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Words Will Never Hurt Me by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), loki + verity + america + lorelei + bb!loki, loki: agent of asgard, mythology references, 25.7k wip
    Loki may be trying to curb his use of magic, but he still feels drawn to magical artifacts. Few are as powerful as the ancient scroll hidden beneath the desert sand and rumoured to grant power over all of creation, living or dead...if one doesn't mind being the target of a rather nasty curse. Loki has a plan to get around all that, of course. All it needs is the help of a few friends, a little luck, and the ability to resist his baser instincts. Maybe two out of three will be enough.
    First Rec: The amount of times I've checked back to see if this fic has updated is getting a little embarrassing. And sometimes I find myself thinking this fandom doesn't deserve this author, but I'm fervently glad they're here anyway, because this fic is amazing. It's everything it set out to be--beautifully written, the kind that reminds me of professional writing and pacing and structure, while fun and clever, the snap of it so sharp and so many fun lines that are sheer joy to read, and an interesting as hell plot. Loki sets out with Verity, Lorelei, and America to retrieve a scroll, which will of course come back to bite Loki in the ass with his biggest regret, and it's a gorgeous blend of humor, a well-balanced cast, lovetaps to the feelings, and an absolute scream to read with some gorgeous characterization. I love every character here, I love the way Loki loves riling the women in his life up, that he loves intense people, that he's trying to be good, but he loves chaos. This is a Loki that really is working towards being true chaotic neutral, that he does good things and bad things, they're all a part of him, and he's not what he used to be, but that doesn't mean it's not still there every step of the way.

Reading the early chapters, about them trekking across the desert, is so relatable and humanized, even as most of them aren't regular humans, they're gods or indestructable or have magic, but they're basically teenagers or not much older. This fic is wonderful and does such justice to the complications of Loki, especially once the complications set in and it's... oh, it's wonderful for how it blends different parts of Loki together, how it goes from really charming in the beginning to honestly the best Loki: Agent of Asgard fic I've yet to find in the fandom. There's plot and magical shenanigans and different kinds of mythology, and it's fun, but I basically read each updated chapter (it's up to six chapters at the time of this rec) with my hand clutched ever more tightly over my heart and scooting ever closer to the edge of my stea. I desperately want more people to read this fic and pine with me for the next chapter as we refresh the fic ridiculously often while waiting for it.
    Second Rec: Sometimes I really feel like I should have waited until this fic was finished before reading, because each chapter went by so quickly and each new development left me absolutely craving answers and to know what happened next! The blending of the past with the current, the way so many old elements show up from Loki's history, is gorgeously done and the tone of it is just perfect for this series and this character, everything about this is Loki, so very perfectly. Add in that there are stories within stories and I'm completely in love with bb!Loki all over again and I love that both of them should hate each other or want to be rid of each other, but Loki is Loki even to Loki and wins you over despite your better judgement. This fic pulls that off beautifully and is totally worth reading as a wip! (Or tearing through all at once, now that it's finished! I haven't yet had the time yet, but this author is one of the best in the fandom, especially at writing the comics versions of the characters while not needing to be steeped in their histories, you can read it even if you're only vaguely familiar with what's going on in the comics. JUST READ IT. IT'S SO GOOD.)
    Third Rec: I wrote a rec or two of this fic as it was in progress, but now I want to write one for the full fic after catching up on it, as it is the best Agent!Loki fic I could have asked for! It's not just that it's well-written or well-plotted or well-characterized, but that it's drawing on so many great unresolved issues and themes. This is a story that is beautifully summed up with, "Loki takes care of Loki" and "Loki is Loki's worst enemy", those two things are at the heart of this fic and this character. That is what really makes this fic sing, in all the obvious ways and all the subtle ways, how that theme is so strong here.

From beginning to end, this fic was a hell of a ride as the mystery unfolded yet felt like the story always knew where it was going. You fet that right from the very beginning and it sucked me in so hard that I was in tears by the end, for that perfect, perfect ending. This is a fic about how Loki has changed and yet how some things are still inevitable, how this is Loki and all the possibilities that he might be vs the things that he's always destined to fall into, and it's gorgeous for that. But it's also gorgeous for how the characters in use here, both current day and from his past, and kid Loki and Agent!Loki just shine together. The fic also does wonderfully with Verity, she is such an amazing addition and America fucking sparkles every time she's on the page, this fic is worth reading for the ensemble apsect alone, I would read this author's America in anything, this gorgeous mix of power and brashness and care and good.

