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I'm Waiting for That Setting Sun to Burn Me by milky_haven, thor/loki, NSFW, amnesia, 1.7k
    Loki fell into the abyss and there was someone else who fell with him.
    Ahhhh, another fic that was so good. Set just after the Thor movie, when Loki falls, he didn't fall alone. But when he lands, he remembers nothing of who he used to be, instead, there's him and Thor, giving them time to settle and calm and just be. The writing is lovely, the way Loki doesn't remember anything, but this new quiet is something he likes, and that just says everything. My favorite, though, is how you can just feel everything Thor feels, even through Loki's point of view, how it breaks my heart, but also warms it, because, oh, he's so sad and angry and relieved and maybe a little happy again finally and he loves Loki so much and when they talk about Loki's brother, it threatened to crush my heart out. And the author even worked in beautifully done, if brief, sexytimes! All in less than 2k, which is pretty impressive.

I'm Waiting for That Setting Sun to Burn Me by milky_haven, thor/loki, nsfw, amensia, 1.7k
    Loki fell into the abyss and there was someone else who fell with him. For the first time in the nine months of his time on Midgard, Loki is grieving because he wonders if his brother even wants him back.
    I am so weak to fic where Thor falls with Loki off the Bifrost that you don't even know. One of these days I'm going to make a recs list just for that, I swear. I'm also weak to fluffy fic and amensia fic, so this one won't be for everyone, but if you want softer characterization where they live on Midgard together in the wilderness and Loki sort of feels like he's better off not remembering and so all the softer things can come out and Thor totally adores him? Then, yes, this is a lovely piece for you. (And me.)

the only place that I call home by kiyala, thor/loki, NSFW, human au, amnesia, 8.7k
    Loki has always seen Thor at his regular bar every Friday night after work. But once they start talking, everything begins to change and soon, Loki begins questioning everything that he thought he knew about himself.
    Sometimes you find one of those fics that you love so much you kind of hate it a little. I thought I was signing up for a cute modern AU fic, where Thor and Loki meet in a bar and begin a relationship and everything is adorable and fun, with maybe some sexytimes on the side. Then, halfway through the fic, it proceeds to shift into the next gear and completely enthrall me, becoming one of my new favorites in this fandom. And I'm going to stop at this point and mention that, while I won't spoil the whole thing, I am going to mention some things that you might otherwise want to be a surprise. So, consider this a SPOILER WARNING for the rest of the fic.

It builds slowly at first, but you kind of have an idea, as soon as Loki starts having dreams of golden hallways where he's searching for someone. It was intriguing and I was hoping for a good payoff, maybe reincarnated versions of Thor and Loki, maybe a connection to another reality--instead, the way the fic spun its tale from there, the way Loki recovered his memories, the way the background was slowly filled in as things came back to him, the way it tore apart this new relationship he had with Thor, the way the old relationship flooded back in, it was breathtakingly good. It was one of those fics that was gorgeously written, where I couldn't have pulled away from reading it, even if I'd wanted to. Not as this new relationship, free from the burden of everything that had happened previously between them, so much newer and happier and lighter, was building and then certainly not when Loki remembered all the vicious anger and resentment and hatred and unending love he had for his brother.

The way the author wrote Loki's character was stunning, the way the author wrote both of these relationships layered over each other, the way the background details of just what had happened to cause them to be banished and mortal and memoryless, all of it was brilliant. The emotional impact was tremendous, I felt everything right along with the characters, and, oh, the ending, that just left me in a puddle of my own feels for hours afterwards. And, oh, as if all that weren't excellent enough, if an amazing execution of an idea I love wasn't enough, nope, this author gifted us with super hot sex in the story as well. I don't know which part I wanted to reread more, the way they were insatiable and so very into each other and super hot together, or the emotionally charged moments that were like punches to my feelings. Both. Both were so good for me.

