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I See Said the Blind Man by latbfan, matt & foggy, foggy & claire, 7.1k
    Starts as the missing Scene from Matt's apartment between "Speak of the Devil" (1.9) and "Nelson V. Murdock" (1.10), or Foggy finally meets Hotty McBurner Phone, and continues to add missing/extended scenes as Foggy comes to grips with Matt being the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
    Set between episodes 9 and 10, this is a fic about Foggy dealing with his spiraling thoughts and meeting Claire and, oh, it's so very, very good. I read the entire fic with a genuine ache in my chest for how much this hurt, how much Foggy loves Matt and the creeping anger and hurt that grows and grows. The interaction with Claire is stunningly perfect, how he resents her and is jealous of her, this thing she already knew about Matt, that she shared with him, and yet it's so clear he would have liked her in other circumstances. But what really killed me was Matt and Foggy, how even an unconscious Matt clearly loved Foggy and that just made everything worse. God, this was so painful and so good and so everything that happened in between.

Nelson's Anatomy by el_spirito, matt & foggy, 3k
    Or, How Foggy Nelson Practically Became an MD / If Matt's going to keep getting into trouble, Foggy's going to learn how to help.
    So good! Such great Foggy characterization as he tries to deal with Matt being Daredevil and all the injuries that come with it. I lvoe the little touches here, the way Foggy dras a promise out of Matt, the way Matt is kind of an asshole about it, but keeps his word, the way there's such a depth of feeling here. It's hard but it's also full of so much love on both sides. So good.

Snowblind by sivib, matt & foggy, 2k
    "I hate snow," said Matt.
    More cute college-era fic that was just the right amount of fluffy that I wanted and made me love Foggy all over again. Warm and fuzzy all the way through.

De Facto Stupido by Fourteenpavanes, matt & foggy + karen, sick!matt, 1.9k
    When Matt trips during the Clements hearing, Foggy bites back a groan.
    Two of my favorite things! Friendship with banter and sickfic! Matt's senses being dulled when he's sick, so he can't do his usual super ninja thing and Foggy both teases him for not admitting he's sick and takes care of him. The dialogue and banter are joyful and this is everything I wanted from sickfic!

Avocado-Awesome by ALittleWhosthis, matt & foggy, humor, ~1k
    Foggy finds his new favourite reading material. Matt may never live it down.
    A short and cute fic about Foggy finding some great fanfic on the internet and is utterly delighted in teasing Matt about it. It made me smile pretty ridiculous and was just fun.

Reciprocity by Sholio, matt & foggy, 2k
    Friendship is supposed to be a two-way street. And sometimes (Foggy realizes) it's easy to see the trees and not the whole forest.
    Foggy and Matt's friendship gives me so many feelings and this fic is no exception, especially as Foggy adjusts to the new side of Matt he's seen, how they fit together, how he's needed in their friendship. And when Matt's injured, all of that tumbles around Foggy's head, making this a really good exploration of character and relationship.

Everyone Deserves Good Things by casophon, matt & foggy (possible foggy/matt pre-slash), 4.2k
    Foggy is protective of his new roommate and tries to make life easier for Matt... preferably without making an ass of himself in the process. He mostly succeeds.
    Oh, I read this entire fic just pretty much entirely in love with Foggy Nelson as he does his best to figure out how to help Matt without being too overbearing about it because he gets that Matt would hate that. The fic strikes all the right notes, that Foggy struggles with this, there are a lot of mistakes made, but they slowly get the hang of each other and it's good. This fic also beautifully balances being genfic with hints of something maybe more, along with really spot-on characterization. It's everything I wanted from college-era fic and it sparkles like hell and it's so good and I'd have read at least 100k of this.

Pokes, Prods, and Superheroes by pathera, matt & foggy + foggy & marvel characters, 1.1k
    Foggy Nelson's first reaction to an unconscious superhero is to poke them.
    God, I was nearly in tears by the end of this fic, because it was so beautifully done, how Foggy keeps coming across unconscious or battered superheroes and calls Matt to come pick them up. The surreality of it, Matt's bafflement as it keeps happening, the utter perfect hilarity of each different super hero and how they wake up. All of it was pure gold that I cackled my way through.

No, Siri by pathera, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Siri is decidedly unhelpful, Matt is not amused, and Foggy finds it absolutely hilarious.
    This was super short, but it was a collection of moments of Siri not working at all for Matt while Foggy finds it funny because that's what Matt gets for abusing his phone. I laughed the whole way through this one!