It's also worth reading for the plot aspect, which is utterly nailed by the author, how it feels like it captures the spirit of not only the characters but the narrative of the canon as a whole. This is one of the best fics in teh fandom lately and I want everyone to read it! You don't have to be overly familiar with the comics, just know the basicks, and you'll pick it up just fine. It's briliant and wrenching in all the right places and fun in all the right ones and is just SO GOOD. The entire time I was reading, I was reminded of something that felt like a professional level novel, that it was just so damned solid in everything it was doing, from the story to the characters to the pacing to the tone. All of it felt right on technical levels, just as much as it felt right on my fannish heart level, too. Bless this fic's existence!

Stolen Relics (aka Don't Leave Unattended Children in the Yard) by 5ofSpades, some thor/loki + loki/others + brief thor/sif + other asgardians + other marvel characters + loki's kids, pregnant!loki, sort of jotunn!loki, 13.9k wip
    The one where: How King Býleistr saved an Æsir babe from terrible heat exposure, and Þrúðr, daughter of Thor, grew up the strangest Prince of Jötunheimr. And how once upon a time Loki saved the world, saved his name and reputation, gave up custody of his living children to his frost giant brother, and was given a state funeral by Odin King without Loki himself attending.
    I admit, I sometimes had trouble following this fic, it's not always clear what's going on where or when, but I greatly enjoy the author's style and the world being built here and bringing in a mythology sort of feel and so many of Loki's kids that get up to epic antics themselves. I think that's my favorite part of this fic, that they're not just props, but instead part of the plot and the symmatry of Asgard and Jotunheim's clusterfuck going round and round with each other, that it's fun reading about Thrudr and Vali getting into shit together, and about how everything with Thanos shook out in this world!

Thrice Blessed by umakoo, thor/loki + frigga + odin, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, pregnant!loki, mild childbirth scene, mild lactation kink, fluff, norse mythology elements, 14k
    Part four in my Jotun AU series in which Thor and Loki have their first child.
    This is the fourth in a series, which helps to read in order, but if you absolutely wanted to, you could read this one on its own, I think.
    There is so much I want to say about this fic, but I fear it's going to be one of those recs that only captures a fraction of what I adored about it, because every scene has so much going on with it, every scene has a point to it and further explores an aspect of this univverse that's interesting and full of feelings, and it leaves the fic with such a rich, lush feeling to it, even beyond the Norse mythology elements that have been married to the spirits of the MCU characters. I remark each time I do a rec for a fic in this series, on how well blended the Norse mythology elements are with the characters from the MCU, how it's clearly both mixed together, in a really organic and incredible way. I would recommend this fic just for that! But it's also in the way the author has clearly spent a lot of time expanding this world and having a strong view of it, which isn't info dumped onto the reader, but instead worked in with little touches, so that everything feels very fully realized! And I love writing like that!

That it comes with dometic fluff that still carries emotional weight and includes Jotunn!Loki and pregnant!Loki and that kind of cheerful, enthusiastic porn that I like is just even more of a bonus. I love how much culture there is in the writing here, both for their time in Asgard and for the bits of his own history that Loki brings with him, when it's something as simple as the paint he marks himself with or the food that's served or the rooms they inhabit. I love that another way to keep the spirit of the characters is that Loki has an absolutely beautiful relationship with Frigga here, which isn't the same as it is in the MCU, it can't be, but I still felt like this is how they would be if they had these contexts to them! And this Odin is absolutely SPOT ON, with the balancing of being as old as he is with as wise as he is with as much of a king as he is and with as much of a father as he is. I found myself really struck by his character especially on the second time through, when I had a stronger sense of what he was thinking, and that's exactly how Odin should be! Everything was perfect with him, everything was perfect with Frigga and how gentle and motherly she is, without sacrificing that steel core she has.

With those scenes, it added to the domestic fluff feeling of the story, which I absolutely loved, but it was more than that. This Thor and Loki obviously deeply love each other and they have a rock solid relationship, but it's not perfect. This Loki is still prickly and this Thor still sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, but this Loki is also able to be more open about his vulnerability and this Thor is able to be calmer about supporting Loki through the pregnancy, so it's fluffy, but not too sickly sweet, not in any scene. And, oh, this is everything I love about pregnant!Loki, it hits all the tropes while still keeping them sharp and fresh, so you understand why they became tropes in the first place. And I love that there's focus on the actual birth and the kid after the birth and that sweetness of when you have a baby to hold in your arms, that little miracle of life, for both Thor and Loki as new parents.