Flesh Wounds by Canute, thor/loki, nsfw, amnesia!loki, 3.9k
    For some odd, inexplicable reason, Loki keeps waking up in the morning with an arm reached out to the empty space beside him, as if someone is meant to be there lying next to him.
    I am going to vaguely talk about the ending, which I won't give everything away, but it will be spoilery. Given the concept of the fic, I know I wanted to know ahead of time how it ended and I imagine most readers who vibe with my recs would as well.
    Oh. I'm not sure if I loved this fic or if it broke my heart or both. Loki waking up each day, no memories from the day before, because something with his punishment went wrong, the sheer uncertainty of everything the reader feels while reading this, it's beautifully done, but definitely heartbreaking. I almost felt tired reading this, how everything was the same over and over and over again, thinking how Thor had to introduce himself to Loki again and again, they only ever had one day like this, each day had to be so carefully started. The author does a brilliant job of showing the repetition without making it boring to the reader, instead I felt everything all over again. And it wasn't even that terrible! That's the brilliance of this, that it's subtle and difficult to put a specific finger on what's so weighted about this. But it's there and Thor loves his brother so dearly and I firmly believe that this is just a bump on the road, that it'll end happily, but part of me loves the ambiguity of the ending, too. But, on the bright side, the author still manages to build up tension, so that when they do have a brief sex scene, it's super good for me and doesn't even have to be long to be hot.

The Vardøgr by eag, thor/loki + bruce & loki, amnesia, 15.7k
    A strange accident strips Loki of his magic and strands him on Earth. Very much movieverse.
    Chapter 01: As soon as I saw EAG had written MCU fic, boy, did I pounce on that sucker. In a way, I did myself a disservice, because only the first chapter has been posted and it's just as intriguing as I'd hoped for, but now I have to wait for updates! It was still worth it, though, because, oh, this is such an interesting concept, that Loki lands out in New Mexico post-The Avengers where Bruce finds him without his memory. It's an intriguing starting chapter, because of the way Loki is so himself in the way he pokes at the way he knows things but doesn't know how he knows them and the things he should know/should be able to do, he doesn't. I love the choice of Bruce being the one to stumble over him, because that's a dynamic that's not explored as much as others are, but I'm also looking forward to whatever Thor's role in this is going to be! It's an excellent starting chapter, it did its job of capturing my attention and making me want to claw the walls for more!
    Chapter 02: I am so glad this fic updated again soon! It's such an interesting concept and playing with a relationship that doesn't get much attention--the second chapter fleshing a lot of that relationship out, as Bruce and Loki settle into something like a routine out in the desert, still sort of feeling each other out. I adore what the author does here, that Bruce isn't really afraid of Loki because he really doesn't have reason to be (and has bigger things to fear than Loki), so there's a laid back feeling to everything they do, which works perfectly. Oh, sure, I'm dying to know what'll happen when Thor comes back around or if Loki will get his memories or his magic back, but I'm also greatly enjoying the details of all the things they do together.

I almost wanted to tag this as a Bruce/Loki fic, because of the tone their interaction starts to take (which is a good thing! whether it's gen or something more, I'm content to see where this goes--even if my heart will always be with Thor and Loki), when Loki watches Bruce play the piano or when he watches Bruce working on a model to help with his research or when Loki offers to share something with him. The author does a beautiful job of writing the two of them, that way that I wouldn't maybe have thought it as such, but they just calmly work together here, this could be such a fascinating friendship.
    Chapter 03: This fic is going to be very hard on me. It's one that's absolutely fascinating and I want to read into the little clues being dropped here and there, but not sure if I'm reading too much into them, and just rather desperately wanting... idk, if not the whole fic in front of me so I can skip to the end and see how it ends, as is my usual response, then to have three yes/no questions to ask the author. Mostly, I just want to know if it's going to break my heart, given my usual needs/wants in fic. But I can't stay away. It's too intriguing and too interesting and too well written for me, especially when this chapter was so good. The author does beautifully with that sense of detachment Loki has without his memories, that building sense of mystery of just what happened to bring him to this point in time.

This chapter had a couple of surprises for me, which I'm trying to dance around without being too vague either, just... I didn't expect the turn of events that happened and now I'm utterly clawing at the walls to know where this will take the fic. I love the slow details being worked in, like the effects Loki's mortal body have on his current circumstances, especially given the final scene. There's so much potential for Loki to find himself, something he maybe couldn't do with his memories burning such rage through him, and the atmosphere here contributes to that. There's just a feeling to this piece, something very isolated and detached, that I can't shake while I read. It's lovely and I look forward to Loki working through it.
    Chapter 04: You know how you sometimes stumble over those fics that really just catch your imagination and/or your interest, so you sit there practically stewing with the Not Knowing How This Will End and you have about a dozen questions that you want to ask the author and you're so nervous about it, because you never predict what's going to happen (chapter 4 surprised the hell out of me, I didn't expect that! just as chapter 3 surprised me as well!) and how you practically write an essay in your head about your feelings on the fic and where it might go? Because that's where I'm at with this fic. There's so much I want to say about it, so much I want to scrounge around for clues about the direction it'll eventually end up in, how I'm so nervous about where this is going and how long the fic will ultimately be (somehow it sneaked up to being almost 10k words when it feels like I only just started reading it!) and it's kind of a terrible experience, except it's also the best experience, because that's what well-written fic can do to a reader.

