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A Prelude by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, 10k
    Thor is young and reckless, eager to slay one of the ferocious frost giants and have the skalds sing songs of his mighty deed. He sneaks into Jötunheimr, but the giant he meets is nothing like the hulking, bloodthirsty creatures from the age-old stories they tell in Asgard.
    I got to test read this fic and I am still ridiculously pleased about that, because it's such a great story and it resonated with me so strongly. This is an AU, with Jotunn!Loki and a younger, more arrogant Thor, but it keeps entirely to the spirit of both characters while balancing that against them having grown up in different circumstances. There's a comfort level with the mythology here that makes the melding of it with the Marvel characters feel natural and seemless, all these little details make their way into the background world that's built here, so you can feel how much time and care the author has given this world, without feeling like you're being info dumped on. But it's also in the way these characters are so recognizable to me! Loki's cunning and sharp edges, Thor's arrogance and good nature, the banter between them showing off both of these things beautifully, like how the fic does a brilliant job of knowing when an insult would roll right off of Thor, when it would make him laugh, but also when another would make him genuinely angry. Or when Loki would swipe viciously over one particular comment and then just smile like he's got a secret over another, we only know so much about him as we see the fic through Thor's eyes, but you can feel how much more there is to the character and how this is a Loki who'd grown up in this Jotunheim.

In addition to all the attention put into the characters, there's also some truly fantastic sex. Intersex!Loki is perfect, the fic strikes a balance between the newness of each other and how well they work together even in these circumstances and, ahhhh, it's so good for me when Thor takes his time to explore Loki, who clearly enjoys the attention, the presence of both cock and vulva, the going down on Loki to taste him, all parts of him, the satisfaction of when Thor finally fucks into him, the safterwards when Thor's seed spills back out, jfc, that was really good. And, hell, there's still yet more to this fic, including stirrings of future trouble for Loki, more world-building details that are lightly touched on, a genuinely unsettling presence that approaches them later, and more. The author clearly crafted a whole world here and it shows well in just this one fic, even if there's totally also room for a sequel. ♥

Hammer, Horn, and Heart by umakoo, thor/loki + loki/mjolnir, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, berserker!thor, mythology, NSFW, 10k
    Thor often chose to visit him in the summer, for his golden skin was not made to withstand the cruel winters of Loki’s homeland. They would hunt together and feast together, tell stories and sing songs, spar and play and roam the land. Sometimes they bickered and came to blows, but no argument ever kept them from fucking for days on end, taking pleasure from each other’s bodies until their youthful lust was sated.
    This is a sequel to A Prelude, which should probably be read first, but, ahhh, this fic is such a fantastic follow-up to that one, it keeps doing all the right things and hitting all the right buttons for me, so much that I'm left fearing a terribly incoherent rec once again. The fic continues to have that level of comfort and easy familiarity with the mythology, so that this truly feels like a fusion of both mythology and Marvel characters, it blends them seemlessly and feels very natural to read. The fic continues to have a strong sense of the world these characters inhabit, so many little details of culture and background world building worked into the story (instead of just being infodumped on the reader), but also a strong sense of who both of these characters are. I love the way this author writes both of them, Loki with his fierce independence even as he's lonely and rather dearly wants to stay with/go with Thor, and Thor with his temper and cheerful good nature and how he clearly cares deeply about Loki but doesn't push too hard.

And, oh, when berserker!Thor happens, not only was it already an excellent action scene (I LOVE ACTION SCENES, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH, especially when they're written as super badass Thor against a terrible and fearsome foe like Angrboda, making it feel like a truly epic battle adventure of gods), but berserker!Thor is pretty goddamned terrifying. That's one of the things that this fic does so well, it balances Loki's sharp cunning and wily ways against the brewing storm that is Thor, I truly felt the god-like presence of Thor, especially in that fight. It balances that these two characters clearly care so much about each other, Loki trying not to be vulnerable but can't help how much he cares, Thor not wanting to put Loki in a cage or force him into anything but wanting to take Loki with him, wanting children with Loki, wanting more from him.

So, by the time the fic ends, I love that it's not about being super saccharine, but it's a happy ending, it's the perfect note the story needed to end on, right down to the words said to each other and the way they resolve their arguments. And I love that they do argue here, that it's a major part of the story that they fight just as fiercely as they fuck, because I love me some fluff for always, but my favorite is when they snarl and yell at each other just as much as they wrap themselves up in each other and fuck for days. Which, by the way, they definitely do as well. And, oh, the sex in this fic is so good for me, because it's intersex!Loki and there's Loki riding Thor's hand and then there's sex with Mjolnir that works so incredibly well because it's a combination of things, of respect for Mjolnir, there's clearly great affection from the author and the characters, so this is something glorious, not just a handy sex tool, but also because of the seidr and faint lightning Thor runs through, jfc, that was really good, and EVEN THEN THEY'RE NOT DONE, when Loki is on his hands as knees as Thor fucks into him and just. It's lengthy sex that hits so, so many of my kinks and is super hot and wonderfully characterized and truly feels like this is how gods fuck.

The entire story feels like a story about gods, really. The entire time I was reading, it felt like this is one of those adventures that's part of their epic mythologies, that further working with the feel of blending in the mythology here. So, to recap. Beautiful characterization (and in case I hadn't mentioned it, do you know how much I love that Thor is forever touching Loki in various ways, not always about sex, just that Thor is a very physical person, not even anything being made of it here, he just is), beautiful world building/blending of mythology into the characters, fantastic battle scene, an emotionally satisfying ending, and super satisfying sex. That's it, I'm done now, go on without me, I can't go any further.

Of Gods and Monsters by umakoo, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 10k
    Moonlight shone in through the high windows and the cracks in the walls, creating a pale halo around Thor’s wooden frame. Loki laid his hand on the skillfully carved Mjöllnir that stood between the idol’s feet, tracing the patterns and runes with his fingers. He could not ignore the fact that the Thunderer held the place of honor in the mortals’ place of worship.
    This is the third part in a series that should be read in order.
    I really am just completely in love with this series, it's so good, it's a gorgeous mix of a more Norse mythology-based story with Viking culture, without losing that these are still well connected to the MCU versions. This fic in particular delighted me for it, because you can feel Loki's envy and darker moments are still there, even though they've been tempered by different circumstances growing up, there's still the issue of dealing with how he (doesn't) fit in with the rest of Asgard, there's his envy of Thor, his posseessiveness of Thor, the envy that roils up in him, these things will always be part of Loki. And, yet, this is a brighter, happier universe where they don't have the same looming tragedy hanging over them, even if not everything is perfect and sunshiney. It's just a really good mix of the two.

Yet, as much as I love this Loki (and, boy, do I!) I think I love the story even more for Thor, who feels right here, who has a good-natured personality, who enjoys being with other people, who enjoys helping, who feels responsibility towards others that he should protect, but there's also a temper to him, and a weight to the character. You can feel how much thought the author put into the characters, as much as was put into the world around them, which makes it all the better! There's thought for each of the characters, how they would be in this world, and how they would interact with each other, so when Thor knows how to find Loki (or the implications that they still have epic fights, just that they always return to each other again) or they spend time away from Asgard by themselves, content to hunt and fuck and travel together, it's just so good.

And then there's the sex. These are gods who fuck, who clearly enjoy each others' bodies, how it's almost filthy what they do to each other, except it's also sweet and so clearly fun for everyone involved! Which makes everything extra hot, unf. There's so much care in the fucking, so much adoration between them, even as they're still very clearly Thor and Loki, that it just warms me and reminds me that happier fics need not lose any of their sharpness! And then there's an excellent final couple of scenes, where Loki makes some important decisions, and the author crafts those scenes beautifully as well for how they're built up and meaningful to these characters. Just a really great read all the way around.

Thrice Blessed by umakoo, thor/loki + frigga + odin, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, pregnant!loki, mild childbirth scene, mild lactation kink, fluff, norse mythology elements, 14k
    Part four in my Jotun AU series in which Thor and Loki have their first child.
    This is the fourth in a series, which helps to read in order, but if you absolutely wanted to, you could read this one on its own, I think.
    There is so much I want to say about this fic, but I fear it's going to be one of those recs that only captures a fraction of what I adored about it, because every scene has so much going on with it, every scene has a point to it and further explores an aspect of this univverse that's interesting and full of feelings, and it leaves the fic with such a rich, lush feeling to it, even beyond the Norse mythology elements that have been married to the spirits of the MCU characters. I remark each time I do a rec for a fic in this series, on how well blended the Norse mythology elements are with the characters from the MCU, how it's clearly both mixed together, in a really organic and incredible way. I would recommend this fic just for that! But it's also in the way the author has clearly spent a lot of time expanding this world and having a strong view of it, which isn't info dumped onto the reader, but instead worked in with little touches, so that everything feels very fully realized! And I love writing like that!

That it comes with dometic fluff that still carries emotional weight and includes Jotunn!Loki and pregnant!Loki and that kind of cheerful, enthusiastic porn that I like is just even more of a bonus. I love how much culture there is in the writing here, both for their time in Asgard and for the bits of his own history that Loki brings with him, when it's something as simple as the paint he marks himself with or the food that's served or the rooms they inhabit. I love that another way to keep the spirit of the characters is that Loki has an absolutely beautiful relationship with Frigga here, which isn't the same as it is in the MCU, it can't be, but I still felt like this is how they would be if they had these contexts to them! And this Odin is absolutely SPOT ON, with the balancing of being as old as he is with as wise as he is with as much of a king as he is and with as much of a father as he is. I found myself really struck by his character especially on the second time through, when I had a stronger sense of what he was thinking, and that's exactly how Odin should be! Everything was perfect with him, everything was perfect with Frigga and how gentle and motherly she is, without sacrificing that steel core she has.

With those scenes, it added to the domestic fluff feeling of the story, which I absolutely loved, but it was more than that. This Thor and Loki obviously deeply love each other and they have a rock solid relationship, but it's not perfect. This Loki is still prickly and this Thor still sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, but this Loki is also able to be more open about his vulnerability and this Thor is able to be calmer about supporting Loki through the pregnancy, so it's fluffy, but not too sickly sweet, not in any scene. And, oh, this is everything I love about pregnant!Loki, it hits all the tropes while still keeping them sharp and fresh, so you understand why they became tropes in the first place. And I love that there's focus on the actual birth and the kid after the birth and that sweetness of when you have a baby to hold in your arms, that little miracle of life, for both Thor and Loki as new parents.

Not everything is perfect, Loki is still a Jotunn in Asgard, which comes up a few times in the fic, but it too feels natural and organic to the storyline, one that is almost sort of necessary. Plus, it gives Thor a chance to fuck Loki in a place where they can sort of be overheard because let them hear and OH MAN GIVE ME THAT ALWAYS. Because I love how much these two really enjoy fucking, how Thor enjoys seeing Loki writhe in pleasure and how absolutely greedy for that Loki is, it's charming and heart-warming and all the hotter for it. Combine that with the deliciousness of anxiety over expecting a baby and how that brings up a lot of Loki's issues and it's a bumpy road at times, but there's genuine kindness and just. Ahhhh, it's so good, especially if you're looking for something to make you feel all warm and happy while reading it.