It Is Not Flesh and Blood by BlueFennec, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Matt has serious abandonment issues, and Foggy runs right into them
    I was/am entirely on Foggy's side over his hurt at all the lies Matt told him, but I'm also 100% here for Foggy running straight into Matt's abandonment issues and how truly terrible Matt is at feelings. I lvoe that Foggy's not sorry about his anger at Matt, because he shouldn't be, but he is sorry about how it happened. Add in Matt being a mess and emotional resolution and this is exactly what I wanted.

Drugged by anonymous, matt & foggy, 2.9k
    It's three in the morning and Foggy's phone rings, which these days is pretty much his worst nightmare.
    Holy shit, this was so very good for me, where it happily embraces the Matt emotional whump in a supremely satisfying way because it understands that the hurt is best when accompanied by a ton of comfort. I am entirely here for Matt being put in a position where his emotional walls are broken down, where he's crying over hallucinations and all this tangly emotional issues are haunting him something fierce, while Foggy holds him and his heart breaks for Matt and yet is solid as a rock for him. There's even Foggy hugging the hell out of Matt as Matt curls desperately into him and, shit, that was really, really good and beautifully characterized. I wanted to roll around in this pretty much forever.

Halo Effect by JeannetteRankin, matt & foggy, 11.5k
    “If there's a stunning woman of questionable character in the room, Matt Murdock's gonna find her, and Foggy Nelson is gonna suffer.” -Daredevil, s1e01
    Chapters 4-6: I've recommended this fic before of course but I had to do an update rec for the second half because thsi fic is honestly one of my favorites in the fandom. The author does a brilliant job of with Matt and Foggy's friendship (which can be gen and is meant that way here, but I think you could also read it as pre-slash, if you wanted, too) especially with that thing where they laugh at each other because your friend's pain is hilarious and you love them. I quietly died every time Matt was kind of a stealth asshole or every time he's too stubborn for his own good or how the author shares the belief that Foggy does 90% as well as Matt intellectually with half the effort. The clever, sharp ways that Matt gets involved with various women and Foggy ends up suffering for it are all brilliant, none of them are contrived, they all feel totally organic and beautifully in character. I would read 100k of their friendship here and the way they give each other shit and are always, always there for each other. This was fucking perfect.

nothing else but change by Katbelle, matt & foggy + foggy & claire, 12k
    Foggy stays with Matt the whole day after Matt's fight with Nobu and the outing of his secret. This is what happens when the camera isn't on them.
    I will warn ahead of time that you should have something happy on hand to read after this fic because it takes place within the fame of episode 10 and not beyond it, but, jesus, this fic was masterful. It expanded on the moments between what we aw of that day Foggy stayed with Matt, doing the double job of feeling like a natural extension of canon and straight up punching me in the feelings. Foggy's absolute love for Matt, the worry over him, the sheer terror of Matt nearly dying, and the intensity of his anger are all gorgeous here, the fic is so very readable, but the characterization is where it really got me. Every single time Foggy takes care of Matt, every time he sees that Matt is crying or is genuinely sorry, it tears at Foggy's heart, but also makes him angier for what Matt's done and how long he lied.

The fic also adds in quality expansions on how Matt's senses work, how it's not really sight, as well as some fantastic Foggy & Claire interaction. There's so much going on here that's amazing but it's the end that is the real kicker, the final moments are delivered so very well, the sorrow and hurt between them, including Matt's tears and devestation, that I was practically in tears by the end, too.

Translation of Languages Murdock by shyday, matt & foggy, sick fic, 11.7k
    'Yes, Matt. Because I just met you yesterday.'
    I swear, I never used to be that into whump fic, not before Matt came along, not before fic like this came along. But now fic where Matt has a migraine and is so fucked over by it that he literally can barely stand, while Foggy does his best to look after him? Shit, yes, give me that for real. And the author does a fantastic job of showing how absolutely miserable this is for him, I really felt the nausea and the pain and the discomfort. This is textbook whump fic and why it's so deliciously addicting, especially when Matt tries to get into his Daredevil costume and Foggy doesn't try to stop him because Matt literally can't really even stand. Stubborn to the point of it being a flaw and badass and wounded duck and having to admit defeat, all rolled into one delicious ball, all the better as Foggy cares about him and helps him. Delicious. Everything I want in whump fic.

