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and the names they called (were our names) by theviolonist, loki/natasha + others, human au, skating au, 2.2k
    "I'm Natasha," she says when she's near him, the sharp edge of her skates glinting against the ice. "Alright," he says. "Let's see what you can do."
    I was a little hesitant about this fic because... Loki/Natasha ice skating AU? But, well. The Cutting Edge was a formative movie for me, so I'm fond of ice skating, and I could just imagine them on the ice and being all lithe and elegant and gorgeous together. And that's what this fic is--a series of scenes where they slowly get to know each other while not revealing any details but instead just understanding each other, each of them making the other even better than they were, all lethal grace together. It's beautifully written and I love love love Thor in the background and the hints of Loki's relationship with him that runs parallel to canon! Basically, this just worked like hell for me.

At Rest by sinemoras09, loki/natasha (possibly) + potentially implied thor/Loki, loki & natasha, fem!loki, 4.7k
    What you cannot imagine, I shall be that. (Loki infiltrates SHIELD. Gen. Hinted Lady Loki/Natasha.)
    Sometimes you run across a fic that leaves you with your heart in your throat and a tense set to your shoulders the entire time, because it's so beautifully written and just makes your heart ache in these subtle, gorgeous ways. And that's what this fic does--as Natasha finds herself befriending another female agent at S.H.I.E.L.D., someone who is sharp and damaged and intriguing, I was left a little breathless at how their relationship developed. That's the amazing thing about this fic, how Natasha and "Laura" have a surprising amount of similarities, how they fit together as friends and it makes so much sense. But there's so much more under the surface and you can read between Laura's lines, even if you understand why Natasha doesn't, and it's all breathtakingly gorgeous and bittersweet. The author packed in everything needed for a fic like this.

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind by tristesses, loki/natasha, NSFW, pegging, 2.6k
    Shame and desire; cruelty and kindness. Loki doesn't know which he craves more.
    This is technically a sequel to a previous fic, but the author's notes says it can work as a stand-alone, which is how I read it and it worked fine for me!
    I was literally just thinking that day, oh, I really wish there were some Natasha/Loki pegging fic in fandom. AND THEN VOILA! LIKE THE UNIVERSE WAS REWARDING ME FOR BEING GOOD. And, oh, this fic was so, so, so good for me because it was about a kink that I was interested in (AND SUPER HOT FOR IT, huff) but the author also put in all this interesting dynamic between the two characters, making Loki surprisingly vulnerable in a fucked up way that I could buy. Writing Loki's fucked up qualities can be such a delicate line for me, especially in writing them with someone who's not Thor (which makes getting him to be vulnerable a lot more difficult), but this fic really worked for me. It was partly about Loki wanting to punish himself, but also partly about the two of them sharpening themselves on each other, and even partly about how they understand in each other, likely in a way that almost no one else can. It's messy, it's complicated, it's good and bad, and it makes sense far more than I thought it would. What I picked up for a kink fic turned out to give me so much more than that, but, also, I can't lie, the pegging was super hot.

Quaint Midgardian technology by Anonymous, loki/natasha, NSFW, pegging, 1.1k
    Tash smirks down at Loki, sprawled like an albino starfish beneath her. She's on her knees, on his cock, leaning back as he grips her wrists for balance, so that his firm flesh is rubbing just the right spot, just inside her entrance. She's doing all the work. He's doing all the talking.
    I have a huge, huge weakness for Natasha pegging Loki fic. And this fic pretty much just drops you into the middle of their relationship, no context or background given, it's truly a pwp, but there's such enthusiasm from the writer for both their sexuality, that they both own what they want and they enjoy this, that I couldn't help being charmed. (Also, pwp is not a bad thing, nor do I mean to imply that it is.) I love Natasha fucking herself on his cock, then riding his face, then flipping him over to peg the hell out of him, and this all works for me because they're Loki and Natasha, they're both twisty and turny and can be so many different things all at once. It's on the fluffy side for the two of them, but it works when in the context of Loki having calmed the hell down or else just putting it into an AU. Also, hot porn. I really love hot porn.

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