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Mating Rituals by Omnicat [ Thor ]
→ pairings/characters: Loki/Jane, 2.5k
→ summary: Every time Loki tries to say "Will you marry me?" he instead says "I want to bear your children". It's getting to be a little disconcerting.
→ rec: You just have to roll with the pairing on this fic, as it's never really given context or background, just that Loki and Jane are together and move on from there. It's a humor fic, though, so it didn't bother me terribly, especially when the author is good at humor and Loki trying to keep his cool, but forever getting flustered and words slipping out before he realizes it, no matter how hard he tries to keep control of himself. It's surprisingly adorable to see Loki fumbling over his words, the author managing to pull it off without being ridiculously OOC. It's fluffy and cracky, but it's not just randomness, either, it walks a fine line that ends up being more humorous than cracky, I'd have to say. It's cute and adorable and funny, meant to be a feel-good fic that had me smiling or outright muffling giggles the entire time.

Fallen Star by Alydia Rackham, loki/jane + some thor & jane + background thor/sif + other asgardians, loki falls to midgard au, 116.9k
    All Loki wants is revenge-the Cube may be his key. But when he hides his identity to get info from Jane Foster, something inside him shifts. And when the Cube is stolen, Loki must choose between vengeance, and the woman he fears he can never have.
    I have been eying this fic for months, never quite able to bring myself to read it, because I always felt I wanted Loki and Jane interaction on a platonic level, not as a ship. Now that I've had more time in fandom under my belt, now that I'm more open to genfic and other pairings, I was curious enough to give this fic a try. And then promptly spent several days sucked into the first fic in the series because, oh, I could not put it down! I hardly read anything else for awhile there because I just needed to get to the next scene of this one!

There are a few caveats I want to get out of the way first, though. Despite the length of the story and the way it absolutely does justice to the idea of Loki and Jane falling in love, the ending of their relationship is rushed--their falling in love is perfect, but they do pretty much immediately hop into marriage as soon as they admit they love each other. I'm not terribly fussed about it, because I was so absolutely sold by this fic, because I wanted this Loki and Jane to end up together, but I still recognized that that part was rushed. There's also more Norse mythology being worked into the fic than I'm usually comfortable with, as well as some semi-intense descriptions of torture. They only make up a fraction of the length of this fic, but they are there. There both is and isn't Loki apologia in this fic. The way events pre-movie unfold are fairly well designed to make you feel sympathy for Loki, how unfair life has been to him, how cruel circumstances are to him, yet... Asgard is not a horrible place. His family loves him dearly. I don't think the fic tries to justify Loki's actions, but neither is it interested in punishing him further than what he has been by the end of the movie already... quite the opposite, really.

Those warnings mentioned, boy, did this fic deliver on what I was hoping to find from it! Fantastic writing, the kind that's so smooth that I very nearly didn't even notice the words themselves, because I was too busy reading reading reading, always wanting to get to the next scene because I wanted to know what happened next, always inhaling chapter after chapter because the pacing was so beautifully done and the scenes so perfectly unfolding. This is the kind of writing that I am most envious of, because it's smooth and professional and I just sink right into the story. And, oh, the story was so very good. The author takes her time with Loki falling to Midgard and slowly mending, both in body and in spirit, taking her time to really establish his relationships with the people he falls in with. The relationship between Loki and Jane doesn't just happen overnight, it takes real time and real conversations and real understanding of each other to happen. It also takes so much time for Loki to come back to himself (and this was written before The Avengers, so it's a divergent timeline, but works brilliantly with what was in the first movie), as he's filled with so much vicious anger and jagged edges after he falls. This is not a quick fix it fic.