In the Dark I See by Evening_Bat, matt & foggy, 1.2k
    Matt's not too bothered when the power goes out. Foggy has a bit more trouble.
    This was short but it absolutely sparkled with every single moment of it. I lvoe stories that are low key, where it's a quiet night and two friends just hanging out, but it's also fun and genuinely funny. It's great to see Matt almost having fun being at an adantage when the power goes out, but also Foggy is absolutely perfect about being stuck in the dark with Matt. This was joyfully characterized and so good for me. Plus, oh, man, when Matt falls asleep on Foggy, my heart could barely stand it. ♥

Blind Duckling by coffeeandfeathers, matt & foggy & marci, attempted sexual assault, 5k
    Or: Foggy loses Matt at a party and the events that follow.
    You kind of have to roll with the prompt for this one, but once you do that, it was so satisfying for me, because I love Foggy and how much he cares about Matt and I think you could really easily read this as pre-slash for them. It hits that spot where I want Matt to get all the comforting in the world, to have people to go to back for him, to worry over him, to be there for him, to be able to fall apart around them, even just a little, and get support from them. Foggy getting a wasted Matt out of a dangerous situation and it was so satisfying for that and how their friendship was amazing and how wonderful Marci was beside them and I just. I enjoyed this so very much. ♥

Are You A Readers Digest Winner? by giddyant, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Between mail sent by people who don't remember that he's blind and junk mail, Matt ends up with a pile of it that Foggy is only too happy to read for him.
    Foggy reading Matt's junk mail and being half-serious and half-joking around is pure delight and this may be short but each of the five scenes packs just the right punch. Hilarious and delightful, I still laugh when I think about Matt's Christian name especially.

The Great Face-Touching Incident of 2k08 by platonicharmonics, matt & foggy, 1.6k
    "Do you want to feel my face?" he asked, quietly. Matt blinked and leaned back. "Um."
    Oh, another gorgeous fic that is a great blend of humor and something more painful and such a sharp, delightful idea of how the face touching thing could have happened. I love the Foggy voice here, how fun this guy is and how much he can make Matt laugh or smile, how much he cares about Matt. It's wonderfully written and sparkles like hell and was a joy to read.

Civil War AU by anonymous, matt & foggy implied + karen + mcu defenders + others, alternate universe, 3.8k
    Sometime in the future, Matt's identity gets outed, and he has to go into hiding. For Foggy and Karen, it's not that simple.
    I enjoy the occasional fic of Matt interacting with the rest of the MCU and this was a fun piece about Matt getting caught up in a comics-style Civil War storyline, where he's outed to the public and sits helplessly while worrying about Foggy and Karen. It's a snippet of what could have been a larger fic (but actually works better as it is, given the nature of it) and is really cool to see the little things and moments worked into the story. The bits about the pro-registration tactics, Matt and Danny's friendship, the brief appareance by Tony, all of it was really fun and interesting!

Iron Stomach by enthusiasmgirl, matt & foggy, 1k
    Matt doesn't really understand why, but Foggy's superpower seems to be eating things that would kill a normal person. It's disgusting, but Matt's seen it in action enough times to be kind of impressed by it.
    I am always here for Matt's life being difficult, especially when combined with the idea of Food Snob Matt Murdock and a Foggy who blithely doesn't care. And this was a lot of fun, especially at the end when Matt gives up on life and his delicate senses do not thank him for it. This was a joy for me.

For Want Of A Nail by prettybirdy979, foggy & matt + other marvel characters, 2.1k
    Matt and Foggy, however, bow to no man. Rebellion is more their style.
    I find I'm having a real fondness for fics like this in the Daredevil fandom and an AU where Loki rules Earth while Foggy and Matt run the resistance underground is really intriguing. The structure of it, the short scenes along the timeline, focusing on the human moments, so you see how heavy a weight this is for Matt, so you can see why Foggy is so important, both to Matt and as a leader, it really works well here. It's exactly the right length and focus for the style and I loved it.

Never Again by rattatatosk, matt & foggy, 3.8k
    Foggy. His exhausted brain managed to latch onto that thought, at least. This was all Foggy's fault. When-- if-- when Foggy found him, Matt was going to do-- something. Something to make Foggy feel as miserable as Matt currently felt. Probably.
    I am definitely here for Matt whump fic, when he gets super drunk and super sick and disoriented from it. Toss in some cute interaction with Foggy at the end and you have a good Matt character exploration piece!