Not everything is perfect, Loki is still a Jotunn in Asgard, which comes up a few times in the fic, but it too feels natural and organic to the storyline, one that is almost sort of necessary. Plus, it gives Thor a chance to fuck Loki in a place where they can sort of be overheard because let them hear and OH MAN GIVE ME THAT ALWAYS. Because I love how much these two really enjoy fucking, how Thor enjoys seeing Loki writhe in pleasure and how absolutely greedy for that Loki is, it's charming and heart-warming and all the hotter for it. Combine that with the deliciousness of anxiety over expecting a baby and how that brings up a lot of Loki's issues and it's a bumpy road at times, but there's genuine kindness and just. Ahhhh, it's so good, especially if you're looking for something to make you feel all warm and happy while reading it.

Through the Fire by umakoo, thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, jotunn!loki, pregnant!loki, intersex!loki, domestic fluff, mild violence, 18.1k
    The fifth and final part in my series of Jotun AU fics in which Thor and Loki are new parents and come face to face with their past.
    This is the fifth of a series of fics that should be read in order!
    Speaking of fics that I'm going to have a terrible time writing a rec for, where I'll either wind up writing a novel or just keyboard smashing for three paragraphs. This series has been wonderfully good for me, because it's a fantastic blending of mythology and the MCU characters, where they're not strictly one or the other, but you can feel the spirit of both them so very well, you can feel how familiar the author is with this world she's set up for them. But it's also more than that, because even a detailed headcanon of a world doesn't always translate to an interesting fic, neither does just simply dumping information or details about Norse culture and the mythologies in, so it's thankful that the fic has a gorgeous way of weaving them into the story. I often thought while reading this fic that I would like to use it for an example to writers who want to work details into their writing, how to not overwhelm or pause the flow of the story, but who have all these little touches that they want to use for enrichening the world. Sometimes it's as simple as quickly describing the trees or the food laid out before the characters or an object in their hand or the type of clothes they're wearing or how they travel from one place to the next. Detail that you don't notice unless you're paying attention, but that find that balance between describing the world richly and yet letting you picture it in your mind's eye.

But even more than just on a technical level, this fic is entirely satisfying on an emotional level for the domestic fluff aspect that doesn't let go of these characters still being themselves. The fic has a strong sense of both Thor and Loki, they both have such strong personalities, and I love that they fight more than once in front of the reader, true fights that feel entirely organic to the relationship, the kind that you can relate to with any married couple. Yet, even when it's a terrifying clash or when there are such angry words between them, there's never that hint of fear that they're going to break up for it, not even because the author doesn't write that kind of fic, but simply because it's just the way married people argue sometimes! That's not something that I get to read often enough in fic and so I loved having it here.

Then, on top of all that, this is a fic that's largely about Thor and Loki as parents, which actually does a great job of showing the kids' personalities beginning to show and not having them overtake the story too much. It's just the right amount of kids in kidfic, that it's really more about the parents (as they're the characters we're emotionally attached to) than it is about the children, finding that line between them being massively important to the characters and other things going on. So, that means the domestic fluff is half about showing them as parents (I am never going to be over this, because there is so precious little fic of them actually parenting kids, not just having babies!!) and also in how they simply live their lives. This is a world where it's not entirely accepted that Thor married a Jotunn, that his children are half-Jotunn, but it's not an evil or cruel world, just one that has a lot of lingering bigotry that you can believe will eventually be worked through. One day. Because the scope of this fic is nicely long, which makes you feel how very much these are gods who live thousands of years (or longer), as well as fits with the mythology feel of the story.