As for specifics on this chapter, oh, I continue to love Loki's relationship with Thor, that it's this mix of comfort and distance, that something about this feels right and his body finds it familiar, that running his hands through a sleeping Thor's hair is soothing to him, that Thor surprises him by being surprisingly gentle when touching him, yet it's not terribly surprising. It feels like this Loki just needs a little time to figure himself out, but that his relationship with Thor isn't a problem and, oh, that's what I want. I love that none of this is stated outright, that I simply feel it along with Loki, that maybe he needs room, but this doesn't feel like a bad thing.

My only worry is that I want this fic to be at the halfway point, because the author has done such a gorgeous job of building Loki up to being on the precipice of real change and being able to figure himself out, but he's not quite there yet, he needs more time. And if this fic isn't going in that direction, if it's going to end up being, say, a tragic fic, then I'm not sure I want to stay invested, because I am a delicate flower who doesn't like her heart crushed. Basically, this fic is driving me up a wall, because of how much I love it and how much I want from it and how many feelings it gives me.
    Chapter 05: I am going to have to step very carefully to avoid spoilers when it comes to this chapter because I don't want to give too much away. I will say, however, that I've been reading this fic as it's been posted and I was wary that, given the way the previous chapter had ended and how much time was left with the fic, that it could form any kind of satisfying resolution. I... was not expecting the turn this chapter took! As I was reading it, I definitely had my, "Oh, my god!" flaily moments because I hadn't predicted that and I kind of loved it terribly for how it made sense of everything and fit with everything I'd been feeling with the fic.

Namely, that Loki and Thor were good together, that their relationship did need time apart from each other for Loki to figure himself out, but that what was between them was still good. But also that his friendship with Bruce provided something that his relationship with Thor couldn't give him and it wasn't about a romantic relationship but was still important and just as important when it came to the focus of the fic. This chapter satisfied that and made me fall ridiculously in love with Loki all over again. Especially the tone he takes here, it's just... so perfect for where he's at at this point.
    Chapter 06: As mentioned, this is an extra to the main fic, so it's just a quiet little piece around Christmas time (which is perfect for the time of year, of course) where Bruce and Loki have something of a friendship established and it's almost kind of peaceful and definitely is sweet. I adored it for still keeping Loki's sharp edges, but I could believe that he would still be nice to Bruce in this way and I adored it for the discussion of what Christmas was, explaining it to a Norse god, without getting too heavy-handed about it. It's a sweet exchange of a gift with Bruce and Loki that isn't really fluffy, but instead just perfect for the characters.

Between the Bars by trinityofone, thor/loki, NSFW, amnesia, 6k
    Aleksander doesn’t really have friends.
    My only complaint about this fic is that it's only 6k and I would read 100k of this and still come back for more. Beyond that, I'm a little at a loss for how to write this rec, other than to keyboard smash a lot and say, holy crap, that was so good for me. I read this fic with knowledge of where it was going and I thought that made it better, but I know that not everyone wants to know ahead of time, so instead I'll just put a SPOILERS warning for the events of the fic here.

The fic pretty much drops you into the middle of the story, but that works well for this type of story, where you know about as much as Loki (Aleksander) knows, where you get a feel for this world that he's living in now and the author sets up this life for him beautifully, as he frequents a coffee shop and has a friendly relationship with Nat, the clever waitress there. And this is why I liked knowing ahead of time that this was an amnesia fic, because Natasha's quirk of her lips or the way she tilts her head or the look in her eyes, the way Aleksander picks up on little things she lies about, but doesn't really know (or seek) the truth, that builds the suspension of what's got to eventually happen, especially when her "ex-boyfriend", the giant blond guy shows up and stares really intently at Aleksander. The author does a gorgeous job of making me feel everything that's going on under the surface, even when Loki himself doesn't know who he is or what's going on around him, does a gorgeous job of building this life for him, this person he might be without his memories pushing at him, but lets you pick up on the background of what must have happened through subtle touches in the fic itself.