Nelson and Murdock by pseudonymitous, matt & foggy, 1.5k
    Foggy and Matt one-shots, as they go from law students to the best avocados in New York.
    A collection of Foggy and Matt in college scenes, as they get to know each other and hit it off. There's a chemistry between them and a rhythm that feels very true to the show and so it's slice of life stuff that was a joy to read.

Nelson vs Murdock: Foggy stays by anonymous, matt & foggy, ~1k
    Foggy gets to the door, the actual door and has his hand on it ready to go.
    I 100% understand why Foggy left that night and do not blame him for, but I also can't like, I'll still read every version of "Foggy stays" fic that I can find. Especially when he doesn't just cave completely, he's still hurt and angry, but he loves Matt, and the balance struck here was really well done.

I See Said the Blind Man (chapter 3) by latbfan, matt & foggy, 4.1k/11.4k
    "Are you okay?" Matt asked again as Foggy fished in his pocket for the key to their room.
    I've recommended this fic before, of course, but new chapter--!! One that had me with my heart aching the entire time I read it, as it filled in around the edges of episode 10 with more conversation and flashbacks. This fic does such a brilliant job of feeling like an extension of the show in all the right ways, the pitch-perfect characterization of Matt and Foggy, but most especially the mix of love and hurt and anger and guilt Foggy feels during that conversation. It ripped my fannish heart out to see how much Matt loved Foggy, how desperate he was in that conversation, but also to understand Foggy's anger. The depth of emotion and love and hurt here was glorious, an excellent add-on to canon.

Halo Effect by JeannetteRankin, matt & foggy + some matt/ocs, 7.7k
    It's not that Foggy resents Matt's success with women. But why does it always seem to send his day straight to hell every time Matt meets a beautiful girl?
    I wasn't sure what I was in for when I picked this fic up, but what I got was two scenes (at the time of this rec) of pure joy as Matt makes Foggy suffer just by being Matt. College-era fun with Matt dating and somehow it always ends up with Foggy's pain and the characterization is spot on, worth it for that and their friendship. Everything is sharp and sparkles and I had such a grin on my face the entire time and this all feels like exactly what could have been the backstory to that line from the show. A fantastic read!

give the bomb to the wolves by Ahavaa, matt & foggy + karen + vladimir, 7k wip     Thank you, masked terrorist: now Foggy got to worry about Matt AND feel how it hurt like a motherfucker every time he took a breath.     I love the reveal we got in canon but, holy shit, this fic is so good, too, where Foggy was hurt in the explosion and the Man in the Mask "kidnaps" him and Karen and Vladimir and it is the world's biggest shitshow, oh my god. Matt is fucking terrible at this and it hurt my heart when Foggy accidentally pieces it together and then true realization hits and the fic brings in all that anger and love and Matt's crumpled face and, jesus, I was practically tripping over myself to get to each next line because the tension and pacing were so good. It's an amazing reveal and I hope it goes on for, like, 20k because Foggy's voice is great and I wan all of the anger at Matt who is a mess and cries and they love the stupid shit anyway. → a baker's mile in your shoes by anonymousdaredevils, matt & foggy & brett + some foggy/matt + past foggy/brett, body switching, 12.5k     "Foggy, listen to me. This isn't going to make any sense at all, but just – just listen. I need you to come by my place and – walk with me over to Murdock's, because I... need him to tell me how to call in sick."     I love body switching fic and I love hilarity and this one was really good for me. Matt and Brett having switched bodies, which would have been pretty great by itself, because now there's another person who understands Matt's pain but also what a stupid shit he is, but I think my favorite part was Matt dealing with sight again. That it's not an entirely happy thing, because he's going to lose it again, because he'll have to try to hold onto memories that are slipping away again, and it's not good or bad, it's just scary and terrifying and he's not adjusting. There's some lovely Foggy and Matt friendship and banter, so many hilarious lines, but mostly Foggy is solid and good and helps them all so much. This was really, really good to read and I practically tripped over every line in my haste to get to the next bit.