And I love the foreshadowing in this fic, which I will not talk too much about for fear of spoilers, some of which is build-up that you see coming (and are excited to get to!) and some of which comes out of nowhere, but it all feels wonderfully paced and properly built towards! The sense of the other realms (which aren't necessarily important to the greater plot, but are important in the sense of history and their daily lives) and the magic that the characters use and the way the entire fic is charismatic and left me just happy to have read it... I'm grateful for these stories and sad that this is likely the last of the major entries of it, even as this was entirely emotionally satisfying as a resolution, goddamn. It's got absolutely everything I could want from it, including some wonderfully enthusiastic and heartwarming sex that's still absolutely filthy and ridiculously hot. I really could not ask for more. ♥

God's touch by SatansSin, thor/loki + tyr + jane, NSFW, non-con, violence, greek mythology au, 5.9k
    Loki was the most beautiful creature Thor had ever seen. And he was going to have him.
    This fic is a bit rough around the edges and hard to track at times, as well as I'll admit that I winced at the way it portrayed Jane as evil, but it's based on Greek mythology! Which often isn't very nice, so you really need to heed the non-con warning here. This is also a softer Loki and a Thor who rapes him while he's crying, but this also feels like a story about gods. I mention these things because they're caveats I would want to know ahead of time, as well as I don't want to say that they stopped me from enjoying the story! I wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't genuinely enjoy it and want others to read it with me. Because I read it easily in one sitting and found it genuinely interesting and in the spirit of a mythology-themed story, it hit a lot of the buttons I love in that vein. And it's a good read for when you just want something super angsty and harsh that still ends with a happy ending, because sometimes you just have a craving for that.

The Holly Bears The Crown by amberfox17, thor/loki, pagan mythology au, 1.3k
    It is midwinter and the night lingers, luxuriating in its own smothering weight, its absolute darkness. It is the longest night, the very heart of winter; the year stands, trembling, on the brink of dissolution and the world holds its breath for the dawn. The Winter King walks in absolute silence.
    It's not always that I can read a more poetic style of prose, but some authors can pull it off and this was a lovely piece that's all about the intimacy and imagery of it. I really enjoyed how I could practically feel the cold in the descriptions, making this a welcome winter piece to read. Lovely. ♥

God in the Machine: The Marachek Protocol by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), natasha + avengers + loki, mild background pairings, egyptian mythology, action scenes, 99.6k
    All is not right after Thor left for Asgard, taking Loki with him. Tony Stark discovers an alien parasite invading the networks of his tower and attempting to make its way out into the rest of the world. Only one viable solution has been suggested, but it might be a case of the cure being far worse than the disease...
    Rec #1: I've been reading this fic for the last week or so, but every time I got close to catching all the way up, the fic would update again! While I'm not sure if the fic is already finished and just now being posted or if the author is still writing, the updating pace has been at such a good clip that I would still recommend this even though it's currently a wip. I also recommend it because this is one of those fics where... I've read over 80k of this fic and it really does not feel like it! The writing is paced beautifully so that everything just sails right along, where I will sit and read 10 or 20k at once and not even feel the time passing. The action is engrossing and the fic blends together Egyptian mythology beautifully with the Marvel movieverse. The fic also does a solid job of giving different Avengers their moments of awesome, which is why I'm recommending more for Avengers teamfic/plotfic than for Thor-centric reasons. Which is why I picked the fic up in the first place, of course, because I remember liking everything I've read by this author and there were intriguing Thor & Loki scenes in the beginning, but it's not centered on them.

If I had to pick a central character, I would say it's Natasha, really, and that's part of why I love the fic so much, because she's awesome and human and scary and terrifying and yet still relatable. The fic does a lovely job of balancing bamf!Natasha with human!Natasha, while making all of it feel very organic to the storyline. It made sense to me that she would find herself at the center of all this! But that doesn't mean that Thor or Tony don't have their important moments, too, because this is about the Avengers as a team. I love how none of it feels bogged down, either, that the unwinding of the plot is just as interesting and sharp and fresh as when I first started reading, which makes me feel like this is a fic that really knows what it's doing.

The other thing that I really love is Egyptian mythology! That fits with the MCU! And feels like these are gods here! They're not gods in the same way that the Norse characters are gods, but it doesn't leave the other pantheons feeling disrespected, just that they're... different. Neither is better or worse than the other, which is something I love, because I'm emotionally invested in the already established characters, so I don't want to feel like they're not important or heavy hitters, but neither do I want to feel like they wouldn't have the ability to just come in and put this fire out, but... don't. The fic manages really well on that aspect, when Set is unleashed on Midgard and is a truly terrifying enemy, all the more so because he's not unfriendly about it. There's an aspect of him being off, in a way that is unsettling, but also fascinating. And then more of the other Egyptian gods are introduced and it just works really well!