Monstrous Terrain by rayemars, thor/loki + other thor characters, NSFW, jotunn!thor + jotunn!loki, au, 30k
    At the conclusion of the war between the Aesir and the Jotnar, Laufey not only takes his choice of spoils from Odin's treasury, but also claims his eldest son as a hostage. Concealing his parentage from Thor would be easier were it not that an Aesir can't bear a jotun's touch--at least not a full-blooded one's.
    Well, I was up far too long reading this fic last night. But, once I'd started it, even taking breaks here and there, I couldn't entirely walk away until I'd finished it, because it's a fic with the roles reversed, where Thor is taken as a hostage and raised as a prince of Jotunheim instead of Loki in Asgard. I feel like I've been waiting for this fic to be done this well for ages, because I like the idea, but it's something that has to be so carefully approached and needed to be 30k words long just to do the necessary groundwork! But, oh, this author did what was the really important part--Thor raised in different circumstances would still be Thor in that alternate situation, which he was here. Even touch-starved, even as the least favored son, he was still loyal and honest and stubborn and good-hearted and had that incredible inherent strength.

One of the best parts of the fic was the Loki scenes where he knew what Thor could accomplish if he weren't holding back or being held back, that that strength of his would allow him to just take whatever he wanted. And that is Thor, because he wouldn't, but his physical strength is as such, even as magic allows others to fight more evenly with him. (The berserker rages he goes into, ones that have never really been learned to be tempered are all the more gorgeous for these different circumstances and how they worry Thor, scare him that he would kill everything in his path if he couldn't come out of it.)

And that's one of those things, when you put Thor as the less favored son, you run the risk of weakening his presence in a fic, that he'd get overwhelmed by the sharpness of Loki's character. But that's not the case here--he isn't the same egostical, arrogant prince he was in the beginning of Thor, but that doesn't mean he's not still Thor. That he continues to train every day, that he continues to seek Loki out even when Loki is near to impossible to be around, even when he keeps standing up, no matter how much is placed on his shoulders, that determination and strength of will is purely Thor. But, then, neither does the characterization of Loki suffer, either! He's so complicated here, so contradictory even to himself and, oh, that's so spot on for him.

This is a fic that's about an actual plot, so many gorgeous details being worked in of what happened in the war (and how that means everything is different, with Jotunheim's invasion of Midgard, with the lack of the Aesir presence around), there's so much happening in the background with Odin rebuilding the Aesir and Asgard, with Loki unable to stay out of trouble because he's not content to just stay it Utgard, with Loki long having known that Thor isn't biologically his brother, all of that is happening in the fic and it's beautifully paced for that. But, at it's heart, it's a story about Thor and Loki's relationship, how much Loki loves his brother and is unable to let him go, even when he knows it would be better for him. Even when he knows that Thor will not see things as he does, when that will bring trouble between them that would be better to wash his hands of it, he loves Thor too much. And Thor loves Loki just as much, even when Loki's words and actions are basically treason, of course he would choose Loki over everything else.

And the other lovely thing that this fic did, one of those that really sucked me into the writing, was that it mirrored the original movies in a lot of ways, there were little--and some big--parallels, the way some things would always unfold in similar ways, the way Mjolnir was similar to the use of the Casket in the original movie, but not entirely the same. That's such an important for me thing when you're writing an AU fic like this, when it deals with some of the same themes and underlying issues that the original movie did, but not being strictly beholden to them. It made the ending all the more thrilling for it, because this is a different situation, so the ending would be different, because Thor is not Loki, so he wouldn't react in the same way, even if their circumstances were similar. And, oh, it's certainly captured my imagination to daydream a bit about where their lives would take them after the end of the fic, but I think I almost prefer that slight open-ended quality, because the ending was perfect as it was.

All of this, as well as a really nicely done sex scene because, oh, Loki sitting across Thor's lap, working himself open with his own hand, so he can slide down onto Thor? Riding him until Thor can't take it anymore and rolls them over and fucks into him more intensely? Jesus fuck, that's one of those things that's on my list of things I'm forever weak to, especially when they're super fucking hot like they were here. Plot and porn and a happy (for them) ending and excellent writing/pacing/details? Yes. I don't care if I'm spoiled by this fandom, I want it forever.

a history of things unsaid by circa1220bce, thor/loki, a handful of NSFW scenes, 30.5k
    The Kings and Princes of Jötunheimr gain immortality and a ruthlessness unmatched by any other by having their hearts consigned to the Casket of Ancient Winters. Odin, thanks to the Well of Mímir, knew such a ceremony would leave the Casket vulnerable for the taking. Odin brought the forces of Asgard to Jötunheimr on the day Loki's heart was to be sealed away, disrupting the ceremony half way through. When Loki learns that he has only ever lived with half of a heart, he sets to finish what was begun. But events don't proceed quite as he plans...
    I've been wary of this fic for awhile, because it involves mute!Loki and brings in elements of Norse mythology and these are two things that make me very skittish in fic. But I sat down with the fic and it just pulled me right in and was gorgeously written, especially the Loki characterization, with the world building and theorizing... the plot being that Loki's heart was meant to be consigned to the Casket, to be taken in exchange for the power to rule, only the ceremony was interrupted halfway through, so he's always lived with only half a heart. The author takes this idea and weaves it together with the movieverse canon--which is not precisely movieverse, to my mind, but works with the movieverse as a skeleton of the backbone of this set of characters, if that distinction makes sense outside of my head--in a really beautiful way. Loki's relationships with those around him are complicated, but most especially Thor, who loves Loki so much, loves him forever and always, but doesn't know how to trust that Loki loves him back. Which is not Thor's fault, even as readers and seeing inside Loki's head, it's complicated.

What I also love about this fic is the sheer scope of it, just how much happens during the course of it! It's not so simple as Loki finding a book on the Casket of Ancient Winters and mucking about with it, that's only where it starts. In some ways, it feels much longer than only 30k words but, yet, also feels like, wait, it was only 30k words?? as well, because it just flew by while I was reading! It's the kind of story that I'm having trouble writing a rec for because I don't want to spoil the journey this fic takes, but I still want to convey just how amazing and satisfying it was, to have certain things dealt with, the kind of epic things that most fics don't deal with because they're focused on a narrow window of time. But it's not just the scope that's satisfying--I was also terribly satisfied with the emotional aspect, especially his complicated relationship with Thor, and Loki's journey of self and, oh, this fic had some really gorgeous interaction with Sleipnir and just how Loki looks at his son, how he looks at the rest of Asgard looking at his son. Even the magic aspect was super satisfying! All the mythology was satisfying, but, honestly, yeah, I was still reading for the Thor/Loki and all the feelings it gave me, especially that one scene--no, wait, those TWO scenes that had my heart turning over in my chest in that exhausting but satisfying way. So, so good for me.

The Fault is Not in Our Stars by MonstrousRegiment, thor/loki + other asgardians, au, 30k wip
    After a long and wretched campaign, Asgard has conquered Jotunheim. To ensure King Laufey's cooperation and later friendship between the kingdoms, Asgard takes home the apparent heir to the throne, Loki Laufeyson. Loki is, unfortunately, anything but complacent.
    I have two caveats before I start in on this rec. First, there are a good amount of typos in this fic, which surprises me because typos (beyond the odd stray one here and there) usually means the writing quality is not that great, but this author is actually really excellent. They're not terrible, but once or twice I was mildly jarred out of the story. Second, the worst thing about this fic is that, after about 5k words, I desperately, desperately wanted Thor to just kiss Loki already. 30K WORDS LATER, THAT STILL HADN'T HAPPENED. The entire time I was reading this story, I had the most awful case of unresolved tension that I was just desperate for the author to fix already. This is because the author writes beautifully, but it is a thing I definitely experienced and would warn you to have something with some resolution handy for when you're finished or even need a break mid-way through. Of course, I was coming up on my shark week while reading this, so that may have affected me as well. Still. Okay, caveats out of the way.

So, I decided, well, I'll start in on this fic and then promptly couldn't read anything else until I finished it and ahhhhhh I hate waiting through wips and this fic is why. The author does a gorgeous job with the fic, everything about it is wonderful, from the opening being the kind that grabbed my attention and refused to let it go, to the absolutely torturously good build-up of tension and attraction between the characters, to the completely amazing dynamic Thor has with his family. Who are amazeballs, by the way. Frigga and Odin here are both total trolls, they delight in winding up their son--who delights in doing the same right back--and it gave me a whole lot of family feels while reading this. There's one scene in particular, where Thor finds out something that he can't let his father know (as his father may have to act on it and Thor absolutely doesn't want that), so what does Thor do? He tells his father that there's something he would ask Odin to trust him to handle it himself, to not press their mother (who knows) and, if things get bad, he'll come to his parents about it. And Odin trusts him! Just. Let me roll around in my feelings for this perfect family. They're so absolutely good.

But it's also the world building! This Jotunheim is a more human/mortal-esque world (as is Asgard), but the bits of culture we get as Asgard invades them, the details we learn about as Loki adjusts to life in Asgard, all of them are deliciously good. However, it's truly Loki himself that shines the most, with his poisonous tongue and sharp words and cold looks one minute and burning anger the next. He's beautifully characterized, almost vulnerable one moment and then fiercely mad the next, the author doing a beautiful job of showing how very complicated a character he is. The best part about this is that it only makes Thor more attracted to him! To see him really come alive when he's angry, to see that fire in his eyes or the passion that occasionally surfaces, especially when he find the library or tries a new kind of food for the first time, when he refuses to just lie down even when he's hopelessly physically outmatched, that's when Thor finds him the most attractive.

So often, when you get good Loki characterization, good Thor characterization is sacrificed, but I find myself dearly in love with this Thor. He has an amazing relationship with his family, he has fantastic friendships with his friends (all of whom are absolutely wonderful and supportive and Sif has some of the best insights into Loki, even if she's wary of him, she doesn't blame him for what she's wary of and, oh, here, just have my heart) and the way he interacts with Loki, he's aware that he has to go slower, that he has to be more careful, but he's a man of action, the kind of person who does things, always keeps trying. That is the Thor I love.

The author does a fantastic job with everything necessary here, the writing style is smooth and so good to read, you just sink right into it and the world building and pacing and everything, I would absolutely have kept going if there had been more of it. So far, my only complaint really is that it's immensely frustrating to not have any kissing yet, to fear that they're not even close to it, and so desperately wanting it, because the author is so good at making me feel the attraction there. All of that and there's actually a plot going on and political shenanigans happening and just. asldfkjl;kjas this fandom is going to be the fannish death of me someday.