It's a short-ish piece, considering the set-up, and I desperately wish for more stories in this universe, because there's still a lot to be told (and some might find the ending dissatisfying, but I loved it) but I found it stood well on its own, too. Because, oh, the dynamic between Thor and Loki here, the intense attraction, the stirrings of whatever it was before and what it is now, the blend of the two, the intense desire and love Thor has for his brother, all of that is beautifully done here. Even the sex, which isn't that graphic or that long is super hot, both for the sex itself and because of the way it furthers that intense gravitational pull between them. This was a really, really good read for me today.

Pale Green by Guardian, thor/loki, amnesia, 15.7k
    When Loki wakes up from the aftermath of battle, he remembers nothing.
    Chapter 1: More amnesia fic! Yessss. Especially when it's such an intriguing set up and one that's already got its hooks into me, for how badly I want to know where this is going to go next and what will happen. I like that this one isn't as much of a mystery as it is more focused on brain damage and the various ailments that can cause, even in a god like Loki, that the author puts in another symptoms (like aphasia and inability to remember things just told to you and more), that it'll be focused on Loki's interaction with the Avengers, which we already have gotten a taste of in the first chapter. Plus, I love good Loki whump/hurt that's about the comforting Thor does afterwards, which I think this fic will also deliver and, ahhhh, I am so looking forward to that! Plus, man, the cliffhanger got me all charged up for what'll happen next and what that could mean and, okay, I'd like the next chapter now, yes.
    Chapter 2: This chapter was really good for me, because, ahhh, amnesiac!Loki and that gives Thor a chance to take care of him, which means things are... better in some ways. But I love that Thor feels guilt about that, that this situation is more bearable than Loki's vicious anger, because he knows this is hurting Loki, too. And I love that it's not entirely for his own sake, either! That Thor is relieved for Loki's sake, to not carry that burden around for awhile, because, oh, that's my Thor. I also love the interaction between Bruce and Loki, which is (as I've often said and am in danger of repeating myself a bit too much *g*) a dynamic that I wish were explored more in fandom because Bruce's reactions to what he does as the Hulk, tied up in Loki's having manipulated him and being the victim to the Hulk's rage, it's a complicated mess that would be fascinating to untangle. But I think my favorite moment in this chapter is the one where Thor won't force the Avengers to help him shelter Loki, but neither will he abandon Loki. If Loki goes, so will Thor, he'll go wherever is safest for Loki. Just-- Just let me wrap myself up in that and wriggle around in the warmth of it, because this Thor would. Also, also! Building romantic tension, which this fic will eventually get to, but it's not the point yet! Yesss, I love that.
    Chapter 3: I think the thing I really liked best about this chapter was the different ways the author showed that Loki is really, really observant. When they're walking through Stark Tower, since he's experiencing a lot for the first time and so much is still really new to him and he's not as focused as usual, he's constantly noticing everything on the way. And then, later, there's a conversation with Thor where Loki still knows how to read between the lines and that's just very Loki to me, even when he has amnesia and thus isn't so viciously angry. But, best of all, despite that all the shit happening to them right now, there's a lot of sweetness in this chapter, too, so I don't feel crushed after reading it. Instead, it's just really delicious to me.

The First Snowfall of a Frostless Mind by G33kinthePink, thor/loki + steve & loki, amnesia, 26.4k
    Loki's stripped of his memory and powers and sent to Midgard to see if he can change his ways as Thor once did.Thor tries to find him along with the Avengers, but finds he has a different attraction to this new Loki then the one he shared on Asgard But has Loki really lost all his memories? Will Thor help him return to Asgard?
    The writing of this fic is rough and in need of some polishing, there are some tropes that you just have to roll with, and it's definitely on the feel good side of things, but the heart of the fic is there and very solid and, oh, I needed this. I was having another grumpy day and I wanted something happy (because I can only be unhappy for so long before I'm like, nope, this blows, I'm finding something that makes me feel better), so, okay, fic where Loki is put on Midgard without his memories, develops a friendship with Steve, and falls in love with Thor? Yes, give me that right now. Where this fic works for me is in the way the author built it up well, they didn't just jump immediately to the Avengers running into Loki, but neither did it take forever to happen! I was practically tripping over myself to get to the next paragraph and then the next after that, because I was so eager to know how this was going to play out! And then AHHHH it happened and it was pretty satisfying!

