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Hands off My Hammer! by mwaters, thor/loki (pre-slash?), pre-movie, fluff, 1.4k
    Loki tries to steal Mjolnir
    When I picked up this fic, I think I expected something completely cracky, because of the title. But, instead, it's surprisingly adorable and gave me a lot of feels! Oh, it's still humorous at times, but it actually gets into the relationship between Thor and Loki (which is pre-slash here, because they're younger), touching on how Thor is kind of a dick without meaning to be, while Loki is a little shit without meaning to be. But it also shows, if it had just been these two, they probably would have been as close as could be forever, because there's an easy acceptance between the two of them here, even when they annoy the shit out of each other. I just. Ugh, this fic gave me a lot of feelings, okay. And those two are the CUTEST when they're younger!

The One You Must Protect by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead), odin & loki & thor, kid!thor + baby!loki, 1.4k
    Odin takes his two small sons to play in the garden.

Then he loses them.

    This is part of a larger series, but they can all be read separately as they're not necessarily linearly connected.
    Now, as an antidote to the previous bittersweet fic, this one instead is just pure happiness and sunshine! I love absolutely, absolutely everything about this piece as it does justice to the summary and what I hoped to get from the fic. I love that this is set from Odin's point of view, that we see both Thor and Loki being adorable children, that they're both loved, that Odin is glad to see Loki and Thor truly being brothers, that we see him genuinely care about this child as his own. Odin picking up Loki, who grabs his beard to hang on, or toddling after Thor, Odin's stirrings of panic when he can't find them after they've wandered off, the way he talks to Thor about why he should look after his little brother and even the way his intentions are good and he tries to curttail Thor's views on Jotunheim, if you really think about it, it didn't solve anything, but it's not outright neglectful. If I wasn't looking for it, I don't think I would have noticed it! All of this was masterfully done and this is such a warm-hearted, lovely fic full of family feels that gave me joy to read.

The Most Insidious Poison by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead), thor & loki, 4.9k
    Thor is poisoned while on a hunt. Loki goes in search of the antidote. But all knowledge has a price, and the price to save Thor's life may be higher than Loki realizes.
    This is part of a larger series, but they can all be read separately as they're not necessarily linearly connected.
    This was a beautiful fic. I've been reading the author's longfic and stopped to read one of their shorter pieces as well and, oh, this one is both lovely and bittersweet at the same time. It's difficult to write a story like this and not tip it too far in any one direction, where it plays with Loki's role in Asgard pre-movies, where some major things happen but still leave the big reveals for the movies, but this author achieves it beautifully. I found myself really impressed by that, even amongst all the rest of the feelings I was having over Loki's emotions being stirred up by everything that was happening--from Thor's injury to his own journey to help Thor and how Asgard treated him.

The author balances all of this wonderfully and then adds in an adventure as well! Loki going to the Well of Urðr to talk to the Norns and traveling to Muspellheim and talking with Surtur and dragons and a giantess and more! This is why I read Thor fic, because I love the fantasy style epic worlds they live in and this fic gets all that in (even though it's just under 5k, so it's not entirely the point, but they're very much a part of the background world). Where it really got me, though, was just how much all of this said about Loki's love for Thor, even as you could see the bitterness taking root in him. It's bittersweet, but the ending is still lovely for it, and I highly recommend it.

Baby Brother by nyxelestia, thor & loki & odin & frigga, pre-movies, kidfic, 1.2k
    “This is your new baby brother,” Frigga said. “Loki.” “Bwotha?” he asked, eying the baby warily as she set him down on his stomach in front of Loki.
    This was so fucking sweet! Odin and Frigga have just brought baby Loki home and they're just starting to weave him into their lives, wondering how Thor will take to having a new addition to their family (and addressing a couple of points that always made me wonder--like, how did anyone not notice Frigga's pregnancy?--in an offhand manner, but it was still nice to see), who naturally instantly takes a shine to the new baby. It's pure adorable fluff that made me so incredibly happy to read! It's absolute sunshine and adorable babies and a perfect, perfect companion to the fanart that inspired it.

At Fault by Book_Wyrm, thor & loki + other asgardians, pre-movies, 11.4k
    Everyone’s favorite siblings end up in a jail on Midgard. Getting out is relatively easy. Dealing with the consequences once they get home is less so.
    I picked up this fic because, oh, hey, 11k of Thor and Loki being adorable little shits together as kids! Yes, I'm up for that. And, while the ending is a little baffling (in the way it's supposed to be, Odin's logic is his own, which is remarked on in the fic at several points) and the ending is a bit cracky, it's one of those fics that just charmed me the whole way through. It walks a fine line between being angsty (as it may well have been the start of Loki's disillusion with his family and his treatment by them) and being light-hearted, which the author does well, but! It's the relationship between Thor and Loki that's darling and perfect and the real highlight of the fic. The author does a lovely job of showing how much they both clearly love each other, how precocious they both were as children, yet how they're starting to grow apart because of diverging interests. It doesn't mean they love each other any less, but it does makt it more difficult for them to find common ground.