Winter and Spring by Sinclair_Spirits, thor/loki, NSFW, some dub con aspects, some violence, jotunn!loki, arranged marriage, 62.5k wip
    Loki is given to Thor by his brother as a ploy to gain Asgard's army. Much political scheming and conspiracies ensue as Loki finally finds his place in life and in Thor's heart.
    Chapters 1-10: THIS FIC. I do not know how I am going to be able to describe this fic without either going completely off the rails about it or keyboard mashing my way through it or settling for a description that does not quite feel like enough. When I first read the summary of this fic--"Loki as Daenerys and Thor as Drogo. Loki is given to Thor by his brother as a ploy to gain Asgard's army. Much political scheming and conspiracies ensue as Loki finally finds his place in life and in Thor's heart."--I said, yes, I am going to read that because that sounds AMAZING and maybe a little hilarious. I was pleased that the writing seemed to be really solid--there are a lot of typos and a few misspellings, but otherwise the writing is clean, smooth, and flows very well. But mostly I was just rolling around in the utter deliciousness of an AU politically arranged marriage that was super super tasty!

I'm not sure precisely where that changed, possibly around the third or fourth chapter, when the author wisely didn't try to make the fic stick strictly to the A Song of Fire and Ice fusion, instead it wound its way into its own plot and widening scope of events these characters went through. The Loki we see in the beginning is young and far more naive than the one we know, because he's so much younger and his circumstances were different, but he grows older and becomes more cunning and becomes more and more the Loki we know from canon. The author does a gorgeous job of making him so interesting, so engaging, and building towards canon!Loki while also building up the Thor/Loki relationship, with Thor falling ever further in love with his husband, while Loki is so much more complicated. The author also does an amazing job of showing the political side of this union, of the incredibly fine line Loki has to walk, with all the pressure that's placed on him to be one thing or another. The author does an amazing job of working in the characters around Thor and Loki, so that their motivations all further make the plot that much more complicated! Loki's brother wants his throne back, Thor just wants to be with Loki, Odin is hard as hell to read, the other Asgardians are a constant pressure on Loki, and on and on and on.

I love the worldbuilding in this fic, I love that it sucked me right into the plot and the political machinations almost as much as it sucked me into the Thor/Loki relationship. It made me want to read every single arranged marriage fic that exists for this fandom because it hit me so perfectly on-target. It's still a work in progress, but it's almost 50k at least! And the only downside is that, augh, I don't know if I can wait for updates between chapters, not with how badly I need to know how this turns out. *claws at face* But it's totally worth reading what's here, I think it might just be one of my favorites in this fandom forever. (Thor/Loki, NSFW, some dub-con aspects, some violence.)
    Chapters 11: Ahhhh, this fic. I know it wasn't that long ago that the author uploaded it to AO3 or posted the previous chapters, but some part of me had feared that I would never read more of it, which would have been terrible, because it's one of my very favorite fics in this fandom. And I love what this chapter of it accomplished! The parallels drawn between Loki and Sif, as she becomes his tutor now, are gorgeously done, the way they're not precisely friends, they way they still grate on each other a bit, but also there's a mutual respect that actually serves them both well. It's a fantastic way to draw Loki's character out more here, to make things first entangled and flesh the world out more, especially when contrasted against his scenes with Helblindi and the scheming that goes on around them. As much as the Thor and Loki relationship is definitely my favorite part of the story, seeing Loki interact with other characters, the way his acerbic and cutting comments lash out occasionally, even if just in his thought sometimes, all of it is so good and so well plotted and well paced.

Never Doubt by rayemars, thor/loki + other asgardians, some loki/omc (that's not really about them), NSFW, berserker!thor, implied child abuse, 35.9k wip
    The Aesir won't accept a king who would ride into battle and be unable to tell enemy from ally; and so when his berserker nature is discovered, Thor and Loki's inheritances and roles are upended drastically. But some things never change.
    I am going to write an absolutely terrible rec for this fic and I'm going to be entirely frustrated with myself about that because, jesus christ, I sat down with this fic and read all ~36k that was available practically in one sitting and could not tear myself away from it at all. There is so much I would love to talk about with this fic, but I fear it's scrambled my thoughts to the point that I'm just going to keyboard mash my way through it, despite that I even made some notes after reading it. One of the things that is most difficult to convey, to even just put into coherent thought rather than something I've simply felt, is that role reversal AUs generally don't do much for me, because the idea seems neat at first, but too often the spirit of the characters are lost. This fic keeps those spirits brilliantly well, where this is truly a fic that takes the characters from the source and puts them into a new universe and shows how they would be shaped there, how they would react there, making them recognizable and different at the same time.

It's probably most noticeable with Loki, which I'll get to in a minute, but I found that it was Thor who captured my attention even more than him, partly because I love Thor so much, but partly because he can be a difficult character to capture, especially in circumstances where he grows up as the less trusted of the royal sons, and yet still make him so very Thor. His berserker rages and terrifying strength are there, they are always there, and they are legitimately terrifying, because this is a Thor with less control and with so much less emotional support than even canon Thor had. Which means he is still a good person at heart, this is still a Thor who is recognizable in how he does not want to hurt others, in how deeply and genuinely he loves, how he is still direct and thoughtful and genuine, but adding in so much less control of his rage and a hunger for more than what he has, because he gets so little affection here. And that new layer of danger and rage to him, that's always simmering under the surface, that sheer amount of terrifying power that's fueled by the berserker, it's both breathtaking and brilliantly told.

There are at least five different lines in this fic that I remember pausing over because they struck right at the heart of Thor's character and Loki's relationship with him, especially in the way that Loki is still Loki, even when he's the favored son, that does not mean he suddenly makes friends easily or is any more genuine with people than he was in canon. And he knows Thor is charismatic and genuine and otherwise all the things that draw people to him and make them loyal to him, in a way that Loki will never have. And, oh, the fic uses this beautifully, in new and brilliantly twisty ways, to make their relationship all the more complicated, both good and bad, just as it should be. So, it's not just that Thor is beautifully in character, but that his relationship with Loki is as well.

And, oh, Loki. This is a gorgeous look at him, right down to how he has so little sense of self that there's a constant undercurrent of how he tries so hard to be something he's not so much of the time. There's a bit more ability of him to let go, to carve out little spaces where he can be himself, which is why I love love loved the brief scene he has with the OMC, where it's entirely about his feelings for Thor and what Loki really wants (and how ridiculously hot it was, given that the scene balances that it's about Loki and an OMC, but also the heart of it is really about Loki's feelings for Thor), how it's a moment of weakness that says so much about how unhappy he is and how restricted he makes himself, trying to be the perfect prince of Asgard who is not attracted to the utter terrifying storm that his brother is. This is a Loki who is constantly calculating, who feels strung tight enough that he's ready to snap, who desperately wants to prove himself but also doesn't know how to make himself happy.

I picked this fic up for berserker!Thor and that alone would have been satisfying, especially in the brief moments of fighting and chasing we get, how genuinely terrifying those moments are! But it's exquisite writing and characterization and balance of what this role reversal storyline is trying to achieve and trying to keep true to the canon while still showing the snowballing effects of this different universe. There's even exploration of Loki on Midgard, as he finds the weak spots between the worlds, and that's fascinating to read about, how he so looks down on the mortals and how they're practically like playthings to him, and yet it's not about being a monster, it's simply about being a god among mortals, and what it displays about Loki as a character, as he tries to learn more about the human berserkers. And, of course, how everything comes back to Thor.

So, after writing that novel, I still feel like I hardly got into talking about what I wanted to say about this fic, that my bird's eye view of the writing may be semi-useful for a rec (or would have been more useful if I could have kept this more focused and coherent) but, man, I want to really vomit up feelings about this fic, which means. GO READ THIS FUCKING FIC so we can mutually barf up every feeling we've ever had together.

Stone Age AU, thor/loki, nsfw, dub-con/non-con in parts (at first), brief descriptions of child death, stone age au, 60k
    norsekink prompt: Thor's tribe destroys another tribe because they couldn't agree about their territories. Loki, a son of the leader of that tribe, survives, but he gets captured and enslaved.
    Rec from norsekink: I followed the link to this fic from umakoo's tumblr, because I was curious about a lengthy fic on norsekink again and I considered waiting until it was on AO3 (as the author is in the process of uploading her stories there), but I really couldn't wait, because this was such a great read. I have a difficult time believing that it's over 50k words, because it just went by so fast while I was reading, I couldn't put it down until I'd lost hours to it! I was initially skeptical, which I think a lot of people are by this summary, but it's actually a fairly heart-warming story! My one caveat is that, if you're like me and have at least a passing familiarity with Baldr's character, the making of him as a random villain in this fic was distracting during those scenes because it's against the basic tenets of his character, but was really jarring because everything else was such a delight and I enjoyed so very much of the author's choices in this fic!

This Thor is absolutely perfect, which was a blessing for me, as I've had a hard time finding good Thor characterization lately, but the fic absolutely understood why he shines in this sort of element and gets the aspects of his character down really well, which is all the more brilliant for the language barrier they face here! He's brave and strong and a good leader, he's kind to his tribe and only kills when necessary, but he's also headstrong and arrogant and takes what he wants, that never wavers. The relationship he has with Loki is very firmly non-con in the beginning, no matter how "nice" Thor is about it, but the fic doesn't flinch away from that. And this Thor has his moments of being smart, you can see why his family is utterly loyal to him, even why Loki eventually falls in love with him, the author does a fantastic job of showing both the bad sides and the charming sides of Thor's character through Loki's eyes.

But it's also in the world-building, how everything revolves around the constant, constant search for food, the difficulties they face because of the era they live in, the politics within the tribe are a never-ending difficult line that Loki has to walk. For all that this is a softer Loki in some ways, a lot of that is because we're inside his head, we see how he has to scrabble for every bit of security and navigate these waters that are so difficult. He's the one that's learning a new language, he's the one that's navigating a new political spectrum, he's the one that's balacing everything so carefully in a way that the others don't have to.

And, for all that this is a fic about the Thor/Loki relationship, it's also a fic about daily struggles in life, it's about Loki's getting to know the people in the tribe, it's about his interactions with Thor's parents and his romantic rivals and the slow acceptance he gains, the way he claws his way to something better in this life. The scenes where Loki and Odin interact are especially a highlight, as they eventually come to grudging respect for each other, despite that Odin was the one who killed Loki's father as a child. But, oh, fantastic Thor characterization, charming as hell worldbuilding, a way of writing that just sucks a person in, this fic was so absolutely good for me all the way around.
    Rec from AO3: I've recommended this fic on norsekink, but it's finally all up on AO3 and there's a new chapter (chapter 22) that I pounced on immediately. It's a post-story chapter that's told from Thor's point of view (as most of the story is in Loki's pov) and it's so good, because somehow this Thor feels so perfectly Thor. He's a charming and incredibly strong leader, there's such surety in him with his tribe and with Loki, yet the author doesn't lose the flaws in him, either, that he's arrogant and that this relationship did not start out with the best of beginnings. This chapter is just as utterly addicting as the rest of the fic is, it's a perfect cap to the rest of the story, and it's just satisfying for a shockingly good adaptation of a character into an AU I would not have thought would be as fantastic as it is.