There is some angst in this fic, but I find that it's closer to fluffy angst than heartbreaking angst... though, it's not all niceness and sunshine. For the most part, yes, but there are some heavier things when Loki is not entirely disconnected from his previous life. But then Thor's there and he likes the guy and the guy likes him and there's just... what the author did was to pull me into the story and make me care and gave Loki a second chance and kept his mischievous streak and, oh, I read all ~18k of this story like it was nothing because OM NOM NOM give me more of this! When a fic can pull me in like that, when the pacing is solid and the author has that certain special charisma I'm looking for and makes me happy, that's all I can ask for. It's not going to be for everyone, but the fic has heart and that's what I really wanted.

The Kindness of Strangers by The_Lionheart, loki & marvel characters, amnesia, background violence and abuse, 36.3k
    He wakes up in a hospital room.
    I will give the caveat on this fic that Loki... does not feel like Loki to me. I can justify a lot of it from the amenesia and the lack of baggage and upbringing that he'd have had, but there's a lack of refinement and love of mischief that I view as inherent to Loki's character that's definitely missing here. In a lot of ways, this might as well be an OC with Loki's face. There's also evil!Odin in this fic and he's not... there are complications with him, I don't actually think he's evil evil, but he is cruel and abusive and terribly misguided in that he sees things a certain way and is too powerful to have anyone really argue with him. A lot of leeway can be given for their culture being different, that they're gods, not humans, but still. This fic is also sort of a blend of movieverses and comics canon, but I think it's meant to be an MCU fic set a ways into the future, where things unfold with a lot of comic elements. Okay, caveats out of the way, holy shit, I think I read this whole entire thing practically in one sitting because it was so goddamned engrossing! For all that I have trouble seeing this character as an amnesiac Loki, I certainly was fond of him and genuinely liked him and quickly became emotionally attached!

The fic starts with "Lucas" waking up in a hospital after an accident that left him badly hurt and he has to work to regain mobility and figure himself out, with all his memories missing, eventually striking up a friendship with Peter Park and things just sort of... snowball from there, because the past can never really stay buried. The plotting and pacing of the fic is incredibly solid, this fic is good on a technical level as well as a fannish feelings level, given the way I devoured it with something akin to tunnel vision and felt like hardly any time at all had passed. It does a lovely job of building a new life for Loki, new relationships that are mixed with the old ones, the little hints that come up because of course some people are eventually going to recognize him, all of that is foreshadowed, built up to, and realized very well.

But where this fic really got me was in the scenes with Thor. Despite that Thor isn't a large presence in the fic, there are really only a handful of scenes he's majorly present in, those were the scenes that actually put a mist in my eyes because my fannish heart was so intensely wrenched around. How Lucas doesn't recognize him, but there's some part of him that you can feel him feeling it, too, how Thor so desperately loves his brother and wants him back, wants to be there for him, it punched me in the feelings really hard. When a fic can bring me close to tears--while I'm in public, even!--I know it's doing something right for me. All of Lucas' relationships are lovely, especially his friendship with Peter which seriously sparkles and his sort of mentor/father figure thing with Doctor Strange which was seriously so good for my heart, but I do know where my heart is.

The fic is about at the limits of what I can tolerate for angst, violence (mostly implied, but I'm really not fond of the lip sewing thing), and abuse, but I am glad I read this. It's really well-written and one of the great things about it is that there are all these different relationships, that we mostly only see Lucas' for, but you can sense there are more in the background, different ways of interacting with them, different dynamics, different levels of flirting, and I found that I really liked it. And, of course, there is a whole lot of Loki interacting with the Avengers, which I love dearly. The fic doesn't just tease that aspect, either, he spends a good deal of time with them, interacting with each and every one of them, all of them differently, and that kind of balance and pacing is like candy to me. Finally, there is a bitch of a cliffhanger ending, but thankfully the sequel is well underway, so you shouldn't be left screaming too hard.

