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Closer to flying by Odsbodkins, sam wilson/steve rogers + implied past steve/bucky, NSFW, the winter soldier spoilers, 2.4k
    "Sam Wilson had thought he had excellent gaydar. The sort of neighborhood he grew up in, then the military, a near-flawless gaydar was a survival essential. He was going to have to revise it to “has excellent gaydar in person”. Because he had never had the slightest inkling that Captain America might be gay."
    I did not expect to walk out of the movie shipping Steve and Sam as much as I did, but I was very fond of them and wanted fic for them and this was perfect! It captures the flirtatious banter and that sparkling sense of fun chemistry they had in the movie, while also doing an amazing job of Steve's sort of old-fashioned ways combined with how he's actually a real person and adapts to the modern world. The perfect fic for these two!

Baby, we're already saved by lanyon, steve/sam + tony + mentions of bucky + mentions of one-sided sam/reilly, 1.1k
    Sam has no idea how to ask Captain America if he’s in love with his sidekick.
    This was a lovely piece about Sam falling in love with Steve (and him in return) with an excellent voice and sense of humor that fits Sam's character perfectly. The relationship here sparkles, but then the author also gave me Sam & Tony interaction, though brief, which was pure joy.

Checking In by sabinelagrande, steve/sam, post-the winter soldier, fluff, ~1k
    Sometimes Steve has gaps in his knowledge. Sometimes Sam does.
    This was short, but totally cute and charming, as Sam tries to clue Steve in about how other people look at them sometimes. Adorable!

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