I'm probably writing a terrible rec for this, but I'm greatly, greatly enjoying it! Even if it's not your usual set of characters to read about, I would recommend this one if you like genfic at all, because it captures so much of what I enjoy about epic plotfic and crossovers and weaving together of different mythologies and excellent use of detail and truly epic in scope enemies to fight that are still possible to eventually defeat. And it just goes so fast that you'll hardly even notice you're reading it. :D
    Rec #2: I'm honestly not sure why this fic doesn't have more comments or kudos, whether it's the length or the difficulty in describing or tagging it indicate what it's about or the egyptian mythology crossover or what, but it's such a shame, because it's one of the best things I've read lately! I've done recommendations for the fic before, but chapter 23+ hadn't been posted yet, so I wanted to do one more to cover the entire fic, especially since the last third of the fic is even more engrossing than previous parts! Whatever reservations you might have about the fic, I genuinely think that they're not terribly important ones, because this is a team story and everyone gets their moments of awesome, the two worlds are blended together beautifully, and the author knows how to pull off everything necessary to make a fic like this work. But the best thing is that you'll swear it's not almost 100k long because it absolutely does not feel like it! It didn't even feel like half that to me, while I was reading, because it just so smoothly sailed along!

The ending is pure delight as well, as the battle against Set ramps up and the Avengers scramble to pull all the pieces together that they need, to get the right information and put the puzzle together in just the right way. The ending did justice to the story that was built up before it, that there was an action scene that was pure fun to read about, but also it was about intelligence and cunning, that Natasha continued her role as being so vitally important to figuring all of this out. There was also more interaction with Loki towards the end, which was another delight for me, because the scenes with him always make me sit up and pay even more attention, especially when Natasha and Loki have a conversation, one that highlights the parallels between the characters, just as much as the contrasts between them. It's a gorgeous job of showing two characters who never tell the whole story, but without the scene feeling unsatisfying for it, which is not easy to do! There are even some genuinely disturbing implications written in, without making it feel forced or unecessary!

This is one of those fics that I just got sucked into, that the quick and clean pace of it and the straightforward style of prose utterly engrossed me, so that the focus was entirely on the plot and the story being told here. It's a story that feels to me very much like a professional novel would, a tie-in type of book, which I mean in the very best of ways. Everything feels so very solid here, it's an emotionally satisfying fic, and it... sort of reminds me of something a bit old school, in the way there used to be all these really neat stories told that focused purely on plot. There are some romantic moments, which I greatly enjoyed, but 98% of this story was all about the Avengers vs an Egyptian god and, boy, was it a blast to read.

When Gods Make War (Men Take Cover) by peachchild, thor/loki & avengers, mildly nsfw, some character death, greek mythology, 13k
    If he is perfectly honest with himself, and Loki is only ever really truly honest with himself, he couldn’t have predicted how perfectly it would all go. He only meant to start a little quarrel, not an entire war.

    First off, I'm going to give a warning that I will be telling some spoilers about this fic, given the warning on it. I started reading (and skimmed the ending, though, that doesn't always provide perfect context) before I read the character death warning, which may have given me pause before reading if I had. So, I'm going to say that this fic does deal with characters dying, but I will also say that there is a happy ending for Thor/Loki, so if you're wary because of that, you could probably still read this fic.

That said, holy wow, I enjoyed this fic far more than I'm going to be able to convey, I suspect. It's a gorgeous crossover between the Marvel characters and Greek mythology, one that blends the two pantheons far more seamlessly than I would have thought, without being a ridiculously long work. But the author knows just how much to put in, where to put the focus, and how work in background details that the story retains its epic feeling without having to be a million words long. And I love stories that balance character moments with actual plot, that the fighting that erupts because of the mischief being spread around left me feeling almost breathless for how intense everything was, the author somehow conveying everything I needed to know about the wide scale effect of the war with tremendous grace.

But plot is often times only half the battle of a great fic, the other half is getting to me with character moments. And, oh, Thor and Loki's relationship is beautifully done here, with their private moments having this incredible intimacy between them, where things are light and happy and so warm without sacrificing the weight of the characters. Both characters have such tremendous presence, they have such history between them, and, oh, that things aren't perfect, that I could feel how strong Thor's love and his anger both were, I could feel the scale of their immortal lives here, that Loki's viciousness isn't sacrificed even when he loves truly and he's calmed down so much. That balance of keeping their core characters while still giving me happy moments is blissful.