What Once Was Lost Returned by DemonQueen666, thor & loki + loki/angrboda + other mcu characters, jotunn!loki, divergent timeline, 74k
    Things go very differently on the ill-suited venture to Jotunheim when the Frost Giants notice something about one of the invaders. But their decision to "rescue" what they assume must be a kidnapped Jotun has many unexpected and far-spanning consequences...especially for Loki himself.
    OKAY, THIS FIC. I decided, all right, I needed something long to sink my teeth into the other day, so, sure, why not a 74k fic. I figured that I'd slowly poke away at it, maybe finish it after three or four days. NOPE, I read that sucker all in one afternoon because I could not put it down. The writing and world-building is gorgeous here, when the Frost Giants realize who Loki is towards the beginning of the movie and decide that they're going to take their lost prince back. It then becomes everything a story like this needs to be--a massive case of depression, culture shock, and reeling from a lack of self-identity, which means he has to figure out who he is all over again. All of this wrapped up in some really breathtaking world building.

I think this author's version of Jotunheim might be my favorite yet--the way Loki's brothers treat him (being the eldest means that they have to bow to him, his youngest brother being surprisingly sweet and gentle and naive, if still really huge, his middle brother suddenly being placed in the role that Loki had as Thor's younger brother), the way Laufey treats him (as the crown prince, the intended heir, despite his size, giving allowances for his shock and being raised as Aesir, but not without a harshness of an iron fist), the way Jotunheim has all this culture to it, the way I was wary of Angrboda at first, because I had no sense of her as a person, but eventually became rather fond of her, all of it is beautifully done. So, I loved it for those aspects, for being the kind of fic that is beautifully paced, gorgeously detailed, and reads like it could have been a professionally published story, it's so smooth and clean. It was wonderful to just sink into this story and not come out for hours because it was so engrossing!

But, oh, my favorite part was the relationship between Loki and Thor. I was wary of the fic at first, because Thor's presence in it wasn't that much in the early chapters, it was more focused on Loki finding his own role in life, figuring himself out, finding a surprising amount of peace and acceptance on Jotunheim, which I loved because I desperately want that for him. I would still have loved this fic even if Thor's presence had been neglible. But, eventually, Thor comes roaring into the story, smashes his way back into Loki's life, and, oh, it's heartbreaking and gorgeous, because Loki has this new life now, because he thought he had been abandoned by his Aesir family, but Thor still loves him so much and wants to rescue him and he misses Loki so terribly and it's hard because they can't go back and, just. This fucking fic totally put tears in my eyes because of how much I felt while reading it. Yeah, okay, so I'm weak to the relationship between Thor and Loki, I definitely got that ache in my fannish heart as they clashed and tried to make each other see reason, but the way the scene built up, the gorgeous resolution as everything finally spilled over and they laid everything out, ahhhh, that's what I read fic for.

The Poison Rain by Lizardbeth, frigga & loki, frigga & thor, thor & loki, odin/frigga, 36k
    Frigga and Thor battle Loki to save him from himself. Words are Frigga's weapons and love is her strength, and she will not surrender this fight.
    It would help to have read the first two stories in this series before this one, as they serve well as preludes.
    I'm not kidding that I bawled my way through the last 20% of this fic. It's the most exquisite fic I could have asked for from this fandom since No Such Liberty, to the point that I'm afraid I won't be able ti write the rec for it that I want, as I was just immediately sucked into this story and could not stop reading it once I'd begun. The characterization and writing are utterly stunning for how they hit every single note that I could have asked for, there was literally nothing else I could ask for from a family feels fic! This fic showed the relationship dynamics between the four main family members all brilliantly, it was satisfying if you're looking for a Frigga & Loki story, it was satisfying if you're looking for a Thor & Loki story, it was satisfying if you're looking for a Frigga & Thor story, it was satisfying if you're just looking for good Frigga fic in general. It was satisfying for the utterly intense and wrenching way that you believed in Loki right along with Frigga's unwavering support, but you also saw him just as clearly as she did, that he was still fighting a battle of the mind and it had not yet been won.

That is the heart of this fic, the battle that Loki still wages even after being brought to Asgard, to either fall to the poison that invades his mind or fight back from it, to open so many old wounds, to risk believing in something again, to risk hope, or to just finally fall. This fic had my heart the entire time, it was utterly breathtaking how well the author touched on this painful struggle of Loki's, as well as how difficult it was for Frigga and Thor as they struggled to try to help him, as this story was as much about them as it was about Loki. The balance here is brilliant, every scene--every scene--added to the greater whole and had me on the edge of my seat. The brilliant use of details, the world-building with Thanos and the casual bits of technology or magic, further added to the greater whole. The fic never lacked for incredible pacing or the sense that every scene was as fleshed out as it needed to be. I'm really not kidding, either, when I say that this fic gave me everything I could have asked for from a family feels fic that was about Loki being brought to Asgard and his family refusing to give up on him, with Frigga leading the charge.

The Frigga & Loki aspect is what I picked the fic up for, and certainly her characterization is utterly stunning here, but I found that the Thor & Loki scenes were just as much of a punch to the feelings as the Frigga & Loki scenes. The characterization of him here is spot on, that this is the Thor I know, that balance between utter love and utter anger, that he holds himself back from acting only because he hasn't yet figured out which way to act, but you still feel the weight of his character. You feel the weight of them all, really. And, oh, when Thor finally unravels one mystery about Loki, the moment that things first turned so wrong for them all, the brilliant way the author unfolded the scene had me so wound up that I nearly had to stop reading for awhile, just to work through the feelings it gave me. And tears. So many tears. The ending is just pure tears on my faaaace, especially once Odin enters the picture fully. If you're looking for good Frigga & Loki fic, want more good Thor & Loki fic, or just want post-Avengers "Asgard tries to help Loki" fic, this one is an absolute-must read.

Hail of Shadows by Lizardbeth, thor & loki + frigga & loki + thanos + malekith + other marvel characters, torture/loki whump, plotfic, redemption fic, 64.5k
    Outside the boundaries of the Nine Realms, beyond the protective embrace of the World Serpent, waits a figure of nightmare and shadow, who leaves only death in his wake: Thanos the Eternal. Even as Loki vows revenge, dark forces are moving. Frigga knows only her family united will withstand the coming storm, even as the fates seem determined to rip them apart.
    This fic is part of a series that should be read in order. Some of the fics are shorter (and more skippable), but at least The Poison Rain needs to be read before this one.
    I am honestly not sure how to write a rec for this fic, because it's just so massive and there are so many things I wish to discuss about it and I fear writing a terrible rec for it--or, at the very least, that so much happened in this fic that, by the time I got to the ending, the beginning seems like a lifetime ago. One of the best things about this fic is that the author has a great style, it's very easy to read and the prose is so smooth and well-paced that I slide right into the story, it never drags or feels bloated or too sparse or glossed over, all while feeling very dense, that shit happens in every chapter. I do have two caveats, though--one, this is the middle story of a series, so there's still so much left to and this fic does end in the middle of the greater story, even if it's a natural ending point for this fic. Two, occasionally this fic slips a bit too far towards making Loki the center of the universe, both in terms of plot and the characters all revolving around him and in the way he's the one doing stuff all the time. Otherwise, this story is stunning and an incredible read.

So much happens! Thanos is properly terrifying! A clever and interesting take on Sigyn! Thor's determination! Frigga's gentless but core of steel! Things are complicated on all sides, so many shades of gray! The use of the Jotnar! The world-building! In Asgard and Jotunheim and Svartalfheim! The span of four separate worlds! The gorgeous writing! I felt at times that I was practically gorging myself on this fic because it's so solidly written and plotted and structured, that it feels professional level for how satisfying the balance of plot and characterization was. This is one of thsoe series that I would recommend to those hungry for plot in this fandom, who want Loki redemption, but that it won't come easily, that it has to be earned.

It is Loki-centric (I'm hoping there will be more Thor in the squel, since it seems set up for that and, when Thor is on the page, he feels very solidly right to me), and there's also some Loki whump for those who enjoy that. I loved the development and twists on the Loki and Sigyn relationship, though, it's very minor and not at all the point, so I'm not listing it, as it's only sort of implied, they have so much other shit going on at the time. This was a great read and I desperately want more people to talk about the series with (as well as the previous fic, which should totally be read!) and the next fic in the series, ahhhh. This is a fandom classic for me already and I love how it does the work of dealing with Thanos as a truly terrifying threat and how Loki takes these small steps forward again and yet it never lets go of his rage or the bad shit that happens to him because of the bad shit these circumstances are.

I love this fic because it really understands Loki, it doesn't excuse the absolutely shitty things he's still responsible for, even when some of it was Thanos influencing him, that it never forgets that Loki is broken down to his foundation and that kind of repair will take time and never heal back the way it was, but that healing is possible. It shows the people around him being loving and supportive because they truly see Loki, and, holy shit, Frigga storming over to Svartalfheim because no way is she leaving her baby boy behind again, that was so goddamned satisfying, even as it's heartbreaking. The plotting and pacing of this fic are just incredibly solid and, oh, this is actually a terribly generic rec for a fic that I desperately, desperately want more people to read and that I wish I could give back more considering how many feelings and how much satisfaction it gave me. JUST GO READ IT OKAY.

Road to Nowhere by Lise, thor & loki + frigga + other thor characters, thor 2 spoilers, action fic, quest fic, 27.2k
    When Loki turns up demanding Thor's help on a quest to retrieve the All-Mother from Valhalla, Thor isn't about to say no. But that doesn't mean he's forgotten anything, and what better time than a road trip through the backwaters of the universe for trying to talk things out?
    Post-Thor 2 fic can be difficult, which is why I appreciate it so much, especially when longer and plot-driven! And Lise does a wonderful job of all the world-building necessary for a fic like this, where each world feels like an entirely new one, each one is quietly disturbing and just... unsettling, in its own way, or else outright kind of horrific! These feel like the kinds of worlds that would be on the path to Valhalla. Plus, you know. Loki showing up to say, hey, yeah, not dead, let's go rescue mom from the afterlife, I am here for this, this is my jam. And it's such an incredibly satisfying and amazingly solid quest fic, where the fic blends the events on the trip and the things they meet along the way, and that sense of isolation throughout everything, like it's unsettling because there's always a bit of that sense of how easily you would get lost, and that's the kind of thing that should happen when you're retrieving someone from the dead!