Nor is it without plot! The author uses what we knew of the Tesseract pre-Avengers (and I find that this still works in that sense) to keep things moving forward, to rouse both Loki and Jane's curiosity and give them a reason to interact with each other--as well as Jane being curious about Asgard, Loki just wanting to figure out where he goes from here. It gives them a reason to have conversations, ones that build a relationship slowly, bit by bit, ones that do so much of what I want for Loki--putting him into a situation that uses his intellect and his magic in helpful ways, in ways that people appreciate! He is useful here, he finds Midgard to be full of people who can benefit from his skills! The author does justice to these things without pandering to Loki's character--all the more so because Jane is brilliant as well. And Tony Stark is in the fic for several scenes, also brilliant. It's not about pandering to Loki's character, but instead finding better cirumstances for him.

And, oh, this author does brilliantly with Jane as well. She's so, so smart and curious and has all these motivations of her own, her own dreams and wants, she's a fully realized character here! For all that I picked up the fic, because it was about Loki on Midgard, for all that I was reading for Loki characterization, I really loved how strong a character Jane was as well. She's brave and brilliant and it's not hard at all to see why both of them fall in love with each other, over the course of the fic. She's compassionate and refuses to be left behind, but also has moments of not knowing what to do, of being afraid and out of her depth and I loved her dearly for all of it. The dialogue for both her and Loki (as well as the supporting characters, but especially these two) is pitch perfect for them both and it's so very satisfying to see them working together to accomplish something or solve a problem.

On top of all of that, there were scenes that brought actual tears to my eyes, when they eventually had to deal with Asgard again. Loki's bone-deep grief over everything and how much he misses Asgard set the stage for it, but the eventual return, the desperation and heartbreak he felt, only to find his family truly loved him and missed him? Tears, tears all over my face. I was wary of how his family would treat him, because there are scenes that seem like they might not understand him at all, there are times in the fic when I nearly felt like they had ruined him for the way they treated him, but then there's the eventual reunion and I actually had tears in my eyes for how much Odin loved his son and wanted him back and cherished him. I ached for how much Frigga missed her sweet, darling boy. I had tears again when Thor and Loki finally had a real conversation about everything. By the end, I was so in love with Loki's family that I practically wanted to smooch the author all over again. And, oh, oh, oh, did I love how the end of the fic dealt with the Thor/Jane relationship, it was pure fucking perfection.

Basically, this is the fic that convinced me that, yeah, Loki/Jane could happen and it could be really good. I'm kind of surprised that this fic didn't set off a whole movement in the fandom, because that's the level of quality it is! And, really, even if you're not a big fan of the pairing, I would still recommend this fic because it's excellent just for the character stuff and I think the romance could win over more people than might initially think they would be won over.

All My Lovely Sins by Lise, thor/loki/steve pre-slash, 4.9k
    Sometimes, one makes decisions in a split second. They might have been different with a little more consideration. Life hinges on those moments.
    I would have read this fic just for the Thor/Loki/Steve and forced cuddles, but it is so much more than that. The attention and care Lise puts into Loki's characterization, the utter frustration I feel at watching him and his stubbornness is like the pure, concentrated form of those scenes where Thor nearly gets through to him in the movies. Then there's a lovely balance of these three characters, each of them are important, and, oh, I just want them all to be happy. Together. Because these three felt nicely balanced here, that Steve was enough to break apart the acrimony between the brothers, but that deep, deep history there was just as important, that Thor is important to Loki in a way no one else is. All while showing the twin, opposing desires that drive Loki--his desire to be "strong", to keep his pride and his desire to be loved, accepted, and taken care of--both of them felt so incredibly intensely and you understand why he acts the way he does.

And you think, oh, if only Loki would let go of that horrible need to always be on his guard, always prove himself, except it's also what saves him here, that Thor knows him well enough to play on that, which makes Loki get up and keep fighting. It illustrates the difficulty of Loki's character and his life, that letting go of one or the other might be easier on him, but he can't, at least not yet. And, oh, this is a floppy!Loki (WHICH I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART) but it's also a Loki that you don't underestimate, because of what he can accomplish, sometimes just through pure stubbornness, even if it's killing him, both physically and emotionally, at times. Plus, still further more, this actually isn't an unhappy piece, it's surprisingly sweet and fluffy (as much as these characters can be when it comes to Lise and the breathless intensity of her writing) and the ending just made me happy.