Stranger in a Strange Land by The_Lionheart, loki & marvel characters + background tyr/loki, amnesia, background violence and abuse, 41.7k
    Lucas inhales and the air is sweet and cold inside a golden room that looks out onto a giant, fabulous golden city.
    This is a sequel to The Kindness of Strangers, which needs to be read first.
    Rec #1: As soon as I finished reading the previous fic, I dove right onto this one. It's only two chapters as of the time of this rec, but that does mean that it's over 11k words so far, which is a good ways into the story so far. All my caveats about the first fic still hold here, but it also has that same pull on me, where I could just not put it down and found myself completely entranced by this setup. And the thing that this fic does so well--which is often rare to find in the harsher fics, especially with evil!Odin--is that Sif and the Warriors Three are pretty fucking amazing and I love them dearly. Oh, I default love them because I think they truly love Thor and try to be good people, but being a Loki fan is not always easy on S+W3. Here, though? Wonderful and fantastic. I practically want to wrap myself up in these characters and just bask in the wonderfulness for awhile.

But I'm also intrigued by Lucas' scenes with Frigga, who clearly loves her son dearly and missed him so much and is trying so very hard, but also has to uphold certain things and doesn't entirely understand this new version of her son. But she loves him still and those scenes were fascinating to me. (Though, I definitely find myself hoping that this isn't going down the path of Frigga basically being an accomplice and/or abusive herself.) The scenes with Odin were... as difficult to get through as they were intended to be, but... as much as this isn't the MCU Odin I saw, I do find him fascinating and would love to take his thought processes apart, even if I suspect that they are ones I would vehemently disagree with, I don't think he's inherently evil. Oh, and! I really quite loved the author's version of Tyr here, another character that I was bracing myself to cringe over, but instead found that I loved the hell out of him! Lucas' interaction with him was fantastic and I definitely find myself hoping he sticks around! There's foreshadowing and good pacing and moments of heartwarming things to balance out the heartbreaking things, and I'm definitely curious to get my hands on the next chapter.
    Rec #2: Because I'd just so recently torn through the previous fic and the first two chapters of this one, I jumped on the update pretty quickly. I found that the world building really intrigued me greatly in this chapter, to see Asgard through Lucas' eyes and discover it all over again, the things he probably never really would have known as Loki, to the things he would have kept so very secret, to the things he has to try to parse out between what's true and what's a lie. I find myself almost wanting to believe in this Odin, as he tells Loki the "truth" about what was really going on with his friends on Midgard (but having read some of the comments, I know better *g*), but also I find myself fascinated by the things in Loki's secret room, both intriguing and heartbreaking. I find myself totally adoring Volstagg's family in the first scene in the fic and terribly intrigued by Loki's interaction with Tyr. It's the building of the world around Lucas that really shines for me in this chapter, the way the author has been building up to a lot of these things, but doesn't just solve everything at once, instead answering a few things, but inviting more questions, in a natural, organic way, as a well-paced fic should. My reservations about being able to buy Lucas as an amnesiac Loki are still there, but I definitely will keep snapping up each chapter as it comes out, I'm invested in the story and curious to see where it goes! p.s. Any fic that can get me to ship Tyr/Loki has to be doing something right!

A Bright and Bitter Flame by forthegreatergood, thor & loki + loki & avengers, fem!loki, amnesia, 155k (at the time of this rec)
    Post-Thor, canon-divergence. Loki doesn't survive his fall from the Bifrost and winds up reincarnated on Midgard as a mortal magician named Lucy with no memory of her previous life. Her decision-making skills have not been much improved by the transformation.

    I have been following this fic since it was, I'd guess, about 30k words or so, snagging the fic faithfully every time it updated (even if I occasionally put off reading until there were a handful of chapters, because I would tear through them so greedily and then whine for more) and just generally having a whole lot of feelings about it. I've done many chapter-by-chapter update recs (I was up to chapter 30 when I went on hiatus for awhile), which I'll include below, but I wanted to do a more general rec for those who might not have yet picked this one up.

This fic has been pretty amazing for me and has given me so much to chew on over the course of time I've been reading it--I can't tell you how many conversations I've had about what the fic is doing and where it's going. Any fic that sticks with me that long, long enough that I've pestered other people into reading it so they can discuss it with me, you know it's got that certain something that I want my fic to have. And one of the things that it does best is something that you slowly absorb over the course of the fic--the similarities and differences between Loki and Lucy.