This is also all woven together with the aftermath of Loki's actions (and "death") in TDW and at the end of the movie and with a road trip with these two brothers! I love road trip fic and I love action fic and I love quest fic and I love retrieving someone from the dead fic, which is all wound together with the emotional crap these two have to sort out. Which is why I liked that Thor makes a deliberate choice to hold onto Loki, rather than to punish him, because being angry at him will only cause Thor to lose him and he makes a choice here to focus instead on repairing things between them, without just being a pushover or letting Loki do whatever he wants. Thor is a fighter, he doesn't surrender, he pushes Loki and cannot be moved in his belief, rather than just letting it all slide, which is an enormously important difference with this character.

Plus, there's also Frigga! And one of the most interesting takes on Hela in the MCU that I've seen yet! She, too, is unsettling and creepy in a way that left me bothered by her and... it's one of those things that so well done, so solidly interesting and suitably big in scope, that sometimes I forget which fic I read about this version of her in, because it seems like such a natural thing to me, the way she's written here. The whole fic is lengthy, but never drags and there's plenty of emotional resolution and, as always, Lise's Loki is a hot mess and that's why I love him so. I just. Plotfic! Roadtrip quest to get their mom back! Emotional resolution! World-building! This is all I wanted, ahhhhh. ♥

Id Est Furor by kaasknot, thor & loki, thor 2 spoilers, role reversal, berserker!thor, character death, 1.8k
    “Come to visit me again, brother?” Thor’s voice rumbled through the prison block like thunder in the distance. Loki stepped out from the shadows of the stairwell. “Disasters are always so compelling to watch,” he replied.
    I DID NOT KNOW HOW AWESOME THIS WAS GOING TO BE WHEN I PICKED IT UP, so I am very glad that I did. It's a role reversal AU, where Thor is the one imprisoned in Asgard while Loki is done with trying to reach him and, oh, I was initially skeptical such a thing could work outside of fanart, as this is the first I've read so far, but this is amazing. It's good for me on two fronts--it did a great job with getting me to buy that Thor would be the out of favor son and, holy shit, berserker!Thor is terrifying as fuck. The fic doesn't linger too long on any one aspect of it, it's more implied and uses the images to loom the threat over the characters, it's told in brief flashes of what happened to get them to this point, and it's beautifully done for that. Thor in a berserker rage is utterly terrifying and this fic does justice to that. If you enjoy Thor just wrecking shit in a fury, this fic is going to be so good for you, which, you know, is pretty much where I live. I don't even need sex, this is hot enough warrior god!Thor porn for me.

Ere the World Falls by kaasknot, thor & loki + frigga & loki, berserker!thor, role reversal au, 5.9k
    "The sonic boom ripped through the sky over Asgard’s capital, rattling windows in their casements and scaring clouds of pigeons into the air. It overlapped with a deafening crack, and the combined reverberations, enough to set the dust of the streets shivering into the air, vibrated through Loki’s chest. He frowned, looking up from the doll-like mask of the Svartálfar corpse he was examining. He knew that sound. Catching the eye of the einheri captain beside him, he tilted his head in silent command. 'It seems my brother has come home,' he said. 'We should give him a proper welcome.'”
    It probably helps to have read Id Est Furor before this fic, for all that this is a prequel to that one, but you can read them separately. And, oh, this fic is gorgeous, it is everything I have wanted out of berserker!Thor, which is a blend of dark!Thor and yet... while the spirit is not the same, there are elements of how canon!Thor could have almost gone down this path. It's difficult to explain, that this isn't a Divergent Timeline AU, but neither is it wholly divorced from canon. Whatever that line it manages to walk, it really worked for me super hard. It completely satisfies the itch I had (and more!) for further stories in this universe and one of the things that it really nails is that Loki is still Loki here, that he's on the path of good, but he's still favoring cunning over supposed honor, he's still holding onto resentments just a little too long. As well as Thor is gloriously terrifying here and the writing for the little details and the world-building are stunning here. This is one of the best fics I've read for Asgard in the movies, how it captures the feel of their magic and technology, along with gorgeous Loki characterization and emotionaly satisfaction of his interactions with both Frigga and Thor. This is absolutely brilliant and I would read 100k of this easily.

No Such Liberty by Xparrot, thor & loki + other asgardians + avengers + thanos, action fic, redemption fic, 147k
    Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief's schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
    Note: I don't believe I've done a rec for the fic as a whole, but instead wrote chapter by chapter recommendations (for awhile), which I do eventually want to pick up again. This fic is very dear to me, I was lucky to test read it as Xparrot was writing it and so I claim no objectivity at all, except I still think it's objectively one of the best the fandom has to offer. Certainly, this fic spoiled me for Thor characterization and the entire fic is so worth the ride. Even if you normally only read pairing fic, I still recommend this one for Thor/Loki fans!
    Instead of doing a rec for this fic, I'm going to link to this post, which is an in-progress series of recs done for this fic, chapter by chapter. It's my #1 Forever And Always Fic in this fandom, so it, uh. Got kind of long. And maybe a little effusive.

It's poison, it's blood by mornmeril, thor/loki, NSFW, fairy tale au, 31.7k
    Their village lay on the edge of a dark forest, few even knew its name, but many knew that terrible things had been happening there on the night of the full moon for several generations now. Everyone was wary of strangers here in Asgard, and if any should come by, they would quickly leave once more. No one lingered here, except for the ones who had lived there their whole lives.
    I guess it's a day for AU fics for me, because I felt like diving into another one as soon as I'd finished the previous--though, this time, I wanted some kissing by the end, goddammit. And this was a really excellent AU fic, where it's based on the Red Riding Hood movie from a few years back (though, you don't need to have seen the movie to read this fic, it stands very well on its own) and was smoothly written and beautifully paced and wonderfully detailed. I don't know how much of that is because it's patterned after the movie or how much the author built it up themselves (having never seen the movie), but from where I'm reading, it worked in a really satisfying, really good read sort of way.

I love AU fics, I'm slowly making my way through the entire fandom eventually (and, yesss, give me alllll of them, fandom!) and I love love love the use of Thor's cape here, the way I could just picture the vibrant red of it against the snow, the way I could just picture the dark, black fur of the wolves. Everything in my mind's eye had a gorgeous look to it, all the colors were sharp and beautiful, the scenery lovely. And the chemistry between Thor and Loki was delicious, the way they so clearly loved each other, but couldn't be together, the way everything was simple and complicated at the same time, ahhhh, so good. It's another fic that I just sank into, feeling completely satisfied by the time it was done, and, oh, the sex was super excellent because they had both been dying to get at each other, so it had an edge of intensity both times, and the build-up made it worth the while, even beyond how hot it was. Every time they touched, every time Thor wrapped his arms around Loki's waist or every time Loki pulled him closer and kissed Thor with a passion or every time Loki would slide a leg over Thor's to curl up next to him, just, ugh, yes, way to paint some beautiful imagery all the way through this fic.

When Gods Make War (Men Take Cover) by peachchild, thor/loki + avengers, mildly nsfw, greek mythology crossover, some character death, 13k
    If he is perfectly honest with himself, and Loki is only ever really truly honest with himself, he couldn’t have predicted how perfectly it would all go. He only meant to start a little quarrel, not an entire war.

    First off, I'm going to give a warning that I will be telling some spoilers about this fic, given the warning on it. I started reading (and skimmed the ending, though, that doesn't always provide perfect context) before I read the character death warning, which may have given me pause before reading if I had. So, I'm going to say that this fic does deal with characters dying, but I will also say that there is a happy ending for Thor/Loki, so if you're wary because of that, you could probably still read this fic.

That said, holy wow, I enjoyed this fic far more than I'm going to be able to convey, I suspect. It's a gorgeous crossover between the Marvel characters and Greek mythology, one that blends the two pantheons far more seamlessly than I would have thought, without being a ridiculously long work. But the author knows just how much to put in, where to put the focus, and how work in background details that the story retains its epic feeling without having to be a million words long. And I love stories that balance character moments with actual plot, that the fighting that erupts because of the mischief being spread around left me feeling almost breathless for how intense everything was, the author somehow conveying everything I needed to know about the wide scale effect of the war with tremendous grace.

But plot is often times only half the battle of a great fic, the other half is getting to me with character moments. And, oh, Thor and Loki's relationship is beautifully done here, with their private moments having this incredible intimacy between them, where things are light and happy and so warm without sacrificing the weight of the characters. Both characters have such tremendous presence, they have such history between them, and, oh, that things aren't perfect, that I could feel how strong Thor's love and his anger both were, I could feel the scale of their immortal lives here, that Loki's viciousness isn't sacrificed even when he loves truly and he's calmed down so much. That balance of keeping their core characters while still giving me happy moments is blissful.

I love the take on the Greek mythology and how it exists at the same time as the Norse mythology, how they affect the modern world around them, and I even loved the scenes of the Avengers fighting back against this war that spreads across their home, that was lovely as well. But the heart of the story is on Thor and Loki here, with both of them having exquisite characterization--Thor being such a warrior, having such tremendous impact with everything he does or doesn't do, that I felt that, that I felt this was a future king of Asgard and that he had his own personality and motivations! Even when that meant refusing to fight sometimes, but in such a Thor way, that's not always given to me by fandom, but, oh, I loved it here. Even just the little touches, the way he would slide a hand down the length of Loki's spine or the way Loki curled against his side or the ending scene where Loki follows Thor in such a Loki way. I would have loved it for any one aspect of the fic, but giving me all of them? Ahhh, bless.

Flowers on the sand by jeza_red, thor/loki, adventure fic, 18.7k
    Thor jumps after Loki. And then there's desert, slavers and cat-faced people, and real trouble begins.
    I have a great fondness for the idea of Thor jumping after Loki at the end of the Thor movie, but I wasn't sure I ever expected to find a lengthy, satisfying fic that dealt with it! And then I saw this one was over 18k and the summary was intriguing! And, ahhhhh, it's SO GOOD. The story jumps into the middle of a scene, they're already caught by slavers and the author still does all this gorgeous world building that I fell in love with, the use of other creatures that they fall in with, the OCs that I came to genuinely like, the threads of the other cultures that were woven into this story, all without taking away from the wrenching story of Thor and Loki trying to deal with this situation on top of everything that happened before. The fic is gorgeous because it takes its time with their relationship, putting them into dangerous situations that force them to set aside their differences for just long enough to really start seeing each other again, both of them. And, oh, the author did gorgeously at taking time with it, not just immediately shoving them into that understanding, but instead it takes time for them both to work through things, enough that I bought their hard-won beginning to inner peace. This is another one of those stories that I just sank into, that I was wrapped up in, that I could nearly feel the physical heat of the desert they were trapped in, because the author did such a lovely job of setting a scene. And it was even one of those fics where, yes, they are probably going to be a pairing, there are other people calling them a couple, but the emotional resolution they found was so satisfying that I didn't even miss makeouts or confessions. I was content with exactly what the author was going for here and I was satisfied with the ending that was exactly what the story called for. Ugh, I'm just going to go roll around in my feels now for awhile longer.