Games of Chance by bellacatbee, thor/loki + fandral/loki, NSFW, rough sex, 2.1k
    Fandral makes a bet with Sif that he can seduce Loki. Loki seems strangely easy to seduce.
    I do have a tough time occasionally when a fic focuses on Thor and Loki when they were younger, but I'm firmly putting this one as teenagers, I think? Still a bit underage, but I can imagine them as the movieverse characters. And this fic is... it's hard to explain, why it's a bit of a kink of mine, with Loki being so super attractive and seemingly innocent when he was younger, until you realize, no, the actual Loki is in there and he is an evil little fuck. Which Fandral, of course, learns the hard way. This fic works for me because it's Loki's manipulation and brilliance and darkness, even if they're not quite what they'll be when he's older, they're still adult enough and he has his fun in amazing, evil little shit ways. Also, I can't lie, it was really kinda hot.

The Power of Uruz by Runie (Runic), thor/loki + thor/amora + loki/amora, NSFW, fem!loki, sex magic, voyeurism, 4k
    Thor catches Amora and Loki in a compromising situation. Amora decides to turn the encounter into a learning experience.
    More fun fic! There should be more sex magic fic in this fandom, especially with Thor giving energy to Loki in the form of a thorough fucking. Amora is a delight and I love that there's some Thor/Amora in the fic as well. But it's the way Thor looks at fem!Loki, the way he practically cherishes her, the way the rest of the world seems to disappear when he sees her, ahhh, I love that. There is also Loki riding Thor until he flips them over and fucks her harder and instructional sex magic and sexy fun! Plus, I love fem!Loki who is arranged to be married to Thor! It's only in the background, but I still love it. And that's what this fic is, just pure fun and so many things I greatly enjoy in this fandom. :D

Welcome to the Family by IsisKitsune, thor/loki + tony/loki + steve/loki + bruce/loki + clint/loki/natasha, NSFW, dub-con, orgy, 3.6k
    "I'm right here, brother," Thor’s voice echoed so close to his ear it made him squirm uncomfortably in his grip.
    This fic lost me a handful of times on being able to track what was going on, who was saying what, who was putting what where and there's really not a lot of context for the events here, so you just sort of have to roll with that this is orgy porn where they're all taking turns with Loki, but it also has a lot of potential that I want to see more of. And, look, sometimes you just have that character that you want to take a trillion dicks and that's me with Loki, especially when it's Thor holding him down or fucking him half of the time, especially when the fic is all about enjoying Loki being totally fucked out, even as he's still a snarky little shit about it. This fic did so many things right (that Thor was central to Loki's character here, even as he interacted with the other Avengers, that Loki is physically stronger than regular humans, so watch your dick, Clint, or you may not get it back in the same shape you started with if Loki clamps down, YES, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THAT IN FIC) and it was right in my wheelhouse for Loki enjoying himself here that I enjoyed it and want to see more fic like this. The banter is fun, the sex is super hot when it really gets going, and the dynamics between all the characters are different, which is central to my enjoyment of Loki's character in fandom. I want him to interact with everyone! So, fic where he has sex with all of them and enjoys himself? Yes, give me that.

The Fairer Sex by tristesses, loki/amora, NSFW, sex magic, sexswap, sort of intersex!loki, 2.8k
    Loki learns a new form of shapeshifting. Amora, being the good friend and curious enchantress she is, helps him try it out.
    Holy crap, this was one of the hottest things I've ever read. Loki learns how to change his junk and experiments with the way it feels, as opposed to usually having a dick, and then Amora gets involved and then it gets even hotter. I picked this one up because I am totally ready to ship Loki/Amora if we ever get her in the movies (or else just have them be BFFs with sexy benefits, either is good for me) and I didn't expect to get temporary sexswap fic that was SUPER HOT OMG. The friendship these two have, the way they're similar and yet not exactly the same, the way they're both evil little shits, the way they understand each other and egg each other on yet they also clash against each other, the author achieved the most amazing dynamic with them. And that's not even including the sex, where first they experiment with Loki's new parts, then they give Amora a sexswap and fuck each other like that and I just-- yeah, this hit a whole bunch of kinks I apparently have now. Because these two characters? Yeah, I can totally see these two enjoying the hell out of their new bodies.