Brett is a treasure as well, dealing with the onslaught of Matt's senses and you realize the enormity of what Matt always deals with and how invasive it is after it stops being unny. This fic does a magnificent job of several punches to the gut, those moments where you get what it's like for the characters, even as I was weeping over so many hilarious moments. Seriously, every time Matt tries to cover up something, I would lose my shit because he's so terrible at it and the reveal scene is SO GREAT. There is also some stellar Matt and Foggy interaction that's leading towards romance. But mostly this is an incredible fic that shows how awkward and uncomfortable and yet meaningful all of this, with lines that had me cackling or putting a hand over my heart because of Matt's issues. Gorgeous, gorgeous fic. → hell no the truth will not set you free by anonymousdaredevils, matt & foggy + brett, truth spell, 1.7k     "Foggy, I keep saying things." "Huh?" "Out loud," Matt said. "Help."     Truth spell fic is one of my very favorite things and this was hilarious because Matt being unable to shut up or stop telling the truth is amazing. I love that Foggy finds it hysterical at first, at least until he remembers what a fucking mess Matt is. But I will take every moment of Matt forcibly being made to admit that he wants Foggy to touch him more or when he finally just cracks and goes off the deep end because it's too much for him. So, so great. → The Five Times Foggy Nelson was an Actual Ray of Sunshine (plus that one time he tried to be an asshole but failed) by marvelousshipper, matt & foggy + karen + nelson clan, 6.5k     A collection of stories featuring Foggy being a blessing upon this Earth     This was pure fluff and fun, with Foggy being a better person than all of us, for real. It was also a good fic for shovwing the depth of their friendship and that sometimes Matt is an utter little shit and they both know how to banter with each other and it was just solidly fun. → everything we hear, everything we see by Katbelle, matt & foggy + referenced underage stick/matt of a sort, implied underage non-con, truth spell, 7.7k     Matt gets hit with an honest-to-God real truth serum. The consequences are much less fun than pop culture has led Foggy to believe.     This is, to a degree, one of those fics you may just have to roll with, where Matt is hit with a combination of truth serum + drugged, which makes him word vomit all over the place and get almost kind of dreamy about it. It's the kind of fic that's a straight shot to my id with Matt, as his issues are so very on display, especially his guilt and self-worth issues and how much he needs Foggy. Which is kind of super awkward for Foggy because he's angry about the whole situations and learns a lot of disturbing stuff and doesn't want to take advantage. It's one of those that got right at my fannish heart, especially when Matt needed snuggles. Just leave me here with my feelings omg. → 'Nice' Doesn't Cover It by Ceebee, matt & foggy, ~1k     AU in which Foggy gets tingles whenever someone needs a hug.     Holy shit, this fic was fucking fantastic, because Foggy's mutant power is that he knows when people need a hug and that is really, really important with someone like Matt. This is short but it was excellent and the ending was so damn emotionally satisfying. → A Handprint On My Heart by anonymous, matt & foggy & nelson clan, 1.8k     'Matt Murdock?' A woman says and it takes Matt a moment to realise that Foggy has passed over a call on his phone for some reason.     My heart actually hurt after reading this because it was so wonderfully sweet and all about Foggy's family basically adopting Matt and loving the hell out of that nerd. Foggy's mom is especially a bulldozer and just yanks him right in and it's so good and happy that I actually ached a little because matt having such a warm mother figure and a family is my Kryptonite and this fic did it wonderfully. → Two Can Keep A Secret by Willowe, matt & foggy & karen, 11.3k     They don’t talk about it. Or at least, they shouldn’t, if any of them were smart.     I read this fic without looking up once from it and, in a way, I'm sort of surprise that it was 11k+ because it seemed to go so quickly! But, man, was it satisfying for what I want from this fandom, where Matt is terrible with feelings and knowing how to navigate relationships with people, where he doesn't say anything because he's terrified Foggy will leave and then Karen figures out that he's Daredevil and he's scared she'll leave, too, and Matt is a mess. The fic balances all three relationships really well, there's a great conversation between Karen and Matt as she puts the pieces together and he panics, there's great interaction between Foggy and Karen as they talk about Matt, and the Foggy/Matt relationship might as well have been pre-slash for how central they were to the story and how truly, desperately important Foggy is to Matt. It's post-series putting the pieces back together fic and it was really, really good for me. → Through the Looking Glass (and What Foggy Found There) by MomentumDeferred, matt & foggy, nsfw for violence/gore, 8.8k     Because really, it'd be Foggy's luck to get flattened by a bus immediately after leaving Matt's apartment. He could say stranger things had happened, but after finding out his blind best friend goes around at night kicking the crime out of people, he can't really be too surprised.     