The Sound of Letting Go by Velvedere, thor/loki + background characters, mildly nsfw, 35k
    He was going to do it. Thor knew he was going to do it. He had seen that look before. That look echoed across a childhood of stolen nights and broken trespasses. Of dangers fought, revisited, and conquered. It was the look in Loki’s eyes when he’d made up his mind.
    Oh, man, LET ME AT ALL THE FIC that has Thor falling with Loki, because that's one of those things I wish happened more often in fandom and this fic used the premise beautifully. I will warn that the writing is rather 'stacatto' in that there are very short sentences, even shorter than I usually prefer. It's a style preference, but one that I fear may keep others from reading, which it shouldn't! It both smooths out in the second half and you become accostumed to it, as well as the author does all the things necessary that a story like this needs. It gives the characters the needed breathing room after the events of the first movie, so that Loki can calm down and Thor can spend the time trying to understand Loki better. It gives them just enough distraction, as they land on Alfheim and get wrapped up in an adventure, to be around each other without crowding the other for long enough that things simmer down and the attraction between them can bloom.

The lovely thing about this is that it doesn't deny the things that were rather broken before, not unrepairably so, but that it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Yet, you can feel that there was such love and affection there, Thor loves Loki and they may have both changed, but they are still the core of who they have always been. That's another lovely thing about this fic, how they do change, but it feels like a natural one, both in Thor maturing and making the adjustment to thinking of Loki as a lover would, as well as Loki not being the half-feral person he was in The Avengers, but not quite as he was in the first movie, either. It struck a balance of all these things while the events of the story unfolded, they progressed in their relationship.

The loveliest thing, though, for me was the way Loki tried so hard to keep hold of his bitterness and anger, but he couldn't, not with Thor being genuine at him and refusing to be moved on the idea of letting Loki go. Because Thor believes in him and refuses to give up on him, because he is unmovable in this, Loki cannot help coming undone for him. And the way it's half-deliberate on Thor's part, but half just their natural dynamic, oh, that did a lot of good for me, too. And I loved the way the author also balanced the world-building here, the way this was an entire world fleshed out for them to inhabit while they were working their issues out, with fight scenes and monsters and other Realms and mythology elements, all having a natural feel to them that fit with the characters so well.

The author also had a talent for writing scenes that were fraught with such delicious tension or had things coming to such a head (or nearly coming to a head) that I was practically tripping over myself to get to the next bit, because I had to know what happened! There's a scene about 3/4ths of the way through (the climax of the overall story, really) that's just beautifully done, for how these two finally break through all that's between them and Thor finally reaches Loki, so incredibly emotionally satisfying! There's not much sex in the fic, but what's here is lovely (the image of Loki first riding Thor, then going to his hands and knees for another round was just, mmm, yes, that's good for me) and it furthers the sense of emotional satisfaction. Even the ending, when they return to Asgard, is lovely for how that unfolds, and everything is just perfectly satisfying, I needed nothing more than this. What a satisfying, lovely read that I'm almost sorry to have finished now, because I enjoyed it so much.

Waiting for the Moon to Rise by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, courtesan!loki, intersex!loki, king!thor, prostitution/brothel au, 77.8k
    As the newly crowned king of Asgard, Thor's life is filled with stress as he as he navigates political intrigue and struggles to figure out what kind of king he wants to be. Desperately in need of a night of relaxation, he finds himself at a brothel he used to frequent in his youth. It's there that Thor spends an evening in the arms of beautiful courtesan named Loki, and his whole world changes in ways he never could have imagined.
    Chapters 1-4 original rec: I'm going to write such a terrible rec for this fic, because I practically inhaled all four available chapters at the time of this rec and couldn't put it down. The first thing I thought about this fic (and the first thing that made me fall in love with it) is that it's practically an ode to Loki's cunt and that is exactly the fic I needed to read. But it's also themed on a greater level on what the heart of their relationship is--Loki caring for Thor in a way that's all about him trying to remain distant and unaffected, manipulativing him and goading him for fun and profit, but biting off more than he can chew, until eventually Thor has completely undone him, half by simply being Thor and half because Thor is insightful and wants to see more of him. There are moments along the way where already Loki is precarious about being cracked open, but he's managed to hit it thus far, whether on a moan as Thor fucks him harder or by playing it off as a game. But this Thor is observant and thoughtful, so while he may not have a mind like Loki's, he still sees Loki. And each time they meet again, that connection gets stronger.

This is layered over by lovely details and bits of world-building and political intrigue, where the fic is careful to not have Loki overstep his bounds (until he does, because that's what needed to happen, because that's yet another way the fic shows the growing connection between them and it was both organic and necessary), and all of this works together marvelously well. And then the sex is ridiculously hot, whether Loki rides Thor or Thor licks his way into Loki or puts one leg over Thor's shoulder and fucks him hard. This is a god in bed, who enjoys taking Loki apart with his cock or his tongue, that perfect balance of how Thor likes giving Loki pleasure, in a way that's well-intentioned, but also that Thor simply enjoys doing this to loki, enjoys rolling him over to slide his cock right back in, enjoys going after him aggressively and yet respectfully, that the combination of those things is Thor. And, as mentioned, this is practically a love letter to Loki's cunt, whether with Thor's tongue or his fingers or his cock, and I love that that's practically a central theme of the fic, because I love when Loki's vulva is given such a central role in sex, that it's not just a one-time thing, but that it's beautiful and ridiculously good to read about every single time. I want more and more of exactly this kind of sex scene, where a vulva is the celebrated center of the sex scenes. *__*

This fic is everything I want from courtesan!Loki fic and I am greedy for more in this same vein, that they step closer and closer to something real, that every bit of worship to Loki's cunt strengthens the feelings and the narrative structure and themes of this fic. And the characterizations are exquisite, that this fic balances them both well, that Loki is a sharp blade, but Thor is this incredible presence that Loki cannot help but be drawn to and bowled over by, that their relationship keeps the same spirit as the canon, with every time Loki tries to stay at arm's length, tries to use emotion as a weapon to weild, only to be disarmed by Thor, who does not turn it back on him, yet still manages to lay him open anyway. And Thor cares and loves deeply, this brilliant person before him, this one who helps him to see more politically savvy points in his court, who balances his world view. Ahhhh, this was so good for me!
    Update rec for chapter 5: I hardly know where to start with this update, because it was so long and satisfying (over 15k for this chapter alone!). One of the central themes to the overall fic is continued here in what is practically an ode to Loki's cunt and how wonderful it is, which is one of my very favorite things about the fic, even if I have many favorite things about it. It's also... there's squirting in this chapter and it's fantastic, it's dirty and cheerful and enthusiastic and adoring of Loki's cunt and that's one of the things that has done me so much good in this fandom, that female parts are incredibly beloved and actually paid attention to and that there's such sustained enthusiasm for them! All the more fantastic because Thor loves doing this to Loki, loves writing this from him, and it's ridiculously hot, omg. Every time attention is paid to Loki's enture cunt, it's utterly fantastic and this chapter is no exception. *__*

But there's also more details from tehir childhoods, little touches that are utterly charming and show how Loki opens up to Thor and how the emotions between them progress and become all the clearer in this chapter. There's also lovely interaction with Sif and you see Thor becoming more thoughtful especially in these scenes, and it's lovely! The use of books and flowers are also lovely, with just enough detail and meaning put into them to add even more richness to the story being told! But, man, the sex. When Thor loves fucking into Loki, when he's so good at fucking like a beast bcause it's Loki and Thor can't hold back with him, how that's good just for reading the sex, but also in showing that that's how Thor expresses affection for Loki, by the way he wants to fuck into Loki at all times, when Loki's orgasms are so intense, when you can feel how much he enjoys Thor's fucking, etc. It's all just ridiculously good for me.

But you know what else really turns me on about this fic? That it's a courtesan AU fic that is a slow build and takes time to lay the pieces down that are necessary, where it isn't just that they instantly fall in love and the king of Asgard trusts a Jotunn courtesan with everything. There are doubts expressed by people who love Thor and genuinely want the best for him and for Asgard, who are willing to try believing, and are narrative on the side of good, too. There's Thor recognizing how this may look to others, but Thor lives by his instincts and his heart, which is such a Thor thing to do, even when Loki has shown moments of obviously not being honest or entirely trustworthy, when we know that there's more complications and machinations going on here. This is a story that keeps all those elements in, while still also keeping the sheer glee and joy of reading a "Thor falls in love with Jotunn courtesan Loki" fic, which, lbr, if this had been angsty and cruel and painful, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as much fun to read. There are serious moments that make you feel for the characters, but it also embraces the trope it's writing about, so it becomes that blend of idfic that's genuinely good and well structured. Fucking bless, okay.
    Update rec for chapters 6-7: I've recommended this fic before, but I wanted to write a rec again now that chapters six and seven have been posted! These last two chapters (well, one is an epilogue) don't have any sex in them, but I found that I didn't mind, not after the loving dedication to Loki's cunt of this fic in previous chapters (not that I won't always take more of Loki's female bits, because I love him so very much) and how this wraps up the story so very well. I mean, I want the lovingly detailed attention paid to Loki's cunt evry time, I didn't want anything else while reading it! But I don't mind the focus on the relationship and the cautious next step they took here, that it was instead about the feelings and things that are coming to a head, as is necessary to close the fic out and to have them progress forward.

There are some lovely lines of description here--my favorite, I think, is "Loki was a very talented sorcerer and he knew power when he felt it. And what Thor possessed could conquer realms and obliterate mountains into dust. Thor was joyful and wild, eyes blazing and hair whipping in the wind. He looked dangerous, and Loki felt a flush a desire shoot through him because he had always courted danger." because it does a beautiful job of showing this larger than life presence Thor has, while showing Loki's sharp edges and how he gets swept up in the storm of Thor and how he thrills at it, the danger he dances around, when it comes to Thor. It's a nicely done bit of character insight, as Loki realizes how much he loves Thor and cannot deny that, even as he tries to hold himself back. They're in different circumstances in this universe from the canon versions, but their spirits remain the same in moments just like that!

These chapters were a satisfying conclusion to a fic I enjoyed immensely, it was warm and comfortable to read, there was something a little sweet about the time they spent together here, under all the other stuff going on with them. It's an epic fic, a love story with a grand background, a prickly and sharp Loki, a Thor who knows what he wants and coaxes Loki out not unlike one would a stray cat, by being direct and honest and grabbing what he wants for them, but not in a crushing grip, instead a consistent and genuine approach. And sly, seductive Loki who still has so far to go, even at the end, but manages to take that step foward! So good for me, ahhhh. Especially lines like how Thor would fight for him but wouldn't chain him down. Ahhh, yessss, that's what I want. ♥ It's hard to believe this fic was almost 80k, it certainly sailed along more quickly than that--yet, at the same time, was entirely satisfying and perfectly finished up. Bless.

demon summoner au (part 1) [ mobile ver. ] + demon summoner au (part 2) [ mobile ver. ] + demon summoner au (part 3) by rayemars [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, nsfw, demon au, dub-con, 23.5k wip
    "How laughable when we both know you have the very same tainted blood running through your veins."
    chapters 1-2: You just sort of have to roll with this Thor characterization, where he's not his canon self, that he's far meaner and completely ungenerous here, which goes against the original source for the character and was a bit distracting, but it's such an interesting dynamic he has with Loki here that I couldn't put the fic down anyway! I love AUs that really take their time with the world-building and the details, so the little bits of information we get on how demons work here and the way Loki uses magic to unlock a series of doors that have something locked away behind them, the things Thor observes as he watches (and yet doesn't really care about) are all an absolute highlight of the fic!