The Courtship of Prince Loki by lunik_the_bard, svadilfari/loki + sleipnir + other asgardians, 12.9k wip
    One of his father's petitioners was trying to catch his eye.
    I will warn ahead of time that this fic is a WIP and hasn't been updated in about five months, so it's likely not going to be finished and it's one of those that, oh, I wanted the rest of it so very badly. But it's decently long and about 3/4ths finished and does give some of the good stuff in what's been written! The other thing I'll warn for is that the fic works in a fair amount of Norse mythology feeling--both in Sleipnir being Loki's son because he had to keep the builder from completing the wall around Asgard without much being remixed there, but in the way that... mm, it's hard to describe, but that I feel like this is a slightly harsher world, in the way the court treats Loki. It comes up a few times in the fic, the way everyone treats Loki (which isn't entirely unfair, he is obviously a little shit a lot of the time), but also I'm sensitive to secondhand embarrassment. And, honestly, this fic wasn't bad on that front at all--I just mention it because it's a button of mine. OKAY, CAVEATS OUT OF THE WAY. Holy shit, did I eat up this fic like it was the most delicious candy I've ever had! I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, I was only reading because, hey, maybe it'll be fun to see someone courting Loki and I often enjoy that, and I was curious about the worldbuilding the author would do with a humanoid Svadilfari.

I didn't expect to kind of fall in love with them here! But, oh, it works so well because the author has a gorgeous writing style, but also in the way that she characterizes everyone. Loki is so very sharp and cutting, he's such a smooth, practiced liar and so poisonous in his thoughts, but elegant in everything he does and with real emotion and real care underneath the surface. This Svadilfari is amazing as well--for someone who was a horse turned into a human, he makes perfect sense, but also it's in the way that... he's so honest and genuine and open with Loki, the way he loves Loki so completely and honestly, the way he understands what Loki's really like, he understands the contradictions and poisonous ways Loki has, but hopes to reach out to him anyway and, oh, fuck, that went straight to my fucking heart. It's my favorite dynamic with Loki, those who are unfailingly direct and genuine with him, even as they accept that he's not.

And somehow, even though this fic never goes beyond pg at the most, it's super fucking hot, too. There's really only one kiss they have, but, ugh, you know those kisses that are perfectly timed and beautifully described and just give you a lot of emotional resolution? Yeah, this is one of those kisses that was totally pg and yet SO GOOD. Not to mention this fic also has some really amazing scenes between Loki and various characters--his scenes with Frigga were my favorites, their relationship is so lovely in just a few short scenes! But Loki and Sif was a pleasant surprise as well! I expected to cringe when they interacted, but instead, no! I loved both of them! Even as they really couldn't be friends at all here! There are some scenes of people being horrible to Loki (though, honestly, you can often understand why), but it's balanced out by the important people understanding him better. Just. Oh, man, I really wanted the rest of this fic. And then porn. Because this Svadilfari and Loki would be so hot together.

Free by lies_d, svadilfari/loki + thor + odin, mildly nsfw, pregnant!loki, horse sex, 7k
    <When Thor captures Svadilfari, Odin won't free him unless Loki breeds with him again.
The fic is a lovely mix of Loki characterization, world building, and so much bittersweetness. Some things are lovely (especially Thor's involvement, the way Loki has some things that bring him a lightening of his heart) and some things are painful (the life that Loki often finds himself living in), the balance between animal and intelligent beings is especially well done and... it's difficult to describe this fic, other than to say the writer is terribly talented and I was sucked into this fic like you wouldn't believe. But most especially I love that this Thor is protective of Loki, he's not an asshole here, even if he's difficult to tolerate sometimes, Loki loves him for a reason, which we see here. I love this Thor rather desperately, even when he's a secondary character in the fic.