Which means Thor has to try extra hard to figure his brother out, especially when Loki's mood is prickly and mercurial already, and, oh, that was so good for me, to have such excellent Thor characterization as he tried to make things better between them. To try to navigate Loki's moods and not really entirely understand him, but trying and that's part of why Loki loves him in return and why Thor is the one that he comes out of his shell the most for and just al;sdkfjal;skjsl it's a mix of OTP OTP OTP (on my part, the fic's dynamic could be OTP or it could be purely familial) and PRECIOUS ADORABLE BABIES, which is exactly what I wanted when I picked this fic up. If you enjoy kidlets getting into adventures and then getting into trouble and being adorable babies and having Asgard (and their history) a little more fleshed out, then this is an excellent fic for that.

Expectations by Takada Saiko and Gabrielle Day, thor & loki, pre-movies, 3k
    Odin has made it very clear on the limitations he has set for his sons as to where they may and may not go as the princes of Asgard. When they slip past the guards yet again they must deal with the consequences.
    This is the third story in a multi-part series that would help to be read in order. (Though, this one can be read out of order, if you like.)
    This story is set pre-Thor, so the timeline of this fic series isn't 100% strict, and I like this one as part of the greater whole of the series, but also as a (sort of) stand alone about Thor and Loki's childhood. I feel like I don't read enough fic of them as kids like this, where they're such precocious little shits always getting into trouble, egging each other on just by virtue of their personalities, just a dash of competative qualities in both of them, but also clearly a team and they love each other dearly. The authors find a beautiful balance of all these things, as well as the trouble they get into when they sneak off for adventuring yet again. I love that, despite that this is a short piece and not that much time is spent on the background details, I still felt like this was a nicely fleshed out world they were running around in. But mostly I love this Thor and Loki, who are fucking precious, while still feeling in the spirit of the characters, they're adventurous little scamps here and I love that.

Darkness Before Dawn by Takada Saiko and Gabrielle Day, thor & loki, pre-movies, 7.3k
    Loki has always suffered from rather vivid nightmares, but when they start to come alive, Thor just may have to save his little brother from himself.
    This is the fourth story in a multi-part series that would help to be read in order. (Though, this one can be read out of order, if you like.)
    This is another pre-Thor fic that contributes to the greater whole of the series, but also could be sort of a stand-alone if you like. Up to this point, I'd enjoyed everything these authors have written, I was definitely onboard with reading the entire series and happily making my way through them, content with wherever they were going, especially because nothing thrills me like post-Avengers fic that starts getting everything back on track again. But, with these authors, I find that I don't mind the detours back into past adventures, especially when it does all the things I want from a fic like this--magical shenanigans, Thor and Loki banter and bonding and working together, bucketloads of feelings, a sense of this being a well built world even without a lot of time spent on details, a good balance of all these things. There is more Loki whump, of course, but it's always in the same vein, where it's used to further the relationship between the characters, where it's used because the comfort part of the h/c is just as important, where it's about getting through Loki's clever words and shielding to get at more genuine things, where it's about Thor's protective streak towards his little brother.

This is also the fic where the relationship between the characters feels the most like pre-slash to me, so far. I still don't think that's where the authors are going and it's actually fine with me, I'm reading these fics for the emotional relationship (and I still feel like it's everything in a fully realized relationship, just without the actual sex) and the physical touches Thor gives Loki, which are extra intense in this fic. I can't tell you how many feelings over the physical contact in this fic; they're such that I almost don't even need anything more than what the authors are already giving me! Thor being angry that Loki's nearly dying here is delicious, as it always is with this series. Yet it's important to note that the fic is never about denying Loki's prowess, it's not about weakening him. It's about throwing him into such intense circumstances that of course he's going to be wounded and hurt, even when he gives as good as he gets. And that is what makes this serious so very, very delicious for me.