The fic also has a really good, satisfying fight scene in the first chapter, the way the characters fought ties nicely back to canon, where Thor is all power and strength to Loki's quick and clever reflexes and spells. The writing here is really solidly good, it was super easy to get sucked in and just read all 10k words of the first two chapters before I'd even realized it, the author's pacing and length of each scene just right to give me a sense of satisfaction over the building story yet never lingering too long. I'm really interested in seeing where this fic goes and I do find that I greatly enjoy this Loki, who is sharp and clever and smug, so easy to picture him in this AU already!
    chapter 3: Jesus christ. I mean, okay, yes, yes, plot and even hints of berserker demon!Thor were all good for me, but whatever. That cannot compare to the utterly exquisite and so fucking satisfying sex in this chapter, so much so that I fear doing a terrible rec for something that I enjoyed so thoroughly. From lengthy fingering (jfc, when Thor uses Loki's hand to open him up, because Thor's claws would hurt Loki too much, I just about combusted on the spot) to excellent use of Thor's tail to the intense fucking to the way it played on their dynamic beautifully just... ugh. Feelings! Feelings and porn! Because this is angry sex, but it's in the way they both enjoy, Thor who is direct and is about pure strength, and Loki who is about enjoying the way he affects people, the way he manipulates them, so twisty and complicated. This is demon!Thor and sorcerer!Loki, unf.

As if that wasn't enough, there was also Thor's thoughts of what he would do next time that just about burned my face off for how hot and perfect it was. How he would keep Loki open on his fingers until he's broken apart and no longer always hiding and slithering away. This, this exact dynamic, this is what keeps me in this fandom, when it's so deliciously good. Mixing the really good porn together with the characterization is my favorite thing, the way Thor starts to break Loki's mask off him, so that he actually reaches behind those walls, even in an AU where they have no reason to care or have the same history. Even here you can feel the way they balance each other, Thor's open aggression against Loki's sneaky and clever ways, the brief moments of true understanding as Thor pieces this maddening puzzle together, oh, yes, give me that always. Especially when it comes with Thor fucking Loki with his own hand, then practically bending him in half to fuck him so hard that he can't hardly speak anymore, which Loki clearly enjoys it, enjoys the power of the demon he's bound to him and having it turned on him, and all this manages to achieve some sort of equilibirium. That being taken seriously enough to get this from Thor seems to calm him more than anything. Perfect and god bless.

Seriously, though, even without the characterization, this was just ridiculously good porn, with Thor using his tail to keep Loki's legs spread open and then supporting him while fucking into him and, holy shit, that is my new favorite fingering scene ever. This chapter is worth it just for the porn alone!

The Plate of Fidelity and Harmonious Love by smuttysmuttysmut, thor/loki + other asgardians + jarnsaxa, NSFW, arranged marriage, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 6.1k
    Loki and Thor are going to be married to each other. There are lots of preparations at stake. And numerous customs and rituals have to take place.
    I find myself at a bit of a loss for how to describe this fic (other than a note to read the original prompt because that's pretty accurate) and to convey just what it was about it that I found so fascinating. I was wary when I started this, because it sounded like it could go the route of too much second hand embarrassment for me, but I love arranged marriage fic and so I wanted to at least give it a shot. And the thing about this is that the author does a fantastic job of getting in the original prompt's requests (forced bath, inspection for virginity/fertility, public consumation) and yet being almost kind about it, having the people around Loki being firm but not cruel, being as gentle as they can. And that's what just made this fic for me. The fic didn't shy away from how this was more than a little terrifying for Jotunn!Loki who was being married off to Asgard's Prince Thor, making the reader feel such empathy for him, and yet....

And yet it was not unhot. It's difficult to make a scenario like this hot precisely, which is reflected in the sex scene being rather brief, but also kind, not uncomfortable but not meant to be drawn out and satisfying, either. Yet... I can't say there wasn't a lot of intrigue on my part, a fascination with the circumstances that I greatly enjoyed. The author just really struck a great balance between discomfort and enjoyment for me! Plus, oh, Jotunn!Loki and the sense of displacement he felt and the culture shock in the background (not the point of the fic, but it was there in the little details) and lovely writing that was smooth and fit the characters so well and bonus Frigga watching over Loki's preparations before the wedding night. Loki and Frigga! Who is firm but kind with him and just a;sldkjfaljks I will always take that relationship in whatever form in comes in! And! Despite that Thor and Loki really only had about a scene and a half together, already I am in L O V E with them because it's just a touch playful but also serious and this Thor is trying to be kind and reaching out to Loki as well and just. asl;dfkjasl;kjs this author did everything right in this fic and it hit soooo many of my buttons and favorite tropes.

A Fine Match by Smuttysmutwriter, thor/loki + farbauti/laufey + other jotnar, NSFW, arranged marriage, 9.8k
    A look at Loki and Thor's day the morning after and what lead up to the wedding...
    This is a sequel to The Plate of Fidelity and Harmonious Love, which really needs to have been read first.
    I enjoyed the previous fic to this a lot, so I was excited about the prospect of a sequel, but ahhhhh I did not expect to love it quite as much as I did. It's just. Everything of why I read AU fic and arranged marriage fic! The balance of everything the author put in here is so delightful to me that I'm having a hell of a time writing this rec, because I want to point out all of what the author did right (world building! characterization! fleshing out Loki's relationships with his family! the newness of his life after marriage being overwhelming! Loki's sharp tongue is forever and always part of him! a sense of humor at the right moments! super hot sex! all of the things!!), I want to talk about them coherently instead of just flailing all over the place. But I'm having a hard time doing that because, ahhhhh, this fic is so much what I wanted! When you get arranged marriage fics like this, it would be all too easy to not quite do something right, either there's not enough world building or else it takes the place of characterization or else it's too fluffy or too harsh. But this fic just hit all the right notes for me!

Yes, it's happy and the only angst really comes from culture clash and Loki's displacement, but it's not cruel and there are good things to be found in his new life, given time. And, oh, Thor clearly is taken with him and wants him and cannot keep his hands to himself, but he's also not a jerk about it, even if he is overwhelming at times. Which, well, that's Thor for you. He's a good spirit, but he's naturally a steamroller if he's not keeping a tight lid on it and I love that I felt both aspects of that here--that Thor is just so enthusiastic and direct with Loki, but that he's also capable of choosing to back off when it's better for Loki.

At the same time, the fic builds a background for Loki (Laufey and Farbauti are a delight in their few scenes, as well as an absolute treasure of a scene with Loki and his brothers) and for his new life in Asgard (Thor taking Loki to the stables was a wonderful scene), which is one of my favorite things in fic. And all of that is even before the fic gets to the sex and I love that there's a sense of newness to this, a bit of culture clash, but also a genuine enthusiasm (which I love with Jotunn!Loki fics, where Thor just wants to touch him and taste him and fuck him all the time) and it didn't even need to be more than a handful of paragraphs long to be super fucking hot. The author does a lovely job of just... getting in everything that I wanted, of clearly having given this world thought (which makes it feel much more organic and natural, when situations come up) and, oh, manipulative!Loki winding Thor around his fingers, knowing the best time to ask for something he wants, letting the reader know that he's going to be quite the handful, of this being a happy world, but still sharp and clever. That just sends me into orbit like I cannot even convey.

relic by leeringsatyrspeeringeyes [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki + angrboda + laufey, jotunn!loki, jotunn!thor, 14k
    For the second time in his long life, Angrboda stood before the throne, holding a child, pleading for the child’s life after matters had gone wrong.
    The writing of this piece is a bit stiff in the beginning, which largely shows because the rest of the story is so very solid and good. This is an AU that feels logical and right, where Thor is the one stolen away to Jotunheim when he was a baby, this Jotunn!Thor and his relationship with Loki and the others of the realm, most especially (his lack of one with) Laufey and their caretaker, Angrboda. The fic has plot and the elements that mirror canon are well placed and genuinely work! So often, when adding in elements of canon, you feel what the author is doing, rather than it feeling natural to the characters, but here it felt right that these moments cropped up or that fate kept bringing these certain things around.

Thor being stubborn in loyalty and determination to be a worthy fighter and the use of Mjolnir and the way Angrboda was written (who cares genuinely for these two little shits, Thor and Loki, who are just as close, as they're the only two of their size in Jotunheim) and how I just tore through the whole thing in one sitting and the light tough of faux-Shakespeare and the sense of world-building--! The moment when Thor's thunder and lightning powers finally hit--! It was all fantastic and perfectly satisfying and I may have let out one of those ridiculous breathy sighs by the time I was done reading this.

His Eurydice by Evandar, thor/loki, NSFW, temporary character death, soul bonding, 15.6k
    Thor died when he fell from the Bifrost. A guilt-stricken, Loki seeks a way to bring him back. There is nothing he would not do for his brother, even risk his soul.
    The premise of this fic is, instead of how the Thor movie played out, Thor was killed when he was thrown down to Midgard, which threw everything else into disarray from the original plot. I love it as a reason for Loki being jarred out of his self-identity crisis, it gives him something bigger and more important to focus on, it gives him a reason to set aside his jealousy and anger, to instead desperately want his brother back. Which means this Loki ends up being a little nicer, but it really worked for me here, because he still has an excellent poker face, he's still a great manipulator of the people around him, and he still plots to do stupid and dangerous things and hates himself and has a ton of self-worth issues. And, oh, I had so many feelings while reading this fic, while Loki was just so desperate to get Thor back, so willing to do anything, that any risk to himself was all right, so long as it could bring his brother back. And then BONUS ON TOP OF THAT, there's soul-bonding, which further provides reason for Loki to not bottle everything up and let it fester, instead it lets Thor know what he's feeling more clearly, it gives Loki a more direct, empathic connection to another person.