And Again... by Runic, one-sided balder/loki + background tony/loki, dark, 1.9k
    He is the one that has always loved Loki, always the one to see the Trickster's beauty. He is the one to wait. But Loki chooses a mortal. He is the only one to see Loki needs to be saved.
    This fic does have some Tony/Loki in it as well as some details that don't quite jive with the MCU (I don't think Idunn's apples are a thing or, at the very least, that Frost Giants need them, given that Laufey wouldn't have had access to them and was at least 1000+ years old) and background Loki becoming an Avenger, but you just sort of roll with them because that's not really what the story is about. This story is about Balder's obsession with Loki and how much he loves him and how he's just... not quite right. I don't know why the idea of dark!Balder appeals to me (even though he's really not evil precisely, just fucked up and obsessed), but I definitely love him having feelings for Loki. And the writing of this is really lovely, there's something that seems so very almost reasonable about the way Balder waits for Loki's affection to fall on him. The way he loves Loki for being mischievous and brilliant and cutting, the way he knows that loving Loki means to suffer under his cruel words, the way he knows Loki is meant for dark things, the way Loki is so disdainful of Balder's feelings for him, all of it is gorgeously done. Even the ending is perfect and how it's an interesting take on the possible MCU version of the Norse myths.

The Silence of the Mockingbird by anonymous, balder/loki + thor & loki, evil!balder, dub-con/non-con, 3.4k
    The Loki he sees bound and gagged, forced to kneel before the throne, is everything and nothing of the Loki he remembers. Quiet and sorely underestimated, watching all and missing little—now bond like some common criminal. It is a perversion of nature to silence a will such as his, to bottle that power and let it stir beneath the glass. A will such as Loki's should be left to roam the cosmos in peace, to shape the universe with those clever hands and that clever tongue.
    This is a WIP and hasn't been updated in several months, so it may well be abandoned. But I liked what was here already!
    Oh, I am definitely developing a thing for Balder/Loki, especially unrequited feelings on Balder's part, because it's just so... somehow so fitting that Balder the Bright would be in love with Loki, who knows it but spurns him and only seems to look at those who hurt him as much as love him. Not that this Balder is all sweetness and light... while he's not cruel, his feelings are not quite balanced or healthy. He holds himself in check most of the time, he's a good leader in that he doesn't want to take the throne from Thor, but when presented with Loki being bound to him as temporary ruler of Asgard.... I love the undercurrent of fucked up here, how Loki is vicious and poisonous, but Balder only loves him more for it. I love how this is not okay, but it's still elegant and lovely writing. And, oh, I love the way the author writes Loki's magics being bound, it felt very fitting for the movies' universe, to have him able to be forbidden from doing things, but you can't make him do something, only make him not do something. It adds such a lovely layer of cleverness and twistiness to the fic and, oh, I definitely wish there would be more of this one.

Darkshines by KaeKae, thor/loki + balder/loki + thor/loki/balder, NSFW, pregnant!loki, 3.3k wip
    Loki would have not one, but two children gifted unto him by both of the Odinsons.
    I guess today is one of those days where I'm like READ ALL THE KNOCKED UP!LOKI FIC o/ ...not that that's not pretty much every day, mind. Especially when I get something as lovely as this out of it, because I love a good fic where Loki does what he wants for his own reasons, when those reasons are often tangled up in his feelings for Thor and Balder, but he's not any less dangerous and sharp for it. I love that he feels more settled here, that he's almost happy, but it's his own kind of happiness, which you see especially in the scene where Thor is angry that Loki is also carrying Balder's child at the same time, and Loki explains in his own way. There's so much history between him and Thor in that scene, so many feelings and so much that has happened and so much love between them, but Loki will not be shoved into the definitions that other people would have for him.