This is a fic that's designed to hurt and, boy, every inch of it does in exactly the way it's intended. After Nelson v. Murdock, Foggy is angry about why Matt is the way he is and so he ends up being shown worlds that are designed to show him Matt's fears and why he did what he did and just what a mess Matt is. The worlds work in a "something wnats to show Foggy bad shit to help him understand" more than actual AUs that could have happened, but it works beautifully to show what a mess Matt is, how Foggy walking away or dying or just never having been there destroys Matt, how he can't do any of this without Foggy. It's so intense (and so satisfying for it) that I'm a little surprised this wasn't labeled as pairing fic, but it works either way, and each scenario where Matt couldn't handle things without Foggy, each time he broke down into sobs becasue of the sheer weight and grief on him, my heart hurt all over again. There's a lot of physical violence in the fic as well, but watching Matt crumple because of the loss of Foggy, that's what really got me. And, oh, the final scene, where he's still crying so much and trying to hide it and Foggy sees him and reassures him was just... goddamn, in another fandom it might be overwrought, but here it's heavy and intense and fucking perfect, the author did a great job with this. → First Responder by tj_teejay, matt & foggy, 2.7k     Foggy never dreamed of having to be first responder to a badly battered Matt Murdock lying on his own couch, but when Claire isn’t available, who else is there to call for help?     Speaking of intese whump fic and having a thing for when Matt cries, this was also really, really good for me. It's a blend of injured Matt needing to be patched up and Foggy is new at this and it's painful and Matt's a stubborn as shit emotional mess and my id ate it up like delicious candy. → He Has a Few Complexes by telm_393, matt & foggy & others, 13.7k     In which Matt Murdock does not need nice things or non-essential feelings such as happiness, Foggy Nelson is an unexpected (and vaguely bemused, though mostly skeptical) addition to the ongoing saga of 'Matthew Murdock Walks Alone', and the Nelson family end up unofficially adopting that kid Foggy drags home over Thanksgiving Break.     This fic has a beautiful opening description of Matt: Matthew Murdock is confident and charming and well-adjusted, except for how he is literally none of those things. That is one of the best ways I have ever read Matt being described as and that is where the fic is at its best--when focusing on the lovable human disaster that Matthew Murdock is. This is a collection of scenes with Matt and Foggy in college, where Matt is practically determined to be unhappy and Foggy's not going along with that. Some chapters are happy, some are angsty, but theyr'e all sparkling and sharp, the kind where it doesn't matter if it's ground that's been covered before, it's still fresh and engaging as hell, especially when Matt's issues are so beautifully played on. I could read 100k of this and come back for more. → Vodka and Trust by tj_teejay, matt & foggy, 3.8k     It’s never a good thing when Matt and Foggy are at odds with each other. There’s a wedge between them now, and neither is sure how to find a way back to the friendship they had and both want back.     This was an excellent follow up to the previous fic (which should probably be read first) and hit exactly the right notes I so badly wanted. Where Foggy regrets his choice, but also maybe sort of doesn't, where he's angry at Matt for the situation he's been placed in and that is so satisfying because Foggy loves Matt and gets that this is the choice he's made, the life he's living, but it's still unfair to the people that care about him. And bless his stupid heart, Matt listens and tries to understand what it means to have people that care about him and, of course, is generally kind of a mess about it. Even rereading the fic, all of the anger and hurt between them, especially Matt's abandonment issues, made my actual heart hurt in exactly the way a good cathartic scene should. → The Ambush (Aka Christmas at the Nelson's) by anonymous, matt & foggy + nelson family, 4.2k     Matt takes a deep breath and can’t help but smile at the taste of ham and turkey in the air combining with the smell of gingerbread and sugar. He loves Christmas here just for that;     This fic is pure warmth and joy, where Foggy brings Matt home with him for Christmas and the fic is all about this big, happy family that absorbs Matt into their ranks and he's part of them and it's incredibly sweet and wonderful. Yeah, it's happy fluff, but the kind that is still sharp to read, where every scene really is joyful and made my heart hurt from all the happiness, in the best way possible. Whether Anna is fussing over Matt's injuries or Foggy is describing ugly ornaments or the entire extended family is getting into a giant snowball fight, it all just sparkles and makes me feel good and I wish I had 100k of this to read, because I would never come back up again and it'd be amazing. I loved this one SO MUCH, omg. → Like a passing seagull by Look_Left, matt & foggy, 1.6k     Or the one where Matt steals food from Foggy.     