It's like... it's all of these things that I love reading in fic, all of these things that I find so satisfying, rolled up into one delicious plotful fic! And the writing is lovely, the world building is wonderful, the details of the spells Loki uses, the touches of Niflheim and meeting Hela (who was perfect, I love this version of her, she fits so well with my mental image as well!), the build up to the relationship and the aftermath of everything. One of my favorite things in fic is the aftermath of the huge, epic plots, the way the characters adjust to it afterwards and how they've changed and finally getting their moments in the sun. It's frustrating when they only get a minute or two of it in page time, so having this whole long third chapter? Made the fic just that much better, that much more satisfying for me. I do wish that Sif hadn't been as much of a semi-antagonist as she was (but can understand that it was because she's the most defined out of Thor's friends, so it's not like one of the W3 could fill the role), but it's very mild, all things considered, and greatly outweighed by how wonderful everything else was.

When You Said Destruction... by Runie (Runic), thor/loki + other asgardians, NSFW, berserker!thor, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, bonding, 11.1k
    If Thor cannot find a battle partner, someone to calm his berserker rage, soon, Odin will have no choice but to imprison his only son for the safety of Asgard
    Oh, this was such a good piece for me, the kind where it felt like half the length of what it really was or less because I tore through it so quickly and easily. It's one of those fics that has so many of my favorite tropes wrapped up in this delicious AU, one that's nicely self-contained and has world-building but doesn't get bogged down with it and that was perfect for me to read. Berserker!Thor and Jotunn!loki and mating bonds and intersex!Loki in heat and Thor wrecking so much shit that he's dangerous and he and Loki need to work together, all of it coming together in a fic that both embraces that they're tropes and yet does its own thing in a really solidly fun and good way.

The fic is entirely happy and a delight to read and, oh, there's some good porn in there, too, with Loki using sex to calm Thor's berserker rages and ends up being fucked in all sorts of place! I can't tell you how happy this fic made my heart and what a joy it is that I could help encourage it and get to talk about it! I can barely write a coherent rec for it, because I'm too busy flailing about how I love the set-up of the story and the sheer terrifying power of berserker!Thor and how it's not actually an entirely good thing, that it's dangerous and puts him in difficult circumstances, how he and Loki clash for quite some time, how sharp togued this Loki is, how this fic felt... warm and good, like I was reading a favorite trope, familiar and yet unfamiliar at the same time, because it's not one that I'd seen done like this before. And when a fic can nail that dynamic, oh, I'm there with bells on. READ THIS FIC.

Hel's Bones by Mhalachai, frigga + hel + jormungandr + fenrir, post-the dark world, 6.3k wip
    Magic pulled Frigga back from the realm of the dead, but not even Loki's children can shield her from the consequences of long-ago actions coming back to haunt her.
    This was recommended to me by imtheembers and I am both grateful and enraged, because it's only one chapter out of thirteen, it has such incredible potential and yet I will have to wait so long for the full story! It was still worth reading though, because, oh, this is post-TDW fic where Frigga lives and finds herself waking up with Loki's children on Midgard, that alone was enough to get me to read! The prose is a little terse in the beginning, but it smooths out as it goes along and this is one of the most interesting takes on Loki's monster kids yet, the forms they take and the mysteriousness (to the reader, at least) that surrounds them, and the way Frigga feels so much here. There is an elegance to her, a beautiful regal quality, but there's also such a modern, Earth-like feeling to the setting she finds herself in, too. This was a great first chapter, in pulled me in and intrigued me like you wouldn't believe, it feels right to the MCU for me, I love the takes on the kids and the magical worldbuilding and the potential for so much epic plot, ahhhhhh.

My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire by amberfox17, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 9k
    Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin's decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.
    Every once in awhile, you get one of those fics that leaves you feeling satisfied again, that you don't need anything else from the fandom that day, because something was just so good as it was. The fic gave me pretty much everything I could have asked for--lovely writing, lovely characterization, fantastic world building, moments of humor, and the tropes I fucking love in this fandom done in a sharp, clever way. To the point that it's kind of amazing how much the author managed to pack in with under 10k, while still feeling like it didn't skip out on anything. The fic manages to take Loki almost immediately post-Avengers and show the progression of his calming down and his interaction with Thor, that slowly grows into something more, to the resolution of the UST between them, and showing us the future of their relationship, all set against a backdrop of exploring a bit of Jotunn biology and culture.

I never felt short-changed while reading this, the author knew what scenes and moments needed to be shown between the characters and those that could be inferred, so instead of this being a long, grueling process, instead you still feel the weight of it, the time it takes and all the long hours of bitterness and anger and frustration (on both sides) slowly giving way to something better, but it's a happy process. Not that I didn't have my feelings punched a little, but it's overall a happy piece, just very barbed and sharp along the way. Plus, oh, Loki in heat and Thor enjoying the hell out of Loki's intersex form and then the absolutely beautiful, I'm not even little bit kidding A+++ epilogue? Yes, way to make me happy again in this fandom. All of this on top of some satisfying porn where Loki demands Thor to hurry the hell up and fuck him already? Yes, please. Demanding!Loki about Thor taking too long is one of those things I shall never tire of. Never.

This was a fantastic read, one of those I recommend to pretty much anyone, but especially if you're like me and you love these tropes and you love happy endings and you love them working their shit out (and you LOVE LOVE LOVE Frigga interacting with her sons, as well as an A+ moment with Odin at the end), but you love it when it also comes with emotional weight behind it. I am happy once again now.

All Our Paths by onapage, thor/loki + frigga + background Asgard, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, 6k
    When Loki finds the path he thought he'd take closed to him, he is determined to forge his own. No one is going to get in his way--not all of Asgard, and certainly not Thor.
    I have such a weakness for alpha/beta/omega dynamics and, oh, this one was beautifully done for how it wasn't just shoving the characters into the trope (which I would have been perfectly fine with), but also using it to highlight Loki's struggle with his place in Asgard and his self-identity. I love that the story uses it to parallel and highlight Loki's issues in the canon, but I also love it for being beautifully done on that front as well as the growing attraction between Thor and Loki, the growing rift there as they understand each other less and less, but are growing more entwined in a different way, even if they don't realize it. This fic is a wip and does have long waits between chapters, but it's a lovely set up already and the world building + faux-Shakespeare all are very well done, the way the a/b/o dynamics are worked into Asgardian society actually felt surprisingly natural to me here.

And, oh, there's some wonderful Frigga & Loki interaction, there are so many scenes where there are undercurrents in the tension in the air, especially between Thor and Loki, so it's not obvious (unless you're the reader) what's going on with them and you can see why they don't recognize it yet and, oh, Loki struggling so hard against himself is just so... painfully perfect. This is a great read already and, ahhh, I want more of it so badly!

Farbauti's Ekkill by jalendavi_lady, laufey/farbauti + loki, 2.3k
    Laufey's life from a few months before Loki's birth to shortly after Thor's raid on Jotunheim.
    I am such a sucker for Jotunheim worldbuilding and theorizing, so I didn't mind that this was more summary than fic at times, it was still interesting! I'm intrigued by this version of Laufey, to why he would turn out the way he did while still working with the canon. It's short, but well packed with detail and an interesting read!

And All the Vegetables Too by Chiauve, frigga & loki + thor + odin, kid!thor, kid!loki, fluff, 3.1k
    At first, Frigga paid little mind. Afterall, boys grew at different rates. It wasn't until Loki was a good head taller than his elder brother that she began to worry.
    Ah, this was a lovely look at Frigga's view of Loki and the way he grows so quickly. It's half-world building and half just about the sheer feelings this family gives me. There's a lovely solidity to everything here, but my favorite (even more than the bits of humor, which were delightful) was the utter love you could feel between Frigga and Loki. The whole family, of course, but especially those two. ♥

Overlapping Spaces by khilari, Persephone_Kore, loki & jane + thor/jane + other asgardians, mental health issues, 106.6k
    Thor returns to Earth a month after the Chitauri invasion to keep his promises -- to see Jane again, and take her to see Asgard, even if the rainbow bridge is still undergoing repairs. Not that Jane is complaining about watching the repairs. But she wasn't expecting Loki to be haunting the palace library, even in psychiatric care; and Loki wasn't expecting to make friends with Thor's mortal girlfriend.
    I've done min-recs for this fic before and I probably shouldn't even be attempting a full one now, as I'm still only 2/3rds of the way through it, but I'm doing a set of Jane-friendly recs and this is one of the ones I've loved a lot. And the reason I'm only two thirds of the way through it is because every time I pick it up again, I start tearing through the fic like it's the first bag of Halloween candy of the year and I can't stop, only to realize that I'll finish it at the rate I'm going and I can't hardly bear that. There are two things that really make me want to hoard and ration this fic, one of which is the developing friendship between Loki and Jane that's very nicely balanced and very much at the center of the story, even as other things are going on. The second is the way Asgard treats Loki, that they realize he has some very serious mental illnesses and they're doing their best to treat them, which is actually working, but of course it's going to be slow. I don't think I've yet found another fic that takes this path, in the depth and weight that this fic has given it. It's like... it's ouchy and the road to recovery feels like it's two steps foward and one step back, that it's crawling along, that there are so many dangerous things here and so much bitterness and anger... but it's also the fic where I really, really love everyone. I love how clear everyone is that they love Loki and want him to get better, that they're trying to respect his boundaries and yet they love him so much.

That Loki knows there may be things wrong with him, but it's a struggle to separate out the lies and the truths from what his fucked up brain is telling him, oh, it's something I never knew I wanted as much as I do and I'll probably never find another story quite like this one. Watching Loki struggle to figure out which of his memories are false, the struggle to deal with believing Thor simply because he's Thor and Thor actually doesn't lie and yet Loki's memories tell him differently, oh, it's heartbreaking and lovely. Plus, for all that it's centered on Loki and Jane's friendship, that it's about them also doing other things apart from each other and they both have relationships aside from this central one, there really is a satisfying amount of Thor & Loki interaction, because that too is such an incredibly vital relationship, it's just... so fraught with bad shit right now that it's incredibly slow going and they maybe need a bit of space from each other for awhile. And that's not bad! Neither of them is bad! This story is not about placing blame and that alone makes me want to love it forever and ever.

But it's also a post-Avengers fic that does a lot of world building and it's sort of amazing how much detail is worked into Loki and Jane's researchings, together and separately, and how the Dark Elves are written here, even if I'm not yet sure how all of that is going to work out. I can't speak for the ending, as I've not yet read it, and I admit that I start skimming emotionally when the Thor/Jane scenes come up, because it's when the fic focuses on the Loki stuff or Jane/her exploration of Asgard's technology and theories, that it's at its best, but! No matter the ending, the journey there has been wonderful and I love just how well all these characters are done here, including Frigga and Odin, who clearly care very, very much about Loki and want to help him get better, but aren't sure how to do that.

This is all while it's wrapped up in balancing personal issues with greater plot machinations, in balancing the feel of Asgard as an advanced alien race with their old world stylings, which is another thing that I will never get enough of. Give me the technology mixed with Norse myths with a new twist for this world, give me all of it! And so I picked this one up for the treatment of Loki's character, but wound up also sticking around for the background world-building, which was so very satisfying. If you're like me, read this one for the gen aspects, because the pairings are fairly minor and not at all the point of the story!

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