Blinding by Takada Saiko & Gabrielle Day, thor & loki, 2.1k
    Loki did not move. While he longed for the comforting presence that he hadn't even realized he had become so very accustomed to, his pride would not allow Thor see him like this. If he were to break, he would break alone.
    This is part of a series, where you need to have read "Drown the Echoes" and "Breath of Life" first.
    This is one of those stories that's good for me because it's all about the aftermath of a big plotfic that had a lot of events going on in it. One of the things I wish would happen more often in various forms of media (especially tv shows and movies) is for the aftermath beyond the big, climactic events--not necessarily in terms of how their lives have changed (though, that's good, too) but just the... wind down and the dust settling and everyone dealing with the shifts in their relationships. So, a fic that's all about Loki in the aftermath of everything that happened to him on Jotunheim in "Breath of Life"? Yes, give me that. It's all about him trying to further adjust to the things he knows (or simply believes) about himself, all those issues he still has roiling around inside him, all the chaos and the storm of emotions in there, that eat away at him, until Thor comes and sits by him and it's a little better. I love that not everything is perfect and fixed here, not even after proof of how much they care about each other, that Loki can't deny that he's loved, but it's better. There's so much history between them and, in this case, it's to their benefit, because Thor knows him so well and is truly seeing him and, ahhhhh, I love it for all those things, but also because there's such an importance to this relationship. You can feel how this is the most important relationship to each of them, no matter what else it is or isn't, that they balance each other here and stabilize each other. And that's exactly what I want from this series.

It Comes with a Price by Takada Saiko & Gabrielle Day, thor & loki, some violence, pre-movies, 11.4k
    When Thor loses Mjolnir in a bet with a group of dwarves, the brothers travel to find a way to retrieve it. Along with the dwarves they find a powerful man that is pulling the strings of their entire adventure. They must find a way not only to defeat the enemy, but to work through the rift that is already beginning to form between them.
    This is part of a series, which would help to read for context, but as this one is set pre-Thor, I think it stands well on its own.
    Oh, man, this is exactly the kind of thing that I'm forever wanting to read in this fandom. I was a little bit wary when Thor and Loki found themselves dealing with dwarves, who'd taken Mjolnir after Thor lost it to them, and any time dwarves and Mjolnir show up, I know where it's going. (Which I'm really not big on.) But I trusted this fic to not go a horrible route, because this Thor and Loki--for all that they have their issues with each other--dearly love each other and I could not imagine that Thor would let such a thing happen. And I'm glad I kept reading, because it's excellent Loki whump that is used to further the plot and the characters' relationship with each other, which is the way I like it. And I really love that this fic especially had a lot of tension between the two of them, that Loki was chafing under always having to be the responsible one with Thor and always getting hurt for it, that Thor was angry that Loki was forever sour with him and clearly always thinks him stupid and never actually lets him in on anything. It works both for being an issue that they have to struggle to work through and because it lays groundwork for the future canon of the movies, to have that tension between them now.

I also love it for the atmosphere, how it's got that vaguely midieval-esque feel of adventures and fantasy and dugeons and dwarves and magic that I love so much with these characters, especially when they're younger. I love that, even if these are whump fics (which means the characters are going to get hurt so that the comfort can be delicious afterwards) you never forget what total badasses these characters are. They never get hurt because they're weak or stupid, they don't get hurt through situations that could have been avoided. The authors are good at putting them in situations that I can buy their wounds (especially Loki, who always seems to find himself in dangerous situations, for a mixture of reasons--all of which you can feel here, that it's partly his own inability to walk away, partly that he's kind of too clever for his own good, partly that he can't resist being a smart mouth, partly that Thor drags him into trouble and then Loki takes the brunt of it, but the authors are excellent at not being direct about that, so much as you just get it), as well as using those situations to bring Thor and Loki back together. And, oh, boy, do I enjoy each of them trying to save the other, Thor's absolute refusal to leave without Loki (and Loki had better not be trying to just buy Thor time to get out, because then he will turn right around and storm back in, asd;flkjas;lkjal oh my god give me that Thor forever), that's the kind of getting under my skin emotionally fic I just fucking revel in.

A Fighter Pilot, or Possibly a Grocer by KuriKoer, thor & loki, kid!thor + kid!loki, pre-movies, ~1k
    You don't have to follow in your father's footsteps.
    This is a short piece, not even a thousand words, just a handful of scenes from Thor and Loki's childhood, a handful of scenes where Loki says why he doesn't want the throne. It's lovely for accomplishing that balance it needed--it's obvious what it's contrasting against, what line it'll evoke as you read, but it's also not entirely about that, it can also stand on its own as an illustration of their childhood and everything that they're wrapped up in. The boring side of being a king, the heavy duty that comes with it, the way it wouldn't suit Loki is shown well here, just as much as it is for Thor, who wears the burden of kingship better. It does a lovely job of illustrating so much of the seeds of Loki's discontent and ill suit.