I am 100% in favor of what this fic presents--that Matt is constantly snatching food from Foggy, sometimes aware that he's doing it and sometimes not. The multiple scenes of it shows just how often and how casually he does it, which is both hilariousa nd feelings-inducing. I burst out laughing at least twice during the fic because it hit me so perfectly, when Matt literally forages for Foggy's food and when the Avengers think Daredevil is being a dick to Foggy. But Foggy's reaction is pretty great, too, and I loved all of this. → Snap by blackmetaldahlia, matt & foggy, 4.2k     Matt's also stubborn, overly ambitious, and occasionally an anxious wreck. That last one doesn't come out very often, but when it does, well. It does.     The beginning of this fic is a bit more tell-than-show than I'd like, but I understand why, as it sets up Matt's issues and the building tension in him, which I mention only because I really want people to keep reading, as this fic was really, really good for me. Matt's one of those people who winds himself so tightly and refuses to admit there's a problem--or at least a problem that he needs help with--that it makes sense to me that he would just snap sometimes, unable to deal with all the overwhelming shit in his life. The fic is really good at being about mitigating the damage rather than "fixing" it, which is something I can relate a lot to! The fic is good for all those things, but the real satisfaction is in watching Matt fall apart, being a mess because he's got a million issues and he white knuckles his way through them and that is not a good strategy. His relationship with Foggy is fantastic, who is written wonderfully here, just the right amount of humor and care and being there for Matt and not letting him be alone with this, that he won't just stand by. Every time Matt literally leans on him and finds comfort from that, this fic had my heart. → Ungrateful Bastard Shaped by tj_teejay, matt & foggy, 1.3k     Who knows what prompted Foggy to give Matt a stress ball as a present in the first place, but he did, and then it kinda grew from there.     I was pretty much dying throughout this fic because it was joyfully funny and just so great for two friends who love eacho ther but also love being dicks to each other. My face hurt from smiling the whole time, which was when I wasn't outright giggling, because the banter was sharp and clever and fun. Foggy giving Matt stress balls and Matt being a dick about it is something I could read for ages. → Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble by anonymous, matt & foggy, 1.1k     Not that Foggy would be upset if he was a mutant. He spent half his life waiting for it to happen.     I still love fic where Foggy gets a mutant power and this may have been short, but it was a lot of fun and nicely good-hearted! I love when his power matches his personality and that made this extra nice to read, especially during the reveal scene. → Roll Another Number by goldstandard, matt & foggy, 4k     For the kinkmeme prompt: In college Matt was actually a huge pothead. He's not big drinker, hates crowded parties, but just chillin with some friends and smoking a bowl is a great way to take the edge off his senses. Too bad his roommate (who seems like he'd be a total stoner) is hella straight edge...     Jesus, just take my feelings away already. I don't want them anymore when all people do is punch me in them. I mean, for the most part, this is a fairly light-hearted fic about how pot helps Matt unfocus and helps him eat, how he and Foggy work around each other with it and it's good in college. And then Nelson v. Murdock happens and my feelings get punched and this really was a gorgeous read, even if Matt is an entirely stupid nerd who needs more hugs. → Sunshine by MomentumDeferred, matt & foggy, post-apocalypse, 7k wip     This is how it is: the world goes down the toilet, aliens start dropping from the sky, and the oceans die all at once. Everything is poison and the poison is everywhere. What's left is nothing but flattened cities and corpses. Foggy and Matt rely on one another as they struggle for life in the ruins of New York City.     I'm often hesitant over post-apocalyptic stories, because I want my favorites to be happy and that's a lot harder when the world has gone to shit, but, oh, this one is so, so worth the pain. The banter and dialogue between Foggy and Matt is absolutely spectacular, it does such a fantastic job of showing two friends who are the absolute world to each other can also constantly give each other shit and it's fucking glorious, all the more so for what it says about how they see each other, how they need each other, in their own ways. The writing is so sharp and clever, every mention of how they argue, how Foggy has names for the faces Matt makes, how he knows what that asshole's going to say, how they deliberately try to annoy the fuck out of each other or grin in obnoxious triumph at each other and you get that they each mean the fucking world to each other. Plus, bonus Matt being a mess and cuddles because Matt is needy and wonderful and it's so, so good, he's such an asshole cat and I love him.

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