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Rootsong by inlovewithnight, gamora & groot + team, post-movie, 1.5k
    Groot needs more room to grow.
    I did not know how much I needed Gamora and Groot bonding fic until I read this perfect piece and was touched in all the right places. It's beautifully written and characterized, bits of world-building in amongst the feelings and its everything I wanted from post-movie fic! SO GORGEOUS, READ ITTTTT.

Prison Break #24 by Zinnith, rocket & team, post-movie, 2.2k
    Rocket has twenty three successful prison breaks under his belt. This should be easy. Until it's not.
    Another thing I did not know I needed until I had it was post-movie Rocket feelings, in one of those situations that seems like it would be funny, until you realize that it's not, at all. The Rocket feelings here are a great extension of the movie and everything you could want in ouchies with a good ending, where Rocket learns to let others in just a tiny, tiny bit. Bless.

Dance Buddies by sanctuary_for_all, peter & groot + team, post-movie, fluff, 1k
    Finally, Peter has found someone who appreciates awesome music just as much as he does. Now he just needs to figure out what to do about it.
    Another delightful post-movie fic where Peter really wants a dance partner and baby Groot is too shy to do it openly and the whole thing is just pure joy and cuteness to make you happy in the soul place!

sticky fingers by bullroars, peter & team, post-movie, 1.9k
    peter's not a kleptomaniac, really. he just. really, really likes stuff. (or, four things peter steals and one thing he's given.)
    I didn't expect a kleptomaniac!Peter fic to work so well, but it's really a delightful tone, just the right amount of humor and spot on character voices and feelings! The ending is perfect and really gets Peter as a character and the dynamics of the group, making the whole thing just utterly sparkle.

Regrowth by HippieGeekGirl, rocket & groot + team, post-movie, 1k
    Groot's always had Rocket's back. Now it's his turn.
    A super short, but lovely post-movie scene of Rocket with Groot's twig and just the right combination of ouchy feels and feel good and a touch of humor!

The Four Times Peter Quill Really Regrets Having Friends (And the One Time He's Too Desperate To Care) by orangecrow, peter & team + peter/various ocs, NSFW, post-movie, 4.2k
    Learning to live with his new friends is an adjustment for Peter Quill, especially when he learns that they're all massive cockblocks.
    This fic definitely had an epitaph problem, but it was more noticable because the fic is otherwise really solid, as going from living by yourself to suddenly having four more people around is utterly rife with potential for both hilarity and feelings. I love that it balances obnoxiousness with found families, that it blends Peter's Earth references with alien references, and I am totally on the bisexual Peter train! Just a really fun, giggle-worthy fic all the way around.

Sympathetic Development by shreddingstars, groot & team, post-movie, 2.1k
    Of all the things to become routine on the ship, it's Mandatory Leaf Time.
    This was really cute post-movie team ensemble fic that has some fun banter is all about these idiots muddling through trying to help raise a baby tree. I could read so much of that and this was just a whole lot of fun to read!

Three Awake by kes (Kes), heimdall, post-guardians of the galaxy, post-movie, ~1k
    Heimdall sees much, even far, far away from the core worlds of the Nine. (he also has a picnic.)
    This is really more of a Thor fic, but I loved the way it tied in Asgard and Heimdall to the goings on of this movie! It was short, more of a stringer than anything else, but it intrigued me a lot and further blended the two series really well. Plus, Heimdall's take on "Odin" was kind of hilarious.

The Smallest Act of Comfort by Isilarma, peter & rocket + team, post-movie, 2.2k
    Peter and the other Guardians know that Rocket does not like to be touched. Other people aren't as smart as them.
    This fic seems to ignore that Drax did comfort Rocket on Xandar, but otherwise this is a lovely look at Peter's view of Rocket and all the shit he goes through, even in just a mundane everyday way because of how he's viewed and treated. It's a good read for gen bonding, but also because it does well with giving me Rocket feelings just as the movie did.

A Short List of Relevant Skills and Abilities by ignipes, peter & team, post-movie, 2.3k
    They're very good at a lot of things, but none of those things are very good.
    Oh, this is one of those post-movie fics that I've been looking for, where the banter is charming and obnoxious in all the right ways, where this is a fun team fic,, where these characters all sparkle, but where it also addresses where the hell they go from here. They're not really heroes, but they're not bad guys, either, and the balance between that fits perfectly with the end of the movie. The hilarity and feels this fic gave me were a fucking joy, definitely one of my must reads so far!

It Takes Two Thieves, a Maniac, and an Assassin... by Eclectic_Goddess, groot & team, post-movie, 1.1k
    By unspoken agreement, they take turns watching over Groot. Itís not an exciting job at first.
    I fucking cackled my way through all the right parts of this fic and wobbled at all the other right moments, because it's another one in this fandom that absolutely fucking sparkles. The characterization is perfect for everyone without trying too hard and the way they all interact with baby Groot, it's gorgeously done! READ IT.

New by Psilent (HereThereBeFic), drax & rocket & groot, post-movie, ~1k
    The thing is, he thinks he might owe Drax an apology. The other thing is, he doesn't do apologies.
    I did not know how much I needed Drax & Rocket fic, but, oh, this was fantastic and a wonderful extension from their interaction in the movie and their reactions to others' griefs. I came away from this fic with a whole lot more Drax feelings than I expected, but I'm so glad I did! Gorgeous.

That's What It's All About by orangeCrates, peter & team, post-movie, 1.1k
    Peter decides to teach the team to dance. It goes as well as everyone (except Peter) thought it would.
    A cute semi-fluffy post-movie fic about Peter trying to teach the others how to dance and it goes about as well ad you'd expect. I am here for bucketloads of ensemble fic where they're an obnoxious found family and so this was a joy for me to read.

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