To Strengthen The Other by fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead), thor & loki + other asgardians, kid!thor + kid!loki, pre-movies, 5.8k
    What’s an Odinson to do, when his brother does everything right and he’s not the favored prince?

Or, Loki gets to go to Alfheim. Thor gets jealous.

    Oh, I absolutely adored this fic, because it's such a lovely illustration of how siblings all have their ups and downs with feeling like they're not the favored one, how Loki's family truly loves him, how it's such good brotherly fluff. I love it for doing those things, but also being a portrait of Thor growing up, entering adolescence and growing into his own person, when Loki's away in Alfheim. I love that both brothers clearly adore each other, I love that Thor is jealous of Loki, I love that Loki was always the one being praised in his eyes, but I love how the author also has Thor coming into his own, how his friendships with Sif + the Warriors Three slowly developed, how he started getting more comfortable with himself when he didn't try to be as good as Loki at studying. It's such a sweet, wonderful story full of family feels and adorable young Norse god brothers and some lovely world building in the background and just... I felt really good after reading this fic! That's exactly what I want from family feels fic. (This is gen, but it does focus on the Thor/Loki relationship.) → I Remember by Gallifreyja, thor & loki + odin/frigga, baby!loki, kid!thor, fluff, 1k
    It was still a crystal clear memory, the day Loki became her son.
    This fic does have the bouncing pov problem and could have been tightened up a little, but I have to admire that it's hard for me to really complain too hard when it's going back and forth between Odin and Frigga's points of view about this new baby that Odin's brought into their lives and they're wary about how this will all go... except of course they fall in love with the baby all too quickly. And then Frigga introduces the baby to Thor, where both Thor and the baby instantly take to each other and it's just. It's wonderful because it's so full of family feels and happiness that, ahhhh, it's wonderful to read.

Mine + But He's Mine by BarbwireRose, thor & loki + other asgardians, kid!thor + bb!loki, 3.9k
    Little!Thor's first encounter with bb!Loki after Odin brings the babe home from the war. Naturally, when young Thor sees that his father is hiding something under his cloak, he assumes that the bundle is for him and asks to see it. He doesn't yet understand the concept of a 'brother', but that doesn't stop him from claiming Loki as his.
    Super fucking cute Thor and Loki as kids and just how completely possessive Thor is of Loki. It's all about the fluff of babiessss and happy families and how fucking cute everything here is! It's all just so fucking precious omg. ♥ And that is a huge, huge weakness for me, so I was completely charmed by this.

fine word; legitimate by dance_at_bougival, thor & loki & sif, pre-movies, 2.3k
    If he be worthy, his father whispers; and he feels his heart hammer in his chest, pounding against his ribcage, his limbs trembling like a spent horse. If he be worthy, he shall possess the power of Thor.
    I am always so wary when I start in on one of this author's fics because the writing is always gorgeous, but it's always the kind of story that just rips my heart out and may very well actually make me cry. This one didn't quite go that far, but it definitely was full of gorgeously done ouchy feelings, as Loki grows up, the theme of what makes one 'worthy' threaded throughout each of the scenes. It's focused on the differences between Thor and Loki, their strengths and weaknesses that complement each other's, even as you can feel the beginnings of resentment settling into Loki, just as much as he loves Thor. What this author really does best of all, though, is the trio of Thor and Loki and Sif, how the three of them have all these layered and different relationships with each other, how no one is purely one thing or another, no one is purely good or evil, but it's all gorgeously complicated between them. And, oh, the ending is difficult, but beautiful all the same.

Divergence by DictionaryWrites, loki & frigga, genderfluid!loki, pre-movies, 1.4k
    Frigga and Loki come to talk late at night, when she discovers him awake in the library. The conversation is not as comfortable as Frigga would like, but it is honest, at least.
    I am very glad I stumbled over this fic tonight, as I am a tremendous fan of exploring Loki as genderqueer, even when it's only lightly touched on in this short piece. It's a softer Loki, but one that I still see fitting with the canon, as he is not excused of his faults here and how he is far from perfect, but he's seen through a mother's eyes, and his bitterness is not for her. I felt quite a lot for Loki here and the fairly bleak look at Loki, both external and internal, worked well for me here!

All the Courage You Have Left by Takada Saiko, frigga & loki, kid loki, pre-movies, 1.2k
    A young Loki receives a gift from Frigga that he will carry with him all of his days.
    There's one caveat I have, that the other Asgardians are a little too mean to kid Loki, but other than that, this was wonderful! Frigga and her darling little boy who takes immediately to daggers and throwing kinves in a way he never did with swords, is wonderful! There is some lovely background detail worked in with where the daggers came from and hints of Frigga's past and I loved all of it. ♥

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