I love the take on the Greek mythology and how it exists at the same time as the Norse mythology, how they affect the modern world around them, and I even loved the scenes of the Avengers fighting back against this war that spreads across their home, that was lovely as well. But the heart of the story is on Thor and Loki here, with both of them having exquisite characterization--Thor being such a warrior, having such tremendous impact with everything he does or doesn't do, that I felt that, that I felt this was a future king of Asgard and that he had his own personality and motivations! Even when that meant refusing to fight sometimes, but in such a Thor way, that's not always given to me by fandom, but, oh, I loved it here. Even just the little touches, the way he would slide a hand down the length of Loki's spine or the way Loki curled against his side or the ending scene where Loki follows Thor in such a Loki way. I would have loved it for any one aspect of the fic, but giving me all of them? Ahhh, bless.

A Prelude by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 10k
    Thor is young and reckless, eager to slay one of the ferocious frost giants and have the skalds sing songs of his mighty deed. He sneaks into Jötunheimr, but the giant he meets is nothing like the hulking, bloodthirsty creatures from the age-old stories they tell in Asgard.
    I got to test read this fic and I am still ridiculously pleased about that, because it's such a great story and it resonated with me so strongly. This is an AU, with Jotunn!Loki and a younger, more arrogant Thor, but it keeps entirely to the spirit of both characters while balancing that against them having grown up in different circumstances. There's a comfort level with the mythology here that makes the melding of it with the Marvel characters feel natural and seemless, all these little details make their way into the background world that's built here, so you can feel how much time and care the author has given this world, without feeling like you're being info dumped on. But it's also in the way these characters are so recognizable to me! Loki's cunning and sharp edges, Thor's arrogance and good nature, the banter between them showing off both of these things beautifully, like how the fic does a brilliant job of knowing when an insult would roll right off of Thor, when it would make him laugh, but also when another would make him genuinely angry. Or when Loki would swipe viciously over one particular comment and then just smile like he's got a secret over another, we only know so much about him as we see the fic through Thor's eyes, but you can feel how much more there is to the character and how this is a Loki who'd grown up in this Jotunheim.

In addition to all the attention put into the characters, there's also some truly fantastic sex. Intersex!Loki is perfect, the fic strikes a balance between the newness of each other and how well they work together even in these circumstances and, ahhhh, it's so good for me when Thor takes his time to explore Loki, who clearly enjoys the attention, the presence of both cock and vulva, the going down on Loki to taste him, all parts of him, the satisfaction of when Thor finally fucks into him, the safterwards when Thor's seed spills back out, jfc, that was really good. And, hell, there's still yet more to this fic, including stirrings of future trouble for Loki, more world-building details that are lightly touched on, a genuinely unsettling presence that approaches them later, and more. The author clearly crafted a whole world here and it shows well in just this one fic, even if there's totally also room for a sequel. ♥

Hammer, Horn, and Heart by umakoo, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, berserker!thor, mythology, NSFW, 10k
    Thor often chose to visit him in the summer, for his golden skin was not made to withstand the cruel winters of Loki’s homeland. They would hunt together and feast together, tell stories and sing songs, spar and play and roam the land. Sometimes they bickered and came to blows, but no argument ever kept them from fucking for days on end, taking pleasure from each other’s bodies until their youthful lust was sated.
    This is a sequel to A Prelude, which should probably be read first, but, ahhh, this fic is such a fantastic follow-up to that one, it keeps doing all the right things and hitting all the right buttons for me, so much that I'm left fearing a terribly incoherent rec once again. The fic continues to have that level of comfort and easy familiarity with the mythology, so that this truly feels like a fusion of both mythology and Marvel characters, it blends them seemlessly and feels very natural to read. The fic continues to have a strong sense of the world these characters inhabit, so many little details of culture and background world building worked into the story (instead of just being infodumped on the reader), but also a strong sense of who both of these characters are. I love the way this author writes both of them, Loki with his fierce independence even as he's lonely and rather dearly wants to stay with/go with Thor, and Thor with his temper and cheerful good nature and how he clearly cares deeply about Loki but doesn't push too hard.