It's also shown beautifully in his scene with Frigga, who is the one person he tolerates softness from and, oh, I loved that scene so much, that Frigga accepts Loki as he is, that she loves him dearly and that's why their relationship is so precious. But there's also an excellent scene with Balder, where he's abused as always, because that's what Balder does, he just is so nice and I can't help wanting the best for him, even if it'll never be perfect between him and Loki. (But, then, I don't think either would want it to be.) There's even a scene of Loki in Jotunheim, because his children will not be kept from this part of their heritage and, oh, I just. I love this sharp, cutting Loki who loves his children, but not necessarily in a nice way. This Loki loves Thor, which is almost in a nice way, but it's not precisely it. This Loki loves his mother, but she might be the only one he loves purely nicely. And I really love the way it's told in scenes set at different points along the timeline of Loki's pregnancy, it allows for so much character insight this way!

What Once Was Lost Returned by DemonQueen666, thor & loki + loki/angrboda + other mcu characters, jotunn!loki, divergent timeline, 74k
    Things go very differently on the ill-suited venture to Jotunheim when the Frost Giants notice something about one of the invaders. But their decision to "rescue" what they assume must be a kidnapped Jotun has many unexpected and far-spanning consequences...especially for Loki himself.
    OKAY, THIS FIC. I decided, all right, I needed something long to sink my teeth into the other day, so, sure, why not a 74k fic. I figured that I'd slowly poke away at it, maybe finish it after three or four days. NOPE, I read that sucker all in one afternoon because I could not put it down. The writing and world-building is gorgeous here, when the Frost Giants realize who Loki is towards the beginning of the movie and decide that they're going to take their lost prince back. It then becomes everything a story like this needs to be--a massive case of depression, culture shock, and reeling from a lack of self-identity, which means he has to figure out who he is all over again. All of this wrapped up in some really breathtaking world building.

I think this author's version of Jotunheim might be my favorite yet--the way Loki's brothers treat him (being the eldest means that they have to bow to him, his youngest brother being surprisingly sweet and gentle and naive, if still really huge, his middle brother suddenly being placed in the role that Loki had as Thor's younger brother), the way Laufey treats him (as the crown prince, the intended heir, despite his size, giving allowances for his shock and being raised as Aesir, but not without a harshness of an iron fist), the way Jotunheim has all this culture to it, the way I was wary of Angrboda at first, because I had no sense of her as a person, but eventually became rather fond of her, all of it is beautifully done. So, I loved it for those aspects, for being the kind of fic that is beautifully paced, gorgeously detailed, and reads like it could have been a professionally published story, it's so smooth and clean. It was wonderful to just sink into this story and not come out for hours because it was so engrossing!

But, oh, my favorite part was the relationship between Loki and Thor. I was wary of the fic at first, because Thor's presence in it wasn't that much in the early chapters, it was more focused on Loki finding his own role in life, figuring himself out, finding a surprising amount of peace and acceptance on Jotunheim, which I loved because I desperately want that for him. I would still have loved this fic even if Thor's presence had been neglible. But, eventually, Thor comes roaring into the story, smashes his way back into Loki's life, and, oh, it's heartbreaking and gorgeous, because Loki has this new life now, because he thought he had been abandoned by his Aesir family, but Thor still loves him so much and wants to rescue him and he misses Loki so terribly and it's hard because they can't go back and, just. This fucking fic totally put tears in my eyes because of how much I felt while reading it. Yeah, okay, so I'm weak to the relationship between Thor and Loki, I definitely got that ache in my fannish heart as they clashed and tried to make each other see reason, but the way the scene built up, the gorgeous resolution as everything finally spilled over and they laid everything out, ahhhh, that's what I read fic for.

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