Because, sure, I picked this fic up for female!Loki with amnesia and then stuck around for the shenanigans and hundred mile an hour tangents and details and obscure cultural references, but it quickly grew to be more than that, once Thor showed up and would not be swayed from how he was sure that Lucy was Loki. And, oh, that's when things got really good, becasue it's all this fun, hilarious banter with rants about everything mixed with all the norse bro feelings you could ask for. Every scene that Thor is in is one I sit up and take notice of, because he clearly loves his brother (sister now) so much and is working hard to balance what he knows to be true with her wishes and her anger and her insistence that she's not Loki.

There's much more going on, of course, there's an actual plot with Aztec mythology throwing some epic shenanigans into the mix, there's magical theory teeming everywhere in little ways, and the fic is now quickly hurtling towards becoming even more epic, now that more has been revealed, and more Asgardians are getting into the mix. So far, it's mostly been Thor and Sif who have wormed their way into Lucy's life, but there was an awesome scene with Odin and there's hints that Frigga may be the next to come to Midgard for her baby. Which I would be totally happy about if the fic forever focused on just the Thor characters, the author is actually pretty good about balancing the scenes between Lucy's interaction with those characters and with the other Avengers--every scene she shares with Coulson, who is an excellent foil for her rapid-fire speeches with his placid, calm demeanor, is particuarly a delight.

So, all of that is a delight, in a fic that I would read just to watch Lucy run around being herself and mentally comparing her to Loki, how she seems so different on the surface, but... when you stop to think about it, a lot of it really does make sense. While there are points in the fic that made me wonder if the author knew what they were doing (as some things aren't very clear at times, what we're supposed to know and what we're not, why certain elements of the plot are around, if they mean anything or if they're random), by the current point, I'm much more certain the author knows where this is all going. And, oh, I love this Thor so much, who has grown up and yet is still so recognizable, every scene he has with Lucy is just so emotionally charged, even when they're just talking, because the author writes him very well and gets their complicated relationship across here. Especially how it's not really either one of their faults, nor are either of them blameless in this complicated mix of their lives. Lucy is so much like Loki in that--she's not given a fair shake all the time, but she's also not a saint by any means, so it's fascinating to watch her interact with everyone else like this. Which is yet another part of why this fic has the potential to be one of my very favorite fics ever in the fandom.

Project Loki by aceryth, steve & loki + other captain america characters, au, 8.2k
    Prompt: During WW2 the Nazi's manage to summon forth Loki through a magic ritual, imprison him and use his power for the war effort. In the process his head gets scrambled and he pretty much forgets who he is. Eventually allied forces led by Captain America manage to break into the base where Hitler's new 'super weapon' is being kept and are shocked to discover that it's a person.
    I'm not sure if this fic is complete or not (I don't think so, the last part was labeled 13/?) and it's been two years since this was posted, so it's almost assuredly abanonded, but it's over 8k and gets into a really satisfying amount of this alternate timeline. It's another one of those fic that sparks such interesting thoughts while I was reading, that it's that spark of creativity in the fandom that I miss about the old norsekink, and it's a really neat look at Steve interacting with amnesiac!Loki, how he does and doesn't fit in with the people of this time. The set-up is really fascinating to read, the author has such great pacing and talent for working in bits of detail for the plot, the world building here is really solid for the amount of time the fic has to get it in. It's just... neat! And the fic definitely made me pine for more clever AU fics like this. *wistful*

I'm Waiting for That Setting Sun to Burn Me by milky_haven, thor/loki, nsfw, amensia, 1.7k
    Loki fell into the abyss and there was someone else who fell with him. For the first time in the nine months of his time on Midgard, Loki is grieving because he wonders if his brother even wants him back.
    I am so weak to fic where Thor falls with Loki off the Bifrost that you don't even know. One of these days I'm going to make a recs list just for that, I swear. I'm also weak to fluffy fic and amensia fic, so this one won't be for everyone, but if you want softer characterization where they live on Midgard together in the wilderness and Loki sort of feels like he's better off not remembering and so all the softer things can come out and Thor totally adores him? Then, yes, this is a lovely piece for you. (And me.)

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