And, oh, when berserker!Thor happens, not only was it already an excellent action scene (I LOVE ACTION SCENES, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH, especially when they're written as super badass Thor against a terrible and fearsome foe like Angrboda, making it feel like a truly epic battle adventure of gods), but berserker!Thor is pretty goddamned terrifying. That's one of the things that this fic does so well, it balances Loki's sharp cunning and wily ways against the brewing storm that is Thor, I truly felt the god-like presence of Thor, especially in that fight. It balances that these two characters clearly care so much about each other, Loki trying not to be vulnerable but can't help how much he cares, Thor not wanting to put Loki in a cage or force him into anything but wanting to take Loki with him, wanting children with Loki, wanting more from him.

So, by the time the fic ends, I love that it's not about being super saccharine, but it's a happy ending, it's the perfect note the story needed to end on, right down to the words said to each other and the way they resolve their arguments. And I love that they do argue here, that it's a major part of the story that they fight just as fiercely as they fuck, because I love me some fluff for always, but my favorite is when they snarl and yell at each other just as much as they wrap themselves up in each other and fuck for days. Which, by the way, they definitely do as well. And, oh, the sex in this fic is so good for me, because it's intersex!Loki and there's Loki riding Thor's hand and then there's sex with Mjolnir that works so incredibly well because it's a combination of things, of respect for Mjolnir, there's clearly great affection from the author and the characters, so this is something glorious, not just a handy sex tool, but also because of the seidr and faint lightning Thor runs through, jfc, that was really good, and EVEN THEN THEY'RE NOT DONE, when Loki is on his hands as knees as Thor fucks into him and just. It's lengthy sex that hits so, so many of my kinks and is super hot and wonderfully characterized and truly feels like this is how gods fuck.

The entire story feels like a story about gods, really. The entire time I was reading, it felt like this is one of those adventures that's part of their epic mythologies, that further working with the feel of blending in the mythology here. So, to recap. Beautiful characterization (and in case I hadn't mentioned it, do you know how much I love that Thor is forever touching Loki in various ways, not always about sex, just that Thor is a very physical person, not even anything being made of it here, he just is), beautiful world building/blending of mythology into the characters, fantastic battle scene, an emotionally satisfying ending, and super satisfying sex. That's it, I'm done now, go on without me, I can't go any further.

Of Gods and Monsters by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 10k
    Moonlight shone in through the high windows and the cracks in the walls, creating a pale halo around Thor’s wooden frame. Loki laid his hand on the skillfully carved Mjöllnir that stood between the idol’s feet, tracing the patterns and runes with his fingers. He could not ignore the fact that the Thunderer held the place of honor in the mortals’ place of worship.
    This is the third part in a series that should be read in order.
    I really am just completely in love with this series, it's so good, it's a gorgeous mix of a more Norse mythology-based story with Viking culture, without losing that these are still well connected to the MCU versions. This fic in particular delighted me for it, because you can feel Loki's envy and darker moments are still there, even though they've been tempered by different circumstances growing up, there's still the issue of dealing with how he (doesn't) fit in with the rest of Asgard, there's his envy of Thor, his posseessiveness of Thor, the envy that roils up in him, these things will always be part of Loki. And, yet, this is a brighter, happier universe where they don't have the same looming tragedy hanging over them, even if not everything is perfect and sunshiney. It's just a really good mix of the two.

Yet, as much as I love this Loki (and, boy, do I!) I think I love the story even more for Thor, who feels right here, who has a good-natured personality, who enjoys being with other people, who enjoys helping, who feels responsibility towards others that he should protect, but there's also a temper to him, and a weight to the character. You can feel how much thought the author put into the characters, as much as was put into the world around them, which makes it all the better! There's thought for each of the characters, how they would be in this world, and how they would interact with each other, so when Thor knows how to find Loki (or the implications that they still have epic fights, just that they always return to each other again) or they spend time away from Asgard by themselves, content to hunt and fuck and travel together, it's just so good.

And then there's the sex. These are gods who fuck, who clearly enjoy each others' bodies, how it's almost filthy what they do to each other, except it's also sweet and so clearly fun for everyone involved! Which makes everything extra hot, unf. There's so much care in the fucking, so much adoration between them, even as they're still very clearly Thor and Loki, that it just warms me and reminds me that happier fics need not lose any of their sharpness! And then there's an excellent final couple of scenes, where Loki makes some important decisions, and the author crafts those scenes beautifully as well for how they're built up and meaningful to these characters. Just a really great read all the way around.

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