.
    There's something really... still waters run deep with Matt's issues, is what I kept thinking while reading this. Where Matt seems calm and put together on the surface, but Foggy sees all these little details in him and I felt the depth of how much of a mess Matt is sometimes. It's also a lovely fic about putting them back together post season one, a long and painful process, but it's getting there. Just as it should.

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