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Devil Horns by shyday, matt + foggy + father lantom, physical/emotional whump, 14.9k
    'Oh, Matthew,' a weary voice says above him. 'What have you done to yourself now?'
    Ahh, yesss, Matt whump fic! I'm not usually one for a lot of whump fic, but Matt seems kind of made for it and the author writes it beautifully, as well as the second half of the fic is all about Foggy and Matt's friendship. It's all the things it needed to be, you see Matt's determination and motivations and there's a steady undercurrent of how none of this is easy, for either of them, that it's not okay at all, but it's also not the same as when Foggy first found out, either. It's one of those heavy lifting fics that shows the transition, as well as being a really good showcase for Foggy and Matt's friendship. So very satisfying.

Favorite Mistake by Sholio, foggy & marci, 1.5k
    Foggy gets a late-night visitor, and not the one he's expecting.
    I really do enjoy Foggy and Marci's dynamic, how they can be antagonistic towards each other, but absolutely are friends when it counts and this is a lovely exploration of one hard night that shows it.

It Can't Read Emoji's by DustySoul, matt & natasha + matt & foggy, ~1k
    He get’s a text form Natasha, who has put herself in his contacts under “Comrade”.
    I had no idea how much I needed MCU!Matt and MCU!Natasha to interact until this short fic, where Natasha deliberately sends Matt confusing and weird texts because she thinks it's funny. It's only a small collection of scenes, but it was enough to make me pine for them.

Making Friends in Strange Places by KleineElfe92, foggy & claire & matt, ~1k
    Matt is in bad shape and in surgery. Foggy and Claire bond (platonically) in the waiting room.
    This was sort but I really, really love fic where Foggy and Claire interact, so I will read nearly anything for them. And the resignation as they both love Matt a lot felt pretty right on to me in this one.

Everyone can drive better than Matt Murdock by prosodiical, matt & rocket raccoon, 1.1k
    Matt tries driving. It's a memorable experience, at least.
    This was sheer joy and hilarity as Rocket and Matt share a car while chased by a giant robot and they're both nailed down perfectly by this author and I had the most ridiculous grin on my face the entire time. All the more so because I could absolutely see this happening just like this! So funny. ♥

Only Honest Cop by anonymous, matt & brett, ~1k
    Sighing, Brett looks up and sure enough, there's Daredevil (he was kinda proud the media took his nickname and ran with it) sitting on the edge of the roof and looking sort of down at him.
    I love when people's lives are super difficult, so when Daredevil keeps dropping criminals at Brett's feet like gifts and it's super awkward for him while Daredevil clearly finds it amusing, yeah, that's a great joy for me. This was really cute and fun!

An Interesting Lunch by ecaracap, matt & foggy + referenced foggy/karen, ~1k
    Foggy brings Matt some lunch, only to find him still laid out in bed.
    This was a really short piece, but! Matt and Foggy's friendship and cute banter and Foggy talking about how he likes Karen and Matt noticing! It's good-hearted and fun.

Is this what it means to be human?, matt & foggy & karen & claire, 1.1k
    Prompt: Suddenly it's not just Matt who knows if people are lying to him or not.
    I love love love what fandom has done so far with any time Foggy gets superpowers and this may be short but it's another lovely look at his character when he can tell people are lying. I love what the different ways people lie says about them, how Karen's lies are different from Matt's are different from Claire's are different from everyday people's. It's a bit of a bittersweet fic, but not wholly unhappy and it's very nice how much is packed into a short thing here.

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