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just for practice by didoxidate, thor/sif, NSFW, 2.6k
    Thor has no issue with status; he has no desire to bed her just to have conquered the Lady Sif.
Beastly Behavior by Kay (sincere), thor/sif, NSFW, 1.3k
    She leads him into the woods where she plans to ambush him -- to prove something, to someone. It might be him, it might be herself. The important part is: she knows exactly what she's getting into.
Griš by theoreticalpixy, thor/sif, NSFW, 1.2k
    Prompted: making love in a bath or shower. Thor & Sif & a hot spring. I'm sure you can figure the rest out.
Morning Light by Xero_Sky, thor/sif + implied thor/loki, NSFW, 1.2k
    In a world where Loki disappeared after falling from the Bifrost, Thor mourns the loss of his brother and closest companion. Sif is there for him, just as she has always been there for him, but is she willing to pay the price of staying?
Welcome Home by NikitaDreams, thor/sif, NSFW, 1k
    Written for the Yuletide Warrior's Week prompt of "smut", Thor/Sif fanfiction. Thor and Sif enjoy some time together in the bedroom.
A Thousand Years by FlashySyren, thor/sif, NSFW, 2.2k
    Thor returns from Midgard, but there's one person who isn't quite ready to welcome him back.
Holding On by Kay (sincere), thor & sif & loki, very mild thor/sif implied, 1.3k
    There are not many phoenixes left in the realms. Just enough for a couple of excitable Asgardian youths to spy a once-in-a-lifetime event that resonates deep. In which Sif and the boys find their phoenix, and are chased down a mountain.
    The Thor/Sif in this fic is mild enough that I might not even have labeled it as such if the author hadn't included it, because it's really more of a trio piece between these three characters. And, oh, it was so lovely, the three adolescents chasing a phoenix and it's fun just for shenanigans, but the undercurrent of Sif's feelings for Thor, the affection there, even as they're absolutely a trio together, then Thor's affection for her and for Loki as well, it's all just really perfect.

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